“You Ain’t Got To Worry About Getting Arrested”

December 27th, 2016
Preaching violence

Preaching violence

What’s going on in the defensive line meeting rooms at One Buc Palace?

It’s nothing like knitting class. Players are preached the joys of inflicting pain. That’s the word from assistant defensive line coach Paul Spicer, who racked up 28 1/2 sacks during his 10-year NFL career.

Spicer, the only holdover from Lovie Smith’s defensive staff, (he played for Mike Smith at Jacksonville) joined the Buccaneers Radio Network yesterday and talked about violence.

“They gotta understand that having pad level, having a flat back, having their hands out in front of their eyes, being violent with their hands, that’s the thing about playing defensive line, it’s about being violent,” Spicer said. “That’s the greatest position to me, not only because I played it, but because, hey, you’re down there and you can get after somebody in a violent manner, and you ain’t got to worry about getting arrested. You can just have fun.

“We try to get that point across to our guys. And I think for the most part this year, we’ve seen a lot of guys really step up and their games elevated. And again, going back to Gerald [McCoy] and those [veterans], having those guys being examples, that helps us well.”

Fun stuff there.

Spicer also raved about Gerald McCoy being the ultimate model of an NFL professional because of his work ethic and drive to practice and play hurt.

23 Responses to ““You Ain’t Got To Worry About Getting Arrested””

  1. Bucsfanman Says:

    I wish it would’ve paid more dividends the last 2 weeks. QBs have been way too comfortable against the Bucs pass-rush since forever!
    Before it gets started, GMC is not the problem. Is he the answer? No, but you can see the effort.
    It takes all 11 playing relentless. Don’t pin this on any one guy, regardless of who they are!

  2. DayOnePaul Says:

    It’s amazing how good this fanbase perceives Gerald McCoy to be, now that he has a healthy Robert Ayers and a developing Noah Spence putting pressure on opposing offensive lines on either side of him.

  3. Pistol Pete Says:

    Well…..I think what we lack on the D line (except maybe for Ayers) is the Joe Hawley mentality.
    That cat is constantly starting sh*t with the opponents, shoving them after a play, possible taking a cheap shot to make them aware he is there….aka football.
    Feels that we have not had the “intimidation” factor in a D Lineman since Simeon and Sapp moved on.
    Could just be me, but I love how JH is always irritating the crap out of D Linemen….would like to see D Linemen for us with that genetic code.

  4. Not there yet Says:

    If your not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Gmc was a part of a top 3 dish defense with the worse secondary in the NFL and nothing for edge rushers. He’s a really good players, we’ve already upgraded the edge rushers so what happens if we upgrade the nose tackle and we get much of the same? I’m only saying he’s a really good pass rusher but not much of anything in run defense we need more beef

  5. AJ Says:

    If only our D Line was violent……

  6. Kobe Faker Says:

    “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”

    Wareen Sapp

  7. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Add weapons defense aint gotta be spectacular when you puttin up 30. Ask the Steeler,Packer,Falcons,Cowboys,Raiders etc.

  8. tmaxcon Says:


    Well said sir… Its a QB driven league. Buc fans live in the past too much with dominant defense BS Tampa is not a defensive town it’s a LOSING town bucs need to switch that around 6 or 7 good years out of 41 does not make this a defensive franchise that’s laughable.

    The formula is very simple actually. After of course they get rid of the holdover dead-weight with loser mentalities.

    Protect Winston
    Give Winston Weapons
    middle of the pack well rounded defense

    Enjoy Multiple Super Bowl Parades

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    @tmax and NOSBOS- Until said QB goes down and then you have zero. Unless, of course, you have a better than average defense. You don’t necessarily have to give up one for the other. We have the QB, elite WR and decent TE. The offense is in better shape than the defense IMO.
    With GMC we STILL need a DT. Apparently we need a couple of LBs now AND Safety (either one!). I would argue that despite the “beasting”, we are still in need of a full-time DE. Speaking of which, if DT ‘A’ is “injury prone” missing games, what does that make DT ‘B’, DE ‘A, B, and C’?!!!
    Stop the madness, it’s a TEAM game!

    @tmax- Your formula is almost perfect! I would politic for a top 10 defense!
    Repeat! ……………………………and so on!

  10. tmaxcon Says:


    It is a team game that is exactly why Kwon needs help leading the defense. He can’t do it himself and the previous leaders allowed loafing, losing and giving up to be calling card versus good hard football.

    I am standing by my statement. The bucs will never win consistently or shine in big games while GMC is on this roster. He has talent but his weak style brings this team down. His pre game BS could stop a viagra overdose in its tracks. 7 years of his weak leadership allowing loafing and quitting is enough. get out


  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    All good! I disagree but I can see your logic. I tell you what though, I’m most disappointed with “others” on that side of the ball. With the talent that was added, a couple of these guys should’ve been straight yokin’ people. You can definitely pinpoint who the culprits are. I dare say that there will be nowhere to hide as we add players that come to play.
    I agree about the pre-game speech. When did that become HIS thing?!

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    You drafted Winston, Evans, Marpet, and D Smith.

    Now you keep building that O via the draft or FA.

    One thing at a time.

    Give Jameis some more weapons. Preferably a solid starting WR drafted in the high rounds. A stud to pair with Evans to give DC’s headaches, league wide.

    Okay then what? I’m sticking with a stud WR with the first round pick.

    Whatchoo got?

  13. orlbucfan Says:

    @tmax: OD on the ice cream for a few days. That way you won’t (be paid) dissing GMC. Bucs win Sunday. You wanna bet or place one?

  14. Bucsfanman Says:

    @87- I’m with you on WR 1st. After that, best available OL, S, DL.
    A few weeks ago that would not have been the order I would go. However, after watching Dallas 2 weeks in a row, I’ve changed my mind!

  15. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The Bucs need more talent on their roster.

  16. Lamarcus Says:

    Mccoy praise agaain. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. teacherman777 Says:

    Chandler Jones, Jason Pierre Paul, and Barkevious Mingo


  18. rayjay1122 Says:

    Yes we still have some holes and depth issues on the team but even if we fill all of those holes, If Winston can’t get more accurate with his passes, none of the rest may matter. I love everything about Jameis but he has certain routes that he is deadly accurate on while others that he can’t hit the broadside of a barn. Now my question is this. Why attempt the long bombs when we all know they are going to be overthrown? That is a waste of a play unless we can get a WR with blazing speed and great hands to run under those routes. We have reached our projected target by most fans and analysts of 7-9 to 9-7 this season.

    Now this off-season is going to define this teams leadership in the decisions they make. One thing we have to do is swallow our pride with missed draft picks like Aguayo who did improve as the season progressed but we also know that he has a weak leg for FG attempts. They have to bring in veteran competition this off-season. Evans is a stud who will hopefully continue his success but we need a complimentary true # 2 WR. I think Hump was a serviceable #3 WR and even Shepp had his moments. Brate has been a great pass catching TE for us but since we use Stocker mostly for run blocking, it seems to tip off the defense as to when we will be running the ball. Both OT’s have to be upgraded too.

    We can’t fill all of our needs with the draft, so I am hoping with the team showing improvement that maybe some of the free agents that may have passed on coming to Tampa may give us a chance. If we make the right moves, are a little lucky, don’t lose to teams we should be better than and Winston improves his play, maybe the playoff is a realistic goal for next season though it looks like we have a brutal schedule.

  19. tmaxcon Says:


    I agree about the pre-game speech. When did that become HIS thing?!

    When another player started getting a little more TV time that is what is important to GMC.. He is just concerned with meaningless pro blows and camera crews. Winning means nothing.

  20. Buc believer Says:

    This site should change its name to Joe McCoy fan.

  21. Lamarcus Says:

    Joe McCoy fan lol

  22. Ndog Says:

    Just send McCoy on his way it would be best for both parties. His style just is not what we need from a play stand point or a leadership standpoint or a personality standpoint. He needs to go as he might be great in Arizona or In Miami next to Suh. Just start over here.

  23. DB55 Says:

    N dog

    Suh would prob stomp on him just for chits and giggles. Or wrap him up and give him to his daughter as a xmas present. Every girl loves Rainbow Dash.