Share Your Feelings

December 26th, 2016

Another 24-hour poll — published at 2:41 p.m. Thursday.

17 Responses to “Share Your Feelings”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Very confident – Dirk and Licht have made some mistakes no doubt but I have confidence they will bounce back. they have some house cleaning left.


  2. tmaxcon Says:

    Remember folks Koetter is only 1 win away from passing the legendary lovie smith on the bucs all time win list. that’s a phenomenal accomplishment for a first year head coach.

  3. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Dirk is learning as he goes ( on the job training ). He have done an amazing job with the garbage that Jason Licht gave him. I would give Dirk Koetter a B, I would give Jason Licht a Big Fat F.

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    And here we are. The team drops out of playoff contention and now they bring back the confidence tracker that was conspicuously absent during that winning streak…
    Conspicuously absent? Koetter was consistently at 90+ percent confidence then. Joe saw no reason to keep it rolling. No real value to readers. This week it is more interesting, as it will be next week. –Joe

  5. SOEbuc Says:

    I give Dirk a very confident cause I wanna see what happens if Smitty leaves.

  6. Gencoimports Says:

    I give Dirk a confident -the same rating each time this poll comes up.

    Joe should post the same poll on JL from time to time.

  7. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joe – I guess that’s fair, it just seems like it’s just a coach bashing mechanism then if it’s not put up at times when the team is doing well in addition to putting it up at a time when we’re all obviously not happy with the results we got this week and last.

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk got better as the year went along. From early in the season when he didn’t use his timeouts against the Rams which probably cost the game since they ran out of time at the 4 yard line, to quitting on the team in the Denver game, to not understanding the rules just before halftime at the Carolina game – to at the end of the Carolina game instead of playing for a win calling for runs to run out the clock and play for overtime (of which one was busted, then Winston finally got to throw the ball and move the team). So early in the year I wasn’t high on him – even during the winning streak he played the games like he had that 2002 Bucs defense and didn’t seem to make much of an effort on offense other than to run Doug Martin up the middle on every first down and then seemed shocked when he was tackled by a run blitzing defense that had 8 people playing run up the middle on first down.

    I’m still very much not convinced the team would have been better off had Lovie stayed in place…. and before you Lovie haters start to foam at the mouth, the reason I say that is if Dirk was still just the OC and was still working with Winston, I think Winston is doing even better than now and I don’t think the offense turns into a shell of what it was last year. Now if Dirk was going to get another HC job then fine, hire the guy – Winston needed the same offense to be there in place and not get a whole new offense in year 2.

    With that said I Dirk badly needs a legitimate OC if he’s gonna be HC. I think he’s proven this year, to me, he’s overmatched trying to do everything. From the way Dirk called the games last year to this year, it’s pretty dramatically different and I wonder how much of that is from the simple fact he went from the booth to the field, it’s a completely different environment.

    Anyways the Bucs need to keep Dirk around for years – you can’t change head coaches every 2 years and expect to have any success. Dirk did well enough this year to hopefully get him a solid 4-years, unless he turns into the emo-coach he was early in the year.

  9. Kobe Faker Says:

    Koetter gets a D

    he cant do 2 jobs as hc and playcaller

    didnt bring in an offensive coordinator but a receivers coach (monken did a great A+ with evans development)

    jameis development has stalled

    mental game-

    we need a mentor to help him. emotionally, he plays like a middle linebacker. at the qb position, you have to be cool, composed, calm and thinking about the next play. situational football.

    *I was devasted when his eyes was bulging out of his socket and spitting sweat at the dallas game. someone needs to settle him down. at the 4th quarter he is emotionally spent. He gets to high …so go the passes. why do i say this when im the #1 jameis nuthugger

    because the qb position is different. montana, young, aikman, brady, manning…during the game and on the field, you are the composed leader field general. when its 2 minutes left and the last drive, all the greats were composed and relaxed. the arm motion and throwing mechanics are at its best when you are mentally controlled. lol koetter the clown doesnt even no this

    as everyone here knows, kobe is a deep thinker. a spiritual being. i believe the mind and body is one


    where is the short passing attack? continuous rb screens when they are always successful? also why do you run right into the 8 man front at 1st down right into the arms of the defenders. Adjusments?…etc… lol! nada

    foot in mouth disease-

    this guy is a wishy washy 14 year old girl. stop the chidish nonsense culture mind games and just get norv turner

  10. Dave Says:

    8-9 wins at the beginning of the season – I’d take it.
    Seeing how poorly the d started and how much the offense stalled. …
    Take it.
    Linemen, o and d,
    Another db…

    Another year of maturity for JW, next year they go far

  11. Kobe Faker Says:


    read your post after i posted.

    nicely written and great thoughts

    2015 jameis had TWO mentors. i believe i read every week lovie spent hours on 1 on 1 time with at his office. JAMEIS NEED THAT

    2016 jameis actually had half. with HC duties, Koetter spent less time with jameis than he had 2015 as OC.

    *****PLEASE PLEASE monken is offensive coordinator only by title. monken spends all his time with the recievers

    2016, the playcalling has regressed and so has jameis development as it should have been

    Bark? what ever the hell hell his name is a college qb coach who shoots polaroid camera shots and glennon is a giraffe

    Jameis was all alone this year

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Kobe – I don’t think Dirk gets a D, for a first year NFL head coach he had a hard time out of the gate but showed progress, but you make a good point about how Lovie was also a mentor to Winston. I wish Lovie had been around another year if only so Winston and Dirk could have kept things together the way they were in year one – it was clearly going really well. I wouldn’t agree that Winston has regressed, not even a hint of that – he looks solid as a rock back there and is making better reads and making less mistakes, he just has no one to throw to the ball to except for Evans and sometimes Brate. The play calling just hasn’t been good and I think Dirk needs to do an honest assessment of that and give that duty to someone else, but only to run his offense – not their offense – I don’t want Winston having to learn a whole new offense again.

    I’d give Dirk probably a B- since before the season I thought they’d go 7-9 and they clearly did better than that.

    I agree on Glennon being a giraffe.

  13. Kobe Faker Says:

    What do you think abouts winston getting too over excited emotionally during the game

    that has to do with coaching. after a martin run, why does a qb have to care about the defender holding him down too long (which the defender wasnt) headbut the defender? all the best QB coaches and mental teachers was puking when they saw that

    doesnt jameis have to think and get ready for the next play? why wasnt he looking at the sideline for the next play

    i believe emotionally high for too long cant be obtained. in any situation in life, work, accident etc…it zaps/drains energy…both mental and physical

    there are indeed mental coaches that QBs go to.

    we all have watched the great qbs make unbelievable comebacks. everyone of them, EVERYTIME , they were controlled and emotionally calm for the rest of the team to be assured and confident of a comeback victory

    its coaching. 110%


    since im a positive kind of guy

  14. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    Lets see a poll on licht

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    I have voted “very confident” in every single Koetter confidence poll. Even at 1-3 and 3-5.

    Coach K has had ups and downs in his 1st year as would be expected from not only a 1st time NFL HC but from a team with so many young starters.

    Both Koetter and Mike Smith have done a good job this year considering the tough schedule, the rash of injuries at specific positions (RB, WR, DL) the defense learning a new system and the need for more talented starters at multiple spots on both sides of the ball.

    Even if we finish a disappointing 8-8 (after the 5 game win streak) – this 2016 season has still been so much better than anything we’ve seen on the field since the day Gruden was fired. (2010 was a major outlier and doesn’t really count IMO).

    A non-losing season (already guaranteed) or a winning season (if we beat Carolina) is going to feel a lot better for all of us fans heading into this off season than anything we have experienced in at least 6 years. And the perspective that we did it against a top 5 difficulty of schedule (compared to 6-10 last year vs a bottom 5 difficulty of schedule) should help as well.

    As Ira basically said in his column earlier – the arrow is absolutely pointing up – and the fans of the Buccaneer franchise should be excited about the future.

  16. SB with Jameis Says:

    Measuring dicks as fans in week 16 is a Sure Fire sign we are sucking ass.

  17. Jason Says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight – there are actually “fans” that have little or no confidence in Koetter???? Let’s review the two years previous to Dirk. That joke of a head coach Lovie Smith treated us to seasons of 2-14 & 6-10 = 8-24. In his first year Koetter has a real shot at winning 9 games….and that isn’t good enough? Did he make mistakes? Without a doubt. But at least Dirk has the team moving in the right direction. With an O-Line that doesn’t suck, and a receiver, plus a running back, maybe this team is a playoff contender. They weren’t this year, but progress is being made. That’s an improvement over the Lovie Smith Dark Years!