Respect Is Earned

December 3rd, 2016
Heads will turn with win Sunday.

Minds will change with win Sunday.

Joe is in San Diego typing this here post and is both shocked and overwhelmed by the Twitter response from Bucs fans in California/Mexico/Arizona attending tomorrow’s game against the Chargers.

Some are irked that the Bucs are not getting any respect, even with a winning record in December and beating the Chiefs and Seahawks, NFL powerhouses, in consecutive weeks.

Joe understands why. Since Chucky was fired, at best the Bucs have been a tease. Sure, the 2010 season was cool, but what did the Bucs do after narrowly missing the playoffs that year? Squat, that’s what.

At 6-6 last year, they shat all over themselves and lost out to close the season. Turrible! Just look at the record of the Bucs in December since Joe’s website has been up and running. You will understand why folks are skeptical until proven otherwise.

Joe thinks Mark Schlereth of BSPN put it perfectly in the BSPN video below, explaining why the Bucs have yet to win over national pundits: See how the Bucs do now riding success and traveling cross-country to play a beatable opponent.

There is discord at the headquarters of One Joe sees the Chargers as a Super Bowl contender led by a modern-day Dan Marino. The other Joe sees the Chargers with a losing record quarterbacked by a guy who is bratty Jay Cutler without the droopy, ambivalent demeanor.

What exactly has Philip Rivers done in his career to prove he is Terry Bradshaw? Sure he has nice stats but has he ever put the Chargers on his back? When is the last time he won a big game? Joe remembers Rivers getting shut down by a terrible Bucs team, highlighted by a pick-six from none other than Leonard Johnson.

The Bucs are not playing the 1984 49ers tomorrow. Is Rivers capable of slicing the Bucs apart? Sure. Are the Chargers a dangerous team? Yes. But they are not the Chiefs or Seahawks or even the Dixie Chicks.

Win a winnable game and Joe is damned certain respect will come from all quarters.

14 Responses to “Respect Is Earned”

  1. Mort Says:

    It’s winnable, but don’t discount this chargers team as an easy out. They aren’t. They’re running the ball really well right now and if the defense reverts to their old ways of missing tackles in the hole then it could be a long day in San Diego. They’re thin at WR, so I’m less worried about that than the TE position in the passing game. Our safety play will be seriously tested.

  2. NC BucsFan Says:

    Your right I love the Bucs I think we should win every week cause I trust in our players but, until the Bucs can beat beatable teams when they need to we ain’t getting no respect but if we whoop the Bolts tomorrow we will be in more playoff talk . I’m praying resskins lose we can leap frog the be up by half a game .

  3. EA Says:

    judging by how the bucs have played the last three games i am more confident in this game than i was in the last 2, I have confidence in the players and coaching staff ( something I havent seen since Gruden left).

    Philip is a very good QB, but have a good QB as well. Chargers couldn’t close out games in the playoffs when they had a great offense with LT and very good defense with Merriman and company, I just don’t think Philip Rivers is a big game closer. I think bucs will bring home a 4 game win-streak.

    Go Bucs.

  4. Jeagan1999 Says:

    As excited as I am about the way the Bucs have turned it on over the last couple of games, there’s always still that little bit of doubt in the back of your mind. I agree with Schlereth when he says he wants to see how Tampa Bay “handles success”. That being said I DO believe the Bucs can beat a very decent Chargers team, and I think they WILL! And if Jameis and the boys play well, and beat a third quality opponent in a row, then I am totally locked into the belief that we can make it to, and compete in the playoffs this year!

    Hell, we win this game and I’m ready for Dallas or any other team! Go Bucs!

  5. JimBuc2 Says:

    Rivers is immobile. He stands in the pocket and, throws picks. Yeah, Bucs bring it and Charger fans go home cryin’. 28-17 Buccaneers. We rock RayJay next weekend and Brees gets his jersey very dirty. Just love that stunned “We lost?” look Drew puts on after he gets his ass handed to him. Washington takes a loss, Chiefs get by the Dixie Chicks and man oh man, the Bucs get some national love.

  6. R.O. Says:

    Chargers are pretty good. You can type and say why you want. Mistakes decide every game. Just ask Minnesota. No turnovers, limit penalties and we’re in it at the end. If we don’t we will get beat.

  7. SB with Jameis Says:

    It’s ok. People won’t be able to doubt us for long.

  8. Maze Says:

    Don’t worry Joes Loser Lovie can’t hurt this squad anymore with him busy destroying young football minds now. Koetter is here to save the day

  9. Tampa Tony Says:

    Rivers got shut down by the Bucs? When?

    Last time he played then he threw for 334 yards and 3 TD’s…

    Come on Joes you are better than that

  10. rayjay1122 Says:

    We just have to stay focused on the games week by week and avoid looking ahead or getting too confident and playing flat. It is time to approach each week as a playoff game. Play with confidence, swagger, discipline and have fun. I honestly at 3-5 was about to go into 2017 draft mode but this is so much more fun riding a 3 game win streak. I gave the Bucs no chance of beating the Chiefs or Seahawks and a loss to Chicago would not have surprised me a few weeks ago.

    I am so proud of the turn around and the vast improvements in all phases of the game. Aguayo has to keep getting better though. He has improved, but we can’t leave points on the field and hope to be a playoff team that can win in the playoffs.

    Spence 57 has been playing great and I do believe if OL’s have to worry about him and GMC, our pass rush will continue to be solid which will benefit the DB’s.

    Finally, Winston has been so much better of late and his chemistry with ME13 has been outstanding. I am so glad to have Winston and though I was bent with Evans on Veterans day weekend, he has won be back over.

    Go Bucs!!!! 7-5 here we come!!!!!

  11. cmurda Says:

    We will definitely win this game if we play like we did the last 2 weeks. I believe this team is focused. They are aware that you can’t just win because you think you are better. You need to prove you are better.

  12. Buccfan37 Says:

    I remember an earlier trip to play the Chargers out west. I believe Chris Chandler was the Bucs QB. He was harassed relentlessly and running for his life. Needless to say the Bucs were had that game. That was then, this is now. The present new and improving Bucs have a different idea in mind. Come out of there with a win. Go Bucs!

  13. Pelbuc Says:

    My biggest concern for the next 5 games is Aguayo costing Bucs a game or 2.

  14. Mike Johnson Says:

    Like RayJay says..week by by game. All of this playoff talk is BS for now. Those of us who have been Buc fans for ages have been here Many times before. Stay focused. If our wins are good enough come seasons end..we make the show. If not..we don’t. Its just..that simple. Bucs will not get respect until they appear in a playoff game. Even then, we gotta win. You gotta face the reality that the nation has seen us as Losers for quite a while. So they don’t expect much from us at all. It is time to shock the NFl world. Just keep ballin and playing good Defense. And we will see what happens.