Pro Bowl Announcement Today

December 20th, 2016
Four in a row? Interesting data.

Four in a row? Interesting data.

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, won’t be selected for his second Pro Bowl tonight, but the unveiled voting results of fans, coaches and players should put at least a few Bucs in the esteemed yet ridiculous game.

It all goes down at 8 p.m. on NFL Network tonight during the big announcement show.

If Joe has to guess how the vote turns out (not Joe’s opinion of who is a Pro Bowler on the Bucs), then Joe would say Gerald McCoy and Mike Evans get in, with very strong odds that Brent Grimes and Kwon Alexander are named alternates. There’s also an outside shot at alternate status for Cameron Brate, whose seven touchdown catches lead all NFC tight ends.

Yes, there’s lots of politics involved.

Kwon was doing well in previously released fan voting and his massive game on opening day against Atlanta opened several eyeballs around the NFL. It helps that he’s deserving as the third-leading tackler in the conference.

Grimes is No. 1 in the NFC in passes defensed with 22. Plus, it’s always a bonus to have made the game before. In Grimes’ case, that includes the last three years in a row.

The Pro Bowl is back to the NFC versus AFC format this season. The game will be played in Orlando.

37 Responses to “Pro Bowl Announcement Today”

  1. orlbucfan Says:

    Cameron Brate AND Adam ‘Hump’ Humphries are both All-Pro players now. It’s nice that they will only get better. Go Tampa Bay!!

  2. Tampa Tony Says:

    Once players bow out of the game I’m sure Jameis will make it

  3. ZZBucs!!! Says:

    Ali Marpet!!!!!!

  4. chipbuc Says:

    Tampa Tony = HATER Keep those positive posts coming.

  5. Ndog Says:

    Tampa Tony you know the name Tennessee Tony is still available.

  6. Tampa Tony Says:

    There is Jameis tescticle rider #1 ndog and testicle rider #2 chipbuc

    No hate just stating facts, he made the Pro Bowl last year based on others dropping out. Which is likely to happen again based on his performance and other playoff qb or super bowl qbs being unavailable. Just facts here nut huggers

    Go Bucs!!!

  7. tdtb2015 Says:

    Anger ?

  8. Tampa Tony Says:


    I’ve never been to Tennessee or am a fan of theirs. Might want to take notes I’m no Mariota fan, just expect more from a #1 overall pick.

  9. OMGBUCIT Says:

    And Mariota made the Pro Bowl last……..oh wait, Nevermind. Tampa Tampon, maybe your boy will get it this year.

  10. Mojiska Says:

    What do you expect from the youngest starting qb in the league? He has eclipsed the win total from last year, improved his stats from last year, got his team playing meaningful football games in december 2 years removed from a 2 win season that got us the #1 overall pick. In 2 years he took us from the WORST team in the league to playoff contenders. He has a lot of room to go, but seriously, what do you expect. Are you the same guy who is pissed at your 6th grader who is getting good grades because he isn’t a rocket scientist by middle school??? Calm down and take a little perspective into account. I’m tired of all the tards that hate just to hate.

  11. Avejoe Says:

    Jameis only went to the pro bowl last year because others dropped out.

  12. Tampa Tony Says:

    @mojiska- How have his stats improved?

    Total Turnovers last year-17
    Total Turnovers 2016 (so far) 20

    Completion % is up by 2% which is good
    Passing yardage will probably be about the same but only being turnover free in 3 games all year is not a good sign. Wins are good which we all love but let’s not kid ourselves the 5 game win streak the offense wasn’t very good and got put in check by a bad Saints d and kept out of the end zone by a banged up Chiefs squad.

    Not hate just observations and hope Jameis improves so he’s deserving of all the praise I read here

  13. R.O. Says:

    Who cares… if I was an owner I would pay my players a Bonus NOT to play in the Pro Bowl… Lee Roy Selmon anyone?

  14. gilhealy Says:

    “lets not kid ourselves”. No, just you, not “ourselves”. No one wants to lumped in with anything you say. You are on your own.

  15. Tampa Tony Says:

    I was on my own not wanting Lovie hired as well so I’m use to it

  16. unbelievable Says:

    Tampon tony the offense was actually pretty good in 3 of those 5 games maybe you should stop be such a Whiny little b!tch all the time. Dominated Chicago, put up 28 in San Diego, moved the ball all day vs the chiefs and got out to a huge lead early against Seattle.

    Does JW have things to work on? Absolutely, 100%. But you do know he’s also the youngest starting quarterback in the league, right? Does he get some time or he’s supposed to be perfect from day 1?

    You know why people attack you for being a troll? Because you’re nothing but negative all the time. That’s a sad way to live your life pal.

  17. DB Says:

    Truth hurts sometimes.
    Would love to see Brate get some well deserved recognition.

  18. tmaxcon Says:

    orlbucfan Says:
    December 20th, 2016 at 10:03 am

    Cameron Brate AND Adam ‘Hump’ Humphries are both All-Pro players now. It’s nice that they will only get better. Go Tampa Bay!!

    All due respect Granny but is it not a just a little early for the bottle… Please be safe… You are confusing fandom with production with Hump. Brate could be an alternate but the only All Pro on bucs is Evans… Pro bowl means nothing. All Pro still carries weight and Brate and Hump are not all pro. love them but wow be careful and merry xmas from your favorite poster

  19. Mort Says:

    Humohries as an all-pro? I love the kid, but no way in hell is he an all-pro.

    Also Joe you forgot Brian Anger our punter. He has been outstanding.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The whole process sucks. Players should be rewarded for production, not popularity.

    Really, they need an Electorial system 😉

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think the All-Pro players should go to the Pro Bowl.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As to Winston…get him a good right tackle and his issues will be fixed. Dotson should never have gotten a new contract.

  23. Tampa Tony Says:

    @inbelievable- I only deal with facts which it seems you don’t. Offense scored 21 against SD, defense scored the rest. Plenty of positive comments from me you just choose to not read as they don’t fit your narrative.

    So your reasoning for the constant turnovers and inaccurate throws is age? You’d think as a “franchise” QB he’d learn from the consistent mistakes. I’m all for Winston but eventually he’s gotta improve the decision making and stop hurting the team. When’s a good time frame to expect that? When he’s 30?

    Usually QB’s make their biggest improvements from year 1 to 2, there’s no huge improvement so far for Jameis. We need to see it eventually

  24. unbelievable Says:

    Oh I’m sorry, only 21 points against SD. Guess the offense sucked then, huh?

    I want to see the turnovers cut down as well, it’s maddening. But I can also recognize when a tackle gets blown up leading to a fumble as the QB is pulling back trying to throw. I can recognize that an INT on a hail mary at the end of a half or end of the game really doesn’t matter.

    I’ve said multiple times Jameis has many things to work on. But yes, age does matter. He’s 22, meaning he could have another 12+ years in the league. You think he won’t get better? You think Payton Manning wasn’t light years better by his 5th or 6th season than he was in his first or second? Don’t be so obtuse.

    All of us must have missed all these ‘positive’ posts you claim to have written.

  25. loggedontosay Says:

    Tampa Tony, did you notice the difference in the amount of time Dak had in the pocket compared to the time Winston had? The Bucs have a top rated QB and a number one receiver. Every other position needs to get better or be replaced. Winston has not thrown an interception that caused the Bucs to lose a game. What team has a better record with less talent then Winston? If you are going to claim your opinion is based on facts include all the facts. Otherwise your opinion is just hate.

  26. Tampa Tony Says:

    So now we are waiting 5-6 years for the turnovers and improvement from the “Franchise QB” that’s a bad investment for the Glazers. Especially when you see rookie qbs and qbs of the same experience level play better.

    Not saying all 37 of his turnovers in 30 games are his fault but at some point he’s gotta clean his game up and learn from his mistakes. I’m all for more weapons for Winston whether that be linemen or receivers. But those weapons won’t necessarily improve accuracy and decision making. After awhile a player production is what it is and you can’t expect change. I’m still optimistic he can improve but let’s all admit the process is frustrating as hell

  27. Buccfan37 Says:

    Comparatively this years Buccs have hit the bonanza. Add a few crucial players and the arrow is definitely pointing up. Time to start adding to that miserable tiny pile of wins vs a mountain of losses. Steady as she goes. I’ve waited this long, still waiting.

  28. pick6 Says:

    prediction: kuechly, who has missed over a month and plays for a struggling team, will get voted in over Kwon.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Do you have any reading comprehension tampon tony? I said we should expect improvement every year, and that if didn’t all happen between year 1 and 2 we shouldn’t act like the sky is falling.

    But you’re right tony, it’s been less than 2 full years in the league and he’s already 22 years old so obviously there is no improvement, and there won’t be any more according to you, and his production will always be the same so we mind as well just move on.

  30. loggedontosay Says:

    Tampa Tony
    So now we are waiting 5-6 years for the turnovers and improvement from the “Franchise QB” that’s a bad investment for the Glazers.

    Drew Bree’s has 14 interceptions and Winston had 15. So exactly what is your argument? If Winston played for the Heiferboys they would be unstoppable. If Dak played for the Bucs, he would be a total bust. Winston has no running game, yet his performance has not fallen. You claim to rely on facts an excuse to criticize Winston while ignoring relevant facts. In your heart you are hoping for Winston to fail, be honest!

  31. Tampa Tony Says:

    Definitely not wishing for him to fail. Just beyond frustrated at the lack of improvement from week to week

  32. loggedontosay Says:

    Tampa Tony, the improvement is there. Consider that the receivers have been replaced week to week, the injuries to the running backs, and the offensive line. Winston is on pace for another 4000 yard season. Brate will be a beast, I think. Brate will put in the work. His cuts coming out of his breaks will get better which will make Winston better. Humphrey seems to be a little gun shy. I do not think that we have the running back that we need for the future. The head coach is learning to be a head coach. All those things need to be better before Winston can give the performance he is capable of each week. I will agree with you that Winston need to let some plays die.

  33. Mojiska Says:

    Tony- generally qbs show greatest improvement between year 2-3. Sophomore slump is there for a reason. Most other positions show greatest improvement between year 1-2. At least that’s what the general consensus is.

  34. D-Rome Says:

    Tampa Tony you know the name Tennessee Tony is still available.

    That made me laugh. I’m not going to pile on Tampa Tony. I think the concerns and criticisms are fair.

    Usually QB’s make their biggest improvements from year 1 to 2, there’s no huge improvement so far for Jameis. We need to see it eventually

    I hear this a lot but is there a lot of merit to this statement? Who are you thinking of specifically?

  35. Tampa Tony Says:

    @DROME- it seems it’s hit or miss with QB’s having big improvements from year 1-2 (Carr, Bortles) then you have bigger jumps from year 3-4 with Ryan, Luck, Dalton and a few others

    So hopefully next year is a much larger improvement from Jameis

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    @tampatony…I hear you…you make some very valid points….I have friends and family that are fsu homers and will never admit publicly jameis’ struggles….he has improved, but like you I was expecting a little more….less turnover, more composure…..with that being said, he has almost single handling turned this franchise around(with help from kwon and ayers)…..I have no problem with your criticism of Winston….I know you want the bucs to succeed…keep doing what your doing and hopefully Winston will prove you wrong….GO BUCS!!!!

  37. Grt1 Says:

    You want a 22yr old nfl qb to be a miracle worker. The reason you pick number 1 in the draft is because your team sucks. Look at Eli, peyton, elway,and any other franchise qb in there first couple of seasons. Let’s see there body of work..Tampa Tampon….fire the cannons! ! !