Playcaller Jameis Called His Shot And Missed

December 19th, 2016
Dirk Koetter takes you to the sidelines

Dirk Koetter takes you to the sidelines

Interesting stuff from Dirk Koetter.

The Bucs’ open-minded and candid head coach does listen to his 22-year-old quarterback. And in one key situation last night, Jameis was on the money — sort of.

On the Buccaneers Radio Network after the game, Koetter explained that Jameis was calling for a specific big play strike to Mike Evans in the fourth-quarter.

Koetter said he honored the request on 3rd-and-18 with 2:24 remaining on the Bucs’ 17 yard line.

Bucs fans will remember it as the bomb that got away. Jameis fired deep left to Evans who was open at the Dallas 42 yard line, but Jameis overthrew him after he beat two defenders.

“That was actually a play Jameis had asked for the series before,” Koetter said. “That was good observation by him and he said he thought he could get it over the top of the defense. We were having some pressure issues … We were getting some pressure. Jameis had to step up. And you know, it was a long shot. We went for a big play right there and just didn’t quite hit it.”

That deep shot was the first snap after turnstile right tackle Gosder Cherilus was yanked from the game. Jameis had plenty of room to step up in the pocket. He did and misfired.

On the upside, props to Jameis for his feel for the playbook. That could have and should have been the Bucs’ biggest play of the night.

75 Responses to “Playcaller Jameis Called His Shot And Missed”

  1. Artemis Rand Says:

    Bucs will be fine.

    JW has the fire the teams needs in a QB.

    First time in team history in fact that the team has had a QB with as much fire.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    As he learns to get a better handle on his emotions, he’ll start hitting those plays instead of overthrowing, and this offense will become dangerously potent.

    Would also help to have a speedy #2 WR and better o-line play.

  3. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Thus far in his career he has trouble hitting the deep sideline throws accurately. The seam routes on the hash marks he throws as well as anyone. Not yet the deep sideline.

  4. Wes Says:

    I wasn’t really expecting him to nail that. He went cold in the 4th quarter after getting beat up play after play after play. Making it would have been sensational. But I wasn’t really surprised when he didn’t.

  5. ElioT Says:

    Ups and downs all year.

    #3 needs to get it together if he wants to get this team in the playoffs.

    Sucks to be outplayed by a 4th rd rookie, but he has to move on and play his ass off against the Saints and Panthers.

    Let’s go!

  6. Ed Says:

    Love Jameis. Big question mark on his ability to throw the ball downfield and give his receivers ability to run underneath it. His mechanics need tweaking. He can throw it on a dime to areas where target is supposed to go.

    When ball needs loft he’s not there with any accuracy.

    He needs to start watching more film to see how other QBs time their dep balls to allow receivers to run under the ball.

    I think one of his issues is lack of arc.

  7. c-spann Says:

    I was expecting him to make it. I have high expectations of JW. IMO he and the team are doing just fine. The squad was competing and I think as Bucs fans we are excited about that

  8. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Yeah i’d agree that of all that throws that jameis missed last night, that one hurt the most. I believer with every ounce of my being that if JW hits Mike evans on that play we would have won. Oh well, here’s hoping the skins lose tonight and we can rebound from this loss.

  9. Tampa Tony Says:

    Good call by Jameis bad execution. He seems to think he can hit those throws but rarely does. He needs to know his limitations and what throws he can make

  10. iamkingsu Says:

    Give him faster receivers and maybe he won’t over throw them. You’ll act like he’s overthrowing DJax, Hill(KC), Julio, etc. Evans had a step but it wasn’t like he missed him by 3 yards or something.

  11. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Here is an interesting stat I just saw on JWs longest completion this year is 45 yards. That is the shortest of the top 30 QBs on that list. Two guys have 46 yards. I think that is a reflection on his accuracy first, O line second since he rarely has time, and then the receivers. But about that last point, no one else on the list has Mike Evans to throw to so it is not really valid.

  12. iamkingsu Says:

    What’s with the tone in Bucs Land this Monday. We faced the number one team in the NFL. We had 2 or three drives to win on the road with four turnovers( really 2).

    I watched Dallas pretty much every week. They put teams away with that oline but we had a shot to win on multiple occasions. If we had a competent RT not great RT but competent we would’ve won that game. You’ll keep talking about that deep shot he barely missed. The biggest play of the game was that screen that was set up perfectly. Not only did they miss every single block but they didn’t even touch a defender.

  13. unbelievable Says:

    the screen play was sickening iamkingsu. Literally, no one blocked.

    But you’re right, we had opportunities to win in the 4th and just couldn’t get it done. We played kinda lousy, and were still hanging in there w/ the top team in the league w/ a chance to win. Future is looking bright, but playoff hopes for this year are a bit farther away now.

  14. Juju Says:

    Can the bucs not run up the middle on 1st and Goal? Maybe try playaction? That play seems to lose 2-3 yards everytime.

  15. Ed Says:

    Good call out on the screen, there was space for Sims and he gets into space he’s pretty much going another 20-25 yards.

    Shame on the lineman for not doing their job and getting their hands on the Dallas defender that ran right around him and tackled Sims.

    Like Rams-Raiders and now Cowboys this game was there for the Bucs to win but they didn’t get Elliot off the field. Dallas had the ball too long in first half.

    They adjusted defensively in second half but first half the defense was not doing a good job with Zelenograd.

  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “The biggest play of the game was that screen that was set up perfectly. Not only did they miss every single block but they didn’t even touch a defender.”

    Agree 100%. That was the biggest missed opportunity because the level of difficulty for those blockers was low. Cherlius’ missed blocks towards the end of the game were horrendous; but him not being able to block out in space there killed a play that could have been a TD; and killed our drive.

  17. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I will say this – we had opportunities to win this game but we were not the better team. Same thing against Oakland. Oakland out played us and looked the better team. Dallas out played us and looked the better team.

    The Rams loss was really the one loss we were the better team. Frustrating to see Winston not score that game winning TD. He really needs to fix that deep ball

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    glad jameis is our QB but he has to work on his accuracy….plain and simple…GO BUCS!!!!

  19. Patrick in VA Says:

    Collinsworth called that play out as a big missed opportunity. Definitely frustrating.

    I hope that there were a lot of lessons learned by the young guys that we are building around. It was a big game on a big night. Hopefully it familiarizes them a bit and they’re able to settle down earlier next time

  20. ndog Says:

    So Tampa Tony you are saying he should never throw the ball deep?

  21. ndog Says:

    You know what guys you are all right we should just draft another QB because clearly our 22 year old 4,000 yards back to back seasons QB with one WR, no running game, and average oline is just horrible player that needs to be replaced right now. I understand he is never going to improve I mean just look at all the time he has been given.

  22. DB55 Says:

    If he would have connected we’d all be eating Famous Jameis Nutsack sandwiches. Yummy yum.

  23. Buc2015 Says:

    on that overthrow to Evans, watching the replay it did not appear Evans ran a consistent speed on the route. It was a meandering kind of route, he may have gotten bumped …. I’d need to see it again but that’s what I remember. Not an excuse for JW as he should still find a way to give Evans a chance, but it’s not as simple as just a normal go route.

  24. DB55 Says:

    Like Koetter I’m a bit irrational after a loss. It was a good game, at least we fought. We are 2-3 pieces away from being a real contender.

  25. ndog Says:

    I mean after 30 professional games isn’t every player the picture of perfection? Especially QB’s I mean geez this guy has to go.

  26. Armando Says:

    the problem is JW played with receivers at FSU that could run to the ball, Rashad Greene, Kermit Whitfield, Kelvin Benjamin. No diss to Mike Evans who is monster but speed is not his first attribute. We need a post route runner to pull the safeties, where is Josh Huff?

  27. $acbuc$ Says:

    Joe since you the playcaller around here. Just tell me when are you gonna call KWON commander. He relays the defensive calls to the other defensive players. He OUR leading tackler he’s that spark plug. Plus Kwon don’t be out there getting PUNKED by Olinemen on any team. Kwon and Lavonte look like brothers tackling would be ball carriers. Kwon reminds me of Donald Penn who was taking all fades with opposing teams. Don’t matter what you Joes call him he is COMMANDER KWON ALEXANDER to me. A Baller Balling! Copyright it!

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    @ndog- Is it not fair to criticize JW’s play on the field as well? I think that we can all agree that he did not play his best game.
    He’ll get better. He’s doing things that are expected from 2nd year, 22 year old players. I’m OK with it. Keep working JW!

  29. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    Koetter should be ashamed for not working Evans more into the game. You can 5 yard slant him and 9 times out of 10 he’s going to get the ball. Just a shame to not work matchups and move him around, get him some space, or just go deep to him early and often. And stop with running the hamster on 1st down in the 3rd quarter, if he’s average 3 yards after 2 quarters, give up on it or let Quizz take over. NEVER handoff to Sims again this year plzzzzzz

  30. Patrick in VA Says:

    @shouldhavelearnedtospelleifert – You can’t be serious. He’s the only viable receiver that we have on the roster. Do you honestly think that every defender on his side of the field wasn’t rolled over to his side of the field? Do you think they were worried about Freddie Martino or Russell Shephard? No. They’re all over on his side. So Koetter should be ashamed of himself for not working him in? Pretty sure that they would have loved to have gotten more balls his way. Plus, there were multiple passes that went his way that were either dropped or misthrown.

  31. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Thank you ND dog for keeping it real

  32. unbelievable Says:

    ^ LOLOL “shouldhavelearnedtospell”

  33. c-spann Says:

    I was hoping JW played like he did at KC, that to me was his best game so far by far this year.

  34. Tampa Tony Says:

    The funny thing is no one has ever posted (that I read) get rid of Jameis the consensus is he needs to be more accurate and consistent

    His nuthuggers have trouble comprehending that you can be critical of a player and still like him. Not saying he will never be accurate or consistently good we as fans want the best especially for a #1 pick. These are glaring things he needs to get better at

  35. rayjay1122 Says:

    The big problem is that Winston has some flaws and fans are sick of the playoff drought and are therefore impatient. If Winston is still having the same flaws with no improvement at the end of his contract, then a decision has to be made but he is still very young and should just keep learning and getting better.

  36. Doctor Stroud Says:

    America’s (2nd Most Hated) “Game-Manager” QB Jameis Winston committed a lot of mistakes last night, but he is exactly the kind of player that we need to build around. He would rather throw the long ball up the seam rather than check down, and this gunslinger mentality is what we love and hate about him, depending on who wins. I hope that the GM puts together the supporting cast that he needs to succeed.

  37. m&m Says:

    Again the quarterback play hurt us. He made a rookie QB outplay him. Keep hearing of his high football IQ, but that doesn’t do any good if he cannot put it into practice on the field. Maybe a benching for a game or a quarter in a game might help him see things better from the sidelines. He is a great QB, but his efficiency and consistency needs work. One more win for a good season, but we’ll not get far in the playoffs, if we make it. We need to play much better. Go Bucs.

  38. tdtb2015 Says:

    Thanksgiving 2017

    Bucs vs. Cowboys


  39. Ant Says:

    I’m not gonna say it was a good game for the Bucs. But to me something has to be said by a fan who is watching this team develop. Dallas lost two games this year and we could have won this game if #3 was not getting hit like that. I’m disappointed and dissatisfied but a month and a half ago this team could not even compete like they did yesterday . After Winston’s headbutt worried me because I feared a pick in the red zone when he forced it to Hump in the second half other than that, this game was lost on the O and D line. He threw 3 interceptions and Coverage last play, Hail Mary and had his elbow tipped trying to drive it to Hump. Are people watching the games??? Now I will say Gos needs to be inactive next week. But I believe the Bucs are still a team that can do something in the post season.

  40. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “If Winston is still having the same flaws with no improvement at the end of his contract, then a decision has to be made but he is still very young and should just keep learning and getting better.”

    Dude Jameis WInston could regress a little and he’d still be better than any QB we’ve ever had lol.

    He’ll likely have thrown for over 4000 yards his first 2 seasons; and pushing for 30 total TDs each year if you count the 6 rushing TDs his rookie year.

    He’s already thrown 3 more TDs than last year with 2 games remaining

  41. Bucsdobe Says:

    Did you see the time Dak had to check down his options? Can you just imagine if JW had that time? We will be great with a few very needed pieces. Can’t wait to take this journey with this team and coaches!

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucsdobe…ANYONE that watched the Pro Bowl knows what Jameis can do if he’s given the time Dak got.

    What I’m sick of is fans always comparing him to the whatever round rookie QB he just lost to at the time. Happens after nearly every loss. They never factor in how much he was running for his life most of the game.

    They also never credit Jameis for beating the likes of Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, or the many other very good QB’s around the league. Why? Cause this site is FULL of Negative Nancy’s. Most only comment whenh he has a bad game.

    This place was like a morgue during that 5 game streak…now look at it.

    BS fanbase.

  43. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    Doctor Stroud nailed it!! He has the mentality of a champion!! Now it’s up to the originization to go out and get him the stallions to make our Bucs multi Super Bowl champs!!!

  44. Tampa Tony Says:

    Tdtb2015- that match up only happens if the Bucs win the division

    @87- Jameis didn’t beat those qb the defense did. The offense didn’t do much at all in those wins you mentioned

  45. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Wes Says:
    December 19th, 2016 at 1:37 pm
    I wasn’t really expecting him to nail that. He went cold in the 4th quarter after getting beat up play after play after play. Making it would have been sensational. But I wasn’t really surprised when he didn’t.


    it’s a low percentage throw for any qb regardless of the line play.

  46. unbelievable Says:

    @87 you know certain ppl only show up when he has a bad game. That’s how the internet works!

    rayjay22 I think summed it up pretty well, this fanbase is so sick of losing and see’s the potential, so they get frustrated when the game is within reach but we couldn’t make it happen.

    Hell, I was a bit emotional (read: drunk) after the game last night, and kinda pissed we didn’t pull out the win, because the game WAS winnable. But putting things in perspective, JW is only 22, shows great ability, and obviously has tremendous upside. He needs some better o-line play and another WR threat as we all know. He also needs to work on his mechanics quite a bit, and learn to control his emotions and use them more to his advantage, but like I said… 22 years old.

    Future is still looking bright in Tampa.

  47. Phred Says:

    What will help JW’s passing most is when the O-line can consistently protect him in the pocket.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    @m&m … “Again the quarterback play hurt us. He made a rookie QB outplay him.’ Guess I see it a bit differently m&m. Laugh if you want, but Jameis is the only real reason we had a chance to win that game. Dallas OLine dominated … opened some monster holes for their RBs and pass protected for Dak almost flawlessly. Give Jameis that kind of time, that kind of run support, and Dallas’ WRs/TEs and Jameis would be putting up 40-plus points every game. Bucs OLine in comparison allowed Dallas’ DLine to pressure Jameis all game long plus it stuffed our run game. Kudos to them for an excellent game (it really hurts to say that about Dallas). Personally I think we learn more from games like Dallas & Oakland than we do other games (solid young teams).

  49. LovieBall Says:

    Mike Evans is too slow for those routes

  50. Ndog Says:

    The bottom line is fellas people like Steve Duemig don’t like Jameis and never wanted him here so they just wait for any sliver of hope to prove they were right and he should not be here. I say they them have their day cause in the long run we will enjoy his play much more than they enjoy today. He is too talented, cares too much, and is strong willed enough to get better and better until he is THE BEST!

  51. chipbuc Says:

    Tampa Tony its not that we don’t know Winston has things to work on, it’s that i don’t think i have ever seen you give him credit for anything. Us nut huggers as you like to say are tired of Tampa Tony the Mariota nuthugger always coming out of the wood work after a bad game or play. Tony it’s not up to you to tell us ad nauseam how Winston sucks. Tampa Tony = hater pretty obvious.

  52. salish_seamonster Says:

    Jameis looked terrible last night. He looked like sleepy, leaky, Josh Freeman.

    If he hits a couple of those missed passes last night, they win. His accuracy and consistency are terrible.

  53. cmurda Says:

    Lord C. I am going to disagree with you only on the fact that the Cowgirls outplayed us. I don’t think they did other than their O Line. The Raiders I agree outplayed us. I’ve thrown up in my mouth at least 5 times on that screen play. Frigging Cherilus.

  54. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    To bad he so inaccurate!!!!!

  55. Bucnut2 Says:

    JW is not a good as his hype. Yes our O-line is not a good as Dallas and yes he has few options around him. I expected him to struggle and he is. All of this is normal. Those of you, including Joes, annoinitning him as franchise QB, America’s QB, Franchise savior, give him a break, he is NOT that good. Expectations are killing Winston, he is a good, NOT great NFL QB.

  56. cmurda Says:


    So, you start your argument with 2 counterpoints. JW is doing fantastic in just his 2nd year as a 22 year old. His only weakness is Cherilus, ahem, I mean his deep ball. He will work at that and get better. Not a whole lot of talk about the D not showing up.

  57. Bucnut2 Says:

    Cmurda- My point is he is a good not great NFL QB. Those saying he is a franchise QB or elite QB are just wrong.

  58. Tampa Tony Says:

    @Chipbuc-Stop ASSuming things. I was 100% for drafting Jameis over Mariota. And never post about Mariota heck the last time I posted about the two I was defending Jameis against Mariota man you are one sensitive dude when it comes to our inconsistent QB

  59. Bucnut2 Says:

    TT-the FACT is we SHOULD have drafted Mariota. HE is a BETTER QB!

  60. Issic Haggins Says:

    If we switched OLines the Bucs win by 14 …….. Simple as That !!!

    There O line is light years better than what #3 has in front of him .

  61. Shane Says:

    Who else thinks Evans didn’t run that route hard? Like jogging down the sidelines. As a WR you CANNOT get overthrown. That’s what my coach always told me. He’s had a great year but on that replay Jameis expected him to be in a spot and he didn’t run that route hard at all.

  62. Shane Says:

    Especially when your QB is getting pressured like that.

  63. Shane Says:

    Bucnut you know nothing about football. Mariota does not fit in the Bucs offense. He would be hurt every other game and be throwing INTS and fumbling. Titans OL is way better and they have tailored their offense for Mariota. They also have Demarco Murray & Derrick Henry. Do you understand how much a running game helps open up things for a QB ?

  64. Shane Says:

    The OLine lost the Dallas game for Tampa not Jameis Winston. If not for Winston this team wouldn’t be sniffing the playoffs. If Winston had Dallas’ O line he would throw for way more yards than Dak. Doug Martin has not played up to his contract either. And if he was it would be a heck of a lot easier to open up the pass. Why do I have to educate moron fans ?

  65. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    God you Jameis bashes are absolutely crazy. He had a bad game. Doesn’t mean he is not already a franchise QB. One thing I don’t understand is why Joe is always talking about how good our o-line is. Donovan Smith needs to be moved to guard or right tackle and we need to use that number one pick next year on a true left tackle. As of right now I think the offensive tackle position is our most glaring need. Smith gets beat far too often to be adequate and protecting the franchises blind side. Joe has to know this and is just being stubborn at this point and won’t admit he was wrong.

  66. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Bucs will bounce back and crush the Saints. The sky was falling for the Cowboys after a lackluster loss to the Giants. It took one week for the 180 degree turnaround. The fact is we had the ball with a chance to win on the last drive of the game, even though it was our worst performance in six weeks. 10-6 and a playoff berth are waiting. Go Panthers! Beat Redskins!

  67. mike10 Says:

    I equate this to Evans’ struggles last year with dropping balls.

    This offseason Jameis needs to work on that dam long ball. He will be a much dam better player when he hits them

  68. TheCollegeBuc Says:

    Hard for me to legitimately hate on Jameis here. Man puts in more effort than any other player. Joe, I love you, but you need to stop pooping on every aspect of our team when we lose, especially when we play well. Haven’t seen you call out Sims who dropped a pass about 14 secs after snap after an amazing Jameis scramble in which he made each one of their D-Line miss individually and had Sean Lee chasing him as he made the throw. We would have won this game if our oline tackles were better and if you watched the same game as me I think you’d agree. Jameis had about a 1 second avg in pocket before it collapsed (at least in the last 20 mins of game time) whereas dak made three reads on practically every play. Little bit more help on D necessary? yes. But Donovan and Gosder are not starters on a contending team.

  69. Tampa Tony Says:

    @Bucnut- I wouldn’t necessarily say Mariota should’ve been the pick. While I feel Mariota is more accurate and more poised. Jameis has better pocket presence and leadership. They both seem to be turning out to be good pros. While I’m the Bucs have him he has some glaring holes in his game

  70. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Yeah TampaTony can you imagine how injured Marioohtah would be behind this line? Jameis has a 2nd sense that is ridiculous! Marioohtah has that I’ll outrun you speed and Fameis has the I’ll juke and stiff arm you out your jockstrap ability! If only Fameis Jameis had the accuracy we’d be flying high. Working on his accuracy has to be the team and his top priority this off season, not containing his emotions. He misses more throws than commits personal fouls!

  71. Dislocatedbucsfan Says:

    Evans should have laid out for it.

  72. Brandon Says:

    In his defense, Jameis was still a little nervous in the pocket after whatever the heck it was Cherilus was doing instead of blocking.

  73. DG Bucs Says:

    James also overthrew Josh huff for a big play and hump for a touchdown. He needs to learn how to lead his receivers for more yac.

  74. DG Bucs Says:


  75. Bucnole850 Says:

    I think of Evans runs through instead of leaning back to fall down and away (cradle catching as he often does). That catch if caught in stride. I could be wrong but it looked like he misjudged it.