“There Is Nothing Wrong With Doug Martin”

December 12th, 2016
Head coach defends.

Head coach defends.

Bucs coach Dirk Koetter pulled out his big motherf@#$ing stick in defense of Doug Martin this afternoon.

In his weekly day-after-game presser, Koetter was asked about the running of everyone’s favorite Muscle Hamster, who is having the worst season of his career running the ball averaging 3.0 yards a carry, one of the worst averages in the NFL.

Koetter, who when hired as offensive coordinator may have saved Martin’s career with the Bucs when he lobbied the team to keep Martin after two less-than-stellar years, bristled at folks (like Joe) who cite Martin’s dismal average.

“Doug is running hard,” Koetter said. “We have to give him more. We have to give him more lanes. He was running into some rough looks, some unblocked guys.

“There is nothing wrong with Doug Martin. People are complaining about Doug Martin. There is nothing wrong with Doug Martin. We have to play better around him.”

And for those who all-too-easily want to blame the offensive line for Martin’s woes (yet fully ignore every other Bucs running back has better production running behind the very same offensive line), Koetter didn’t seem to think the offensive line is holding Martin back.

“I think it was fine,” Koetter said of the blocking for Martin yesterday. “I think it was fine. There are 11 guys on the other team, too. It’s a two-way street. We have to do better on offense.”

Joe, while frustrated with Martin’s decline, has been the first to praise Martin for his effort — his last two touchdown runs were impressive second-, third-, if not fourth-efforts — blocking (though he had a bad whiff yesterday) and his pass-catching.

It is the lack of production from Martin on the ground that is troubling and the numbers just don’t lie whether you look at his average per run or the fact he hasn’t broken a long run yet. His longest run this season is 17 yards, also the lowest of his career.

Before Bucs fans get rolling, Joe doesn’t hate Martin in any way. What Joe does hate is the lack of production. It doesn’t matter what the guy’s name is on the back of the jersey or his number. It’s all about production, or lack thereof. Nothing else.

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  1. Gencoimports Says:

    Joe says every other RB is having better production behind the same OL.

    Doug Martin is avg. 3.0 a carry. Charles Sims is also avg. 3.0 a carry for the season. How is that better production?????????

    You are full of it, Joe.

  2. Joe Says:

    SSSSOOOO… when your backup who can’t run between the tackles and dances more than Julianne Hough is running just as well, what’s that tell you?

    Only guy who has a worse average than Martin is Jameis.

    Feel free to click and learn.

    You are welcome to continue to reach for excuses. Anything of course but putting the blame squarely where it belongs: the guy with the rotten average.

  3. Aguayebrows Says:

    I think opposing coaches are focusing on stopping Doug Martin. I think they’re hoping that if they can stop the run, maybe our gunslinger qb has an off day and throws 2-3 picks. Honestly, if I was coaching against the Bucs, I might employ that strategy too. It seems at least once every series he is getting blown up behind the line of scrimmage for a loss. I think our O-line has played well, but I also think that a lot of our run plays are being blown up before Doug has a chance to do anything. I think Martin has made a lot of plays for 0 yards that could have easily been -4 yards. That has to count for something.

  4. unbelievable Says:

    Joe how is it his fault when he gets hit in the backfield the second the ball gets in his hand? How is that NOT on the o-line and play calling? I’ve been asking you this for weeks, but you never answer me.

    Also, did you know that the Bucs are 6-0 this season when Martin plays the whole game?

    They are 2-5 when he does not. But hey what do I know…

  5. BFFL Says:

    No fullback

  6. Gencoimports Says:

    Joe knows darn well the 49ers game (the worst rushing NFL defense in 35 seasons) has made Rodgers and Barber’s Production look decent. Throw out that game and there isn’t a single back on this team with more than 10 carries that has been productive.

    If Martin and Sims had played in the 49ers game, both would be avg. 4.0 plus for the season.

    You are full of it, Joe. You have zero credibility.

  7. Joe Says:

    Joe how is it his fault when he gets hit in the backfield the second the ball gets in his hand?

    Again, if you are blaming the offensive line — Joe’s written this about 20 times — then explain in great detail how Martin’s backups do better?

    Martin has had better numbers behind garbage offensive lines. Anyone remember the submarine screen door the Bucs had for a line in Lovie’s first year? Yet Martin put up better numbers behind that joke.

    It is not the offensive line — but it makes for an easy, convenient excuse.

    Could it just possibly be Martin has lost a step? It happens. Running backs don’t get younger.

  8. Joe Says:


    Sure. Joe is full of it.

    Notice you didn’t try to say Martin’s garbage stats are wrong, eh?

    It’s so cute to kill the messenger but ignore the message. Carry on.

    What next, it is the hot dog vendor’s fault because Martin smells the hot dogs and is distracted?

    It’s everybody’s fault but Doug Martin’s. smh

  9. GoBucsVA Says:

    IMO the numbers and the eye test do not match up, Doug is by far the best all around/work-horse RB on this team. The few carries Rodgers got against the Saints he was TFL because he doesnt possess the power Doug has to fight off and turn a lot of negative plays into gains. So many run where Doug gets hit for a loss and has no business making it to the LoS or gaining yards but hes does more times than not. Sims has his niche and hes good at it, when he does have success running between the tackles its in a complimentary roll to Doug (mostly because the opposing D expect an outside run or screen when Sims is out there). All in all it is being done right as far as play time, Rodgers is great if Doug is injured or needs a breather but IMO he is basically just a watered down version of Doug.

  10. unbelievable Says:

    You still didn’t answer my question.

    I’m sorry but when a ball carrier is getting hit before he even takes a step with the ball, that means someone wasn’t blocked.

    And Martins back ups are not playing better, otherwise they’d be starting. SF game is the outlier skewing the stats. Rodgers had 0 yards Sunday (and I love me some Rodgers btw).

  11. DB55 Says:

    1. We have to give him more lanes.

    2. Joe doesn’t hate Martin in any way. What Joe does hate is the lack of production, it doesn’t matter what the guy’s name is on the back of the jersey or his number. It’s all about production, or lack thereof. Nothing else.
    1. I have to agree with coach, although I love his heart and determination joe hawley is playing like he’s less than 100% healthy. He seems to be getting out muscled inside. Problem is that it’s too late in the game to make changes.

    2. Lol, joe you so funny man that’s why I love JBF. I guess there’s always at least 1 exception to every rule. But I’m down with that, it’s all about production and living up to that Fat paycheck you get. Am I right? Yea I’m right.

  12. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    I was at the game I know its a win but i just couldn’t get into it. Our defense played lights out but the offense just couldn’t get going. Lots of penalties just a very boring game. As far as martin goes he did a lotta dancing in the backfield. I would give more than 2 opportunities to quizz.

  13. Joe Says:

    You still didn’t answer my question.

    Sure as heck did.

    Joe hasn’t broken down each and every running play from every game. Have a life to live. But you are suggesting that none of other running backs get hit behind the line?

    Could it also be Martin has lost a step, or is not reading blocks, thus setting himself up to get hit behind the line?

    If you are suggesting it is the offensive line’s fault, you are suggesting the offensive line is laying down when Martin is playing. That’s a damning accusation.

  14. Joe Says:

    But I’m down with that, it’s all about production and living up to that Fat paycheck you get. Am I right? Yea I’m right.

    Joe’s all about production, period. Doesn’t matter if the guy has the biggest or smallest contract.

  15. Kobe Faker Says:

    Our RBs are running head on to a waiting stacked box mostly on first downs

    The top offensive playcallers will call nonstop short slants and RB screens to force the extra man out of the box and downfield plugging of all the gaps

    We have qualified RBs that catch very well. When we do run screens, they are not only productive but explosive(+15 yards)….

    then the predictable Clown stops calling them!

    the past few weeks, our offensive drives have been stopped not by the defense but by Koetters incompetence as a playcaller mostly on 3rd and short

    We have the personnel and enough talent to be a playoff team and actually win. Our weakness and downfall will be Koetters predictable, conservative, scared to lose and not attacking the weakness but playcalling to the defense strengths

    Let jameis loose. There is too much pressure to convert 3rd down when the defense knows what you are doing. you are not giving Jameis enough times to attack the field downfield while we are stalled trying to convert 6 3rd and shorts to finally see the red zone


  16. Gencoimports Says:

    Actually Joe, I have stated in previous comments that I acknowledge that Martin is not 100 pct. More than once.

    But there are a combination of reasons that his production has fallen, along with every other back on the team.

    Why don’t you focus on all of the issues, instead of just Martin, only? Or is that too difficult for you?

    Like I said, you have no credibility.

  17. Joe Says:

    Kobe won’t be happy with the Bucs until they fire Koetter and re-hire Lovie.

    Kobe was down with eight wins in two years and a complete jailbreak of a pass defense. His kinda football.

  18. DB55 Says:

    You the boss, can’t argue with you but let a “small island state” say the same thing. Lolololol

  19. Gencoimports Says:

    Simple logic Joe –

    Both Martin and Sims. avg. 4.9 a carry last year and both are avg. 3.0 this year. Shouldn’t that tell you that there is also something else going on besides just Doug Martin sucking?

  20. Joe Says:

    Actually Joe, I have stated in previous comments that I acknowledge that Martin is not 100 pct. More than once.

    Would like to believe that but two things: If Martin is not 100 percent, why is he out there? Two: Martin stunk before he was originally hurt.

    Why don’t you focus on all of the issues, instead of just Martin, only? Or is that too difficult for you?

    You mean when an offense is sputtering badly and the main running back is having his worst career year there is something bigger? Such as? (Can’t do anything about hurt receivers.)

    Like I said, you have no credibility.

    LOL writes the guy who wholly ignores a fact staring him right in the face.

  21. GoBucsVA Says:

    No other RB on the team gets in the endzone on that TD Doug had, and no other RB is getting out of the endzone on that safety. (I know Doug didn’t but I’m saying Sims or Rodgers wouldnt have made it out either)

  22. The Buc Realist Says:

    kobe liar needs to pull a josh freeman and just disappear!!! You would think that he would at least have the decency to change his name after he bet that if the Bucs win in KC that he would never post in JBF again!!!!!

    Kobe liar is a liar

    Kobe liar knows nothing about football!!!!

    there should be a poll to ban the liar!!!!!!

  23. Joe Says:

    Both Martin and Sims. avg. 4.9 a carry last year and both are avg. 3.0 this year. Shouldn’t that tell you that there is also something else going on besides just Doug Martin sucking?

    How come unemployed guys off the street do better, hhhmm??? You know, Jacquizz Rodgers, Antone Smith, Mike James? What are their excuses?

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    I think it was Realist who nailed it a couple days ago when he stated that it’s really a combination of things in Doug’s case. Hamstring injuries can linger for months as most of us have probably experienced playing sports. You obviously disagree Joe, but the OLine run-blocking this year is sub-par, especially on the right side it seems. Play-calling (for runs) has been too predictable, and other teams have been ‘stacking the box’. Plus, most of the teams we’ve played (like Seattle & Arizona) are stout against the run to begin with. Even New Orleans is ranked #12 against the run. What is disconcerting is our RBs failure to break big runs, and that’s not just Doug. But again, I’d surmise that gets back to blocking, at the second level in that case.

  25. Gencoimport Says:

    James and Smith have hardly touched the ball, and Rodgers and Barber’s numbers are inflated by the 49ers game, which of course, you refuse to admit,

    So Martin stuck before he was originally hurt? I guess you thought John Riggins stunk for the 82 Redskins behind the Hogs when he only avg. 3.1 a carry?

  26. grafikdetail Says:

    smh… if 2 & 3 guys are in your face every time you touch the damn ball it’s not much you can do… the OL needs to do better

  27. Gencoimport Says:

    You ask why is he out there? because the bucs are 6-1 in games he has stated and 2-4 in games he didn’t.

    There’s a FACT for you Joe.

  28. Joe Says:

    So Martin stuck before he was originally hurt? I guess you thought John Riggins stunk for the 82 Redskins behind the Hogs when he only avg. 3.1 a carry?

    Now we’re comparing Doug Martin to John Riggins? Somebody’s been hitting the sauce rather early. 🙁

  29. Gencoimport Says:

    No I don’t drink Joe, but I bet you do.

  30. Joe Says:

    No I don’t drink Joe, but I bet you do.

    Not enough to confuse Doug Martin for John Riggins.

  31. GoBucsVA Says:

    Joe, if you look at the game logs you will discover quite a bit. Most importantly that outside of the SF game(the worst run D in NFL) where Rodgers averaged 5.9 yds a carry, he hasnt had much more success than the other RBs.

  32. JJ Says:

    I’ll say it again, Koetter is calling games too much by the book, almost no feel for each game. In other words, I don’t believe he trusts the players fully. Honestly how can he? There have been so many injuries all year on offense, it’s been a revolving door at every position but one, QB. My opinion is that it is time to trust #3. Still doesn’t run no huddle, no RB screens, draws, designed swing passes. Still very vanilla. Dirk has done a great job for a first year coach, but teams are starting to catch on to this and that is why our offense is struggling. My opinion is he needs to open up the playbook and show confidence in his players and I think we can take this team to the next level- This Year!! Our defense has been unbelievable!! Mike Smith has done exactly that, so much more aggressive, trusting players and their confidence is sky high. Would like to see Dirk do the same thing. Either way, this has been one hell of a year so far!!

  33. Gencoimport Says:

    But apparently you drink enough that you can’t write a decent analysis piece on why the Bucs running game is struggling this season.

  34. GoBucsVA Says:

    In other news, Todd Gurley is Averaging 3.3 Yds maybe if Jeff fisher benched him for Benny Cunningham who is averaging 4.8 maybe he could have saved his job.

  35. Kobe Faker Says:

    Def RU

    You see what I see

    We are running against an extra man in the box and ….there are no holes to run to

    You see all the constant defenders behind the line of scrimmage? They are shooting all the gaps and run blitzing behind the line of scrimmage

    why dont we do that against Brees? because Mike Smith knows Peyton will call screens and slants behind the linebackers

    So why doesnt Koetter keep on calling screens to our RBs and sims on the LOS?

    Koetter is not good at calling plays

    **Joe, I became a tampa fan only because I am a jameis winston fan. We are very close to getting in the playoffs BECAUSE WE FIRED LOVIE AND HIRED MIKE SMITH….Jameis winston will fully develop but not in this conservative predictable koetters runoffense. Will Jameis develop to his highest potential in Koetters uptempo pass to setup the run offense? I Hope so and will be the number 1 ass kisser

  36. Gencoimports Says:

    The Commish was ripping the OL Play on his podcast. I’m glad someone working for this site isn’t blind or has an agenda like Joe does.

  37. GoBucsVA Says:

    Yeah, I think my comment about Todd Gurley/Benny Cunningham brings up a good point. So when Joe says production he mean yards per carry and in that case then he would be calling for Gurley to be benched if he covered the Rams I guess, which is ludicrous but i think its a fair statement/comparison.

  38. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “You know, Jacquizz Rodgers, Antone Smith, Mike James? What are their excuses?”

    None. They haven’t done that well either.

    We have a problem running the ball period no matter who we’ve put back there.

    This tells me 2 things:
    1 – the run blocking simply is not as good as last year if every RB we use struggles to crack just 4 YPC.
    2 – Doug Martin is not the type of back to still excel with a bad O-line; and has not looked as good regardless of the O-line

    To me the run game problems are more on the O-line than Martin. If it was on Martin then Rodgers / Smith / Barber would have had some sort of big day where we averaged way better than 3-4 YPC. The fact that Sims & Martin both regressed by like 2 YPC is a pretty big indictment against the line.

    All that said Martin is not an elite back like Pederson or David Johnson. I think when he’s on his game he’s very good; but his vision and burst isn’t as great this year. There have definitely been runs where he misses holes

  39. unbelievable Says:

    Joe hasn’t broken down each and every running play from every game. Have a life to live. But you are suggesting that none of other running backs get hit behind the line

    No, they do get hit behind the line and tackled, just like Doug has. Because the defense stacks the box against an obvious play call and the o-line can’t impose their will. Again, remove the SF game and all running backs are averaging the same.

  40. unbelievable Says:

    It’s no use guys. Joe refuses to place any blame anywhere else except on wholly on Martin. It’s his false narrative and he’s sticking to it (despite the fact that everyone has pointed out all other backs are averaging about the same w/ exception of 1 single game against a historically awful run defense).

    It is all Doug Martin’s fault that defenders are already in the backfield before he even touches the ball. What a chump. He should be blocking them with his telekinetic powers, duh.

  41. GoBucsVA Says:

    “2 – Doug Martin is not the type of back to still excel with a bad O-line; and has not looked as good regardless of the O-line”

    Are Rbs that excel with a bad O-line a thing? Name one please.

  42. JonBuc Says:

    Testy/edgy on a victory Monday up in here. I like the intensity. Martin seems to be missing a gear this year…perhaps the injured hamstring just isn’t firing like it had been last season. It truly was a damned if you do/don’t situation with giving him the fresh contract this season. Still money well spent vs the Sweezey Swindle ( still irks me yet shouldn’t ) and Vincent Jackson’s golden parachute/CEO-like severance.

  43. Kobe Faker Says:


    Great Post!

    My endorsement doesnt mean much here in JBF. I get alot of hateful replys, but my PM box gets filled daily with messages to keep on posting by the silent readers of JBF.

  44. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    Any game now and he is going to run us into the playoffs!

  45. Gencoimports Says:

    Bottom line, here’s my problem with you Joe. And I think I speak for many others here –

    All you want to write is “Doug Martin sucks” instead of looking at all of the many factors on why Martin (and all of the backs) are struggling.

    Reality is Joe has written plenty on this subject. If you continue to ignore Martin’s production within a large sample size, that’s fine. Joe’s glad it soothes you. Go watch Martin dance and miss the hole on yesterday’s safety. Jacquizz closed out the game against the Chargers. Martin had his chance Sunday and failed. Martin is not the same running back this season. Joe’s not playing pretend. —Joe

  46. gotbbucs Says:

    It’s a combination of Martin not playing like he did last year, the o-line not blasting open holes, and Koetter not being very creative with his play calling. In my opinion, we are very weak right now in the middle of our o-line, with Marpet being the exception. Pamphile and Hawley are not starting caliber players. Dotson isn’t a strong run blocker either.
    A time share at RB is needed and more screens and dump offs need to be supplemented for running calls.

    Bottom line, this defense will need to keep us in every game.

  47. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    My biggest fear is kobe being right in his assesment in his 6:21 post third paragraph.

  48. GoBucsVA Says:

    To sit here and say it is Doug’s fault when there is so much evidence to the contrary is insane, besides the fact the other RBs are not doing any better in reality. But to also assume the 2nd leading rusher in the nfl from a year ago has suddenly forgot how to play and it has nothing to do with the very young and inexperienced O line that lost its best run blocker and heart and soul/leader in Logan Mankins is not the problem is irresponsibly insane.

  49. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “my PM box gets filled daily with messages to keep on posting by the silent readers of JBF.”

    wtf we have PM boxes?

    I just wish you’d acknowledge the games where Koetter calls a great game; because it’s happened quite a few times this year.

    We set records for yards gained last year with Koetter; and most of that was through a successful run game and definitely not just because of Winston. That’s a huge accomplishment for an OC in Tampa; so I tend to try and give him a little more benefit of the doubt than you.

    I have come in here and showed you the actual game log stats to prove my point at times. There have been games where his calls on 1st / 2nd were completely unpredictable and random if you understand statistics. There’s been times he’s more aggressive throwing it and times he emphasizes the run.

    What I don’t think you understand about Koetter; is he is very game plan specific based on the team he is playing and the personnel he has available. You act like he calls every game the same. That’s simply wrong man and the data bears that out. But you always ignore these thoughtful posts of mine. Yet I keep doing it….

  50. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    This team can handle any team in the league. I hope somehow this reaches coach K,he mention his kids and Buccs.com. Coach K please don’t squander an opportunity to win a chip this year because traditionally it doesn’t happen this fast. They ready now coach K. Unleash’em man.

  51. Aubpierce Says:

    I see Martin give more then 100% on every play. I’ve watched every game and rarely have I seen an offensive linemen two yards down the field. More often then not the offensive line is pushed back into the backfield. Why is Winston scrambling all the time? Because the offensive line sucks this year. How many penalties for holding and false starts do they have? I will say it again, they suck.If they don’t fix it by Sunday night it will be a blow out . Dallas is mad.

  52. wesley Says:

    Those other running backs aren’t getting the ball in the same situation as Doug. They for the most part are garbage time runs, or runs on 3rd down and 20 when teams are defending the pass. Get real, you’ve NEVER liked Doug.

  53. WeAreLost Says:

    Everyone needs to read where have all the offensives line gone form the NFL website. From the stats they show the bucs O line is pretty bad. Not saying Martin is the same running back as last year but the O line is a issue.

  54. DB55 Says:

    Is Joe playing favorites? That’s not very responsible reporting Mr. Bucsfan
    Are you dense, DB55? As a regular reader here, you know Joe expresses favoritism daily. –Joe

  55. Aubpierce Says:

    I guess in Joe’s mind Evans will be in the same dog house as Martin. Evans can’t get open anymore. He must be finished, or is Joe just stirring the pot.
    Apples and oranges. –Joe

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    @Go Bucs VA

    Go back and look through NFL history of how RB’s did the year after they had that many yards and that many carries the previous yea . It’s not pretty. Martin is worn down, he’ll never repeat what he did last year.

  57. Buccfan37 Says:

    Martin does look a bit more plump these days, like a bowling ball. He has more strikes up his sleeve I’m figuring. I saw improvement in his effort against New Orleans. Think he will build on that here on out. Go Muscle Hamster!

  58. Issic Haggins Says:

    Fact- Martin constantly hits the line of scrimmage totally up right with no body lean even in short yardage situations ( terribly coached)

    Fact – when given the opportunity other backs always out rush Martin in average, that’s a fact

    Fact – Martin danced in tHe end zone when he took the safety…….. That’s a body lean, hit the line with your pads waist high or lower type run ,Doug Martin is not that type of runner !!!! Never has been and never will be, he should never ever be used for those types of situations!! Never !! I have been calling out this problem all year !!!

    Fact – Doug Martin ran for a loss 5 or more times yesterday ( 100 percent unacceptable) and that is because he is upright always looking for that nice 6 yard running lane which is when he is good but that type of lane doesn’t always exist

    Fact – Go watch the tape , Martin missed several opportunities to gain 2 to three yards when that was all that was needed but he’s slowing down and looking for a big lane and on that down and distance that’s not what’s needed……….. He needs some heavy coaching and he ain’t getting it !!! Terrible Terrible Terrible execution !!

    Fact- to be found- Peyton Barber will avg a yard more per carry than Martin if given the carries , can he block and get his assignments , we’ll prob not !!

    Fact – Barber or Rogers should be Used in almost all short yardage runs period

    Fact – Barber, Rogers or James would have never been dropped for that safety but how in the hell does Licht and Koetter not see this !!!! They have done a great job of putting players in positions to succeed but for the life of me how can they not see it !!!

    Fact – I said this problem would become a big problem long ago and it dam near cost the game and I assure you it has cost the offense at least 4 touchdowns on the season. I know this sounds crazy but I would rather have Mike James for short yardage and inside the five yard line over having Charles Sims on the roster. It is clear the coaches don’t trust Barber after he got destroyed and Winston got clobbered, so if they aren’t going to use him cut Sims and get James back before this problem does cost another game. Sims is prob gone next year and I think Koetter try’s to get to cute with Sims, either get him out on safety’s for some big plays in the pass game or get the team a dam short yardage back !!! BTW I think Barber has a chance to be a real good NFL back !!!

    Fact – Until Martin hits the hole with body lean and gets skinny he will continue to be a horrible short yardage choice and that includes 2nd and three ass he totally f ‘Ed up one of those yesterday …….. 90 percent of the backs in the league get a 3 yard gain and the first and he puts the O in a third and 5 !!! Cant have that !!!

    Bucs 26 Dallas 20 Go Bucs !!!

  59. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Kobe Faker Says:
    December 12th, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    **Joe, I became a tampa fan only because I am a jameis winston fan.

    Those are the WORST of all so-called “fans” I thought you were leaving, so we already know what kind of man you are.

    Its really no different than clowns like big dog who supports an ex coach over a team. fortunately, theres many bright readers who call you out as the trolls that you are.

  60. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    I kinda feel like everyone and their mom knows when we’re gonna hand the ball off to Martin (90% of the time).

    He rarely (if ever) allows the first tackler (or 2nd or 3rd) to bring him down.

    He turns negative 5-yard runs into no gainers and no gainers into 4 and 5-yd runs consistently.

    Other than total yards and yards per carry, isn’t that the measure of a great running back?

    I feel like it’s a rhythm/scheme/playcalling thing more than ‘diminished ability’

  61. buddha Says:

    Buccaneers 6-1 when Martin starts. End of discussion.

  62. wesley Says:

    Those other running backs aren’t getting the ball in the same situation as Doug. They for the most part are garbage time runs, or runs on 3rd down and 20 when teams are defending the pass. Get real, you’ve NEVER liked Doug.
    – you know i’m right Joe.
    Ludicrous! Joe has years of archives that show Joe’s appreciation of Doug Martin –Joe

  63. Mojiska Says:

    I think it’s 2 parts.
    1, he isn’t running quite as well, and is off somewhat.
    2. The opposing d keys on the run with him in more than with sims/quiz/barber. They utilize more in the box to stop him because he scares them a heckuva lot more than the others.

  64. webster Says:

    Again i ask why do you guys argue with the joes about martin? Obviously he has an agenda or no clue. … Joe’s allowing an awful lot of insults in this thread, but they serve to illustrate quite a lot. First, Joe has no agenda other than writing about what interests Joe about the Bucs 24/7 and earning a living. Far too many folks don’t really know what the word “agenda” means. Don’t like JoeBucsFan.com? Don’t read it. Feel free to be bored tears by the other Bucs coverage around town. Second, Joe absolutely has a clue. In fact, Joe is not being clouded by the company line. Joe sees Martin as a running back nowhere near the guy he was last year. That’s quite obvious.–Joe

    He is just like the guy on the radio who today was bashing winston eventhough the bucs won 5 straight. Again agenda or clueless. In the words of winston, lions do not care about the opinion of the sheep.

  65. salish_seamonster Says:

    I wonder if they’re stacking up for the run more when Martin is in the game. Perhaps they are giving away their run plays and the defense is keyed on him.

  66. Mojiska Says:

    @issic- I think you need to understand what fact means a little better. Most of those are opinions (some of them good opinions that I agree with) but in no way factual.

  67. Kobe Faker Says:

    lord corn

    i appreciate all your thoughtful posts like im sure all the readers here do also.

    my opinion is that koetter can call more pass plays on 1st and second down to “loosen” the stacked box and defenders shooting the gaps

    good playcallers make adjustments…koetter atm is not able to

    *playaction on first down can create huge plays downfield

  68. martinii Says:

    Erik w (and pardon me for not using your full handle) I think you have nailed it so I won’t try to change a word. Most of Doug Martins runs are predictable and most are into the heart of an 8 man box. Our OL is good, but when even average defenses know the play it is easy to stop. It seems as if we try desperately to find a player to blame and Doug is the flavor of the Month now that LD is back, ME is not dropping passes, Chris Conte is injured, Aquayo is making sone kicks, GM is doubled and triple teamed, and ASJ was let go. Plus many others. I can understand it when we are 3-13 but not when we are 8-5 and shooting for a wildcard slot.

  69. Buccfan37 Says:

    I enjoyed the Martin celebration with team mates immediately after diving for the TD.

  70. unbelievable Says:


    Bucs are 6-0 when Martin plays the full game.

    Defenses are absolutely stacking the box against him. They know how ugly it will be if our run game gets going out of control. This can work to our advantage. But we keep seeing these these overly obvious up-the-gut and run-over-tackle run plays called on 2nd down. The o-line gets zero push and our RB is dropped for a loss.

    But it’s not the play calling. It’s not the o-line. It’s just Doug.

  71. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I’m just glad they finally ran a play action pass on the first play of the game. It’s about time.

  72. Aubpierce Says:

    Issic Haggins your no Isaac Hayes. You must be confused. Martin led the league in yards after contact last year and I see little difference in this years running style. You must be watching Sims who runs like a straight up dancing bear. The offensive line sucks this year. How many drive killing penalties have they had?

  73. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    It seems like other teams run more misdirection plays than we do.

  74. wesley Says:

    The people have spoken Joe, and they don’t agree.

  75. Not there yet Says:

    Joe really has a hard on for Martin because you’re riding him every week. If someone isn’t getting a sack every week then has one tackle you all talk about his impact on the game. You can’t get a 100 yard game every week, Doug ran hard the effort is there but sometimes you just have to give credit to the other teams defense even crappy one like the saints have. You need to find something else to complain about. No one seems to be looking for complaints except you.

  76. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    We were also running more screens earlier in the season. Slow down the rush. I’m surprised the Saints didn’t run more of them against us, especially in the second half when we were coming after them.

  77. BucfanBF Says:

    It is painfully obvious to me thst the offer a I’ve line is struggling to open holes for our RB’s. Doug appears to be hesitant at times and doesn’t always hit the right hole. I saw a couple of times yesterday that if he was running with his eyes open he would have seen a hole open but instead ran into the back of one of our OL guys.
    Koetter is an excellent coach and play caller contrary to what that moron Kobe liar faker says.
    Koetter needs to open up the playbook a little more me thinks.

  78. BennyBucs Says:

    Joe is going HAM today, answering everybody’s comments. I love it. The fact is Doug Martin is not running well. He’s missing holes and his vision has been lacking. Yes he’s running with attitude and strength, but the main thing is his vision has fell off considerably. That is the tale of the eye test and the stats.

  79. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I have to agree with most posters. Martin is probably not 100%, but the Oline has been getting beat at the point of attack. He looked like he ran hard the whole game, but you can only make so many yards when there is no hole and teams run-blitz the hell out of us. I thought there were only a couple of times that he could have made a guy miss and didn’t.

  80. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Joe: you write that DM22 is a terrific blocker, and he’s coming off a hamstring injury which is always a you-know-what to heal from. Now, I’m reading here that he stinks!! Which is it?? He’s always been a team player, and a good guy. He can catch, run, and now we know he helps the TEs and OLine in blocking. Joe, were you hatched when Ricky Bell was around? Silence. Yeah, figures.

  81. Lamarcus Says:


    Why r u arguing with these morons. Martin is pressing because he did lose a step. Or lose an eye cuz he did miss a few holes. But we are winning and all that matters. Now as ur faithful I do see more players getting called out than some (Mccoy) about performance. I don’t think some readers think it’s fair. David is balling light outs and there is no story/column about it.

  82. GoBucsVA Says:

    Clearly Issic Haggins played RB in high school so he knows more about playing RB then Doug Martin or the entire coaching staff of the bucs ever will. There is a reason why Doug Martin is still the main RB for this team, and also there is a reason why this is the only place I have seen anyone suggest benching Doug Martin. I think I will agree with all the other media people and the Bucs coaching staff before I agree with Joe and 2 or 3 people on here.

  83. GoBucsVA Says:

    Also, I agree play calling need start being less predictable many times I find myself saying on first down “man, I wish we would go play action here and take a shot, (or at least not run the ball).” The opposing teams look like they are 100% sold on us running on 1st downs.

  84. Bird Says:

    Yeah. The bucs are 6-1 when doug Martin plays. Yah. He means nothing to the team joe. He can only block. Classic joe hating on a player.

  85. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Everyone arguing with Joe about his position are absolutely out of line. Get in your lane. Since this site launched, these guys have been absolute Buc fans and have brought us the best fan site in all of the NFL.

    Now, I have a question. Has anyone looked into the Falcons past when Smith took over? Specifically on the offense? I haven’t done any research, but I’m really curious how the run game was under Koetter. All I know is two things, 1. That offense was always scary and 2. I totally trust Koetter to fix our offense possibly as soon as next week.

    And again, thank you Joes for this amazing 365 day a year site. I can only imagine how awesome it would’ve been back in the glory days.

    By the way, on a side note………this defense is producing numbers that rival our superbowl team at there 6 year peak, this team is just starting.

  86. Gencoimports Says:

    There was no “hole” on yesterday’s safety. Get real.

    The Ravens just gave up a safety on the same exact play vs. the Patriots. Next thing you know, Joe will be writing on how that’s DM’s fault too.

    content deleted for lies about Joe.

  87. suckitbitches Says:

    rodgers ddnt do tht great either yesterday clm dwn joe

  88. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think it’s a combination of many things. First of all, as much as I love Koetter, he is often times a bit predictable on offense. For example, whenever Mike Evans is not in the game, there’s a 99.9% chance we are going to run the ball. I’ve been noticing it for several weeks, and if I know it you know the other teams know it. Also, Martin seems to be having a lot more negative plays than in years past, which will bring down the average quite a bit. One thing about Martin in past years is that he always seemed to fall forward and get a couple extra yards. For one reason or another, that hasn’t been happening this year.

    There are, however, other times where Doug does appear to be missing the holes. I am obviously no expert, but there has been many times where there appears to be a hole opening up, but Doug ends up taking it the other direction.

    One great thing about all this is that we are continuing to win despite Martin yet to have a big game. I’m a huge believer in a guy being due, and he’s due to erupt in a game. I’m all for that eruption happening Sunday in Dallas.

  89. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Quizz and Barber had the luxury of padding their stats against the 9ers.

    What was sims ypc last season? And what is it this season? Funny how our 2 best running backs shared the same ypc last season as well as this season.

    I can go along with Martin isn’t back to his old self. Idk if it is because of the hammy or old age or whatever. But i do know that martin is still running with the same aggression as last season. He is still turning those wheels. For some reason the big hitters are not happening. I don’t think it has anything to do with Martin’s lack of burst, like joe has been accusing. Big fat FB types can break a long run if given some room to run.

    I feel like the blocking is probably close to the same as last season, but Martin was able to avoid those defenders in the back field a lot more. I thought Martin made the o line look a lot better than it was last season. Martin and his YAC was the best in the league. He was breaking all sorts of tackles. This season martin is seeing the same pressure in his face as soon as he gets the hand off. But he isnt able to break it away for a nice gain.

    Eitherway you slice it though, the o line is not creating enough push, not creating enough open running lanes. Martin shouldnt need to fight off 3 defenders just to gain a yard. the o line might be as good (or bad) as it was last season, but that doesnt mean it is good enough.

    Watching other teams, other RBs run the ball. There are nice wide open lanes for the RB to cruise through untouched at times. You never see that when the bucs run the ball (except against the 9ers). Koetter is 100% right, doug is running fine, the o line is doing ok. But it clearly isnt enough from either part. If the o line was even half way decent martin should be able to at least get to the line of scrimmage before a defender hits him. That is not happening. And Martin is not innocent either, he needs to do more to avoid those defenders like he did last season.

    Sorry for the novel. Lot of thoughts swirling around my cranium today.

  90. GoBucsVA Says:

    Doug actually has better receiving numbers this year than Rodgers and even Sims(!!!) thats totals and averages even with the time missed and he is the best blocker by far (yeah he whiffed on Von Bell, guess what it happens sometimes to the best of em)

    And I read every news source available to me on the Bucs and this is the first time i have felt the need to start posting. There is just weak facts to back up Joe’s opinion on this issue and to the eye test (which still matters very much) Doug is clearly the best RB on the team still, and the oline has regressed from last year, and I take it almost as a slight to Logan Mankins to act like his retirement hasnt had much of an effect.

  91. Player One Says:

    Seems to me that opposing teams would scheme their defense more against Martin than the other 3. Sims got many of his running yards last year because teams were expecting a pass when he was in. Rodgers was always a 3rd down back as well before called into full time duty this year. Soon after the other teams figured out he could run, they slowed him down too. Barber only has too put more film out before he gets figured out a little better.

    Another difference is our amount of reliable receivers. We currently only have 2 proven receiving threats (5 if you count running backs) compared to earlier in the season when Jackson was still drawing coverage, when ASJ was still drawing coverage After they were out Shorts was making the occasional splash splay, and of course our newest star on the rise Humphries being out the last couple has hurt our passing game severely.
    When Hump gets back in the line up, I will be willing to bet we see a resurgence in Dougs running game

  92. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I think the reason that fans are reacting this way to joe is because Joe is defending this o line like it is some hall of fame caliber group. Joe will not budge on the o line being less than outstanding. Which if you watch the games and pay any attention, the o line is not creating enough movement up front. Sure Martin might not be his old self at this point, but the o line isnt doing him any favors either.

    The fact is besides the 9ers game, the run game has not performed well with or without martin.

  93. Ndog Says:

    You on days like today I just wonder where Bighog is? I really miss his countdown to bring dead wrong.

  94. Gencoimports Says:

    This is my last post on this subject.

    Trubucfan22 – I agree with you most of your points – that Martin (and Sims) made the OL look better than it was last year. It was overrated. I also agree Martin is not at the same level as last year, at least when it moving through tiny cracks that he was amazing at last year.

    Certainly, defenses are focusing on stopping the Bucs running game more than it did last year, especially with the lack of speed in the passing game.

    However, I believe the OL is worse than it was last year (No Mankins, less continuity). And as others have pointed out, the playcalling is more predictable, more conservative. You can get away with that is the blocking is sound, but this year it is not.

  95. adam from ny Says:

    everyone hashtag:


    let’s make shirts!!

    adam from ny

  96. joeforpresident Says:

    It quite clear the Joe’s are right the coaches will come to their senses and start someone else. If the football experts at Joebucsfan write something it must be true because they have stats to back them up like PFF. The majority of the fans (me included) are much too simply to look beyond stats and understand the many factors at play. The coaches are just being stubborn.

    I’m a long time reader who has never posted but Joes stubbornness in this matter is confounding. The Joes are dug in too deep to alter their position. We as readers should just move along.

  97. Lamarcus Says:

    This oline stinks. Are tackles are awful. D Smith is not a left tackle. The combo of Cherilus and Dotson has been a nightmare. Winston makes them look better. Those penalties are showing up more and more. The play caller has to have an extra tackle in the run game for a 2 yard gain bothers me. But we ate winning and that’s all that matter the most

  98. ImJustHereForJameisNews Says:

    Been discussing this for a couple weeks now with my buddies, who despite not being buc fans have a hard on for doug Martin (I assume solely because of his numbers he put up last year for his contract year). They maintain he is still one of the best backs in the league, and while I think he’s overall a good RB, don’t believe he is anywhere near the top. Eventually it came down to a game of “would you rather” of sorts of which running back compared to Dougie you would pick for your franchise. By the end of the game they ended up picking Doug over maybe 2 of the backs. I do think the oline can play better, and maybe not running it on damn near every 1st down would help, but at the end of the day Doug is far too injury prone, inconsistent with lane vision, and tries too hard to hit home runs instead of taking what the defense gives him.

  99. Buc1987 Says:

    “Kobe Faker Says:
    December 12th, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    “Joe, I became a tampa fan only because I am a jameis winston fan.”

    Ya know something. You stated this shyte a week ago.

    When I read it, I replied. Then you need to go away like you said you would.

    Joe… play favorites and make him go away…

  100. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    87, lol

  101. webster Says:

    @ joe

    I will applaud you for allowing “insults”. Thats what seperates this site from others, but if you are going to post articles that do not make sense to coaches, national media and local fans, then you should take the backlash. Many “experts” criticize the bucs oline and rightfully so. Winston is the most hit qb in the league and it is not all because he is trying to do too much. When it is first and goal or 3rd and 1, the bucs oline is constantly getting blown up. You yourself have said how martin scored his last 2 tds on fourth effort. To blame one man for the running woes of this team is just crazy just like the guy on the radio who blames only winston for losses. The running woes are bigger than just martin. Sorry you feel different. Fyi…interacting with fans that disagree is a good thing and thats what sets you apart. Dont take it personally.
    Look, Joe had about 35,000 visits to the website Monday. Every day Joe is called a moron. Makes no difference here at JoeBucsFan.com world headquarters. People argue all sides of various points. Just because something “doesn’t make sense” to certain parties doesn’t mean it’s wrong. With that logic, it’s like you’re saying every coach and GM is correct, as is every fan and media outlet.–Joe

  102. Blackmagic00 Says:

    87 I’d actually like for kobe stupid to stick around. Gives everyone someone to beat up on the keyboard. Kinda of the little unknowledgeable brother who has to disagree with everything real and you just beat up. He’s the twirp you kneel to and talk to like the child he is. No reason to take the punching bag down.

  103. Blackmagic00 Says:

    And @87, I think maybe kobe is a reincarnation of some of the past homers. Could possibly be the same troll. If so, he’s definitely a fan of one of our division opponents. Possibly a player of one of those teams? Lol. Maybe I think too much.

  104. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Typical Bucs fans…….

    When some speaks their unpopular opinions, they are:


  105. Sunny Says:

    @joe , I have been saying this , it seems he is starting deep than usual , which will explain we he has to struggle to get back to the line , thoughts ??

    Oh and please get a better chat format for live game threads

  106. unbelievable Says:

    I will end this discussion right here:

    The Bucs are tied with 2 other teams for the 2nd highest percentage of runs stuffed in the league! That’s right, tied for #29 out of 32 teams. Their run plays are stuffed 23% of the time! 23%

    You’ve linked to this site before Joe, see for yourself: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol

    I’d love to know how you think it’s just Doug, Not the o line? Not the play calling? Just Doug?
    Joe never said “just” anything. Martin simply is not the guy he was last year yet: eye test, data, whatever. –Joe

  107. cmurda Says:

    I’ll tell you why I personally think it is more Doug than any other reason. i’ve noticed that Quiz allows the blocks to happen and gives himself time to eye the holes. I don’t know what happened to getting Quiz some more looks. That was a mistake by Dirk in my opinion. I’m fine with Doug starting but Quiz should be rotating early and often and we need to ride the hot hand. I don’t necessarily think that being at the game provides a better look than the tv audience but… I could see very clearly when we were near the south endzone and it seems Dougie hits the hole too quickly. The blocks haven’t developed yet and he’s to the line too quickly for anything to open up. I do also believe that our O Line has pass protected very well but other than Ali Marpet, noone on the D Line is being pushed back. This is where it hurts not having the Sweezy mauler. He was supposed to provide serious holes for the RB’s. Instead, he has never suited up.

  108. GoBucsVA Says:


    2 0 0.0 1

    Man, If only Jaquizz got that 3rd attempt I am sure it would have been a 59 yd TD run or something.

  109. cmurda Says:

    @VA. Are you really comparing a guy that had 2 attempts to defeat my argument? That’s actually my point. Quiz should have had a few series to rotate in and he may very well have got it going. I did not say either would be breaking 59 yd runs or something. Quiz is averaging 4.4 yards a carry and Martin is at 3.0 a carry. Quiz has clearly been better.

  110. GoBucsVA Says:

    Do some research instead of looking at the averages. Actually watch the games and pay attention. There is nowhere to run for any of our RB’s, the one time there was was at SF where Quiz had a 5.9 avg and take that game away and hes not better then the rest of them.

  111. Mtbucsfan Says:

    if we take over on the 1 or half yard line. Just punt it scares the living crap out of me anymore!

  112. Tbbucs3 Says:

    As outdated as it sounds, we need to draft a fullback, last year Doug had Jovorski Lane to run behind. It’s been all singleback sets this year.

  113. GoBucsVA Says:

    These coaches put in so much work studying the game tapes and watching these guys at practice, for people to sit here and act like they know something that Dirk and co. doesn’t is beyond ludicrous. I mentioned earlier that Todd Gurley’s backup Benny Cunningham averages 1.5 more yds per rush this season, should Gurley be benched for him?

  114. cmurda Says:

    Settle down VA. I simply disagree. It’s actually okay for that to happen. Stop making things up that weren’t said. Acting like I know ore than the Bucs coaches? Midweek Monken said he was unhappy with the running game. He also said that he expected to get Quiz more work. Dirk knows what he’s doing. I think he would tell you he should have gotten Quiz more work. I could care less. Dirk pioneered yet another win and this team is leaving it all out on the field. Actually, the problem may be that I’ve seen every game and Quiz has been way more effective. The stats tell us that and so does the freaking game. Again, I never said Quiz should be starting or to feed him if Dougie is plowing. Doug had 23 carries for 66 yards. Not exactly what we want to see but he had a beast TD that was just superior effort.

  115. GoBucsVA Says:

    Cmurda, Hope I did not offend as it was not my intention. Just saying that I believe looking at just the rushing avg is not enough and there is more to it. I think Dirk and co. gave Quiz those 2 carries and he got stuffed and they were like whoa there is nowhere to go, our best bet is keep Doug in and hope he can power through because he works through contact better then our other RBs.

  116. cmurda Says:

    No, man all good. I don’t disagree that you might be right about what coaches saw. I’d still prefer Dougie be starter and given more work. We didn’t give him that big contract for nothing. Quiz has impressed me. Throw in the fact that Sims can be an impact lined up wide or as a receiving threat and there is the potential for this run game to get going.

  117. firethecannons Says:

    the offensive line has regressed without logan mankins, you said it yourself–gos. cherilus is full blown turnstile, he aint capable of moving anybody to make a hole. also donovan smith should start getting fined for his penalties–give it to charity.

  118. Rod Munch Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Doug Martin – just watch him play. The issue is the play calling this year. Dirk has got ultra-conservative and the moment the team is up by more than 3 points all he does is run Doug Martin up the middle. The defenses are just run blitzing and Dirk responds to that by just running Martin up the middle again. The offensive line is not as good as last year – but the huge regression has come in terms of play calling – which is a result of taking your OC and making them head coach. Obviously winning makes everything better so people aren’t really up in arms over anything – and honestly why would you be since the team is getting by with the ultra-conservative playing calling. But still, the offense is leaving tons of points out there because Dirk seems content to just punt the ball and play defense. The defensive line has been amazing during this strech but man – the play calling on offensive is making these games a lot closer than they should be. That’s my opinion anyways – but so long as we’re winning who cares, right? If the Bucs get into a situation where they have to score then we’ll see the true offense come out – I hope, but right now Dirk doesn’t seem to trust Winston very much which is a shame since Winston has been fantastic.

  119. J$Mac Says:

    I feel that coaching and playcalling may be a factor in all this with Martin because the run game is basic and being set up basic as well. There should at the least be some creative end arounds with Shep and Huff or even Hump and Sims. With the stable of running backs we have and the mobility success that our qb is having this season that Koetter would incorporate the pistol formation especially for playaction to really open up Mike Evans because Jameis has proven to be successful with playaction playcalling and from the pistol with Martin,Quiz, and Sims as bait would work rather easily plus using a fullback in Iform would go along way. We have to be more physical and creative running the football because right now we are flat,basic and finesse which is why our offense isn’t scoring late. We need to be and creative this time of year to be elite and exciting. Go Buccaneers !!! Beat Dallas

  120. Warren Thomas Says:

    Quit your blood clot crying Joe. Our o line get’s Martin toasted and roasted nearly everytime he get’s the ball. What team are you watching? Not to mention they have Jameis running for his life to much. Now I will admit they are pretty good with pass blocking but run blocking is terrible. How about Kotter quit calling for a and b gap runs nearly every running play and be more creative? How about some stretch hand off’s? How about having the line run one way and flip it to him the other way? Our run’s are to vanilla! Not one time on Sunday did Koetter try a running back screen. Martin didn’t suddenly forget how to run my man…

  121. Reach87 Says:

    Perhaps the fact that they crowd the line and run blitz when MARTIN is in the game is reason for the disparity between the yards per carry we would like our starting RB to have, vice the non-starters? For example, if I were an opposing coach and felt Martin was our feature back and we planned to get him going early and often (in the game or the snap count) I would put emphasis on disrupting that plan and try to get us behind the chains. I would load the box or run blitz when the numbers added up (Martin in the game + running situation). If Rodgers, Simms or Barber where in on first down or any running down, I would be less likely to run blitz or crowd the box. Hence, it may be that the other teams (who study film, game-plan and develop strategy) are loading the box or run-blitzing on downs they think we are going to run with Martin. Very similar concept to rolling coverage to Evans (our #1 target) on obvious passing downs. So, the fix may be what our 8-5 coach says it is….more diverse play-calling on those normal “running-downs,” perhaps some nuances in the blocking schemes on those obvious running downs, and perhaps (I like our line, so don’t take this wrong) a little better blocking in some instances, on those “running downs.” In any case, the coach has acknowledged publicly that we need better production on the run game. They are working it while still winning games (being effective). I would not be surprised to see us become more effective with the same stable of backs, this year. That includes the overly criticized (IMO), hard-running Doug Martin.

  122. Reach87 Says:

    PS. What I mention above is what I would try to do to the Cowboys this Sunday. IMO, that was one of the keys (not all of them) to the Giants beating the Cowboys this week. Selective run-blitzes coming from the second level to stop Elliot from getting to the hole he wanted.

  123. Bob in valrico Says:

    In this game our O- line was overmatched on the right side.It is evident why Dotson got the contract,because Cherilous and Smith struggled together.The loss of Luke stocker and Brate’s lack of blocking threat was part of the issue.
    You can’t deny that the New Orleans D-line was in the backfield way too much,
    and often at the point of the handoff.
    Martin hasn’t shown the burst he had last year, but he ran hard against a defense that was far from lousy.Believe I read that on these pages.

  124. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Joe you are like a nagging wife about this. Talking about what is only right in your face and not listening to the facts that others are putting out. You refuse to look at other factors just like nags do. Your outright refusal to put any of the blame on the o line reduces your position on this. The proof is in the pudding that defenses are living in our backfield all year and you keep shoveling us this dog poo about Dougie like we can’t tell the difference. You even said in another article you finally took the time to use your binoculars to look in on what someone told you was going on in the Saints game and saw for yourself yet you’re still up here talking this same blame it all on Dougie mess. Your credibility is shot on this matter because you only believe in the proof that fits your story just like a good little republican that you are. Even last year Dougie was constantly sidestepping guys in the backfield. At times he makes the line look better than it is. Running backs do not block for themselves so what to do when other “experts” see the same thing we see but the resident Buc fan/expert on JBF sees something totally different. No wonder you’re a Trump supporter , contrary just for the sake of being contrary.

    By the way blackmagic00 nice way to leave an apple on the teachers desk and laugh at all his jokes. Tell me did Joe put on a fresh pair of underwear?

  125. unbelievable Says:


    Well said sir. The more we show evidence to the contrary, the harder Joe digs in on his stance, to the point where it’s now comical. Maybe Joe has political aspirations in his future? 🙂

  126. Tyler Says:

    Bucs haven’t lost when Doug has started and finished the game.