Beware Of Noah Spence In Publix Aisles

December 9th, 2016

Noah Spence tells a true story of grocery games

If you’re cruising through the produce section dodging bodies and keeping an eye out for the strawberries display, you might want to be wary of Noah Spence.

You see, the Bucs’ rookie defensive end takes his job very seriously.

Spence revealed on the Buccaneers Radio Network this week that he’s proud of his hand-fighting at the line of scrimmage against offensive linemen and tight ends.

It’s his best attribute, Spence said, along with his speed.

Spence added that he practices his rip move, a technique to keep hands off defensive linemen, at the grocery store.

Yes, the grocery store. Spence sees oncoming customers and he gets his hands out tight, high and strong.

“Always, I try to always be walking around using my hands to size [up] certain people, like random people at the grocery store. They don’t even know what I’m doing. But if I’m real close to them, I’m like, ‘Oh shoot, I’m going to go ahead and do my moves real quick to get past them.'”

His practice routine extends to, well, everywhere, including mental reps at home, Spence added.

How cool is that. What a mentality by the second-round pick. That’s as special as Ali Marpet attending all the early rookie O-linemen meetings.

16 Responses to “Beware Of Noah Spence In Publix Aisles”

  1. Buc50 Says:

    That’s funny stuff. Whatever gets you the sack on Sundays man.

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    But does he pay for his crab legs?

  3. KJ Says:

    HAHAHAHA that’s so funny I’ve never heard that joke before!!!!!!

  4. Guzzie Says:

    Makes me sick thinking how Tyreek Hill was drafted after Aguayo, daydreaming about having a sick punt returner and emerging offensive weapon instead of an inaccurate kicker, yep special teams can win or lose games

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Slow day at the office Joe???
    Slow? It’s rolling fast! If you can’t appreciate this story, then Joe can only shake his head. –Joe

  6. Lord Corn Says:

    That’s hilarious and awesome

  7. Cannon Says:

    Imagine if the customer turned and tried to block him… ain’t nobody touching these strawberries!

  8. BucTrooper Says:

    I can see him “swim moving” past a woman to get in front of her at the checkout.

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    Expect perfection.

  10. MadMax Says:

    When I was running a championship online gaming clan (one shot, one kill) speed and accuracy were critical. I sped up the mouse cursor to keep me on my game when I wasnt playing. Shared it with the rest of my guys and it seemed to help them too after a while. Whatever it takes. Live it, breathe it, win it!

  11. Trubucfan22 Says:

    If I ever see him, I’m coming right at him. He better be ready.

  12. TampaTown Says:

    Omg funny stuff. Better watch out Trubucfan. The only thing left of you might just be a grease spot on the floor.

  13. Drew Says:

    Hope I see him in Publix practicing RIP moves. I’ll pop an Alka-Seltzer in my mouth, drop to the floor and start shaking wildly. Hopefully he’ll come to my aid at which time I’ll tell him I was just F*****G with you. I’m likely to get my ARSE kicked because he doesn’t think it was funny.

    Thanks Joe!!!

  14. Irishmist Says:

    “Clean up of Drew Brees on aisle 2.”

  15. 98bucsfan Says:

    I’m loving how dedicated our recent draft picks are now!! Jameis and spence came in with off field issues and jameis is working on 3 years clean of anything bad! And spence knows what it’s like to screw up his career in college. He is taking full advantage of this 2nd chance he got and I’m loving it! All of this hard work will lead to bright things!

  16. NewTampaChris Says:

    My grandmother stiff-armed him away in the olive condite section.