December 5th, 2016

Stands alone

As a public service message to the angry, twisted Gerald McCoy bashers, Joe has an announcement.

Among all NFL defensive tackles, McCoy leads the masses with seven quarterback sacks.

Nobody is tied with him. Mighty Aaron Donald has six. The Jets’ Leonard Williams has six.

McCoy’s critical first-quarter sack and drive-killer/momentum-killer in the first quarter against the Chargers yesterday gave him the league lead.

And still, McCoy has legions of detractors living from Lakeland to Largo. The man is not a Hall of Famer, but he’s an excellent defensive tackle. No shame in that.

Of course, McCoy had just one tackle yesterday, so there’s plenty of fuel to carry the haters through another week — even if Warren Sapp averaged less than three tackles per game during in the Bucs’ 4-3, glory-days defense.

63 Responses to “Alone”

  1. Buc since '74 Says:


    “Among all NFL defensive tackles, McCoy leads the masses with seven quarterback sacks.

    Nobody is tied with him. Mighty Aaron Donald has seven.”

    7=7 right?

  2. NJBucFan Says:

    Aaron Donald has six, not seven. If he had seven he’d be tied with McCoy…

  3. ChanEpic Says:

    LOL, Donald has 6.

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    Que DB55, tmaxcon et all in 3…2….1…..

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    GMC has looked much, much better since Spence has come on and Ayers came back. I feel like there’s a chicken and egg debate to be had in there, but the point is that our D-line is getting it done for the first time in forever.

  6. BoJim Says:

    I dunno, I kinda like him. 🙁

    And if the haters are hating on a pro-bowler AND a Buccaneer, how can they call themselves fan’s?

  7. Jerry G Says:

    Are we going to have not one but 2 double digit sack players by the end of the season?!

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    This story has become a non-story. News flash: McCoy is really good and there are like 3 people that think otherwise. These are also the same people who think our defense has the LB’s eat up blocks for the D-Lineman.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Patrick in VA,

    It’s not a coincidence. Lines on both sides of the ball work as a unit.

  10. Magic Marpet Says:

    I think joe started drinking a little early today. That whole post is messed up.

  11. D-Rome Says:

    McCoy’s critical first-quarter sack….

    Here’s the predictable mouth-breather response:

    “You see? YOU SEE?!?!? First quarter sack….not the 4th quarter!”

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    If you’re bashing McCoy you should stop watching football since you obviously know nothing about the sport – instead you should stick to reviewing glory holes, which would be a much better use of your weekends.

  13. Buc since '74 Says:

    ^^^ LOL – Rod!

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    They will probably also say McCoy didn’t have enough tackles, since the LB’s eat up all the blocks in this defense, lol.

  15. pelbuc Says:

    GMC has definitely benefitted by Spence and Ayers. Let’s hope for no more injuries and continued stellar play from the D. My only fear going forward is Aguayo. Hopefully the Bucs can continue to win in spite of his missed FGs but there will come a time when Bucs will have to depend on him to hit a clutch FG. I’m not very confident he can hit one.

  16. DB55 Says:

    Look, Joe has no personal animosity towards David. But since he is being paid like a Pro Bowl linebacker and he finally got to a Pro Bowl last year, is it so wrong for Joe to expect David to play near that standard?
    So would it be fair to call joe a “LVD Hater?” I know some of us who hold GMC to the same standard and we are called haters per JBF. So which is it?

    BTW your boy got his (pro bowl stats) sack in the 1st qrt then he disappeared (per usual) for the rest of the game? He recorded 0 tackles 0 Asst and got violated on the goalline (AGAIN) giving up a 2y TD to Gordon.

    So I ask you again, is what’s good for the goose also good for the gander?

  17. DB55 Says:

    Btw I want a cut of the advertising revenue as it’s obvious you keep posting this nonsense to get a response from the “HATERS”.

  18. Dizim Says:

    Look two Joes with bad eyes!!!

  19. Pit Says:

    I thought stats were not important when you compare DT?

  20. Patrick in VA Says:

    @DB55 – I’m not saying you’re wrong, but have you done the same quarter-by-quarter analysis on the other DTs that you’re comparing McCoy to? Do we know that the numbers that they’ve put up have all come in big spots for their teams?

  21. DB55 Says:

    What kills me about you guys is that you get to bash everyone on the team.

    Goose egg LVD
    KY Mike Evans
    Jazz hands piano man Martino
    Russell Shep not good enough.

    Dougie fresh a dime a dozen
    Jameis is a bust
    Donovan smith bust
    Aguayo bust
    Should I go on?

    But when you are critical of the ice cream man and have facts to support you’re a hater and can’t be a fan.

    Ignorance truly is bliss.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “– I’m not saying you’re wrong, but have you done the same quarter-by-quarter analysis on the other DTs that you’re comparing McCoy to? Do we know that the numbers that they’ve put up have all come in big spots for their teams?”


    Lol. I can literally see him squirming in his posts.

  23. DB55 Says:


    Nah I don’t really have time for that but to your point I can say that I seen suh make a game saving tackle last week vs the 49ers with like 2 sec left in the game.

    All that aside watch the 2y TD by Gordon and PLEASE tell me what you see happening to the almighty GMC. Oh I forgot he’s not there to make tackles just to be disruptive. Well he’s disrupting our ability to defend the goal line. Wtf. Don’t get me started I was #Rejoicing all day.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    First of all, I don’t criticize any of those guys. I am not a believer that Shephard is a legit #2, but I love the way the guy plays and continues to do good things. Nobody spits the kind of hate you do at one guy. I haven’t seen a “Jameis is a bust” guy in quite some time. I haven’t seen anyone criticize Evans since the season started (minus the national anthem thing). If those guys still exist, they are a moron just like you.

    What’s funny is, you seem to disagree with the examples you gave. I do too. You would probably say those fans don’t know much about football. I would agree. But here you are picking on one of our best players. You see where I’m going? So yes, those people are wrong for hating on those players. But you are also wrong for hating on GMC. You need a diagram, or are you still trying to figure out how good of a job our LB’s did at eating up blocks in your world famous film sessions?

  25. DB55 Says:


    Your post go unread but thanks for your fascination with me. Go eat a 🍆

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Nah I don’t really have time for that but to your point I can say that I seen suh make a game saving tackle last week vs the 49ers with like 2 sec left in the game. ”


    You conveniently ignore the fact that Kiko Alonso is the one that really laid the hit on Kap. Suh made a play, but it was highly doubtful he made it regardless. That being said, no one is saying Suh isn’t any good. But you are the only one saying McCoy isn’t good. Are you that desperate for attention? Don’t you have like a friend or loved one? Here we are thrilled that we have won 4 in a row, including our second win in California this year (first time in franchise history), and you are still criticizing McCoy. Do you not see anything wrong with that? Do you want to like hang out and get a beer one day or something? If you need some attention or a friend, just let me know.

  27. Patrick in VA Says:

    @DB55 – So, kinda like the ball he tipped from Matt Ryan to seal the game against ATL in week 1, right? Or the one he tipped against the Chiefs that Conte picked which turned the momentum of the game. Those are the kinds of things that you’re seeing from other DTs but not enough of from McCoy? Or even the sack that he got to halt a drive that nobody else on the team had an answer for? I mean, I get that it looks like these other players are crushing it when you’re watching highlights, but there are a lot of plays that happen in between those big plays where those other superstar DTs aren’t getting home all the time either.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Your post go unread but thanks for your fascination with me. Go eat a 🍆”



  29. DB55 Says:


    Excellent points and he’s received credit from me and others where credit is due. See yesterday’s open thread you’ll see my praise.

    But then I log in this morning to read joe bashing LVD. Apparently the goose egg is still fresh on his mind. Now correct me if I’m wrong but LVD had a strip fumble recovered last week to win and a pick 6 this week but nahhhh let’s bash. OK.

    Next article I read got people calling for Aguayo to be cut. OK

    So what exactly does 1 early sack and then ZERO impact for the rest of the game. I mean you seen him getting block 1v1 all game and getting thrown around. I just don’t get it. Other than GMC paying the media to be nice I don’t get it at all.

  30. tmaxcon Says:

    He is a an often injured good Defensive Tackle that is possibly the worst team leader in sports history. I don’t hate GMC he’s a good player at 6 to 8 million a year not 16 million. Team has too many holes to pay a fragile DT that much money especially one never takes over a game like a donald or a sapp. Ayers is driving the defensive resurgence not the overpaid team leader. mccoy will fade away into irrelevance with the likes of glennon, kenny bell and murphy. This is winston’s team three years from now mccoy is a tampa after thought so enjoy the ice cream man while you can…

  31. Chris Says:

    Ok Joe , trying to type positive here on GMC, don’t have to keep moderating me, only happens on GMC articles

  32. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “…is that you get to bash everyone on the team”

    Once again delusions. Please link us to posts where people are bashing other players of the team without someone calling them out?

    I recall maybe a couple posters total really hating on ME hardcore (Dallasbuc?) – I got in arguments with those people too. I argued he was still our most talented WR and most his drops came in like 1-2 games. That even with his drops he was worth being our #1 WR because he also extended a lot of our drives with amazing catches that aren’t normal to make.

    Winston had haters but not many this year.. And they always got called out even in the pre-draft process because I was a huge Winston backer along with you / 87/ others.

    Other than that not much. There have been haters on the coaching staff / GM and I call them out when they’re stupid. 813Bucboi was saying for weeks that Dirk Koetter is the equivalent of Jim Tomsula and that we might not match his 5 win record. Kobe Faker posts all sorts of weird sh1t and hates our GM even though he’s done better compared to most average GMs in terms of FA succes % and draft success %.

    In the end I think the closest thing I got in terms of constructive criticism was to say we should trade mcCOy for the 8 1st rounders he’s worth; or Eric Berry.

    For 1 – he’s not worth 8 first rounders. He’s not paid like it and no one here has argued like he is. $13 mill cap hit is not that crazy in today’s market. That’s why I don’t get the hate for him.

    Not sure we could trade him for Eric Berry; but that at least shows you wouldn’t take a marginal player for him; so you obviously have to at least think he’s decent. And therefore once again; I don’t get it lol.

    If we could get two 1st rounders for McCoy I’d even probably pull the trigger or think about it. But that isn’t happening. Chandler Jones was a young DE who had 3 straight 10 sack seasons and only commanded a 2nd rounder. People only give up a lot of draft picks for QBs

  33. DB55 Says:

    Yea sarcasm runs deep with me. 8 first round picks.

    I say the reason you don’t see haters for ME JW or Koetter is bc they proved them wrong.

    Here are your links:

  34. ATrain Says:


    Some of the Haters are not haters for calling out McCoy when he wasn’t performing…

    You call out players all the time..Heck even Conte when he had an interception.

    McCoy has played lights out the last three games and it shows..

    I think I call it like I see it.

    I didn’t want Jamies….I was WRONG

    I think McCoy was slacking in a few games not playing to the level HE should and it hurt the Bucs.

    Jamies thought enough to call McCoy out in the beginning of the year..

    Praise the players.
    If you call out one you should not hold back from another because of his Superstar status

  35. DB55 Says:

    It’s the same arguement we’ve had for the last 3 years. 8 first half sacks but disappears the rest of the game but he makes the pro bowl so all is forgiven.

    812k game check for 1 first qrt sack. It’s like paying Revis 16m for 2 INTs. 8 mil per INT. COME ON MAN.

    And it’s not even the only game where he had 0 tackles. COME ON this can’t be that difficult to see.

  36. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “I don’t hate GMC he’s a good player at 6 to 8 million a year not 16 million.”

    I see this number quoted continually but his cap hit is $13 mill; not $16.

    He’s played 71 out of the last 76 games and put up at least 8-9 sacks a year in that span. There is no DT in the NFL who has done anything close to that getting paid $6 to $8 million right now. Geno Atkins is probably the closest thing to a better deal and is still $11 mill per year. Atkins has missed more games than McCoy the last 4 years and has less production with 2 down years in that span.

    Michael Brockers is also $11 million per year and literally averages less than half the sacks of McCoy (3 sacks per season) along with a whopping 27 tackles per year.

    I don’t think you guys understand that there aren’t players like McCoy available at cheaper prices. The only DTs that are on better deals are on rookie contracts.

  37. ndog Says:

    What I don’t get his how LVD gets hammered by the Joes for missing that tackle early, which I was saying the same things. But when they hit that bomb for a TD you clearly see McCoy getting a one on one and not getting close thus allowing the TD. I get equally upset at both but on this site one gets pointed out and one gets ignored. To me point out everything good a bad. Like Jameis had many great throws and two horrible throws see how hard was that? So McCoy made a great play and had a big hand in a bad play it is what it is.

  38. Lamarcus Says:

    Look this team is winning now. When I think about it all I can think of is Winston and Evans. No McCoy. He is far from the reason we are winning. Aftertl thought is just being kind right now

  39. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Also what’ss funny to me and what proves the subjective nature of evaluating a DT – on the Commish’s podcast he said he thought it was one of the best game’s gerald Mccoy has ever played.

    So to the commish podcast guy; McCOy had one of the best games he’s ever had in his life; and to DB55 he was essentially worthless or a non factor for the most part.

  40. Timbucs2 Says:

    As noted, Aaron Donald has 6, not 7.

    Someone named Kerry Hyder for the Lions is listed at DT and has 7, but he lines up at DE.

    G-Mac reigns supreme (for one week at least).

  41. astrobuc Says:

    For all the GMC haters, a 2010 RE draft at Walter football has GMCas the very first pick.

  42. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Now that the team is playing so well, there is no need to be hating on anyone! It’s getting tiresome!

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    On the surface the argument about how much a player makes vs his productivity makes good sense….but as you look deeper, there are many teams including the Bucs who have players who don’t earn their paycheck and they also have players who over-perform.
    We can argue that GMC should make $8 mil and then would be worth it….but it’s senseless. How about the $$$ lost to injured players like VJAX/’s gone and we get nothing form them. Hopefully things will average out for teams….look at what we got from low paid contributors yesterday…Brate,Martino & Tandy….
    How about the money for Ghost Johnson……Collins & McCown…..

    I can live with the GMC salary

  44. wesley Says:

    Best Buc in team history!!

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Look this team is winning now. When I think about it all I can think of is Winston and Evans. No McCoy. He is far from the reason we are winning. ”


    Dumber words have never been spoken. There are a bunch of players on this team that are the reasons we are winning. What happens if Tandy doesn’t make that pick? What happens if Conte doesn’t make that pick against KC? What happens if McCoy doesn’t get that sack on third down to force a long FG (which was missed and gave us a short field, which we scored)? What happens if Anger doesn’t flip the field with his punting? What happens if Grimes doesn’t get that pick against Carolina? What if Lavonte doesn’t make those 2 huge plays in back to back weeks? What if Doug doesn’t make that critical block on the long pass to Evans against KC? What happens if Barber doesn’t pick up that yard on a critical 4th down yesterday? I can go on and on. You see, that’s what makes this team so special – they are all contributing. We have guys like Freddie Martino making big catches. Brate seems to be getting better and better each week. Marpet is becoming a stud. Hawley is getting on everyone’s nerves on the opposing teams. Humphries is Mr. Reliable. There is no one or two players making this team win, they are doing it together. You can say whatever you want to the contrary, but the real fans know the truth.

  46. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “McCoy leads the masses with seven quarterback sacks.

    Nobody is tied with him. Mighty Aaron Donald has seven.”


  47. DB55 Says:

    So we good Lord C?

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I think it’s because McCoy’s sacks keep coming at critical moments, so they count as more, lol

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ah…I should have read the comments first, lol.

    Anyway, did anyone see that post game interview of Gerald McCoy? In the locker room?

    If not, check it out.

    That man was exhausted. He looked about to pass out.

  50. Kobe Faker Says:

    WOW! LOOK AT THIS. All the top Kobe Haters in 1 thread and they are arguing and fighting among themselves

    Look in the mirror HATETRS

    Its you not Kobe “the 12th man” Faker

  51. Buc1987 Says:

    “And the Patriot’s fan says to me, who’s Gerald McCoy?” – Buc1987 in 2014

  52. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “So we good Lord C?”

    I’m always good my liege. The link you posted didn’t seem to show people criticizing other players without anyone calling them out on it but I may be missing something.

    The thing is Lavonte by all stats is not putting up his normal numbers. Gerald McCoy may be putting up some of the best numbers of his career. That’s why it’s a bad comparison to me.

    But I’m good with the McCoy arguments cuz I don’t know what else to say. I think he’s a great value at $13 mill and a big piece to our defense performing well. You think he’s grossly over valued and over paid. We’ve already gotten into the numbers so there isn’t much more to say.

    Either way I want to add a young stud DT in next years draft (as long as it isn’t a reach). This year showed me how bad our pass rush looks when McCoy / McDonald are out. I’d love a Kawan Short or Star Lotulele type guy to be drafted into the rotation

  53. PRBucFan Says:

    Im glad he’s staying healthy and finally consistently affecting games with his presence in the back field.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    When McCoy was picked, everyone wanted Suh.

    Well, Suh has been suspended over and over, and McCoy has had more sacks than his 3 of the last 4 years…and that one year they were tied.

    In fact, discounting the first two years, in which McCoy was injured, (so from 2012 on) McCoy has 38.5 sacks to Suh’s 33 sacks.

    Suh has been healthier…but he’s also been suspended a lot.

    I LOVE Gerald McCoy…

    …that said, I’m all for trading him for 2 firsts and a 2nd rounder at the end of the season. Maybe even a third added in there.

    Why? Because the older he gets, the more often the injuries will come. That magic age for injuries starts at 29…which he will turn after this season.

    Best to trade him for draft picks. That would get us an extra first this year and next. We could replace him this year with someone young but still good…get a spare 2nd this year, and a 1st and 3rd next year.

    Heck…we could get that speedy WR we need, AND fill the holes on defense.

    Jimmy Johnson did that with the Cowgirls and it worked out fantastic.

  55. DB55 Says:


    Fair enough. All I’ll say is this, goal line needs to tighten up if we really gonna make a push.

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai,

    A couple things. First of all, when Jimmy Johnson traded Walker, they were a horrendous team. They were years away. We are now winning games (knock on wood). Why would you trade away one of your captains right when your team appears to have turned the corner? You think those 3 draft picks you want for him would be able to make that much of an impact? No, all it would do would be to set us back. There’s nothing wrong with having a player past his prime (although I’m not sure McCoy will be past his prime next year, he’s starting to get close), as long as he is still contributing. Drew Brees isn’t in his prime, but do you think the Saints should get rid of him? Julio Jones is probably past his prime, do you think Atlanta would entertain the idea of giving him up for some picks? You are absolutely right about injuries tend to happen more as you get older, but a rookie can get injured too. If there is anything we should have learned as Buc fans, it’s that you don’t get rid of players when they are still good players. How many more times do we need to get burned to realize that?

  57. webster Says:


    I understand where you are coming from. For anyone who wants to trade mccoy, i believe you are delusional. Sapp was a beast with or without rice. Thats evident by the fact he was voted to the all decade team for both the 90s and 2000s. Like mccoy, his job was to cause disruption. He did so and he would leave a game with a goose egg in the stats catagory, but we would hear his name all day. He caused disruption by the amont of times he hit the qb which led to an arrand pass which resulted in an int for lynch, barber or brooks. Suh has 50+ tackles to go along with 5 or 6 sacks. I get where db55 is coming from. I will say that the bucs need mccoy, but losing “ky hands” would hurt the bucs far more than losing mccoy. We would never say that about sapp. Sapp was the engine. Surely the joes can understand that. And that is where the critique comes from. Sapps will and intensity seperates them and that is why db55 is gravatating to ayers. He has that fire in his gut to get others to play like crazed dogs ala lawrence taylor.

  58. Tnew Says:

    Im not sure if I’m considered a hater, fan, critic or apologist when it comes to gmc. I’m ecstatic that he’s on the team. I fully realized that he’s not warren sapp. His leadership qualities on on par with Josh Freeman. He is the most dynamic and unselfish DT in football. Truly a great team player every team in the NFL would love to have. He sometimes falls short of his immense skill set. He is incredibly consistent, doesn’t take plays off but rarely, if ever steps up his game to super human levels, which would require him to take a few plays off. He is in the midst of his best NFL season and I haven’t heard him given any consideration for defensive player of the year but I have zero doubt that he is a pro bowler and probably our defensive MVP. That is my gmc take.

  59. DB55 Says:

    Thanks webster

  60. cmurda Says:

    I’ve said it numerous times that my gameday posts are obviously based on the game at that moment in time. As we neared the end of the first half, I was calling out LVD and to a certain extent Kwon for missing tackles that I thought they should make and leaving Gordon open for easy checkdowns too often. Both LB’s really stepped it up in the 2nd half and made me once again happy to be wrong. It usually works out well when I call a certain player out. Against the Chiefs it was McDoug and all he did was seal the game late. All LVD did was take a pick 6 to the house. It should also be mentioned that VH3 is showing that Licht has the skills at drafting as long as the Crown Royal doesn’t interfere and cause thoughts of drafting a kicker in the 2nd rd.

  61. Warthog Says:

    McCoy is fine. McCoy haters are pretty dumb. Who on the roster would you have start over McCoy?

    Worry about the positions like Safety or WR where we actually lack legit NFL talent.

  62. Blue B Bucs Says:

    He is a very good player. However why is it that people are always trying to defend he is good?

  63. orlbucfan Says:

    And still, McCoy has legions of detractors living from Lakeland to Largo.
    Earth to Joe: PLENTY of Bucs faithful in O-ville, and the Space Coast. Bucs are CENTRAL FLORIDA’S team!!!!! Go look at a map!! BTW, I am a GMC fan, and have been since he was drafted!