“That’s How Guys Become Famous”

November 3rd, 2016
Once upon the Bucs' last playoff appearance,, a running back from the bench emerged to lead them.

Once upon the Bucs’ last playoff appearance, a running back from the bench emerged to lead them.

Who’s ready for a Bucs victory tonight and a prime club seat in the NFC South?

Xs and Os guru Dave Moore, a 16-year NFL tight end and an ex-Buccaneer, has a clue on that potential reality.

Moore knows the Bucs need a running game to be successful. Who doesn’t considering what lurks at receiver after Mike Evans?

And Moore’s been around long enough to see running backs from the shadows to become heroes — at least for a week.

In recent years, unknowns have made their mark in the Bucs running game, and launched strong careers.

Running back Earnest Graham is a fantastic example. After years on the bench, injuries led Chucky to handing Graham the rock in 2007. Graham put the team on his back and the Bucs wrapped up the division title two weeks early.

In 2010, it was undrafted LeGarrette Blount taking the NFL by storm en route to 1,000+ yards.

Hello, Bobby Rainey (off the street) and Mike James (sixth-round-pick rookie) in 2013, pulling the Bucs from the depths of an 0-8 start to a 4-4 record in the second half of that season.

Early, this season, it was now-injured Jacquizz Rodgers notching back-to-back, 100-yard games after.

Tonight, carrying the rock for the Bucs will be a¬†combination of old-man, September-couch-dweller Antone Smith, undrafted rookie Peyton Barber and James, who hasn’t carried the rock in a real game since 2014.

As Moore explained on WDAE-AM 620 this week, the NFL — and the Hall of Fame — is filled with stories of guys emerging successfully from the shadows because they were ready. “That’s how guys become famous,” he said.

If there’s a new famous Buccaneer running back tonight — on national TV — then the Bucs likely are looking at a 4-4 record and gargantuan excitement among the fan base.

19 Responses to ““That’s How Guys Become Famous””

  1. buc15 Says:

    Mike James it’s your time to shine baby!

  2. DB55 Says:

    If I were licht I would have signed Kniles Davis yesterday. The man can run better than barber and he’s already got a KO returned for a TD. But I’m just a fan of JBF I know nothing, better to let the professionals handle it.

  3. Captain Crunch Says:

    DK has to change it up if he wants to win tonight, go playaction on 1st down instead of the predictable 1st down run that he always does. Dont be so conservative when its almost halftime, last week he had 3TO and 1:30+ left and he was contempt with going into half with a 10-3 lead over the raiders and he didn’t even attempt and i dare say this to get a FG (50-50 with Aguayo) thats a loser mentality.

    How bout he helps Jameis out with so quick slants and crossing/drag routes to get the ball out sooner so he doesn’t hold on to the ball and take unnecessary hits which will keep the defense rested by getting 1st downs and help them out later in the game.

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lets go boys! If we can’t run the football we are going to be in for a long evening, and not the good kind either!

  5. Chris Says:

    Tmax, answered your question on two Chris’s on the GMC article. Wonder if this is going to get moderated.

  6. unbelievable Says:

    If we come out w/ the same predictable, vanilla offense, running on every single 1st down, then we will not have a chance.

    Do you think Koetter has figured out that he has timeouts that can be used in the 1st half of games yet?

  7. Chris Says:

    DB, I think Licht is in a corner somewhere, babbling, Aguayo, most accurate kicker in NCAA , over and over and over…..

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    @DB55- I forgot about Kniles being on the street. He would be a better option than James coming back at this point. I’m not 100% on Peyton and Smith seems more situational. You’re right though. What do we know?!

  9. DB55 Says:

    Ask Hawaii I don’t know jack chit. I’m just a lonely ol troll who lives in a van down by the river.

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    So that’s you up the creek?!

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I hate it but the best runner we will have in our backfield tonight is Jameis Winston……he needs to tuck it and run more often…..the biggest holes will be for him.
    Call some passing plays with play action on 1st down…..and don’t use an empty backfield tonight…..send the running back out if you want an extra receiver but always show run.

  12. canadian bucsfan Says:

    Kniles Davis is decent but he is outta work for a reason. He has a hard time holding onto the football.

  13. Pit Says:

    It’s funny how some of you here get butthurt so easy.

    it doesn’t matter if you know more or less then those guys that are paid to take decisions. If you are not one of them then you do know nothing because you can’t take a decision.

    Winston give us a happy reason to drink to.

  14. R.O. Says:

    Mike James did just fine against Seattle and before he broke his ankle against the Dolphins that year. I think he’s already proved he can handle the load for a game. He’s just not the burner that teams crave so he gets overlooked.

  15. Lynch02 Says:

    It would be great if the speedy Antone Smith gets rolling or us. We need a speed guy on offense bad. he has jets.
    Also I’m proud of our boys for giving us meaningful November football.

    LETS GO D-Line!!! get push and we win simple as that.

  16. DB55 Says:


    It’s called sarcasm but ty anyway.

  17. evolvingBucfan Says:


  18. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    I really think tonight is Peyton barbers night to shine. But that’s just a hunch. I’m all for Mike James stepping up. I haven’t seen us in 2 back sets yet either.

  19. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Dirk said that every time we put GOS in for our jumbo package that Oakland put an extra Dt in the game and that worked really well. This is a copycat league so expect the failclowns to do that as well. But if we play action out of the jumbo then we can get some good match ups and surprise them. JMHO