Practice Makes Perfect

November 13th, 2016
It's practice. (Photo courtesy of

It’s practice. (Photo courtesy of

Mike Evans is having a Pro Bowl season. He currently leads the NFL in touchdown catches with eight and is fifth in the NFL in receiving yards (745).

To hear Bucs coach Dirk Koetter talk last week on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Evans’ monster season all started in practice.

“Mike Evans, his third year now, [has] two 1,000-yard seasons to begin his career,” Koetter said. “Really has worked hard on his game. Probably had more drops than he would have liked to have had a year ago. Mike went right to work on that. Maybe he had a tendency to let his temper flare once in a while last year. Really went to work on that.

“Mike is really just come into his own as a pro. He is a hard very worker in practice. He is practicing at a much higher level than he did a year ago. With Vincent Jackson now out he is facing a lot of double-teams and we are trying to move him around a little bit to get him some single coverage. We couldn’t be happier with how Mike s playing right now.”

Joe believes a lot of the credit for Evans having such a good year is wide receivers coach/offensive coordinator Todd Monken. The first-year Bucs assistant has said a few times when he was hired, he was tasked with a major objective: fix Evans.

Monken sure has done a wonderful job smoothing out Evans’ rough edges, considering he is double-teamed so often and every person in the free world knows America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is eyeing Evans. That tells Joe Evans is simply a force.

6 Responses to “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    And when the offseason comes. The first priority needs to be someone opposite of ME13!!!!! I know that Joe will love the rewards, accolades and Franchise numbers that ME13 will get and set!!! But Just like the story posted of “gang tackling” and making a player have serveral hits, that is what is happening to ME13 because he is 40% of the offense!!!!

    Do not let the same thing happen to calvin johnson happen to ME13!!! all the franchise numbers, and a short career because he was the only weapon most of the time!!!!!

    Bucs NFL 2017 draft Wr, Te, and Safety!!!!!

  2. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    All credit goes to Evans he is the one who stepped up he is the one growing up before our eyes

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    Great coaching by monken.

    Me13 should also be commended for being humble enough to take in and learn

    You can tell his route running is more crisp and precise……

    However…me13 still has alot to learn and 1 of the biggest mistakes is not bringing in jameis buddy and local great anquan bolden. Me13 still needs to learn to be better at fighting for the ball at point of attack and using his body. He doesnt and will never have the acceleration to separate like amari cooper or jjones but he can still run the quick slant and short crossing patterns like bolden if he knew how to use his body to create the separation and stronger hands to fight for the ball. No one is better than that than bolden

    This really hurts jameis options because presently evans is only productive in the interminent and deep routes and not the short highly probable slant and pick routes

    Better hurry up


    40games till jameis free agency

  4. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Pro Bowl?
    Screw that. Rather he be voted All Pro

  5. Bird Says:


  6. Ray Rice Says:


    Did you just say that Savage Mike beats double teams? ……..At least someone on the team does. For some reason the other scrub gets a pass because he can’t. Savage Mike is a man amongst boys right now.