Koetter: “Let’s Not Even Go There”

November 22nd, 2016
One subject is off limits

One subject is off limits

Dangerous Dan Lucas of WFLA-TV pushed Dirk Koetter a little bit during their weekly sitdown for Ch. 8.

Lucas barely started talking playoff picture with the head coach after yesterday’s loss, and Koetter cut him off fast. “Let’s not even go there,” Koetter said. But Lucas pressed and Koetter explained that he’s learned in his short time with the Bucs that you playoff talk is not a great idea.

The Bucs are 5-5. Last year, they were 6-6 with a clear path to the playoffs. They didn’t win another game.

It’s all in the fun video below. Koetter also talks about America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, and his desire to hear the Florida State warchant played in third down during home games.

21 Responses to “Koetter: “Let’s Not Even Go There””

  1. Doctor Stroud Says:

    At first, I thought that Coach Koetter was asked about the zebra pants that he was wearing back in the 1980s and broadcast on Fox in a retrospective during the Bucs-Chiefs game.

  2. m&m Says:

    I agree. Let’s not talk playoffs until we are at least two games over
    five hundred.

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    Good that he is keeping it focused on next opponent. If we deserve to be in the playoffs then we will be

  4. Getaclue Says:

    Falcons have a pissed off cardinals team this week and a pissed off Chiefs team the week after. But they also have 49ers left. I think we have a strong chance of we can win a game were not suppose to again this weekend.

  5. pick6 Says:

    gee, how about we come up with something more bucs or tampa centric to pump up the QB who is hopefully playing 80-100+ home games at RJS, rather than the thing he heard on 12 or so Saturdays at Doak Cambell as a 19 and 20 year old?

  6. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    A yo I see you Orlbucfan I’m still around my G. Thanks for the mention.

  7. gilhealy Says:

    pick6, because that’s what fires him up. Not real hard to understand. But because you don’t like the idea, maybe we should scrap it. Snap out of it.

  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    Great response by coach Koetter. Joe should take a hint from this. ALL of this..Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda playoff nonsense. Getting fans playoff hopes up for nothing. Well, maybe not nothing. But coach is spot on approaching one game at a time. At seasons end, teams that are worthy make the playoffs. Its that simple folks! Just ball out and let the results speak for themselves.

  9. Nick Says:

    We’re on to Seattle..

  10. ZZBucs!!! Says:

    The biggest of the respects for Coach Koetter…step by step………

  11. BuccoDav Says:

    Joe says:
    “Lucas barely started talking playoff picture with the head coach after yesterday’s loss, and Koetter cut him off fast.”

    Joe, we won that game. I know you aren’t used to writing about wins but C’MON, MAN! these wins don’t come often enough to just dismiss one. LOL

  12. pick6 Says:

    @gilhealy, do you think the seminoles looked into what fired him up in high school and attempted to foist it on their fans? has any team ever had so little stock in its own traditions that it borrowed from a college team to make a star player feel at home? what if hearing the fans bleat like sheep fired up our QB?

  13. reelbuc Says:

    Agree with M&M totally.Lets show some consistency against the upper echelon teams like the hated Seahawks.I think this team has gelled, and believe they can beat anyone.I also believe we match up well with Seattle.”Look out,Here come them Bad Bucs” as Sapp used to say.

  14. TampaTown Says:

    Then I’d be bleating like a sheep. WTH I’m at all the games anyway. Why not have some fun in the stands for once?

  15. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    I’ve been thinking about u as well durig this struggle of a season… I think it’s finally coming together bro

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda, beat the Rams….but.

  17. gilhealy Says:

    TampaTown, that’s what I’m sayin’. If the kid likes it, and feels he thrives when hears it, do it! The fans are gonna love it. I’m bettin’ it gets loud this week. Good stuff.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    Play and beat the team in front of you. Everything else will work itself out.

  19. unbelievable Says:

    And the raiders 87.

  20. Pit Says:

    You guys don’t understand one thing Joe writes like a fan and that’s why we love this website.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Come on bring me that 8-8 and I’ll be happy…

    Damn you Raiders…damn you Rams.

    7-9 at this point, but let’s build on that Koetter.