“That Didn’t Change Anything Gameplan-Wise”

October 5th, 2016
Status quo against a rookie QB pressed into action?

Status quo against a rookie QB pressed into action?

Mike Smith said he would be a master of disguise when he took his new defensive coordinator gig.

No, Smith wasn’t going to dress as Lovie Smith or Sabby The Goat and scare Bucs fans into thinking poruous defense was imminent. He was going to fluster quarterbacks with unpredictability.

So Joe really was surprised to hear Dirk Koetter say that the insertion of NFL-virgin rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch into the game Sunday was business as usual for the Bucs defense.

One might have thought Smith was jumping at the chance to change things up and confuse the No. 26 overall pick. You know, throw him a few unexpected curveballs.

Koetter, speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network on Monday night, was asked if Lynch entering just before halftime for injured starter Trevor Siemian changed the defensive gameplan in the second half.

Koetter was adamant: “That didn’t change anything gameplan-wise.” Koetter repeated that line and praised Lynch for doing “a nice job showing composure.”

Lynch was very calm and cool, and he only took one sack in 24 passing attempts.

Joe’s really wondering exactly why things weren’t changed up for Lynch. That doesn’t mean it would have worked or been more effective. It just seems odd that the Broncos pressed a rookie into his first NFL action and the Bucs were business as usual.

20 Responses to ““That Didn’t Change Anything Gameplan-Wise””

  1. 2Players_1ChoreographedCelebration Says:

    Playing not to lose is a reason why Lovie got the boot. You’d think this staff completely missed that the way this team has played last couple of weeks

  2. scott Says:

    game planning for Trevor or Paxton would be the same.. they are both getting their first year of action might as well call both rookies.

  3. Warrenfb12 Says:

    It’s not like seimien (sp?) is an experienced pro. I’m sure the game plans wouldn’t differ much regardless. It’s not like it’s Drew Bree’s gameplan followed by rookie QB. Let’s not forget Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter have had plenty of success in this league for many years and in different environments. I trust their ability to develop a game plan.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can have the best possible gameplan but if you don’t have the talent to execute it properly….it will fail.

  5. Tampa Tony Says:

    This staff baffles me it seems every other good staff finds a way to trick bad and inexperienced QB’s into bad decisions but no matter who the coordinator is its just not something the Bucs do, ever

  6. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    Why would they not blitz? It just didn’t make any sense! We can’t cover in zone hell might as well blitz. The Lb’s are all about playing downhill.

  7. Ndog Says:

    It seems way to simple but it seems our best defense is to bring the house and let Jude, Grimes, and Hargraves play straight man 2 man. The problem is when they go 4 or 5 wide then our safeties have to get involved. And no one says this, cause we like these guys, but our linebackers are usually a disaster in coverage espically zone, as they have zero feel and tend to just cover empty turf.

  8. Armando Says:

    Jameis and Mariotta are the most blitzed QB’s in the league, so aginst TWO newbies what did we do?

  9. R.O. Says:

    Then when we changed and brought the house or tried some exotic coverages, and the secondary didn’t communicate and got burned you would whine, cry and complain we didn’t keep 8-9 in coverage to force Lynch to throw into tighter windows… Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.

  10. Bucamania Says:

    The only confusion with Paxton Lynch was which wide open receiver to throw to. Mike Smith should be embarrassed.

  11. Kobe Faker Says:

    How are you going yo blitz when you have to cover thomas and sanders outside

    They have a stout and dependable offensive lineman

    All their runningbacks can catch

    Gary kubiak bread and butter is to rollout the qb away from the blitz

    Denver likes to run draws to make you pay for blitzing and lactk of containment

    So how is mike smith going to put pressire to the superbowl champs with the slop roster we have?

    Stop blaming the players and coaches. Our roster is 1 of the worst in the nfl. Our level of talent is not playoff or even 8 win level

    It is a mismatch of talent level. The only person to blame and can correct this level of quality of players is the GM…Jason Gump

    “Blame the guy in the beer can” Kobe Faker

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Kobe- I don’t always agree with you but you are 100% correct. Our secondary is average on a good day and without a pass rush….man, please! A team like Denver with studs at every level on their roster is going to make most teams look silly.

  13. Kobe Faker Says:

    We can compete with bad mediocre teams, but….

    Teams like denver, we dont have a chance with all our holes, lack of difference playmakers….

    We need better players in our roster.

    That is the only and only answer

    And only 1 person controls that

    “Blame the guy in the beer can” Kobe Faker

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    WOW….a rookie qb is brought in with more than enough time to make a come back but you make no adjustment before or after halftime…the coaching 101 mistakes don’t even surprise me anymore….GO BUCS!!!!

  15. LakelandBuc Says:

    It’s easy to TALK that big talk, but you can’t walk that walk with a GARBAGE roster. Get some damn players on this team, who can actually PLAY football.

  16. Clodhopper Says:

    Doesn’t matter the coach. Doesn’t matter the GM. Doesn’t matter the QB. All that matters is it’s the same spit with either backup or rookie QBs EVERY year, every opportunity. How? How is possible to be punled so often by inexperienced QBs year after year after year after year? Bucs culture = lay down in the face of adversity no matter what and take the rest of the day off when you see a backup QB! Basket of despicables

  17. Conte Piscateli Says:

    So we don’t have adjustments for a back up Qb. No adjustments for losing our pass rushers. So I guess we were just hoping for the best. If it doesn’t work we have a game next week. Maybe the same gamelan will work then. That is piss poor coaching. It’s like Schiano saying he wouldn’t use hurry up because we didn’t practice it.

  18. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    @Kobe, They can’t cover in zone either. We are screwed either way. I am a defensive guy and we have sucked for far too long! Was Jim Bates defense this bad? I really don’t remember.

  19. Pierce Says:

    Why is it that after 3 defensive head coaches and a boat load of draft picks does our defense stink? We have 4 probowlers on our defense and we can’t stop anything.

  20. ptwalk Says:

    Before the season LVD was talking about being the number one defense in the league. Not even close. Mike Smith talked about confusing offenses. Couldn’t confuse a rookie. Where is all of this upgrade in coaching some on here was talking about. That is what the problem was, right?