Steady Suffocation

October 4th, 2016

clinton mcdonaldThe hallmark of the Greg Schiano years, not including regulation of movie titles and meal temperature and thermostats, was a ferocious run defense complemented by one of the worst pass defenses known to man.

In fact, the Bucs defense was No. 1 against the run in 2012, which promped the team to let stout young run stuffers Roy Miller and Michael Bennett leave town in free agency for no good reason.

Last year, the Bucs were among the NFL’s best against the run, and they’re back at it again through four games in 2016. Teams are averaging just 3.3 yards per carry against Tampa Bay. That’s the fourth-best mark in the league.

The only real black mark against the run defense as a whole is the fact it hasn’t forced a fumble yet this season in 117 rushing attempts. That’s not good. Only five other teams can say that, but just one (Atlanta) has faced more carries than Tampa Bay.

For more perspective, look at how bad the Bucs’ rushing offense has been this year. But they’re averaging 3.4 yards per carry. That’s better than teams have been doing against the Bucs.

Tampa Bay has shown it can make teams one-dimensional, but it’s still struggling to make key stops, force turnovers, and to communicate.

At least there’s something to build on right now, and that’s the run defense.

10 Responses to “Steady Suffocation”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Why run, when it is so easy to pass against us ?

  2. Armando Says:

    Here’s my take. Pressure. When the Bucs get pressure from the front four, the DB’s are chasing WR’s in open space. When the Bucs blitz DB’s are offset 6-8 yards off the WR’s – whats the point of forcing a QB to make a quick throw when the WR’s are left open to catch.

  3. I know why Says:

    Glazers messed up. Never should have fired Schiano. See how good Ohio St defense is playing this year. They have overrated each and every time. Fire Dungy, Fire Gruden, fire Schiano, fire Raheem (only 10 win team in past decade), fire lovie.

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Chris- LOL! We thought that the year of the slant was bad!

  5. Bucamania Says:

    Clinton and Gholston have been stout. One of the few bright spots…

  6. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Big plays that gash us….penalties have improved but still occur at the worst of times…two weeks in a row we held at 3rd and forever only to have a penalty against a DB create a first down for the opposition.

    And turnovers!!! I’m willing to concede that some of #3’s turnovers have been bad breaks with literally bad bounces…but the number is just too large.

    When we have a team at 3rd and more than ten yards I’m curious…do you lick your chops and pray for a turnover from a desperate offense…or do you hold your breath hoping the Buc D doesn’t figure a way to stay on the field against the odds?

  7. Getaclue Says:

    I feel like the players don’t always know where they are suppose to be in pass defense . We need more man press and just let the players play

  8. Eric Says:

    I hate to utter these words but Schiano is looking better now.

    Who could have survived that Freeman fiasco?

  9. Eric Says:

    We aint building on jack squat.

  10. Pit Says:

    and to think that some idiot made a billboard to fire Schiano