Rick Stroud, Tom Jones Dumped From WDAE

October 8th, 2016

grim_reaperThe ever-changing and ever-shrinking world of Tampa Bay sports media, especially Bucs-focused media, had the earth shaken beneath it yesterday.

Some are cheering. Some are crying.

That’s just how it is when celebrities are axed.

Longtime Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud and Joe-loathing columnist Tom Jones were dumped from their WDAE-AM 620 morning show yesterday. The duo had a 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. show on the Buccaneers’ flagship station since 2012.

They’ll now be replaced by the well known national whining from BSPN, the Mike & Mike Show. (For those wondering, this does not affect Joe’s morning routine, as Joe is glued daily to PFT Live with Mike Florio on WHBO-AM 1040, or on NBCSportsRadio.com.)

For Bucs fans, the ousting of Jones and Stroud further cuts coverage of the team. Obviously, Stroud is a knowledgeable voice and talked plenty about the Bucs daily. Mike & Mike will stick to the BSPN hot topics, which rarely include Tampa Bay.

iHeartMedia, which owns WDAE-AM 620, has been struggling financially to the tune of a debt load of $20 billion. Yes, billion. So cost-cutting like dumping Stroud and Jones is no surprise.

In recent years, the Lakeland Ledger, Bradenton Herald, Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Orlando Sentinel all stopped covering the Bucs beat daily. The Tampa Tribune was dissolved, Pewter Report folded its magazine, and sports radio 98.7 FM was shut down.

Don’t worry. Joe is here for you.

101 Responses to “Rick Stroud, Tom Jones Dumped From WDAE”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    WOW, that is a Saturday shocker!!!! I liked the show, though lately I did think Stroud was pining for his coach my scheme!!!!!

    Wonder what show will show up Monday!!!!

  2. Joe Says:

    That answer is detailed in the story.

  3. Livintampa Says:

    This is sad to hear! I listened to them every morning on the way to work. Really enjoyed their show. They talked with local coaches and athletes which we will not get from Mike and Mike. I am working during the other daily local shows so this was something I looked forward to every morning. I am not interested in listening to Mike and Mike.

  4. Dustin Says:

    Tom Jones was absolutely awful. No wonder they got dumped. Stroud by himself would of been fine.

  5. The Buc Realist Says:


    sry, I saw bspn and skimmed thru that part, as I will any show that they put on!!!!

    I bet the rest of the lineups were glad they took those paycuts back then!!!!!

    Sad state for sports talk in the Tampa bay area!!!!

    any word on the progress of the “Table of Joes” podcast that will feature all contributors???

  6. Birdman Says:

    Man I feel really bad for Rick.
    Tom, as Big Dog would say, SEEYUH.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    I am just waiting for one of the old timers to say that they can remember when the Athletes had part-time jobs and the media was a full time profession!!!!!!!

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Obviously, Stroud is a knowledgeable voice…”

    I hated Risk Stroud. He made up stories every year, just to get interviewed by national media.

    I have to say, of all the local reporters, it is he who I respected the least. So if he ends up here with a deal like Ira…it’s going to become hard to stick around.

  9. Nybucsfan Says:

    Joe Bucs fan radio?

  10. Ben Says:

    Enjoyed Rick, happy to not have to endure Tom any more. Hope we get a local replacement, at some point in the future.

  11. stanglassman Says:

    Iheartradio is just clear channel rebranded so are we surprised terrestrial radio is struggling to the tune of 20 billion? Who under 60 owns a am/fm radio still?

  12. Maxx Says:

    Well, time to reup with Sirius then, but a JoeBucsFan radio would be great!

  13. Mark from the 973 Says:

    While I think he’s a good guy off the air, how does Ronnie D still keep his job there?

  14. JonBuc Says:

    Joe is like Forest Gump with his shrimp boat who weathered the storm while competitors fell by the wayside. That last line had a Mike Smith smirk written all over it.

  15. Joe Says:

    Guys, this is the perfect time to subscribe to all of the podcasts Joe offers from Ira, Justin and Todd.

  16. Njbucsfan Says:

    Wow from crap to total crap

  17. Maze Says:

    Lol Tom Jones was a joke

  18. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Never liked Jones or Stroud. That said, they should be replaced by other personalities. Until then, I will not be listening to 620 at 6am.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sad to see Bucs coverage cut anywhere…..but the silver lining could be a stronger JBF…..Podcasts somewhat replace radio and the posting is better than call-ins because you can get responses from other fans.

    Support JBF Advertisers…..that’s what it’s all about!!!

  20. Joe Says:

    Support JBF Advertisers…..that’s what it’s all about!!!

    Thank you!

  21. D-Rome Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that. I really loved their morning show. If I wanted to listen to Mike & Mike I’d stream it from the ESPN app.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    In all seriousness thank the lord for the podcasts you guys put up. Rick and Tom were my go to audio source for Bucs news while commuting to work. Now I’ll have a few podcasts to fownload every week.

  23. Tomcin Says:

    I didn’t mind Stroud but I’m so glad someone came to there senses & finally got rid of worthless Tom Jones. That guy really sucked.

  24. biff barker Says:

    I’ll pass on Mike and Mike thanks. Zero local content from ESPN. Screw them and screw Clear Channel too. Not going to miss the 20 minutes of commercials either.

    Time to make the jump to satellite.

  25. Jason Says:

    Very sad. If they needed to save money the station should have just axed the HIMBO show from 12-3 and replaced it with Jay Mohr. Guess it is time to listen to music in the morning.

  26. LakelandBuc Says:

    When the Lakeland Ledger decided to dump the Bucs and Rick Brown, readers were celebrating. Most readers were more interested in the Dreadnaughts than the Bucs. The Ledger finally got wise and dumped the garbage, as long as the Bucs are LOSERS, people will not be interested in them. It’s bad when a HIGH SCHOOL team get more attention than a PROFESSIONAL team.

  27. Joe Says:


    The Ledger didn’t have to unload Rick to cover high schools.

  28. THETRUTH Says:

    Will miss stroud , wish them both well. I will not listen to ESPN Mike and Mike, sucks for Tampa radio

  29. DB55 Says:

    That’s just how it is when celebrities are axed.
    Sorry but TB media are NOT celebrities. I know they try to think and act as if they are but NOPE!

    Now if DAE would only fire one more “celebrity” the world would be a better place.

  30. Mikadeemas Says:

    Celebrities? Hopefully they’ll go back to where they came from.

  31. D-Rome Says:

    You know, I’m left wondering if this is the beginning of the end for WDAE. Considering iHeartMedia is in dire financial straits I have to wonder what will stop them from putting on a different format altogether in a few years time.

  32. Pat Says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Rich and Tom each morning. Won’t listen to Mike and Mike because they won’t be covering local sport teams and I have no interest in NBA talk which ESPN does quite a bit. Sorry to see Rich and Tom go.

  33. Lynn Says:

    Ive listened to Wdae for over 25 years. I am sorry we are losing a early morning local input. However, im glad to see the two hosts gone. They insusted on condtantly injecting their newspspers political views into their daily show with a total kack of respect for many of their audience who tuned in to hear sports not their slanted political views. Especially Tom Jones who had a total lack of respect for his audience. Hopefully the Mike snd Mike show will be temporary till maybe they can move J. P. To that spot.

  34. DanTheBucsFan Says:

    EsPn radio… hate it.

  35. Jon Says:

    Will turn off Wdae from 6-9am!

  36. Jim Says:

    I’m sorry to see Rick Stroud go but, I’m glad Tom Jones is gone. He is knowledgeable but just really untalented in the sports Radio arena. But how much Mike and Mike can we really listen too. Oh well it is what it is and iHeartRadio better get rid of the high paid Morons at the top of pyramid. A 20 billion dollar debt wow just like a small country.. Get rid of the million dollar employed get some younger talent and get it under control. Thanks

  37. ARGH_M8E Says:


  38. mike10 Says:

    Sad to see them go, but I was going to lose my mind if I heard them pat Kaepernick on the back 1 more time!!

  39. Buc50 Says:

    I liked the show and there is zero chance of me listening to M&M. I can only listen to the afternoon show in small doses. If Joe isn’t on the show, I’ll just listen to SiriusXM full time.

  40. PleadingBuc Says:

    Would prefer local programming, but those guys lost me fawning over Kaepernick constantly. Let get Pat and Aaron on in the mornings.

  41. DJ Says:

    Liked them both but tired of Tom talking about non-sports topics. Will miss the local coverage. Seems like most of M&M is about NBA. I mean really it is like an NBA morning show. Very sad. This is a loss for Tampa.

  42. Mike Says:

    Thank God. What an awful show. Derek Sharp should have his own gig though. I definitely won’t listen to Whine & Whine either. They both talk about ten billion words a minute, and end up saying nothing of value. Oh well.

  43. SOEbuc Says:

    Tom Jones is such a dumb@ss. Glad to see him go.

  44. Jimmy T Says:

    They lost a loyal listener and caller because of this decision. I have zero interest in Mike & Mike in the morning.

  45. Rossta Says:

    No thanks to Mike and Mike. I guess it’s time to listen to something else

  46. Dreambig Says:

    That stinks! Syndicated sports radio is almost never interesting. The shocking thing is they fired those guys and kept The little dog.

  47. Negative Jeff Says:

    This is what happens to Bush League sports towns. Mike and Mike are awful. We will all miss the component talk that Stroud and Jones brought each and every day. This is a huge blow for Bucs fans from a coverage perspective .

  48. Doug V Says:

    I loved 6a-9a weekday mornings with those guys. WDAE just lost an extremely loyal listener. I can listen to MIKE&MIKE on ESPN radio. No local talk from 6-9. Stinks!

  49. Dave Says:

    Local content builds character and makes people think.

    Local call-in shows allow for local folks to express themselves, which allows the public to gauge the tempo of the regular fans in the area.

    National radio is more homogenization and thought control is ceded to the big powers only.

    I believe in local control & local expression.

    Is it possible that a website may appear that would be similar to this one, only covering the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Team?covering the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Team?

  50. Destinjohnny Says:

    Nice guys – awful show

  51. Sleepy Says:

    I liked the takes from guys who wrote articles, no matter their opinions, it inspired thought while I commuted. Tom Jones can be outlandish and totally against the norm, but that what made the show interesting and worth listening.
    I will add this to the list of shows that I enjoyed that have been ripped away.
    I would welcome an online version of these two although not realistic.
    So, I guess it light rock and 1970’s funk while on the way to work

  52. David Smythe Says:

    Mike and Mike, I don’t want to hear national sports news unless its relevant to my local teams. if I want that info I can go to the web to get it. Its sports talk and I want to hear insight on my local teams that I have a vested interest in, that mean something to me!!! not something that is irrelavant to me, I’m out and I’m signing off on WDAE!!!!!!!

  53. Turd Koetter Says:

    2 PC hacks replaced by bigger PC hacks…Ira! where you be?

  54. Horice Says:

    Well, NO MORE 620 till 3pm for me! They could loose 12-3, and the T-Azz and Ronnie show for all I care. But Rick, Tom and the Big dog were my daily ritual. Don’t care to here T-Azz have as much sports knowledge as my wife and 4yr old twins. And the ex-rock DJ, turned pervert, and 1/2 Azz sports talk host would make me regergitate my lunch. Waste of precious airtime! Guess the simple minded Tampa Bay sports fan has won… DAMN SHAME I TELL YA, ITS A DAMN SHAME!

  55. StillaRaysFan Says:

    Replaced by Mike and Mike – pathetic.

  56. Jo Says:

    Your programming was best starting at 6am but then deteriorated as the day went on. You will soon no longer be a sports radio station. Very sad

  57. Jlight Says:

    It’s typical of this Gooberville for so many of its resident sports hayseeds to cheer this move and throw shade on Rick and Tom. These guys were arguably the most qualified and talented personalities of all of 620’s daytime shows. Really enjoyed their chemistry and it felt like they were true partners that worked well together and played off each other well. Thought they were both clever, witty and knowledgeable. Very refreshing unlike the same old tired rah rah unobjective home team massage and stroke we get from the other daytime shows. This is a very baffling move but I guess it really shoudn’t surprise residents of Gooberville.

  58. Brandon Bob Says:

    I will miss local coverage in the am. I agree with earlier post of Ronnie D being kept on. He knows nothing about sports and hasn’t been entertaining since he stopped having strippers on his Ron and ron show. Maybe he can get a part time spot on the Rush Limbaugh program.
    C’mon WDAE, let’s keep local sports coverage. Mike and Mike……what a letdown. Florio wins again

  59. Tim Says:

    I’m not sure why they had to cut Rick and Tom. They were the best of all of the shows on that channel. It would have been nice to see them move to another slot. Ronnie and Tkraz isn’t very good and listening to the big dog is just awful.

  60. Jimmy Page Says:

    Well, I was going to say I’m just one person that’s very disappointed with the decision to cancel Tom and Rick in the morning, and one person wouldn’t influence your decision, but I see a lot of people below me feel the same. I don’t know what information you geniuses used to make this decision. I really enjoyed the morning show, really enjoyed those two guys, so much so that I downloaded the I Heart music app to listen to them when I travel. These guys saved you when you busted out Sileo in 11. I want to hear what’s going on in Tampa Bay regarding Tampa Bay sports, not national sports news And the way you did this to them, like a thief in the night, shameless, cowardly, and low rent. Tom and Rick, if you’re reading this, I appreciate the high road you both took with the comments I read in the paper about this, you’re the only class act at WDAE. I’ll continue to enjoy both your columns, Tom, you’ll just have to take it on faith that I’ll be shaking my head at some of your columns, and I won’t be listening to WDAE, you’ve lost one very loyal listener, seems like more than just me judging from my brethren below.

  61. Jo Says:

    Is it possible they can resurrect Chris Thomas so they can fire him too?

  62. P'cola Buc Says:

    Feel the loss already….not waking up to Bucs talk. It set the pace up for my day. Not nearly enough talk about the Bucs on Mike and Mike. Need something in the AM to fill this void….Need someone to cure this!!!

  63. Dan Says:

    Tom and Rick were the main reason I listened to WDAE. Tuning out.

  64. niko Says:

    While I like their chemistry(ronnie and Tkras), Id rather have had Rick pair up with Tkras and move ronnie, I don’t feel ronnie brings much to the show. I also miss Ian Beckles on the air even though I don’t always agree with him, he was good radio with Ron.

  65. Tony Says:

    Finally, they’re gone. bring back Sandy Penner.

  66. Eddie Says:


  67. Eddie Says:


  68. Nancy Says:

    Very disappointed you took Tom and Rick off 620. I also listened to them on the
    way to and from work. I hope your not planning to take Big Dog off too. I won’t
    be listening to Mike and Mike. I’ll find another station to listen to when they are on.

  69. burt euge Says:

    What a sad day for local sports radio. Thats’s what happens when you have a monopoly. I enjoyed listening to Dan Sileo, gone, Ian Beckles , gone, 98.7, gone, now Rick and Tom , the best show on 620, gone. I will not listen to Espn radio. I stopped listening to that self important guy at 3:00 pm long ago. Just like local smooth jazz radio that was taken off the air years ago it’s just a matter of time before local sports radio is gone too. What a shame.

  70. Pat E Says:

    They keep that asshat TKraz on the air and dump Rick and Tom? Solid decision WDAE. Now I won’t turn on the station until noon. Ronnie is a great radio guy, but TKraz’s schtick is getting old. I can’t listen to that guy at all.

  71. Rob Says:

    Really liked the morning show…good content…good coverage of most local sports…competing view points usually…hands down a better show than the choices between 9am and 3pm … bye bye 620…

  72. BMSTampa Says:

    Good riddance. 2 less bleeding heart liberals on the airwaves.

  73. C.King Says:

    Never liked Mike and mike.will listen to music from 6 to 9.Jay Mohr stinks.Listened to Tom and Rick every morning.Local or nothing.Thanks.

  74. Tim Kinsley Says:

    Won’t let be listening to WDAE on my morning commute anymore! Really enjoyed Rick and Tom’s take on Tampa sports. Sad day for Tampa sports radio! Mike & Mike don’t cut it! Need to find dae’s email so I can tell them how disappointed I am!

  75. Ed Says:

    Rick/Tom was the only intelligent life on 620! To fire those guys and keep Ronnie/Tcraz is insane. Must be shooting for a low IQ demographic. Music for me until Dan Patrick show…

  76. Samsung Says:

    Ronnie and Tkraz should have got th axe, Tom Jones and Rick was the only show I enjoyed.

  77. Paul Says:

    Will not listen to Mike & Mike, the article said Rick & Tom had just signed a two year contract extension in May of this year ? So does that mean they are still getting paid ?? (must be nice)

  78. Brian Says:

    Whether you liked Rick and Tom or not, having a local show was much better than the generic sports talk from Mike and Mike. Personally I prefer local sports talk over national crap!

  79. Ion Says:

    I figured Ron and JPP were next…. JPP is on the trump you know what no matter what he says or does…. Ron Diaz is one of the most uneducated people in the history of sports radio!! They bash nerds and have this frat boy mentality! TKras and Ronnir are not that bad I enjoy them a ton!! My favorite show had and will be always be The Big Dog! I miss Hardcore with Sandy from way back song with Chris Thomas!! This show being gone is another failure by the OWNERS THE GLAZERS!!! No one cares about Tampa bay Bucs the glory days are over and gone been gone!!! The owners use the team as a cash cow and put little effort into it thus this is not a shocker

  80. Reed Says:

    Rick and Tom were good if uninspiring. Duos are there to provide different perspectives. Tom’s role was to be the wet blanket. Ron and Ian were great when they had the old noon to 3 slot. Very much liked the old Ron & Ron. Now, Diaz and whoever is on with him are flat out unlistenable. I can’t cut him off fast enough. Duemig always has the best info but suffers from being a grandstanding jerk. (Sorry Joe) I do like Joe’s segments though. And I can’t tell you if Ronnie and Tkraz are even on any more. Never got them. So the state of local sports radio is pretty bad. And I have no interest in a podcast. I understand Ian is on some other station but I haven’t found him yet. So I listen to NFL on satellite and read Joe.

  81. Ed B Says:

    Rick and Tom cancelled but we still have to suffer with Ron Diaz and that stupid birthday game every freaking day.

  82. Tim G Says:

    Mike and Mike are crap with their old routines and PC talk. They give no air time to Tampa sports. Perhaps another radio station will create a morning sports show in this slot. These guys and Ronnie and T-Kras were the best shows. They lost me as a morning listener

  83. Joe Says:

    Remember guys, all of Joe’s podcasts featuring Ira, The Commish and Todd Wright are available for your morning commute and listening pleasure.

    Plug in and turn on!

  84. Robert Says:

    It is shame, they were very good. Mike and Mike suck, you lost a listener in the am. But if you are really 20 billion in debut it is due to poor business decisions such as letting them go.

  85. Gary Says:

    No surprise. Tom Jones was the worse ever. And is views are over the top. The
    negative comments got old. Stroud was average at best. Should have been cut the month after they got hired.

  86. Wiseoldowl Says:

    This rant is brought to you by the Subway Fresh Take hotline. Bad desicion on DAE.Just bad. 2 local guys, love them or hate them are way better than a couple of no good Yankees fans from NY . This moment sponsored by _________.
    Do I really care about national talk. Nope.
    So I I hope Jack and Ted aren’t next…that would really suck!

  87. Nolongeralistener Says:

    Such a bad decision. I will no longer listen to 620. This was the only true sports show we still had. They were the only two actually around the teams and brought us the news directly. Horrible. It was by far the best show that station still had. Smh

  88. Scorps1 Says:

    Very much enjoyed the show as it focused on actual sports. The rest of the shows seem to focus on the “man cave” if you will… Female anatomy, betting and fantasy leagues. 620 can just pack it in as far as I am concerned.

  89. Screw 620. Dae Says:


  90. Fred E. Buc Says:

    I am sad the morning slot is gone for local sports, but so glad “Rick and Tom” is DONE! There was too much of both of those guys creating stories instead of discussing them. I got so sick of Jones accusations and slash and burn on people he knew nothing about. When he dissed Ronde Barber’s honor dinner and said on the air he had better things to do like stay home buy himself and make a big steak and eat it, that just captured who he is. Jones knows little to nothing about sports, especially football, and seems to be infatuated moreso with media persons like Joe Buck, actually writing stories about them (who cares?). Stroud is a “know it all” who got sloppy in his research and joined with Jones on making political/social issues the side topic, and they really pushed their liberal views. Stroud always seemed to be primping for a national media gig that will never come. I get it they may not be fans of our local teams, but got sick of their sarcasm to the point I got to where I quit listening. Good riddance to both of them, especially Jones!

  91. Mary Ann Grusaky Says:

    Rick and Tom gone and “Big Dog” stays!!!
    There is truly no justice!

  92. Bruno Says:

    Liked Rick and Tom, hate Mike and Mike, no more WDAE in the morning for me.

  93. McAndrews Says:

    Talk about cutting your nose to spite your face. Tom is an awful and hateful piece of crap that has no place in the Tampa market. Send him back up north with the rest of the America hating limousine liberals. Should have just kept Rick and let him choose a new co-host. Now, we have nothing to listen to in the morning on the way to work about anything having to do with the Tampa Bay area. Instead, we now have to listen to Mike and Mike which is about the most watered down sports garbage on the air waves. We want to hear about the Lightning, Buccaneers, and Rays! Not about what only will interest people in New York and people that only bandwagon with teams the “media” talked about on the last show. What a crock!

  94. The Man Says:

    All of Tampa Bay sports radio show personalities suck, fire them all and get new ones. Our makert in Tampa for sports suçks because our teams suck

  95. skf155 Says:

    Liked Rick and Tom. Can’t stand Mike an Mike!! Until they are replaced with local sportscaster you have lost me from 6 – 10

  96. Goose Says:

    Rick and Tom were tolerable, even if only because you did get some fresh local bits from our teams.

    Mike and Mike is radio garbage, I can’t believe they keep running it out there, I can’t believe these guys get ratings to stay syndicated …

  97. Kevin Says:

    I don’t understand dumping them, I enjoyed listening to them each day on the way to work. With them we got a lot of local Tampa Bay Sports news that we won’t get with Mike and Mike. Why would they get dumped and keep the idiot that comes on at 3:00 in that afternoon that I can’t stand to listen to.

  98. Ron Says:

    I was out of the country last week and tuned in yesterday and once I heard the morning show of Mike and Mike, I knew something had happened, and not for the better of the Tampa Bay sports market, though I can agree with many, Tom is just not the broadcaster we need in the area, however I did enjoy listening to Rick. Like another pointed out, how in the world does Ronnie D keep his job, that show is terrible and the one before is even worse, but they cut the morning show, iHeart radio at it’s best!!!!! Time to change the station!

  99. Steve Says:

    Apparently WDAE & iHeart never pay attention to their listeners as they axed the wrong guys & show.

    It’s the 9-12 hosts who should have been cut.

    Not ONE…SINGLE…DAY…goes by without those 2 (3 counting Derek) going on about the New York Mets, St Louis Cardinals, New York Jets, and Tennessee Volunteers. It’s tiresome & old to all local listeners.

    They (all 3 of them) also make it a regular habit of critiquing EVERY SINGLE CALLER & TEXTER who attempts to contribute to the show.
    This is not an exaggeration!

    We the listeners are fed up with it.

    The 9-12 slot was & still is the weakest of all shows.

    If anything, those 2 should have been released, with Rick & Tom moving up to that time slot.

    Wake up WDAE & iHeart & acknowledge what your listeners are saying…

  100. Derek Says:

    This is unfortunate for the Tampa area. I along with others who have posted had some issues with WDAE or mainly Clear channel they just grew to fast and the local talent in not very good at all.

    I have been here in the Bradenton area for over 10 years the folks in the media Radio and TV here are not very good. This area has always been a starting point for media and the good ones always leave for bigger markets.

    When we have folks that never left they usually would not last in a larger market or would have never had a chance.

    Just look at the back ground of the folks on WDAE.
    No wonder why certain afternoon hosts (Steve D)make disturbing references to Joe Buck and tries to put his opinions about them strategically in interviews.

    By the way I cant stand (Steve D’s) interviews they are the worse he tries to lure every guest into his opinions and molds the question that way it is very LAME! Then he says see I told you. You people just don’t listen.

    By the way I love when it the interview questions backfire on him and go against his view he kind of throws him self around like a little kid.
    He reminds me of Clint Eastwoods role in Grand Torino!

  101. Pak mail steve Says:

    It’s really disappointing! 620 lost a loyal listener from 6 to 9, didn’t always agree, especially with their kaeprenick take but hey, that’s what makes it fun. I like the local talk!! I have zero interest in Mike and Mike and no longer listen. Tom use to piss me off alot, lol but again that makes it fun, local guys talking about local sports with some national stuff sprinkled in. Dumb move 620!!