Buy Torrey Smith

October 29th, 2016 pushes Bucs to acquire WR. pushes Bucs to acquire WR.

The Bucs need a wide receiver if this team hopes to play meaningful games in late November and December (or — gasp! — beyond?).

Although there is a sliver of hope Vincent Jackson could return from a knee injury, it really doesn’t seem realistic.

Sorry if Joe is wary of Russell Shepard being a consistent, reliable go-to target down the stretch. Nice story, but he’s got to show Joe more than a handful of catches against arguably the worst team in the NFL before Joe can think about boarding that bandwagon.

And, no, Joe is not excited in any way about Freddie Martino and his Band of Renown, late of the velvet-lined lounge of the trendy Vero Beach Ramada Inn, or the seemingly inevitable return of misplaced Calgary Stampeder Donteea Dye.

This team needs an upgrade now and in the future. Gregg Rosenthal of has an idea. Buy Torrey Smith.

Vincent Jackson is unlikely to be back with the Bucs, and coach Dirk Koetter wants vertical threats for his bombs-away offense. Enter Smith, who has three reasonable years left on a deal he signed with the 49ers. It would be fun to see Smith run down deep passes from Jameis Winston.

Potential cost: Fourth-round pick.

For a fourth round pick, Joe would take a stab at Smith. However, a guy Joe respects a great deal, Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM NFL Radio, is very down on Smith. Kirwan believes Smith is a one-trick pony, meaning he can only run one route and has a bad rash of the dropsies.

Kirwan may be onto something here. A quick look at Smith’s numbers shows he has a Dye-like lowly target-to-catch ratio this season.

Still, you can’t tell Joe he isn’t an upgrade over the likes of Martino.

For a third-day pick? Why not? It’s not like trading up to draft a kicker in the second round.

33 Responses to “ Buy Torrey Smith”

  1. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    They can likely draft a better WR in the fourth round next year than what Smith brings to the table. I hope they wait it out if the 49ers don’t bargain down to a fifth rounder, then look forward to the next draft. That way they can get exactly the type of players they’re looking for as opposed to panicking and getting a guy who could be a waste of a fourth rounder in Smith.

  2. MaHaBoNe Says:

    Wide receiver talent seems to be lacking in this years draft compared to recent drafts.

  3. Chris Mill Says:

    Considering the last Day 2/3 receivers we’ve taken were Kenny Bell and Kaelin Clay, I’d gladly fork over a 4th for a proven deep threat in Smith.

    The Bucs never find talented offensive contributers in the back half of the draft. Never.

  4. Bird Says:

    WHy not? He is 27. Got at least 4 or 5 tds every year. 11 one year. And then went to 49ers who have no qb. Speed guy. Plus his guaranteed money puts us on hook for year or two only. We have most cap space next year. You can even draft a receiver next year. Can’t guarantee anything in 4th round let alone 1st round some times. He is an above average receiver that you pay a little more for. Jameis needs another weapon

  5. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Bad idea. Stick with who we have and address this in the draft and free agency.

  6. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    This organization owes it to the fans to make a move to get better. Show us that you’re committed.

  7. mwestdominguez Says:

    This is a WIN NOW league, I read a comment about his productivity going down but bird brought a good point in that the 49ers do not have a QB who will make receivers flourish and put up numbers. If we need some speed and he will potentially help us now, don’t spend the bank on him but if the deal is right, make it happen! Something tells me, we would find a way to integrate him into this offense and throw to him downfield.

  8. orlbucfan Says:

    There’s been a lot of buzz that many talented receivers will be available in the draft. That’s where Licht and DK need to look. We’ll make it until then. Go Bucs!!

  9. Bculaw Says:

    Of he is a legit speed threat that can be had for a 4th, then you do the deal AND draft a WR to be our #2. We need speed and we need weapons on offense. We are not a contender this year, so a lot of fans are saying to keep the pick, but we have a 22 year old QB to develop and need someone other than ME13 for him to throw to.

  10. T in Orlando Says:

    I’d rather see Jeffrey from Chicago, perhaps for a third and Banks or Verner.

  11. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Joe, I am surprised you did not include a look at Rudy in your dissection of our WR situation. Since his outstanding game against the Rams where he had 9 catches for 100 yards, Humphries has had a total of only 4 catches for 32 yards in 4 games. This is from a starter Jameis is relying on.

    Although I am not as big on Torrey Smith as I would be of, say Jeffries, for a 4th round pick how could Licht not pull the trigger on that deal?! Maybe Licht wants to save his 4th rd picks for moving up to draft a punter….

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    Just loot some practice squad and wait for the free-agency and the draft!! Is a player you traded for that does not know the offense that they will have to give up an arm and a leg for that much better than a practice squad player we can get for free????

    This is about long term building and we do not need to pull a dominik and do knee jerk reactions!!!!!! WR was problem heading into the season and if you did not think so then you were not paying attention!!!!!!!!!

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs need a WR who can lengthen the field more than anything. ME13 does that, but needs a ‘burner’ to complement his skills. Torrey Smith may have the speed, but like Kirwan says, he’s got a case of the dropsies. Bucs have have enough WRs like that. Pass on Smith and either try to pick up Jeffrey or draft a WR in #1 or #2 round next year.

  14. Brett Says:

    Russel Shepard is a former 5-star athlete who went to a school with a terrible offense (LSU,) and never developed in college. He is a special teams stand out as a free agent, which shows he wants it. I bet he breaks out. Not saying the Bucs shouldn’t draft another WR, but I think Shepard might be one of those Michael Bennett, Donald Penn developmental stories.

  15. Bob in valrico Says:

    agree with defense on Jeffrey.He has the big catch radius that will help Jameis.
    He would also be kind of a bridge player.Jameis appears to be a far better intermediate passer at this stage of his career. He has struggled with accuracy on a number of his throws down the left sideline to Evans so far.That said go after a good speedy WR in the draft. Don’t believe we should use our first round pick necessarily if we have greater needs.Do believe Licht has to stop
    looking for diamond in the rough in late rounds.This strategy has not worked for Heron or Bell.

  16. iamkingsu Says:

    I haven’t seen Torrey play since he left Baltimore. But if he still has that same kind of speed it’s a no brainer that you pull the trigger. That’s all we need someone to just run straight down the field. We don’t need Jeffery when we have ME 13.

  17. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    Torrey Smith runs a 4.36sec 40-yd dash…

    Yes, I’d say we need to acquire him if reasonable.

    I still love Shep’s potential as a #2 WR, but I think we can keep him involved in the offense if we have T Smith as our starting #2 WR.

    And I think Monken would be able to help T Smith with the dropsies…. Evans is obviously case and point

  18. Ocala Says:

    I’I’d be ok with Jeffrey but he has a skinny skeletal structure which makes him more prone to injury and he drops a number of easy passes.

  19. martinii Says:

    The Buc’s won’t go after Smith or Jefferies. They will hope they can find another ME in the draft next year. Meanwhile we will watch Martino and Shorts until we wrap it up after a 7-9 record and miss another play-off. Its aways wait till next year with this team.

  20. SB with Jameis Says:

    You can’t BUILD a team by giving away draft picks. No More Bandaids please

  21. DB55 Says:

    Who can forget that nasty finger-tip catch Shep made against Carolina or Denver for a 1st down at the goalline? Actually think he had 2 of those. I say forget Smith cuz he can’t catch and use Shep he has chemistry, knows the offense and is a captain. Promote from within is what I say

  22. martinii Says:

    Benn, Stroughter, Winslow, Stevens, ASJ, Bell, Herron, Williams. Other than Evans our WR draft picks are a little questionable. Vjax worked out pretty well for a few years, But wait, he was a free agent.

  23. Kobe Faker Says:

    You guys see what rick stoud tweeted yesterday

    #Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said because @LSUShep10 is such a key special teams player, he’s limited to 30 snaps on offense.

    Koetter the clown is at it again

    He sat Jacquizz on the sideline while ramming Sims into the gut of the the Def like a blind moron and now he isnt giving Shepard more snaps at the Wr2 position. Vjax averaged 60 snaps per game and produced half the numbers with 0 tds for the whole year in twice as many snaps. The past week we had a weeklong internet funeral of Vjax and what this team can possibly do or turn to.

    Shep tore it up and Koetter the clown states a gunner is more important than a #2 receiver

    This is absolutely amazing. im dumbfounded. Instead of HC and GM, We have a Dumb and Dumber here at 1 buc place

    Am i reading the above posts correctly? we are arguing about bringing a wr but the problem is he will cost a descent draft pick and he drops passes



    There is something about Koetter

    On sunday october 30th,during 1-5 pm, at family gatherings, picnics,bars,RJ stadium, parties, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and from the red lips of Jenna Laine…

    All the fans of the tampa bay Bucs will scream

    “Where the fvk is SHEP!”

  24. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I don’t mind that at all, and for those would “rather look in the draft”. Why not do both!? Every NFL team should have 5 reliable wrs. We have 1, maybe 2, right now. Adding Smith now, and drafting a WR in the draft is a very reasonable move. We need WRs, as in multiple, not just 1.

  25. Tbbucs3 Says:

    We need to draft Mike Williams. As much as I would love Alson Jeffery to be on this team, the bears asking price is too high, they want a first round pick and Jason Licht specialty is first round picks, not 2d round. We should go after Torry Smith.

  26. Kobe Faker Says:

    Jeremy Butler is released

    Call Dumb and Dumber

  27. lowlife Says:

    In reference to the targets/reception ratio, you have to consider the QBs behind the targets. The legendary noodle arm Gabbert and Kaepernick, the gazelle with the accuracy of a potato cannon.

    Why not bring Smith in with a conditional 5th and play Shep in the slot? He’s scrappy and streaky but hasn’t done s**t outside of last game and a few highlight catches. Still more than Humphries has done.

  28. salish_seamonster Says:

    Torrey Smith, coming in mid-season, would have little chance of making much of a difference this year. Add in the fact that he’s paid too much. I’d give up a 7th rounder at most.

  29. buccfan305 Says:

    Just give Shep the Damn ball would ya….Shep and Hump. 2 raising stars.

    Lets Go Bucs

    Can we get a SB37 repeat…


  30. Kevin Says:

    We need better. Yes he would be an upgrade but its not good enough. We need to aim for the sky and get someone really good across from Evans to help Winston

  31. Capt. Blighe Says:

    I cannot believe the people saying wait for the draft.
    Drafting a receiver after the 1st round is a crapshoot.
    But most Importantly THIS DIVISION IS WINNABLE !
    Nobody with a chance to win the division waits till next year where
    you will be needing to fill some other hole Like DE DT SSLB SS FS Kicker
    I would give a 2nd and a corner for Alshon
    Or 3rd or 4th for smith.

  32. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Didn’t we trade a 4th to draft a 1 trick kicker? A receiver who’s known for the dropsies is no one to trade for. We got guys already who that. Just blame K&L for that blunderbuss! Someone posted a while back we could have drafted Sterling Sheppard. Look what he’s doing in Gianttown USA.

  33. KingBuc17 Says:

    I would target Enunwa with the Jets for a fifth OR one of our CB’s (Banks or Vern). He’s as fast as Smith and has had Fitz throwing to him…also can grow with Jameis.
    CHI wants a 2nd round for Jefferies, that is too high, although we drafted a f___ing kicker for that pick? Come on Aguoya, make us all swallow these comments.
    Torrey Smith was great with the Ravens and is fast as hell. Evans had the dropsies last year, plus he can grow with Winston. A fifth and Vern should do it. Listen I love Shep and don’t mind Shorts, VJax or Murphy BUT we need a WEAPON with SPEED to take the lid off defenses. Which none of those are. So keep them in the rotation with either Enunwa or Smith. Come on Jason, do your job. All the winning SB teams have the dual threat…. plus you won’t have to over pay these two and Evans keeps his WR1, status and pay next year.
    Go Bucs!!!