Completion Rate Sinking Deep

October 31st, 2016

Jameismug3Only two full-time starting quarterbacks this season have a worse completion percentage than America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

It’s painful for Joe to type this, but it’s a harsh reality that illustrates the apparent regression of Jameis.

Completing 58.7 percent of his passes in 2016, Jameis is only ahead of Cam Newton (57 percent) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (56.1) in that department.

Fingers can be pointed in all kinds of directions, but the numbers don’t distort in this case. Jameis was at 58.3 percent last year, so perhaps this is who Jameis is?

Mike Glennon completed 59.4 percent of his passes as a rookie, and he, like Jameis, was throwing to a messy receiving corps. In 2014, Josh McCown completed 56.3 percent of his throws behind one of the worst offensive lines in Buccaneers history.

This season, nine full-time NFL starters are completing at least two-thirds of their pass attempts.

Jameis has a long way to go to approach that stratosphere. Joe believes Jameis will get there.

68 Responses to “Completion Rate Sinking Deep”

  1. Seminole Bill Says:

    Watching the game from RayJay yesterday, I was sorely disappointed with Jameis’ performance. I did not expect to see him at a Drew Brees level yet, but still did not expect to see him faltering. Overthrown passes, taking hits when the ball should have been thrown away; those are not expected from a superior QB. And it wasn’t the wind – Derek Carr had to deal with the same wind conditions and was right on the mark. The young man is regressing.

  2. Destinjohnny Says:

    Has a bit of the Rudy stein thing at times

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Is it regression or the fact he has NO time to throw because of the overrated bucs line and the fact he has ONE NFL weapon on offense…

  4. Bird Says:

    Baghdad ‘ s quarterback

  5. Gigglypuff Says:

    If Jamies has a second reciever he would be dicing teams up, but as you said Joe the chickens have come home to roost. Mr. GM were looking at you now.

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    @seminolebill….I agree…he has regressed….is it because of dirk?…the qb coach?…..even with similar talent at the wr position last year he didn’t look this bad….GO BUCS!!!!

  7. Tampa Tony Says:

    Here come the excuses in 5,4,3,2,1…

    Jameis could have an all pro group of receivers and would still over throw them. Are you a true franchise qb if you need to be surrounded by all pro talent to be average? A true franchise qb elevates those around him and wills his team to wins

  8. thunderhcunkyPA Says:

    Jameis needs to be accountable. Wentz doesn’t even have a sure fire #1 WR and he is getting the job done. This could be one of those cases where the bucs picked the wrong QB. Marriota is looking quite good in TN.

  9. LargoBuc Says:

    Look at guys like Mariota, Wentz, Dak. They’re not perfect but their mechanics are far ahead of Jameis. Those guys don’t miss open reciever after open reciever. I know Jameis is young but why do these other teams get qb’s with near perfect mechanics off the bat? While we get a gunslinger who cant sustain a completion percentage better than 59 percent. Those other guys are taking over the league now while Jsmeis Winston of the Buccaneers is trying to catch up. And other than Wentz, Licht could have got any of those guys, plus Carr or Garropolo. And we get a gunslinger.

  10. Bird Says:

    It’s so funny to see certain people and you know who you are …won’t blame Jameis…it’s no talent around him. Look what cam Newton did last year with no talent around him. The team goes as Jameis goes. He played well in Atlanta game. That’s about it. 49ers don’t count. He is hot and cold. Does not appear to be lukewarm. Struggles to throw a 5 yard pass and is 1 out of 10 on a deep ball. Hope he gets act together cause this will put bucs behind for years to come

  11. Bird Says:

    Syria’s quarterback

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    it so funny to read the guys giving up on jameis and it’s the same group of losers who whinned about Glennon being treated unfairly and the same ones who play character police and wanted Mariotta over Winston. All the same excuses you wanted those of us who realized early on that glennon was a heartless bum that you would never want to lead your team. So 8 deserves all the excuses and benefits of a doubt and he had a healthy vjax, evans and te’s. but 3 was a mistake… Jameis will be the most important and best buccaneer or all time within 3 to 5 years. It’s not like he has much to compete wit the organization outside of 5 years has been a laughing stock. The defense lost that game not winston. Winston played like hot garbage in the second half and Koetter called a crappy game no doubt about it but the reason the bucs lost the game was not winston it was because of the fragile soft ass dline who can never breath on a quarterback led by the POS overrated smiling ice cream man and his merry band of losers… that is what cost the bucs the game not Winston’s bad day.

  13. rayjay1122 Says:

    I was in support of drafting Winston. He had such and charismatic personality and I trusted that he would mature into a solid leader and be a model citizen which he has done. My concerns were inaccuracy, slow starts and interceptions. I think we may have taken the wrong QB now. He is still very young and hopefully will get a lot better. Don’t want another Steve Young situation where we pull the plug and he shines with another team.

  14. Pit Says:

    I think it finally sank in for Joe that this guy is not America’s QB.

    Do you guys think Glenon would play better at this moment? What if we give #3 a break maybe it will do him good.

  15. Bob in valrico Says:

    max protect Jameis send out two WR’s or WR and TE.Jameis needs to learn to be effective in the pocket. Unless Doug martin or rogers plays then we can open it up a little more. Hopefully Jameis can find confidence and accuracy
    with this move.Oakland did it.jameis has got to do his part to keep defense off the field.Offensive time of posession very poor.

  16. Pit Says:

    Tmax it seems like he is having a bad day every week now. And if it’s not for DK play calling #3 would throw 3-4 interceptions a game at least.

    You say #3 didn’t lose the game when he couldn’t move the ball 20 yards to place us in FG zone.

  17. ndog Says:

    Quick question, How many DRAFTED skill players were on the field for our QB in the 2nd half when we couldn’t move the ball? ONE that’s right ONE! Did you guys watch the game? When Carr had pressure he was wild with his throws as well. But most of the game he was sitting back there chillin with guys winning one on one battles all day. Did you notice on both of the catches Hump got for big yards were plays that Jameis extended to buy him time to get open yeah Carr did not have to do that cause his guys were open every play either because they are better or bigger than our midget corners, our they have 5-6 seconds to get open.

  18. LovieBall Says:

    Yeah, Wentz, the guy who just throw for a record low YPA.

  19. tmaxcon Says:


    comparing a bad qb outing and that being your only focus when a defense gave up record number of yards and embarrassed itself with a horrible effort just proves your agenda is jameis not the root cause of this teams issues which is soft, mentally weak and unreliable players in key roles…

  20. BucinJAX Says:

    I’m confused. A few days ago I was reading here that Jameis was most inaccurate when he had time in the pocket, and at his best when under pressure. The evidence given was his completion rates in both situations. Now the common theme is that he is inaccurate because he doesn’t have enough time. I’m obviously not as sharp as a lot of you people. Someone help me resolve this.

  21. Another J Says:

    In all fairness the rest of the NFL have legit wide outs, and Tight ends catching the ball, Jameis really doesn’t have much beside #13

  22. Getaclue Says:

    Why haven’t we signed mike James back to the team yet .

  23. mike n Says:

    @anotherj… yeah, besides the strong run game and an all pro reciever, a good te and a good slot wr and a good o line we don’t have anything

  24. mike n Says:

    the d has 2 problems… 1- no pass rush and 2- they have to stay on the field a ton bc the offense struggles to get 1st downs.

  25. Pit Says:

    Tmax you did not understand me.

    I am not saying he is our only issue what I mean is he IS one of our issues.

    But I still think the major issue is GMC in defense any time he is playing our defense get soft. I rather have the same guys that played against the Panthers.

  26. road warrior Says:

    At this point in his carrier Jameis has everything he needs to be a great QB. except a few more weapons and some more talent.

  27. Brian Says:

    Tmax, Oak line has allowed nine sacks all year. Stop making excuses for Jameis play. Winston cost this game… The end

  28. Ed Says:

    You still have to be able to deliver the ball on time and to where the receiver is going to be. JW has to be given a “D” grade as far as throwing catchable balls.

    With the salary cap teams can only pay a limited amount of players large contracts so you aren’t going to have teams with 4 or 5 stud receivers.

    You have to throw it to who you have and don’t make excuses. Rogers was throwing to backups yesterday and got them the ball. When there was pressure he ran for first downs.

    Zak Prescott didn’t have Dez Bryant but got the ball to Williams and Cole Beasley. Like Rogers was under pressure and Prescott was under pressure (worse than the Raiders pass rush) they still bought time and threw the ball where receiver could make a play.

    How many years has Tom Brady been without top talented receivers and he still knows how to throw it where they can catch it.

    Jameis needs to quickly adapt to this league or the Bucs will continue to be beaten by teams with lesser or similar talent

  29. Supersam Says:

    Anyone see how well Mariota is playing? Man that guy is good, oh and guess what joe he has garbage for receivers worse than we do. No excuses Winston. Your accuracy is abismable, your overthrowing 6’5 receivers. Boy that Mariotta looks good.

  30. Tnew Says:

    The joy in some of these posts is humorous. One would think that bucs fans would unite in worry over how to fix Winston. Instead lets rejoice because we wanted Glennon or Manziel or Mariotta. Next it will be for Jackson or Watson. There is a big problem with this team, but its funny to compare the lack of success that Winston is having vs the success of Prescott (Ezikiel Elloit, best o-line in the league) Mariotta (Henry and Murray, statistically top 5 O line) Wentz (This kid looks like the real deal but his receiving corps is much better than ours as a whole)

    We have one real nfl wide receiver. No NFL running backs.

    While most of Licht’s decisions at the time looked good. His success rate is sketchy.

    Maybe, just maybe, Donovan Smith isn’t as good as the Bucs want to believe. Maybe Dotson wasn’t quite as deserving of that contract. Maybe ……. This team has front office issues that you can’t ignore. I am a Licht fan, as I am a Buc fan, but this is a very disjointed team. I hope Aguayo pulls through, but even if he does, this team wasn’t to the point that a 3rd and 4th could be given away for him. Mike Evans looks to be a great pick but he was known as “vaseline hands” all of the off season. ASJ is gone but hey we got our pound of flesh. Donald Penn looks better than D Smith today. This is all front office stuff. Noah Spence.. our second round pick. I jumped for joy at that pick and still am BTW, if he finishes with over 7 sacks we have to love that pick but he is only used as a part time player. Undersized lineman and undersized linebackers don’t generally mix.

    Lets hope that during this year, somehow it gets better. With the (growing) list of injuries we might want to tap the brakes.

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    @tmaxcon….jameis is my qb(in my TO voice)…..with that being said he has been part of the reason we have lost a few….yesterday wasn’t one of them even tho he missed quite a few throws to open wr’s….bottom line is he’s not playing like the special qb everyone knows he is….no doubt he lacks elite weapons but that doesn’t explain his inaccuracy….he has to play better and by better I mean at least average….he been playing below average recently….GO BUCS!!!!

  32. Shane Says:

    Would help if they caught the ball and if we had some type of run game.

  33. Shane Says:

    He scored well in fantasy. He didn’t have that bad of a day considering he had no run game to help.

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Only idiots are blaming GMC. I don’t care what he’s getting paid…I don’t pay him. He’s a very solid player and he barely misses playing time.

    If I were looking for people to blame, I would blame our defensive ends, who have almost zero production thus far.

    I love Ayers…but if he gets injured again, what good is he????

  35. BucsFan90 Says:

    I’ve been saying since the start of the season that our receivers are the worst in the league at getting open. Jason Licht needs to get his head out of his a**. Cecil Shorts, Hump are not the answer those two would be on the practice squad on any other team. The only weapon we have is Mike Evans and even he admits he has weaknesses on Pewter Report “I’m creating more separation and I’m getting in and out of my cuts easier for being a big guy. I’m not as athletic as you might think. I have a little bit of athleticism, but I’m not much of an athlete. I didn’t know how to read coverages and things like that. I missed three years of high school and only played two years of college.”

  36. BucsFan90 Says:

    Jason clueless Licht needs to gets a speedy burner ASAP. Evans is going to keep getting double, triple coverage until then and soon enough another season will be in the toilet

  37. 813bucboi Says:


  38. DB55 Says:

    I really think you guys who compare Winston to mariota Wentz or Dak should go look at a pass chart. What you don’t realize is that everyone except Winston is throwing passes no more than 10 yards down the field meanwhile Jameis is chucking it no less than 20-30 yards down the field a majority of the time.

    Jameis would have a 68% completion percentage if he had to dunk and dunk all game. Or more importantly if he had any kind of running game. Like Dak,mariota and Wentz. You people can’t be this stupid can you?

    I figured today’s anger would be placed solely on Hey Jude who literally cost us the game by 1. Getting called for holding AFTER a 4th down incompletion or 2. by giving up the game winning TD bc he sucks and couldn’t cover my grandmother.

    You people make me sick. I can’t believe football fans can be this stupid they don’t even know who their best and worst players are. Holy jeezus.

  39. Tampa Tony Says:

    DB55- So you’d rather have a qb chucking it down the field and not complete any passes and go 3 n out over a qb who makes smart decisions and keeps drives alive?

    Pushing the ball down the field is great when the qb actually completes a few passes

  40. Bird Says:

    Yah. DB55 is clueless. Jameis struggled with a 5 yard pass same as a long bomb down the field. Give it up people. The team goes as Jameis does and he is struggling (less the Atlanta game).

  41. DB55 Says:


    Play calls matter so when you have all your receivers running 5 y slants vs. 15 y outs or go routes for 30 yards you can’t compare the two.

    Of course the 5 yard routes are easier to complete. Plus look at their weapons vs ours.

    Tell you what, feel free to swap mariota into this situation that we have here. He’d be on IR by half-time, and would have yet another coach fired.

    Mariota has Murray and Henry running the ball at least 80% of the time. Tenn has dumbed the offense down for him while we are expecting Winston to be Drew Brees with a 70% Comp percent throwing to undrafted WR, rb and tes while going undefeated.

  42. DB55 Says:


    You must be talking about the 5 yard pass to A.Smith with 3:35 left in OT that hit Smith in both hands and he dropped it? that would have given us a 1st down? Is that the 5yard pass you refer to cuz I’m clueless so you have to be more specific plz.

  43. mveal2006 Says:

    1. we passed on derrick carr for jameis, even tanked a season needlessly. we could have gotten similar performance and arguably more wins for tebow. I rooted for jameis and didn’t care about the accusations. but its about winning.
    2. our gm might not be the guy, in that arroyo lost us another game, Vernon Hargreaves got crushed, the whole 2016 draft looks unproductive, we really only have had 2 or 3 draft picks working out very well since the guy arrived, no better than the one before.]
    3. we did just as well with lovey last year as we are doing now, not sure what that was all about either. so lovie didn’t like a guys language, no reason to fire him.
    4.the nfl is just not real exciting right now. it may be fixable, some simplification may help. college football is far more interesting.

  44. Tampa Tony Says:

    @DB55- I can remember on the majority of these deep passes that Winston loves to try he usually has an underneath option wide open. Why continually try passes he has no hope of completing? You typically don’t see 3 or 4 routes all go deep. Winston just continually fails to keep drives alive as he’d rather go for the homerun ball then keep a drive alive

  45. Estrada Roger Says:

    Long time Bucs fan, since the beginning, I was never impress with Winston even in college, yes he is a good qb, but a star he is not. Mariotta would have been my choice, there is nothing we can do now lets support what we have and hope for the best.

  46. Mo_Downs Says:

    Football is a game of attrition. The Bucs are without WR2, WR3, TE1, TE2, RB1, RB2 and RB3. Rogers was an injury waiting to happen as soon as defenders learned to tackle him low.

    As of today, we have:
    (DB) C
    (LB) B-
    (DL) C-
    (ST) C+
    (QB) C
    (RB) D
    (WR) C-
    (TE) C-
    (OL) C+

    That said, what should knowledgeable Buc fans expect…?
    (A) Nothing more than low level entertainment.

    We ain’t got the horses, y’all.

  47. BigStinky Says:

    I have to STOP coming to this website or something. All I EVER hear from this site are excuses for why the Bucs are SO bad. People stick up for Winston and don’t want to place ANY of the blame on him. I hear the SAME excuses from him week after week: I need to get better, I need to protect the football, need to be more precise, etc. At least he admits he needs to be more accurate now, which has been the problem ALL year practically. His numbers are worse than Glennon’s but everyone says he is going to get better. When? Why couldn’t it happen with MG8 too? Their numbers are ALMOST identical through 18 games and actually Glennon’s are a little better. Like I said, I need to stop coming to this site because I am sick of talking about JW3. If he could stop going 3 and out maybe our defense wouldn’t be SO tired all the time. Maybe he will finally turn out to be good someday, but right now he reminds me of Vinny T. He is NOT quite as bad as Trent Dilfer was but man it is close. I wish he had that spark that S. King had where he could win games in the 4th quarter. I think we are wasting time on another QB like we ALWAYS do. Let’s just hope that MG8 doesn’t turn out to be the next mistake like S. Young was. We NEVER gave Mike the chance to be successful and he wasn’t as bad as Dilfer was. So why didn’t we give him a better look than we did? Just saying, we ALREADY had a QB as good as Jameis (same stats) but decided to waste a couple more years developing another QB who hasn’t even been average. Go BUCS!

  48. DB55 Says:


    Read this:

    DB55 Says:
    October 31st, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    You must be talking about the 5 yard pass to A.Smith with 3:35 left in OT that hit Smith in both hands and he dropped it? that would have given us a 1st down? Is that the 5yard pass you refer to cuz I’m clueless so you have to be more specific plz.

    Tony is Jameis supposed to throw and catch the ball too?

  49. Tampa Tony Says:

    DB55- look at the tape Jameis continually throws deep (and misses) when he has wide open guys underneath

  50. DB55 Says:

    I looked at the tape last night. He missed ME in the 2nd qrt high but pass was tipped.

    Look he missed Cecil short twice in the third and Shep immediately there after (next play) mind you he got sacked on the same series but that neither hear nor there. So he missed on some passes.

    The deep pass to me was a good pass me just needed to dive for it, they can’t all be perfect passes B.

    4th qrt w a min left ME get targeted helmet to back of head no call 4th down. Next series Smith drops a 1st down.

    Dog all I do is watch tape before coming onto JBF to correct the fools who spend sundays watching the game thru the bottom of a beer mug. Then sit here and regurgitate the stupidity they hear on 620 from the most unqualified sports media personalities in the world. Or worse yet they listen to sanders over a BN who is even worse.

    You dudes see 3 overthrows and conclude that Jameis sucks yet can’t review tape or watch film therefore you sound like complete idiots.

  51. Tampa Tony Says:

    3 over throws? He completed what 7 passes in the second half. Inaccuracy isn’t only overthrowing open guys outside of the ATL and SF games his accuracy has been a joke.

  52. 813bucboi Says:

    @db55….jameis was off yesterday….its not how you start but how you finish….that pass to a.smith was a little off target…granted he should’ve caught it but it is what it is….that particular play can be blamed on dirk….why count on a guy who you just signed off the street a couple weeks ago to win the game?….how about being creative and putting the ball in the hands of evans or hump or shep…how about running jameis on a boot leg….a.smith should’ve never been put in that position to began with…the only reason he should’ve been on the field in that situation was to block….GO BUCS!!!!

  53. SOEbuc Says:

    Lmao at all ya’ll saying Jameis cost us the game. It was my homeboy who I think is a very talented young CB Jude-Adjei that got the holding on 4th down that Carr overthrew within 2 minutes left giving the Raiders a first down inside the 5 (think it got backed up on a Raiders penalty though lol).

  54. Tampa Tony Says:

    Jameis wasting drives with inaccurate throws was a bigger culprit than hey jude

  55. It Wasn't The Raiders - - Tampa Bay Bucs Blog, Buccaneers News Says:

    […] has already stated how America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, fell off the map in the second half […]

  56. Silent_Partner Says:

    tmaxcon ,
    Ding, ding, ding. You win the prize.

  57. Silent_Partner Says:

    Another smart Buc fan. You guys do exist.

  58. Silent_Partner Says:

    DB55 ,
    Three actual smart Buc fans in the same place at the same time. This is amazingly amazing.

  59. Issic Haggins Says:

    When you have the worst targets in the NFL bar none and have been hit more than Brady gets hit in two seasons you are going to have struggles !!! However he has still been player of the week twice which is very impressive with the cast of grocery baggers he is working with. No Jackson , no Martin and no ASJ ………. Winston has 4 college or cut free agents out of his five skilled position targets…….. This may be an NFL record ????

  60. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The Raiders came into the game with the worst defense in the NFL, and we couldn’t get 300 yards of offense against them. There’s no excuse for their PATHETIC performance.

  61. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yeah I think Jameis will get there too but may not be this season. I have to be patient but they’re making it real hard. It doesn’t seem that they collectively want it bad enough.

  62. DB55 Says:

    Jameis Winston’s 14 TD passes are the tied for the most through 7 games in #Bucs history

    @Jaboowins #OAKvsTB 📷s:

  63. RP Says:

    Winston QB rating 82
    Mariota 95

  64. DB55 Says:


    There’s a huge difference. MM throws 5-10 yard routes.

  65. dkdubbnole Says:


    You have to realize that Winston and Mariota run two completely different offenses. Mariota throws 95% of his passes < 10 yards.

  66. Tampa Tony Says:

    What’s your point? Brady does the same thing

    It’s funny how FSU homers can’t admit Jameis has been awful outside of 2 games

  67. America's Commenter Says:

    Jameis’ regression is as clear as day. What are the coaches going to do about it? Simply hoping or believing he will get there is not a winning strategy. The coaches need to design a game plan that plays to Winston’s strengths, which includes not falling behind early on defense and forcing Winston to play catch-up. Somebody needs to re-kindle the fire we all saw in him during his rookie campaign or he will be just another failed attempt at molding a franchise QB in Tampa Bay.

  68. BoJim Says:

    I love Jameis and am behind him 100% but remember with a few smooth moves, how we could’ve had Carr? I would’ve been down with that at the time.