Cam Newton Out Monday

October 8th, 2016

Won’t play.

About the best news for Bucs fans in weeks was just dropped by

Jeremy Bergman of reports that Stinking Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will not play against the Bucs Monday night.

But it’s not just Newton who won’t be playing. Seems much of the starting offense of the Stinking Panthers will miss the game including left tackle Michael Oher (concussion) and running back Jonathan Stewart.

Throw in the fact the Stinking Panthers cut a starting corner this week and their secondary is a true sieve, if the Bucs lose to backup quarterback Derek Anderson for the third time in three seasons, not only will the Bucs be on full-blown Draft Watch 2017 at 1-4, but Joe thinks there should be serious discussion among the powers that be at One Buc Palace about a veteran purge of this team in the offseason.

Losing to a decimated Stinking Panthers team like this and yet another march to the bottom of the NFC South is simply unacceptable.

26 Responses to “Cam Newton Out Monday”

  1. Chris Says:

    I agree Joe, starting with McCoy and his strained calf.

  2. Chris Says:

    I can tell you the difference between JW and McCoy is, JW wouldn’t be out of a Monday night game with a division rival with a strained calf.

  3. 911bucs Says:

    “Losing to a decimated Stinking Panthers team like this and yet another drive to the bottom of the NFC South is simply unacceptable”.

    Ya but 90% or so of JBFer’s expect a 1-4 by the break.

  4. biff barker Says:

    The Bucs have a penchant for losing to backup QB’s.

    This is going to look like a college game on MNF. I’m liking the idea of purging the veteran losers at this point. What’s to lose but losers?

  5. Joe Says:

    I can tell you the difference between JW and McCoy is

    Don’t think that is fair in any way.

    1. Doctors won’t clear GMC to play Monday. Not much a player can do if a doctor won’t give him the green light (see: ASJ, 2015).

    2. GMC played hurt much of last year.

    If you want to mock GMC for being a bit brittle (no where near as brittle as Jacquies Smith), OK. But to suggest GMC doesn’t want to play, that’s just shameful.

  6. Chris Says:

    Ok it’s shameful. But I believe he’s part of this losing culture, a big part. He’s a common denominator going back to Raheem Morris

  7. Joe Says:

    But I believe he’s part of this losing culture, a big part. He’s a common denominator going back to Raheem Morris

    GMC played for a 10-win team. Now there are other Bucs who are held in high regard by fans who have been on the roster for years and have never been on a winner in the NFL. Feel free to do the math.

    But for some reason, those players get a complete and total pass from fans yet those same fans rag on GMC. One of which openly admitted to being mentally checked out in games last year. Why do these guys get a pass but folks are so quick to seal-club GMC?

    When is the last time GMC put up a goose egg? (Cough, cough).

  8. Couch Fan Says:

    Not sure how this is good news when we’ve already proven we cant beat their back up either. Here’s to hoping this time is different.

  9. JonBuc Says:

    The Bucs will continue to extend Anderson’s career by laying down while he piles up good #’s and another win. Sadly, the veteran purge probably should have already started with Vincent Jackson. Ultra productive for 4 years…this year is more of a “lifetime acheivement award” payout. Good teams cut a year too early…Bucs may have waited a year too late. I’m not sure that it matters given the salary cap space and the recent penchant for blowing loot on suspect free agents. J.R. Sweezey comes to mind…

  10. LakelandBuc Says:

    This will be Cam 3rd career game missed, all against the Bucs. And what is his backup ( Derek Anderson ) record against us ? 2-0, so why not 3-0.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Chris, one player doesn’t make a team. One major Bucs weakness since GMC was drafted has been our DEs … most have been adequate at best. Bucs during those years have been above average against the run, but there’s only so much GMC can do in pressuring the QB by himself when he’s often drawing double-teams. GMC has played in and started an average of over 13 games/season since he was drafted in 2010 (and that includes his 2011 season when he got hurt and only played 6 games). He’s averaged over 6 sacks/season in those years, despite having only 1 sack in his shortened 2011 season.

    Forget how much he’s being paid; that’s management’s concern. He’s anchored our DLine since 2010, and has been solid in the middle. But the Bucs losing seasons shouldn’t fall on GMC’s shoulders … give Koetter a team of GMC-caliber players and he’ll give you a SuperBowl. Personally I think many Bucs fans and media pundits are the ones with the ‘losing culture’ that you speak of, as opposed to the Bucs players. It takes more than a few ‘superstars’ to have a winning TEAM in the NFL, and the Bucs simply aren’t there yet. But they will be if we stop firing coaches every 2 yrs and start drafting & developing & retaining decent players.

  12. Mojiska Says:

    The common denominator has also been the glasers. Last time I posted about this Tampa had a higher win % when gmc was in the lineup than out. Don’t remember exact numbers, but I want to say we had a 12% better win ratio when he played vs when he didnt. If you want to say his injuries are a problem, can’t argue that. But to say he is the problem just isn’t true. He is not a leader, but his play also isn’t the problem.

  13. Wes Says:

    Is this good news? Anderson has ripped us to shreds numerous times lol

  14. not there yet Says:

    “Losing to a decimated Stinking Panthers team like this and yet another march to the bottom of the NFC South is simply unacceptable.”

    Like they’ve actually needed cam newton to beat the bucs!!! any backup QB can beat the bucs and being decimated in the secondary doesn’t compare to just simply not being good enough to compete against playoff teams.

    “A team like this”? I hate the panthers if for no other reason they are in our division but these bucs rarely show up for primetime games which is why they dont get very many primetime games. even if we could say we have the talent to match up we cant say we have the mentality to match with the exception of a couple players so monday is another chance to prove it but i have a feeling to few players have a im in the nfl type of arrogant mentality so it wont matter if they go to the playoffs or not.

  15. Razor Ramone Says:

    As long as Buc killer Greg Olsen IS playing we got a problem.

  16. ElioT Says:

    $20 says Andersen shreds this defense for 300+.

    Don’t want it to happen but I can’t see any other outcome.

    Hope I’m wrong!

    Go Sucs!!!

  17. orlbucfan Says:

    @Defense R: I agree with you, but the haters and whiners won’t shuttup. The Joe(s) rag them on, too. It’s obviously good for advertising or they wouldn’t do it. Carolina seems to be bit by the post SB bug. They were great last year, but not so far this year. Part of Denver’s deal is pure luck: no injuries yet to any of their stars. I don’t include hothead Aqib T in that group. Still like to know why Belicheat let him go? Whatever. Go Bucs Monday Nite!!

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    Except we are fielding a decimated defensive front with a decimated offensive backfield. So it’s not as easy as it may seem.

  19. RonRicoFSU Says:

    Derek Anderson will be the Week 5 offensive player of the week.

  20. Chucklehead Says:

    Newton out? So what. Anderson has sliced us up in the past. Any other team in the NFL would be salivating over the situation with a guy like Newton on the sidelines. But, not the Bucs. We are too busy getting in our own way to worry about taking advantage of a golden opportunity.

    Only way I see a Bucs win is if Rogers has a big big night and the Oline can keep Jameis clean. Would be nice if our D can at least part way shut Anderson down.

  21. Mike Johnson Says:

    This is a very winnable game for us. But will we? Again, Defense will be key here. No pass rush on Anderson and he will be the NFL player of the week guaranteed. Guy loves to stand back there and pick you clean. How bad do the Bucs want to go into the bye at 2-3? You’d think they would mount an all out do or die assault come Mon Eve. Are we even capable of having that mentality?
    National TV Buc fans. No other NFL game on anywhere. I would love to see an angry aggressive Kick A.. Buc team take the field. Hittin, spittin, knockin and bustin A.. Opps sorry, Was havin flashbacks of Sapp/Lynch/Brooks there for a moment!

  22. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    This is a “very” winnable game for us? We’re playing a Super Bowl team from last year. Yeah they’ve lost a lot to injury but how much more than us did they have to begin with. We are trying to catch them.

    We are playing them on the road…they face the same desperation for their season as us…actually worse because it’s a home game and we are 1-0 already in our division. They view US as a very winnable game.

    Very, very few games in the NFL are “very” winnable. I didn’t see a “very” winnable game on our schedule this year. I concede there are some winnable games after the bye.

    We have no starting RB…out WR’s have underperformed…our franchise QB is still learning his craft as should have been expected. Every one of our starters on the DL is now injured..or out.

    I want to win. Mostly though I’d like to see some improvement. The Panthers realize this is truly a MUST win game for them. They’re not going to roll over for us.

  23. Mike Johnson Says:

    StpeteBucsfan..actually I am for some reason, (don’t know why) somewhat optimistic about this game. Look the one way for Koetter to calm Buc nation is to go out and get a win this Monday. I mean, truly play all out..Kamakize before the bye. I..just don’t know if we are capable of doing it. Something tells me we will be ready. I mean, wouldn’t you be sick and tired of a 2nd string QB consistently beating the hell out of you? Defense might just come to play..even without McCoy. They are going to be the key. I think jameis will be Ok this game. We shall see. So far the Bucs have not shown me any Heart. They are on national primetime stage Monday night. I want to see if they are..up to the task. I do believe this game is like a ..Custers last stand for us (without custers results). Lose this one going into the bye and the bags over the head..come out!

  24. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Wow joe, so you think Lavonte David is a bigger loser than GMC? The Lavonte David that has been injured, what? Once in his career? Sure he is a quiet dude and won’t motivate many, but he is damn good at his job. He doesn’t pretend to be a vocal leader and tell his teammates to “just have fun” when they are in the midst of a another losing season. Yes Lavonte has been here on losing team after losing team. But I don’t think 1 player is the cause on the losing culture. When has Lavonte ever let the fan base down (other than that one time in New York)? He produces like one of the best players in the league. Better than DPOY keuchly. So before you run your mouth about our best most consistent player on the team, don’t forget what LVD has done for this team production wise over his great career here in TB.

  25. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Carolina is hurting, but the bucs are hurting just as bad! We are without our top 2 RBs, we are without our 4 best pass rushers. Do we really think our secondary can hold up to derrick Anderson without a pass rush helping them? Nothing this year has shown me they could.

    Mike Evans is all we have at WR for the second straight season. I love Vincent Jackson but the guy’s career is over. He can not get open. His presence on the roster prevented us from drafting or signing a decent WR. Mike Evans needs help. Jameis has struggled because of the lack of WR talent. He has to try and force the ball in a tight window because no one is ever open. Resulting in mistakes and turnovers.

    Not even with the injuries the cats have, should we win this game. Our injuries are just as bad. derrick Anderson, who is a decent QB, has a load of weapons to expose our sieve of a pass defense.

    Once again I hope our bucs get the win. But my expectations are pretty low. And this game certainly isn’t a season ended. Only a quarter of the games have been played. I don’t just enjoy watching the bucs for their playoff chances, I like watching buccaneer football. Doesn’t matter if they are 1-15 or 15-1. I’ll be watching every Sunday (Monday or Thursday)

  26. LucasBuck Says:

    The Bucs will get destroyed as they always do with a “gimme game”. Many backup or otherwise unknown QB’s have made themselves look like rockstars against our Bucs. We’d be better off against Cam.