Bucs-Panthers Open Thread

October 10th, 2016

bucs cheerleader 0811Fingers crossed, Bucs faithful.

This is a win-at-all-costs game. No question about it. No more excuses.

A loss tonight would be devastating and humiliating.

Bang it here with comments all game long. And prepare yourself for postgame coverage.

Play nice. Personal fouls at not tolerated.

992 Responses to “Bucs-Panthers Open Thread”

  1. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Here we go!

  2. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    GO BUCS!

  3. ElioT Says:


  4. Chris Says:

    Cmon, big game from Jameis, some younger ball players in there tonight

  5. PhillyBuc Says:

    C’mon Bucs, don’t lay a turd

  6. Ndog Says:

    Does anyone know who is starting a 3 technique tonight? Maybe Akeem Spence?

  7. Chris Says:

    Youngey not younger

  8. MatthewPlus Says:

    Go Bucs!

  9. University of Seffner Says:

    Go Bucs! One Play At A Time (OPAAT)!

  10. Jynnnxx Says:

    What a mockery of our National anthem that was!!! Horrible!

  11. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    …and we lose the toss… Not a good start! (Always call Tails! Let’s get it going!

  12. COBucs Says:

    Come on bucs pull a win out.

  13. TheRealDrew Says:

    Who’s misplaced child got a hold of the piano during the national anthem?

  14. ElioT Says:


  15. PhillyBuc Says:

    Awesome 4 yard loss!!!

  16. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Run up the middle on first… Novel.

  17. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    I gotta give credit to Koetter, he didn’t try to run Sims up the middle. lol

  18. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Rodgers is DELIVERING big time!

  19. PhillyBuc Says:

    Delayed draw only works so often

  20. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:


  21. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    BOOM! Red Zone!

  22. ElioT Says:

    Somewhere on the sidelines Aguayo is crapping his pants.

  23. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:


  24. ElioT Says:

    There we go! Evans!!!

  25. cmurda Says:

    JW floated that and that’s a stupid route on 3rd and 10.

  26. PhillyBuc Says:


  27. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:


  28. cmurda Says:

    good opening drive and most importantly…the kick is good

  29. MadMax Says:

    Man, that drive couldve ended with 7, but 3 is fine, especially with Roberto.

  30. ElioT Says:

    What happened to homeboy’s mortar kicks?

    Let’s go Defense!

    Y’all have no marbles if you let Derek rip your ass.

  31. Jason Says:

    I’m scared… I feel good about this game tonight lol. C’mon Bucs!!!

  32. Gigglypuff Says:

    Great start koutter good play call. Stay the fuk calm jw and u gonna be fine!

  33. Jason Says:

    Also looking forward to Alexander introducing himself to America.

  34. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    3 and Out! Go Bucs!

  35. PhillyBuc Says:

    Way to go D

  36. ElioT Says:


    Big round of applause!

  37. MadMax Says:

    Good job D!

  38. Jason Says:

    Hell yeah baby, 3 and OUT

  39. ElioT Says:

    Good teams will take opportunity here and score a TD.

    Let’s go Jameis!

  40. orlbucfan Says:

    Hump has to field another punt. Man, that makes me nervous!

  41. Jason Says:

    So glad Sims is on IR

  42. PhillyBuc Says:

    Nice block by Marpet

  43. ElioT Says:

    Why the hell did we even give Sims the opportunity to get injured?

  44. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Darn good running Qizz!

  45. ElioT Says:

    Helmet on helmet?

  46. MadMax Says:

    Man, JR32 is showing out!

  47. ElioT Says:


  48. PhillyBuc Says:

    Dotson, drive killer

  49. ElioT Says:

    F**k Dotson, knobby kneed f**k!

    Dotson the drive killer!

  50. Njbucsfan Says:

    Imagine that. Winston missed high

  51. ElioT Says:

    Sit Dotson’a ass on the bench please.

  52. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Go Hump!

  53. cmurda Says:

    Atta boy Hump

  54. orlbucfan Says:

    Where are some screen passes? Sweeps? It’s early but Where are these calls? Listening on Bucs radio. 🙂 Hump just caught a slip screen about time!

  55. ElioT Says:

    Jesus Christ

  56. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Prince Ali…

  57. cmurda Says:

    There has been no cleaning up on penalties on offense. This is ridiculous

  58. orlbucfan Says:

    Here come the flags. Sometimes you wonder…..?

  59. PhillyBuc Says:

    Jail break

  60. cmurda Says:

    That drive stalled because of this O Line. Still average at best

  61. lurker Says:


  62. ElioT Says:


    Just give the f**king momentum to Carolina!


    Weak as circus lemonade!


  63. PhillyBuc Says:

    Keep the ball almost entire qtr and have 3 pts?!

  64. Rojas Says:

    Time to draft a RT, Dotson is a drive killer.

  65. Patrick Says:

    How does Winston not audible there?! Hell even Dak Prescott knows when to audible and he’s a rookie!

  66. ElioT Says:

    What LOSERS do!

    Can’t take advantage of opportunities and all the ToP!

    This f**king team.

    Let’s go defense!

  67. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    C’mon guys! Gotta keep that mo’ goin!

  68. Tampa Tony Says:

    Predictable offense to protect the turnover machine

  69. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Corners, gotta earn your keep. Get us the ball!

  70. BennyBucs Says:

    Dak Prescott>Jameis Winston

  71. Kevin Says:

    Gruden said it 1 and 3 teams self destruct. This is usually about when we start to fall apart

  72. ElioT Says:

    All day, ZERO pressure.

  73. cmurda Says:

    Guys take 1 step and are open. Why do our corners play 10 yards off the receiver. Anybody could sit back there and pick us apart

  74. ElioT Says:

    Here we go folks!

  75. MadMax Says:

    Have to double Olsen! Take him out of the game!

  76. COREYATX Says:

    Did you notice that Kwon was so fired up, he over-pursued the first three plays? Deep breaths, buddy. You got this.

  77. cmurda Says:

    Our defense should be named “All day”. Qbs have all day to sit in the pocket.

  78. ElioT Says:

    We got hands on hips already.

  79. Tampa Tony Says:

    Anderson will outplay Winston by far tonight

  80. J theezy Says:

    Secondary is str8 garbage

  81. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    1st round draft pick that will be eaten up by benjamin for next 5 years

  82. DallasBuc Says:

    Zero pressure. Pass the football. No brainier.

  83. ElioT Says:

    Lucky incidental contact.

  84. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    I’ll take it!!

  85. PhillyBuc Says:

    New secondary technique, can’t stop them, trip them

  86. Rod Munch Says:

    Why do they put this on as a Monday Night Football game for the entire nation to watch? Unlike most of the dolts in here I’m an actual fan of the Bucs and the games versus Carolina have always been bore fests that I barely want to see. Why would they want this as a national game, more or less at that awful stadium up there which has zero personality.

  87. Chris Says:

    Good job so far. The D needs to be Bend don’t Break. The last several games have been lost by turnovers, and giving up huge plays. Make them earn every score, Winston protect the football, take the sack, etc. We will have a real shot

  88. WutdaBUCisthis? Says:

    LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

  89. cmurda Says:

    Apparently Koetter is afraid to throw with JW. This is the same secondary that has been scorched weekly.

  90. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    A MIRACLE!!!

  91. MadMax Says:


  92. LargoBuc Says:

    I wish our corners could bat it down like that

  93. DallasBuc Says:

    The greats make that pass 10 times out of 10

  94. PhillyBuc Says:

    awesome nice awareness Shepard

  95. cmurda Says:

    Ok, there’s the break we needed. This has to end in a TD. FG’s suck

  96. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    That is the first break I can remember this season!

  97. MadMax Says:

    Alright guys, need 7 out of this dammit!

  98. ElioT Says:

    Can we score here? Like a TD?

  99. Tampa Tony Says:

    Low tree is scared to let the turnover machine throw

  100. J theezy Says:

    Why no hurry up?

  101. Tampa Tony Says:


  102. ElioT Says:

    Settle down here! Need a f**king TD!!!!

  103. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Boom! Red Zone! Get 7!

  104. CalBucsFan Says:

    Why all the. Midget CBs? Where the hell is Johnathan Banks!

  105. ElioT Says:

    Damn, Quizz is tough!

    Need 7!!!

    Let’s go!!!!

  106. ElioT Says:


  107. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Boom! Shot in the foot!

  108. MadMax Says:

    Come on Cherilus!

  109. PhillyBuc Says:

    Jesus christ

  110. LargoBuc Says:


  111. ElioT Says:


  112. cmurda Says:

    This is an embarrassment to real NFL teams. Frigging 2nd straight 3rd and 1 false start. Nice Gosder

  113. ElioT Says:


  114. PhillyBuc Says:


  115. ElioT Says:

    We don’t want to win. Don’t know how…

    F**king joke.

  116. Tampa Tony Says:

    Winston getting schooled by kuechly

  117. cmurda Says:

    This can’t be real. Does anyone coach this team. It’s freaking humiliating. 3rd and 1. now 3rd and 11.

  118. Patrick in VA Says:

    Where has Rogers been all my life?

  119. Patrick Says:

    Classic self destructive drive by this team

  120. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    3 bullets in the foot… not gonna help

  121. cmurda Says:

    So, now Koetter takes the time out. Not while the play clock was going down. What is the problem here Coach Koetter. Get you team’s head out of it’s butt.

  122. Rod Munch Says:

    Good job Dirk… you see the clocking running out and Winston is calling an audible, as a coach at 3 seconds you can see the play isn’t going to get off – call a TO. Then after the penalty you waste the TO. What a dolt.

  123. orlbucfan Says:

    Is Rodgers still running up the middle? Ugh! Hey, they just called a screen. Almost scored. Another flag–good gawd. Bootleg Famous and run it in. Nope, still another penalty. What is with this team–the noise ain’t that big a deal. The stadium ain’t sold out and it’s outdoors.

  124. Bucnut2 Says:

    This is what 1-4 looks like

  125. Tampa Tony Says:

    Just an awful display of football

  126. Jason Says:

    We need to go to a class on how and when to use timeouts.

  127. ElioT Says:

    How many opportunities do you need in order to make a f**king play?

    How many times can you f**k your own self in the a**!

    This is what happens Donnie!

  128. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Let me guess TT and Eliot…if the Bucs score a TD it will be pure luck right?

    Gawd you guys are as negative as it comes!

  129. Kobe Faker Says:

    What did i tell you guys

    Best friend for carolina putrid secondary is koetter playcalling

  130. LargoBuc Says:

    Great throw

  131. ElioT Says:

    They deserve to get their a**es kicked!

    Bunch of losers.

  132. Bucnut2 Says:

    inaccurate JW at work again. HE sucks, VJ wide open

  133. Rod Munch Says:

    So Dirk just thinks we can run the ball on every play tonight and win 9-0.

    Good luck with that.

  134. Bucnut2 Says:

    Nice draft choice JL

  135. PhillyBuc Says:

    Haha, I’m sick

  136. Tampa Tony Says:

    Who thinks Jameis is clutch or accurate?

  137. MadMax Says:

    Get rid of this fkr already…..my god roberto!

  138. LargoBuc Says:

    Almost comical at this point

  139. cmurda Says:

    Ya think that V Jax could at least make an attempt out of it. Hey, good job Aguayo. So glad Licht reached. I’m ashamed.

  140. Patrick Says:

    Fire this POS kicker now!!!! What a joke!

  141. Jason Says:

    And then there is the inaccurate JW. Followed by our garbage kicker. How the hell did Florida state when a championship. Oh yeah defense.

  142. DallasBuc Says:

    Tell me more about the wisdom of Free pass Licht?

  143. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    …well, it was house money on that drive. Buc’s still lead.

  144. Bucnut2 Says:

    TT- he is neither, JW is a joke. This team sucks

  145. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    I don’t typically like to advocate violence. On a 100%separate note. Aguayo is reaaaally making me angry

  146. EA Says:

    Missed easy FG, Mat Bryant curse continues.

  147. Bucamania Says:

    What the hell are they doing out there?! Nailed it Rod Munch. And course Aguaynoooo! Pours salt on the wound.

  148. MadMax Says:

    We need that roster spot for somebody else, let Anger try FG’s!

  149. ElioT Says:

    Bunch of f**king amateurs!!!!

    Cut this sack of s*it known as Aguayo!!!

    National embarrassment.

  150. JonBuc Says:

    “Oh no, Arguayo!”
    2016 mantra
    Licht’s Over…And out

  151. Tampa Tony Says:

    St Pete- I call it like I see it and so far it’s all true. What have I said that’s not true?

  152. COBucs Says:

    Time to pull out the hard Sh_it.

  153. Bucnut2 Says:

    Where is Connor Barth???

  154. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Run forrest run”

    Darcie glazer

  155. Dr A Says:

    here comes the drive down the field

  156. rrsrq Says:

    This team here

  157. Bird Says:

    Baghdad ‘ s quarterback and kicker. I think we’d need to sign Rodgers to multi year deal. He is a poor mans doug martin

  158. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Hey..we’re still winning, just saying!

  159. Ndog Says:

    I am the biggest Jameis supporter around but THAT is unacceptable!

  160. Bucnut2 Says:

    DR A you are correct

  161. Patrick Says:

    Why did we get rid of Barth again? The dude was a quality kicker

  162. DallasBuc Says:

    Josh Freeman makes that pass and that kick.
    Stop it

  163. cmurda Says:

    How bad is he going to miss when the game is on the line?

  164. orlbucfan Says:

    Okay, now this is Buc Luck. Any other team, that kick hits an upright it goes inside. Not Bucs, 3-0. DK has got to get going with an imaginative short game.

  165. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Rod; Aguayo has to harden up if we want to score 9. I just threw up all over myself, those last 3 plays were embarassing. If I was Koetter I’d be losing my shirt

  166. Tampa Tony Says:

    Must drink rum

  167. BusteisWinston Says:

    I’m starting to think maybe Glennon is better. Maybe not as good an arm, but better decision making and short throw accuracy, what you need in the NFL.

  168. LargoBuc Says:

    Why cant Jameis do that

  169. jugheadfla Says:

    this is a f-ing chit show

  170. 911bucs Says:

    Just wait the schedule gets easier after the break.

  171. cmurda Says:

    Mark this time down. This is when we commemorate the beginning of the MNF collapse.

  172. Ruben Says:

    Time to send these Noles packing man. My patience is really wearing thin even on Jamies.

  173. Bird Says:

    Can we run the ball every play and win?

  174. Tampa Tony Says:

    Carolina goes no huddle but not the Bucs with a supposed franchise qb can’t???

  175. Rod Munch Says:

    Kicker would do well to come up lame in practice, like say he had a cough on the sideline and team thought it might be ebola and they placed him on IR out of caution. Almost all rookie kickers stink their first year, it’s very rare when they don’t – and that includes all-time greats. He’ll be fine next year, they just need to do something about the rest of this year – and no you dolt, you don’t cut him, he just is “injured” in practice or something.

  176. LargoBuc Says:

    The immirtal Derek Anderson folks

  177. DallasBuc Says:

    2nd round pick on an acutely defined position that is called “simply dreadful” on nation tv.
    Where’s that Charlie Sheen optimism when you need it?

  178. buccfan305 Says:

    This Muthaf#×k&r needs to be cut ASAP!!!! Are we gonna wait till he cost us a meaningful game……cut this f#@king guy and pick up a free agent kicker….this $#!t is unexceptable

  179. JonBuc Says:

    Killer B’s:


    Not necessarily in that order!

  180. rrsrq Says:

    Bucs turn the ball over, teams score, other teams turn the ball over, Bucs self-destruct. That’s Bucs football righty there #culture

  181. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Aguayo is a bust

  182. Bucamania Says:

    This team is playing with zero confidence right now. Just self destructing. Only a matter of time until Olsen scores.

  183. JMN Says:

    That’s Bucs football!

  184. Bucnut2 Says:

    GAME and SEAson over

  185. DallasBuc Says:

    We are eating our own and we are ahead.
    Oh my, the writing on the wall…

  186. Don is gone ... licht Says:

    2nd round kicker should cost GM his job!

  187. jugheadfla Says:

    I’m not saying someone should injury Aguayo in practice…….but someone should injure Aguayo in practice

  188. rrsrq Says:


    he already cost us the Rams game

  189. buccfan305 Says:

    And we wonder why we have a new coah and GM ever few years…..a high school kid can make those kicks. SMMFH!!!

  190. iamkingsu Says:

    How many does he have to miss before you bring another kicker in

  191. Bucnut2 Says:

    now let’s miss a FG

  192. LargoBuc Says:

    Okay defense I see you!

  193. Dr A Says:

    so glad to be wrong

  194. MadMax Says:

    Great job D! Now watch us drive just enough for another missed fg by Roberto!

    GOD!!!!! FML!

  195. Bucamania Says:

    NIce play VH3!

  196. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    GawdDammit! The football Gods are smiling on you Bucs! Try not to pi$$ on your own face!

  197. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Oh Connor Barth where forth art thou? At this point bring Grammetica back from retirement.

  198. JonBuc Says:

    Take advantage! Punt team! 🙂

  199. cmurda Says:

    Wow. We couldn’t ask for any more gifts. It would be lovely to turn this one into a TD. At least you get 6 if Roberto misses.

  200. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk is having a hissy fit, after Dirk quit on the team last week, this week he thinks he is “punishing” Winston for his performance last week against the best defense in football (Winston put up the same numbers as Cam, Luck and Dalton). So this is the punishment, he’s going to run the ball on every play, until he wants to pass when he’ll ignore the fact he’s run on every play and go to shotgun, removing the play action element. Dirk is probably on his period or something.

  201. rrsrq Says:

    Hargreaves III

  202. LargoBuc Says:

    Wont matter if team is undisciplined and Jameis is inaccurate.

  203. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Great play by VH. One mistake by Anderson and Vernon got it. Need to be Near perfect against VH.

  204. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Here’s one…you posted really early….

    Tampa Tony Says:
    October 10th, 2016 at 9:03 pm
    Anderson will outplay Winston by far tonight

    What kind of fan or supporter posts stuff like that. Why do you root for failure?
    IF you call that posting as it is we’ll check back after the game and see eh.

  205. ElioT Says:

    We’all go three and out here.

  206. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Go down and score now please.

  207. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Even Kyle Brindza made 50% and he had no business being in the NFL

  208. Walkergodeep Says:

    I miss josh freeman

  209. MadMax Says:

    Defense and special teams are ballin giving us this game….come on Offense! Dont even go for 3, just run and throw for the td on 4th and whatever…..even if its on the 5!

  210. Vegabuc Says:

    So I came back to talk about Aguayno. Funny how we blame the defense, the safeties, Jameis, the injuries, but Mr 2nd round waste/bust still gets the benefit of the doubt. Aguayo f-ing sucks y’all. News flash

  211. John Says:

    Munch, “punishing Jameis”? It’s called “not allowing Jameis to put the game out of reach with the worst first quarter stats in the NFL”. Just common sense.

  212. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Lol you guys are killing me! buying and selling this team on every play.


  213. Serge Says:

    Panthers are trying to give it away, except bucs have a gimpy kicker and a blind quarterback. What a horrible game so far.

  214. ElioT Says:

    Play for the punt boys!

  215. Bucnut2 Says:

    IF JW could throw we would be killing them

  216. Rod Munch Says:

    GhostofSchiano – Barth has been awful in Chicago. Pat Murray got cut in Cleveland after week 1 or week 2.

  217. Bird Says:

    Keep Jameis under 10 yard passes

  218. Buc15 Says:

    Time for some backups to step up. Lets see who is going to man up. Gut check time fellas.

  219. buccfan305 Says:


    You’re right my friend. …Jason needs to cut gis losses and get rid of this guy ASAP…not worth the headache. …we depend on a kicker to win close games…at this point…I wouldn’t roll the dice

  220. MadMax Says:

    oh boy! smdh!

  221. LargoBuc Says:

    Gee thanx

  222. PhillyBuc Says:

    Slide Winston slide

  223. jugheadfla Says:

    and the turnover

  224. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    Sign Ken Bone, that guy is money never shrinks under oressure will make all the throws and nail the kicks… LICHT GO GET KEN BONE

  225. cmurda Says:

    Good Lord JW. Go down at the first down and never turn your back.

  226. JonBuc Says:

    Ghist of Garo..

  227. MadMax Says:

    gj JW. lucky break

  228. John Says:

    My God Winston sucks.

  229. jugheadfla Says:

    spoke to soon…but we were all thinking the same thing…lol

  230. Patrick Says:

    Lol….we honestly didn’t deserve to recover that fumble!

  231. Tampa Tony Says:

    Bottom of the pile shenanigans saved winston

  232. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Jameis is so sared to run now, way too indecisive there. Dirk what have you done to our QB?

  233. ElioT Says:

    Jameis needs to settle the f**k down before he gets injured on hands another team the game.

    They should be crushing this Panthers team right now.


  234. Rod Munch Says:

    Don’t tell me fake Bucs fan, Winston sucks because he fumbled making a good play for a first down. You think Winston should just slide 2 yards short – anything – score zero points and be the most boring team to watch on earth, just don’t ever turn the ball over, right?

  235. Kobe Faker Says:

    Im telling you guys…fking koetter the clowm is not a offensive genius

    Fire licht anf koetter tonight

  236. BusteisWinston Says:

    Cancer > FSU QBs

  237. iamkingsu Says:

    I never seen JAMEIS this nervous before.

  238. LargoBuc Says:

    If we dont get a td after that…

  239. Camdog76 Says:

    What a joke of a game plan! We have a of wide receivers healthy and the Panthers have up 500 last week.playing to not screw up. Boring, Vanilla and too conservative. Open it up and let’s play ball. Winston will make some mistakes-so what. Let him learn. We will never be a contender with this crap. It doesn’t take an offensive genius to call this crap. play to win !!!!!!!

  240. Bucnut2 Says:

    This game should let everyone know just how bad JW is a passer. He can’t read the worst secondary in the NFL

  241. Tampa Tony Says:

    St Pete as of now Anderson has outplayed the turnover machine

  242. John Says:

    Basic ball security, Munch. When you’re the second worst in the NFL at turning the ball over, you secure the ball.

  243. rrsrq Says:

    Jameis plays better in hurry up

  244. ElioT Says:

    Evans hurt.

  245. Bird Says:

    Jameis Winston The turnover machine. We got lucky. I feel bad for koetter. He has to change play calling so Jameis can complete a simple pass. And this website has ripped koetter for Jameis play. Even ira. You guys are so wrong.

  246. Rod Munch Says:

    Jameis isn’t nervous, the coach isn’t letting him play. Hopefully with the clock running they finally open this up a little.

  247. LargoBuc Says:

    Football gods be merciful…not Evans.

  248. Bucnut2 Says:

    Boy Licht has built a hell of a roster, very deep.

  249. ElioT Says:

    F**king Russell Shepard is their backup?

    Licht should feel real good knowing he did NOTHING this offseason to shore up glaring lack of depth at important positions.

  250. Bucnut2 Says:

    Rod Munch- JW opening up = turnovers

  251. COBucs Says:

    That will be a huge blow.

  252. Rod Munch Says:

    Yeah John, last week playing Denver they didn’t turn the ball over from what, the 2nd period on. How many points did they get? Did you ever watch Brett Favre play? You take the good with the bad with a gunslinger, and with someone as young as Winston you’re going to get bad plays – and many good ones. That’s football. If all you want is someone that doesn’t turn the ball over then play Glennon, he doesn’t turn it over and he makes zero plays.

  253. iamkingsu Says:

    @rod munch

    Exactly why he’s nervous

  254. jugheadfla Says:

    Evans aight

  255. unbelievable Says:

    Mistake calling a timeout there.

    Consoling defense was gassed, pass rushers weren’t even on the field, should have ran one play quickly even with Evans on sideline.

    Rookie HC mistake. He will learn.

  256. Bird Says:

    You fans have no clue. Koetter is calling a great game. Jameis can’t complete a ball over 10 yards and it’s just a matter of time before he turns it over.

  257. ElioT Says:

    Come on!!!!!

  258. Tampa Tony Says:

    Winston doesn’t look the same at all dude is broken mentally

  259. ElioT Says:

    We got nothing!

  260. COBucs Says:

    Man looked like Evans was out of the game.

  261. Da'Bone Says:

    glad i’m not at the watch party, i’d be drinking heavily!

  262. Rod Munch Says:

    How the F@!$@$ is that not pass interference!?!?

    F these c refs.

  263. Bucnut2 Says:

    JW- can hit the broad side of a barn

  264. rrsrq Says:

    are the Bucs receivers playing ib slow motion

  265. jugheadfla Says:

    not sure how that wasn’t a flag?

  266. Njbucsfan Says:

    Apparently 6’5 WR’s aren’t tall enough

  267. cmurda Says:

    Obvious PI unless you are the Bucs. refs love us.

  268. J theezy Says:

    Nobody open no separation

  269. PhillyBuc Says:

    Yay give him a bonus

  270. Tampa Tony Says:

    Where is the penalty?

  271. John Says:

    Munch, did you just use Winston and Favre in the same sentence??

  272. Matts17 Says:

    Good god, this offense is terrible. Winston is so inaccurate, he reminds me of Freeman.

  273. Bucnut2 Says:

    WE will suffer with JW for 5 years until the next GM gives up and drafts someone who can play at the NFL level

  274. jugheadfla Says:

    at the very least illegal contact

  275. cmurda Says:

    I don’t see how you guys can be calling out JW. He was great on that drive and that was PI that Crolina obviously got away with. No surprise but 10 out of 10 times that would have been called against us.

  276. BusteisWinston Says:

    Lets sign Yao Ming, Busteis can’t miss him right?

  277. Rojas Says:

    PI in front of the ref and no call.. ok

  278. JMN Says:

    Not going to win this game on field goals. This team needs to man up and score some TDs.

  279. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey John you dolt, they’re the same type of player. If you ever actually watched football you’d know that, but something tells me when it comes to football your main concern is hanging in the locker room.

  280. LargoBuc Says:

    The refs arent letting us sneak one out. We dont matter

  281. cmurda Says:

    Our defense will allow Car to at least get 3.

  282. Bird Says:

    I agree. Any 10 foot receivers coming out next year. Jameis can’t overthrow a guy that big, right?

  283. Tampa Tony Says:

    The Bucs gotta hold here. Carolina gets the ball to start the second half

  284. Bucamania Says:

    Got an idea. Cover 88!

  285. Rod Munch Says:

    Lets watch this soft Mike Smith defense collapse and put us down at halftime. Although in fairness with no defensive line and no NFL players in the backfield except for VH3, I’m not sure what you can do here.

  286. mike10 Says:

    Anyone else sickened by winstons regression? He hold the ball WAYYY too long!!!

  287. Patrick Says:

    AGAIN Winston could’ve ran for the first down but he didn’t

  288. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    Licht Ken Bone can play safety better than the slugs you got out there

  289. PhillyBuc Says:

    this is classic Bucs D

  290. Bucnut2 Says:

    Curd- it’s really simple JW is NOT accurate. What else do you need to know

  291. John Says:

    Hey Munch, your name fits you well. gky

  292. ElioT Says:


  293. Rojas Says:

    As of right now, we need Safety, RT, and more depth on dline.

  294. Bucnut2 Says:

    That is what accuracy looks like

  295. ElioT Says:

    Lavonte David has no balls, he f**king sucks.

  296. Bucnut2 Says:

    Can we trade for DA?

  297. COBucs Says:

    why are most of the panthers receivers wide the fu_ck open?

  298. Rod Munch Says:

    Good comeback John, grade A material. Anywho back to the glory hole for you, it’s halftime which means a lot of traffic in the men’s room.

  299. DallasBuc Says:

    Oh the “pie-in-the-sky” dream of a middle of the road competent NFL kicker.
    More sadness

  300. iamkingsu Says:

    Mane Koetter don’t even know the rules my gawd. How much more proof do we need??

  301. Rod Munch Says:

    What is Dirk whining about, does he really not know the rules? Why was Lovie fired when it was clear Dirk isn’t head coaching material.

  302. jugheadfla Says:

    I don’t think Koetter knows the rules

  303. Tampa Tony Says:

    No penalty on the Bucs?

  304. PhillyBuc Says:

    LD is playing rather cautiously

  305. Rod Munch Says:

    They just threw a ball 30 yards down the field and it only took 4 seconds? Really?

  306. Tampa Tony Says:

    LD is over rated anyway

  307. MadMax Says:

    Yes Missed!

  308. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    The football gods are smiling upon us…

  309. COBucs Says:

    Thank god

  310. Rod Munch Says:

    One second left in the half… where’s the dolt from 2 weeks ago that thinks you throw deep here?

  311. jugheadfla Says:

    we are getting to many breaks to win this game….I think I’m going to be in the bathroom for awhile during halftime

  312. Bucamania Says:

    What an exciting game! I bet the ratings are through the roof!

    Just said it’s the lowest scoring first half this year lol

  313. mike10 Says:

    JW blows, defense is soft as baby shh

  314. iamkingsu Says:

    @tampa tony

    Won’t say he’s overrated. I just excepted the fact that he’s not in keuchly’s class a few years ago.

  315. BucsFan90 Says:

    Thank God Almighty

  316. ElioT Says:

    How many more opportunities can the Panthers hand the Sucs and we have 6 f**king points.

    Garbage football.

    We’re just like Austin S-Jenkins, talking ourselves into a DUI/loss.

    “Taking a huge sh*t” on Monday night baby! This is the Sucs!!!

    Siege my *****!

  317. LargoBuc Says:

    Dirl, that is just embarassing man. Give me a break.

  318. jugheadfla Says:

    this has shades of the REPUS bowl…..anyone remember that one?

  319. Bucnut2 Says:

    Mike 10- what you said

  320. Tampa Tony Says:


    Winston getting out played by a backup
    Winston is now officially Freeman 2.0 with his over throws and bad decisions
    Defense is actually playing decent for the most part
    Roberto is complete garbage and is proving to be a mistake

  321. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Fake Tampa Tony

    DUH…What’s the freaking score? Who had the int?

  322. unbelievable Says:

    Besides the PI against Evans (twice),everything else is rolling our way.

    Gotta find a way to win. Have to. If this team has any balls.

    Winston needs to settle down and hit his WRs.

    Dirk needs to calm the f@ck down and outwit Rivera. Make adjustments based on what worked. We killed it with TOP that half. Now we just need some smart shots on first down and some run action / play action. Get JW on some rollouts.

  323. Cat Daddy Says:

    We need the win. Let’s send good vibes- hate the panthers. Take a win anyway we can – let’s do this Bucs fans.

  324. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Some of you guys are disgusting. Seriously. Go the eff somewhere else if you HATE this team that much you can’t even root for them when they are winning on the road against a SB team that is desperate.

    Jeebus I’m glad I’m not in your families. Life sucks for you guys huh.

    You are the little train who chugs up the hill halfway and fails…I think I can’t I think I can’t.

  325. Rod Munch Says:

    Who at the NFL or ESPN said hey, lets take what is probably the most boring game of the entire year in the NFL and put it on MNF? Seriously, who wanted this here? Unlike most of you fruits I actually like the Bucs and I find the games at Carolina nearly unwatchable as they’re generally incredibly boring. If you don’t have any rooting interest in this game it would be 100% unwatchable – and anyone that has ever seen a Bucs-Carolina game, ever, in the history of both teams, knows how boring they are.

    I feel bad for the national audience – and when the ratings come out and it’s a record low for ESPN they won’t blame Carolina, they’ll say the Bucs are off MNF for another 5 years.

  326. Tampa Tony Says:

    @iamkingsu- he’s over rated by Bucs fans. Doesn’t make impact plays and can’t cover very well

  327. University of Seffner Says:

    6-0, so far there’s been positives. Winning the game will make a great night.

  328. ElioT Says:

    Moderate my criticism about the performance of the server? Classy!

  329. Rod Munch Says:

    Stpetebucsfan – Considering JoeBuc’s very complicated system of entering a name and email, I wonder how many are just the same trolls posting over and over again. I’d assume by the lack of substance to their comments and how remarkably boring they are it’s just the same one or two dullards posting under several names.

  330. iamkingsu Says:

    @tampa tony

    Oh I agree with that. He just hasn’t been the same without schiano. Most Bucs fans are hanging onto that

  331. unbelievable Says:


    There’s at least 10 different usernames posting daily that clearly belong to 2, maybe 3 different people at most.

  332. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Exactly U of Seffner. A win heading into a two week break with our entire freaking defensive line out…both of our running backs…but hey…let’s just rant and rave like loons about how bloggers know so much more than NFL coaches and GM’s.

  333. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Should be a blow out however 6-0 ill take. Better than most end of first half scores

  334. Bucamania Says:

    VH3 gets a pick this half. Stop neutering the offense Dirk. Let’s go!

  335. iamkingsu Says:

    If your coach doesn’t know the rules it’s ok to point that out. Add to the clock management vs Rams. The punt vs the Broncos.

    Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying

  336. rrsrq Says:

    shouldn’t the Bucs be up by 9, lol

  337. Tampa Tony Says:

    St Pete- Stay classy brother

    Winston is playing timid and scared to turn it over the play calling shows that as well. Derek Anderson delivered the ball accurately and down the field to get his team in position to get points. He’s out playing our supposed franchise qb

    This d gave up 500 passing yards and the Bucs are playing scared why as a Bucs fan would you not be upset at this level of ineptitude? Are you confident in a 6 point lead with this kind of play?

  338. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    I take your point. On the political blog when the trolls arrived I remember a great lady who sadly passed away last week.

    I go ballistic like tonight at their inane trollery and she’d remind me…scroll wheel…scroll wheel.

  339. unbelievable Says:

    ^^ They should really be up by 21, lol.

  340. TheRealDrew Says:

    Maybe if Jameis wore high heels he would be throwing down hill, bring his throws down.

  341. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Agreed stpete,

    While there has been stuff to be angry abt we ARE currently winning. Now that can certainly change.

    And while it could be and I wish it was, 21-0, I’m still happy with 6 pts and a 1st half shutout

  342. Rod Munch Says:

    Winston is a streaky passer that gets better as the game goes along, he’s clutch the more he throws. However when the coach throws a hissyfit and doesn’t let him throw, well all you’re doing is not ever letting Winston get into a groove. We’ll see if Dirk makes any halftime adjustments, so far this year he’s been awful coming out of the locker room – so I wouldn’t expect that to change.

    The defensive line is missing 3 of 4 starters and I don’t think I’ve seen Noah either who wasn’t expected to play. The secondary is awful with only VH3, a rookie, being a player that would be on any other NFL team. While I think Mike Smith so far this year has done an awful job, tonight I can’t really blame him – because Carolina is going to come out and march straight down the field I’d guess as they’ll make adjustments while Dirk reads the rule book about how penalties work.

  343. COBucs Says:

    My god the TOP is horrific.

  344. Chris Says:

    Can’t stand St Pete. We are winning true. Only because another team who’s playing like garbage is playing worse. We’ve dominated time of possession. If we had a QB that could hit the broad side of a barn we should be up 3 tds. We stink this bad second half we lose

  345. PhillyBuc Says:

    LD decides not to tackle?

  346. Tampa Tony Says:

    Very creative play call

  347. unbelievable Says:

    Disgusting. What happened to LVD?

  348. ElioT Says:

    Lavonte needs to go. He sucks abs has ZERO heart! He’s been broken since he screwed the Jets game three years ago.

  349. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucs are getting no rush on pass plays, which isn’t a shock considering we have no defensive linemen – I’m surprised they’re not just throwing on every down. Run defense is the only thing this team does well.

  350. jugheadfla Says:

    LD thats your assignment bro

  351. cmurda Says:

    Mike Smith’s defense is as predictable as Lovie’s. 3rd and 1 and we have the same look. Stupid.

  352. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    LVD is regressing since titans game last year

  353. cmurda Says:

    There goes the defense. Yup, this is abou tthe time.

  354. Tampa Tony Says:

    LVD is part of the problem. Dude is just awful in coverage

  355. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    this all goes back to licht and how bad this team is setup

  356. Tampa Tony Says:

    Penalty please

  357. unbelievable Says:

    If this offense was firing on all cylinders we’d be up 21-0 right now.

  358. jugheadfla Says:

    missed tackle…..missed tackle…..missed tackle……lucky penalty

  359. Tampa Tony Says:

    2nd and long no sweat for a backup qb

  360. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Olsen > LVD

  361. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs can’t play a zone defense when you don’t have any defensive linemen. How does Mike Smith not know this?

  362. Bucamania Says:

    Deja vu. Cover 88!

  363. Ruben Says:

    What’s it gonna take for Mike smith to dial up a blitz!??!

  364. cmurda Says:

    I don’t care if these guys were straight out of college but our front 4 is disgusting and M Smith never blitzes. Dumb.

  365. unbelievable Says:

    They’re letting Olson run free on every single pass play except that td pass from the 1st half.


    I know, the d-line…

  366. MadMax Says:

    Hold them D!

  367. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs only hope is to blitz, blitz, blitz, but they have no corners and safeties that can cover either… Without those d-linemen again I get no idea why Carolina doesn’t pass on every play.

  368. MadMax Says:


  369. BennyBucs Says:

    Dirk ain’t the answer. Mike ain’t the answer. Licht damn sure ain’t the answer

  370. MadMax Says:

    Come on D!

  371. mike10 Says:

    This defense sucks.. Carolina should have 10 points

  372. Bucnut2 Says:

    Game, SET, season, let’s talk draft, I am thinking QB

  373. PhillyBuc Says:

    and just like that were losing

  374. Tampa Tony Says:

    There goes the lead

  375. MadMax Says:


  376. ElioT Says:

    Game over folks.

    One TD is all you need to break our fragile backs!!!

  377. Rod Munch Says:

    On that Olson drop who was on coverage that completely blew it? Good old Chris Conte. Why is he still on the team?

  378. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are toast if we can’t get pressure on Anderson

  379. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:


  380. cmurda Says:

    Weak defense. Let’s face it. Mike Smith’s defense can’t do the job for a whole game. He’s got no skills as a D Coord. Insanity is repeatedly doing the same things that don’t work. The fact that we are losing this game tells me all I need to know. We are picking top 5 and I’m looking forward to the draft

  381. ElioT Says:

    Loser mentality, “why me” faces all over!

    Weak, weak, weak!

  382. Tampa Tony Says:

    Where are all the blitz looks the media hyped is up about with mike smith?

  383. Rod Munch Says:


    Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, throw, punt. Get made at Winston for not being able to get a 3rd and 16 when he breaks 4 tackles and gives his WRs 15 seconds to get open and no one is.

  384. Tampa Tony Says:

    LVD probably just gave up after that TD

  385. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    Myles Garrett with top 3 pick, licht prolly get cute and draft some CB from d3 mt union

  386. Chris Says:

    Unbelievable, been getting comments moderated since I criticized the defensive tackle who shall not be named who’s Mia with a strain

  387. Bucamania Says:

    Let’s see how Winston responds.

  388. PhillyBuc Says:

    Conte would not start on any other team….horrible

  389. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    What defense?

  390. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Damn koetter fking sucks worse than us” carolina secondary

  391. mike10 Says:

    I’m ready to kick garbage ass smith (and his horrible play calling) and “giggles” Licht (w his pathetic depth, draft trades and picks) to the curb

  392. cmurda Says:

    I feel like game after game all I see is a bunch of quitters. I don’t know if it is the culture but it’s like they expect to lose the game and they find a way to do exactly that.

  393. Nybucsfan Says:

    The D is trash

  394. Mcruzer Says:

    In the old days I would cut off the sound and put on some dead, but I have to admit Gruden hit the nail on the head when he said that the “Bucs players with the expensive suits and big cars” are sitting on the sidelines tonight not playing and that’s why we are playing like crap. That injury report was full of soft tissue like injuries and strains which makes me think certain players are not taking offseason seriously.

  395. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dirk is calling a scared game. Winston looks timid from all his turnovers which is not a good combo for the fans

  396. Ndog Says:

    I am starting to think our linebackers are as overrated as McCoy. They are great against the run but in coverage they are horrible. People love to pick on our safeties but our coverage from the lbs is just as bad if not worse.

  397. mike10 Says:

    Culture starts at the TOP

  398. Rod Munch Says:

    Really difficult to blame Mike Smith for anything other than being a moron by not blitzing more, when they pass they have all day – but again you don’t have any defensive linemen – that’s sort of a huge deal if you know anything about football. I guess his idea is to let them go 16 plays to score instead of going 2 when they blitz and our corners/safeties fail to make a play and give up a 75 yard touchdown. So maybe he’s right there. Dirk has to open up the offense, Carolina will put up 28 points this half.

  399. PhillyBuc Says:

    This team plays like they’re waiting for the next tape to be leaked

  400. rrsrq Says:

    here comes the running game, 3 and out, psyche fragile.
    Jameis is handcuffed (put himself in that position)
    Riverboat Ron will adjust his D to stop the run
    Receivers cant get seperation

  401. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Let’s see which way our bucs choose in the fork in the road. Jameis will have a lights out half just watch!!!

  402. Bucnut2 Says:

    What Koetter is proving is this, is you limit bad JW you lose by 10 points, I f you unleash JW you lose by 20 points

  403. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey look at Dirk’s halftime adjustments…

    Run up the middle.

  404. ElioT Says:


  405. rrsrq Says:

    put Jameis on the move

  406. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Dink and dunk, dink and dunk…

  407. COBucs Says:

    How many more players will go down?

  408. Rod Munch Says:

    2nd down Dirk calls for shotgun, so all that running in the first half means nothing since we just took away the play action pass by emptying the backfield.

    This is super amtuer level stuff I didn’t see that much last year. Dirk is a good OC, a terrible HC. Maybe the team can turn over the HC job to Mike Smith, that way we can hire a DC.

  409. JonBuc Says:

    Bucs need Cialis per the commercial…

  410. Bucnut2 Says:

    JW is being outplayed by DA

  411. 911bucs Says:

    Oh boy that injury doesn’t look good.

  412. VaBuc Says:

    our defense should be gutted asap dirk needs to be a great friend and fire mike smith ASAP dirk needs a off coordinator he cant do both we need another reciever ASAP stop paying for LG’s who NEVER play BENCH joe hawley (penelty prone) deffense again GUT IT everyone besides Kwon, Hargraves and David TRADE gerald mccoy ASAP( draft picks) the REST OF THE SECONDARY GO BYE BYE HORRIBLE everybody is lost every single defender and Lavonte is a liability in coverage a HUGE one but this team needs retooling NOW cause carolina has the lead O IT MIGHT BE OVER LOL

  413. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Need to lay off the run for the second half Dirk… theyre expecting run run run you fool

  414. Rod Munch Says:

    Hawley gets injured every week and comes back in the game every week. Not complaining, just strange – I’ve never seen a player get hurt and get better in the same game as much as him.

  415. ARGH_M8E Says:

    I told myself I wouldn’t post during the game….

    But f it… sad, Mondays couldn’t get any worse… errrrrnt!!!! Wrong, hell continues, kick ur feet up y’all… this is gonna b a long night

  416. Rojas Says:

    Wouldn’t want Mike Smith as a head coach either, you seen how that went in Atlanta.

  417. PhillyBuc Says:

    Another player down? Who’s our trainer the guy from the mayhem commercials

  418. Ndog Says:

    Man you people are freaking negative. It’s one thing to point out a bad play but to constantly predict bad things is ridiculous.

  419. iamkingsu Says:

    Why don’t Smitty at least threaten gaps with his linebackers and then drop them to try and cause confusion??

  420. Bucnut2 Says:

    Here we go, JW can’t figure out where to go with the ball

  421. Rod Munch Says:

    …and Brate doesn’t bother to get to the 1st down mark and drops the ball.

    But don’t tell me, Winston sucks.

  422. Tampa Tony Says:

    Throw on a 1st down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  423. cmurda Says:

    This is a disgrace on the field. The O Line isn’t good either. JW running for his life everytime he steps back to throw. There just isn’t a hole lot of light at the end of the tunnel

  424. Gigglypuff Says:

    No turnovers by jamies will be a win for the buc tonight win or lose LOL

  425. Rojas Says:

    The only thing I miss about a Schiano, is the way he used LVD

  426. Kobe Faker Says:

    Jaboo gabbert 2.0

    Fire licht and koetter tonight

  427. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    This defense is worse than Schiano’s

  428. Tampa Tony Says:

    Munch- he sucks. He’s inaccurate as hell and now after being scared to turn it over he’s timid which is the death of a qb

  429. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Should go for it. Youre behind

  430. ARGH_M8E Says:


  431. iamkingsu Says:

    Playing against a secondary that gave up 500 yards the prior week is when you try and reign in your aggressive signal caller?? Ok I get it

  432. MadMax Says:

    Yup! Same old suckaneers again! I swear, its so hard to be a fan of this team year in and year out lately….but Im hanging in there. Bucs life I guess 🙁

  433. mike10 Says:

    Winston = avg

  434. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    bucs have crappy OL, one NFL WR, no legit DBSanarena league DL and the kicker gaffe all blame goes to LICHT, horrible as a GM

  435. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    3rd & 7…..run a 6 yd route….

  436. cmurda Says:

    Settle down BucNut. There isn’t any Qb that can be successful with an O Line that ole’s regularly. Dirk doesn’t seem to have much of an answer and that is sad considering he’s supposedly a guru.

  437. Bucamania Says:

    Someone get to Anderson!

  438. Jim Says:

    Same old crap…they score the 3 and out…defense done

  439. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Any good QB’s in the draft? Lol, we SUCK royal kahck

  440. Tampa Tony Says:

    Man Kuechly could’ve been a Buc if Dom had any football knowledge

  441. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey Tony do me a favor and die a painful death from ebola, you’re too boring to live.

    God bless.

  442. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Rhinoceros size

  443. Bucamania Says:

    Think I’m gonna get an ANGERER jersey

  444. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Thanks for the extra commercials brate

  445. pablo Says:

    Pablo says that if you theenk Lovie ruined Verner and Banks then Koetter ruined Jameis.

  446. mike10 Says:

    Someone at ESPN is getting fired for putting the Bucs on MNF

  447. ARGH_M8E Says:

    I screamed we got LUKE K and then we didn’t lol (draft)

  448. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow Mike Smith blitzed on 3rd down – didn’t sit in a zone – and we stopped them. Shocking stuff.

  449. cmurda Says:

    Mike Smith dials a blitz and wouldn’t you know, we stop them on 3rd down.

  450. BucfaninMi Says:

    I’m done, been a fan since the beginning, same old story. This will never change.

  451. MadMax Says:

    WTH JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. ElioT Says:

    Howard Jones makes an appearance.

    This entire team is hot steaming dog sh*t!

  453. jugheadfla Says:

    you dumb piece of f-ing chit

  454. cmurda Says:

    Haha. Nice. This team is not coached. Nobody can tell me there is a coach on this team. Nope. Nope.

  455. mike10 Says:


  456. ChanEpic Says:

    Roughing the punter?!?!? Really?

  457. ElioT Says:

    Look at that crap.

  458. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hillary couldn’t make this stuff up!

  459. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    …a wide open Olsen… I swear I’ve heard that before… not sure

  460. cmurda Says:

    Lol. Why cover Olsen. Why? FIRE MIKE SMITH NOW.

  461. Tampa Tony Says:

    I’m not even mad any more. I’m just laughing now

  462. jugheadfla Says:


  463. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    That penalty is the nail in the coffin

  464. BucfaninMi Says:

    Sell this team fire everybody!

  465. Gigglypuff Says:

    I was like fumble on the punt or hit the kicker time and lo and faking behold LOL

  466. wesley Says:

    I hate this team.

  467. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow, back in the zone, big play for the Panthers.

    It’s almost like you can just sit on your computer and tell Mike Smith what is going to happen…

  468. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Now….can we play some offense?

  469. cmurda Says:

    Good night Koetter and Smith. You two are bumbling losers. I admit that I was wrong about Koetter. The Panthers suck and we’ve left 3 TD’s out there tonight and a missed kick. Blow this sorry ass team up

  470. mike10 Says:

    Embarassed to be a fan of this garbage team

  471. iamkingsu Says:

    This might be the worst coached team I’ve ever seen!

  472. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Roughing the kicker? Really? Dumbass. You’re fired.

  473. ElioT Says:

    Watch for a TE receiving record.

    This team is done. Done!!!

    Bunch of pu**ies.

  474. Jason Says:

    It’s hard to be mad when you know this is going to happen.

  475. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Let’s go panthers

  476. Architek Says:

    Bucs are a bad team.

  477. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk will come out, still throwing a hissy fit from last week, and run, run, run, punt.

    That will show Winston.

    But hey Winston hasn’t throw in INTs. Sure it’s the most boring unwatchable football you can see and we’re losing 14-6, but there’s no turnovers, and that’s what is most important.

  478. Tampa Tony Says:

    @Rod-when you have nothing to bring to the conversation result to insults very classy.

  479. Matt B Says:

    We play like losers. Friggin mental midgets.

  480. sho nuff Says:

    the culture of dumb lives on….this team is patently stupid

  481. Patrick Says:

    What a terrible team

  482. lurker Says:

    after this showing, how long until the bucs are on mnf again?

  483. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    derek anderson sees washed up darryl smith out there and knows he aint in man… another quality FA signing by LICHT

  484. Architek Says:

    Take this team with you IHeart radio.

  485. Ndog Says:

    Just wow

  486. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    This team is a f#ckin JOKE

  487. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Down by one score you maniacs! Frustrated with this team but


  488. ARGH_M8E Says:

    What else is on?

  489. wesley Says:

    Mike Smith is an idiot.

  490. Jeffbuc Says:

    This is horrible. We are horrible every play is a cluster. We look like a high school team. I’m over it I’m done wasting time and money.

  491. Lue88 Says:

    Man I didn’t expect to be so embarrassed to be a bucs fan after all these years. They are the same ol garbage team. Get use to it guys this team will always be terrible.

  492. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Pathetic bunch of losers

  493. JonBuc Says:

    Gruden couldn’t be happier…this is salty.

  494. Matts17 Says:

    This is early 90’s bad Bucs. Complete organizational ineptitude. As the late John McKay once said: “These guys are gutless. And those that aren’t gutless are brainless.”

  495. John Says:

    Tony, insults are all the lowest common denominator has to work with.

  496. Tampa Tony Says:

    14-6 gotta attack on both offense and defense can’t go to 1-4

  497. Rojas Says:

    Gruden is probably sitting there with a smile on his head watching us lose to the panthers.

  498. Buc15 Says:

    We are such a heartless team. When Ayers isnt out there, our whole d is a bunch of pansies

  499. Rod Munch Says:

    Tony you’re a troll and you’re still alive, I’d like you to have some self respect and to change both of those things.

    God bless.

  500. ChanEpic Says:

    Would anyone be surprised if you found out it was John Gruden himself, lobbying for the Bucs to get a game on MNF? It must be the height of schadenfreude he’s feeling watching this crap.

  501. ARGH_M8E Says:

    @jomBuc – Gruden is dead on accurate u moron

  502. JMN Says:

    This Bucs team far from being ready for prime time. Not sure what ESPN was thinking.

  503. MadMax Says:

    Now more overthrows or INT’s from JW#3…smdfh!

  504. cmurda Says:

    JW throws the deep ball to Evans, now? When double covered. These guys just aren’t near a real football team.

  505. Patrick Says:

    I love all the sarcastic jabs Gruden keeps making toward the Bucs. That’s what they get! They’ve been a laughingstock since they fired him

  506. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    If the Bucs get another first down, let alone score another point, I will chit myself.

    Olsen probably gets 20 more catches.

    At least the bucs took a dump on a visitors field this week.

  507. jugheadfla Says:

    possibly the most inaccurate QB in the NFL

  508. Rojas Says:

    At least quizz wants to win.

  509. Bucamania Says:

    Quizz playing hard

  510. Tampa Tony Says:

    Rodgers came to play!!!

    Winston needs to stop throwing into double coverage

  511. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey look, finally all those first down runs, Dirk calls a play action pass and the Panthers don’t fall for it.

    Also dolts it’s good that Winston overthrew Evans since it was a one man route and he was covered.

    Great run by Rodgers on 2nd down.

  512. LetsbeFrank Says:

    At some point we need to take a positive step forward. Blowing the team up every year doesn’t build a winning program. As long as the team doesn’t quit on the coach…

  513. MadMax Says:


  514. Serge Says:

    Rodgers is the best player on the team

  515. godzilla13 Says:

    It is difficult to watch this team. From the GM to the HC to the DC to their uniforms..this team makes watching football very, very depressing. The key is they defeat themselves every game.

  516. Rojas Says:

    Beautiful throw

  517. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    I stand corrected, there’s still some fight in this team

  518. Rod Munch Says:

    There we go, all those runs will pay off if you play action pass – that’s why you don’t throw from shotgun on 2nd down when you’ve run all game. Make the Panthers play the run.

  519. MadMax Says:

    NICE!!!!! Now how hard was that!

  520. Tampa Tony Says:


  521. Tbbucs3 Says:

    This is our real offense! Enough of that conservative crap.

  522. Don is gone ... licht Says:

    LMFAO…. really Greg Olsen going to take us to the wood shed again . Absolutely hilarious that this staff or players can’t figure out how to take Olsen out the game

  523. Rod Munch Says:

    Yes, great!

    Go for 2. We’re not going to win a FG battle.

  524. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Told you maniacs!!!

  525. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:


  526. Gigglypuff Says:

    Thats it JW its all about gears youre getting it! Good calls koetter!!!!

  527. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Gruden didn’t get excited did he u MORONIC MORON

  528. Bucamania Says:

    BOOm! Let Jameis play!!

  529. cmurda Says:

    Bucnut, your thoughts on the last 3 throws by Winston?

  530. COBucs Says:

    WTF was that sh_it.

  531. godzilla13 Says:


  532. sho nuff Says:

    ..find a way to dangle $ in front of Martin for him to chase…dude is soft unless he’s grabbing for dollars

  533. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Was that so hard????!! Jeeze!!!

  534. Lue88 Says:

    Thank god. I thought we would of folded. I take back what I said lol .

  535. Rojas Says:

    Lol the jabs Gruden throws at us.

  536. Defense Rules Says:

    Do you Bucs ‘fans’ realize that you’re watching a second string DLine go against a Panthers first string OLine that took them to the SB last year? Anderson has literally all day to throw it.

  537. wesley Says:

    Here comes the Greg Olson show.

  538. iamkingsu Says:

    I got up and went to the bathroom and we went for 2?? Let me find out dirk is trying to win

  539. Tampa Tony Says:

    That drive is what I expected against this defense. Fingers are crossed dirk keeps it up

  540. LovieBall Says:

    Wow so inaccurate. Wow.

  541. ChanEpic Says:

    Ok now lets get a grip, this team still has at least 2-3 bonehead penalties left in them.

  542. Rod Munch Says:

    So kids playing Madden, that is why you don’t go into shotgun on 1st and 2nd down and 3rd and short if you’ve ran the ball well – the other team has to think you might run the ball and it makes it more difficult on them to defend.

  543. Bucamania Says:

    We got ourselves a game now boys!

  544. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Stay positive people!

    The game starts NOW. What team do we wanna be!!??

    How about Jaquizz!!??

  545. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Man up on Olsen….and blitz, blitz, blitz

  546. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Now if the defense would you know, defend

  547. Matts17 Says:

    Nice drive. Give JW credit with two nice throws there. Nice answer.

  548. wesley Says:

    sho – blame someone on the field.

  549. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Went from a straight up D in the first half to a shootout?

  550. Tampa Tony Says:

    Panthers o line is missing their starting RT

  551. Sam Says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  552. Tampa Tony Says:

    Defense your turn

  553. Thomas Branham Says:

    Go bucs Winston let it fly!!!

  554. sho nuff Says:

    Brent “almost” Grimes….

  555. ElioT Says:

    Gotta manufacture a pass rush here

  556. ElioT Says:

    McDingleberry is playing ball today.

  557. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Go D! another 3 and out!

  558. Bucamania Says:

    Nice play MacDougald!

  559. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Great job D

  560. cmurda Says:

    Hats off to the defense. They had dare I say a little swagger there. Lets get another TD

  561. Rod Munch Says:


    Mike Smith didn’t sit in a zone and we stopped them.

    Amazing how that works when you don’t have a defensive line.

  562. BennyBucs Says:

    I told you we could do it lol. The bucs make me more bipolar than my wife

  563. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Hawley back in the game lol to the one commenting on that earlier

  564. Rod Munch Says:

    Keep them off balance, don’t go into the shotgun unless it’s 3rd and long…

  565. sho nuff Says:

    Humphries is the toughest guy on this team….all the high paid weak sauce is on the sidelines….

  566. wesley Says:

    Stop running on every first down.

  567. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    McDougald showing up tonight. Now punch them in the throat! Knock them the F Out!!

  568. ElioT Says:

    Here we go again. Stop doing what works.

  569. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dirk went back into scared mode

  570. wesley Says:

    Stop running the ball on every first down.

  571. ElioT Says:

    Bad bad bad.

    Horrible play calling.

  572. PhillyBuc Says:

    oh boy

  573. Rojas Says:

    Kevin Pamphile has been doing a solid job this year so far

  574. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Not sure why dirk just went conservative

  575. cmurda Says:

    OK, why can’t our O Line get some mojo. JW was assaulted

  576. MadMax Says:

    Who the h3ll was JW throwing to? WTH JW#3

  577. ElioT Says:

    Defense needs a huge play here.

  578. iamkingsu Says:

    Conservative drive after a score and 3 and out?? I take back my last comment

  579. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    This play calling is too predictable. Run, Run, Pass

  580. Tampa Tony Says:

    Wow so predictable it hurts

  581. J theezy Says:

    Wth is koetter doin? Awful playcalling

  582. godzilla13 Says:

    McDougald great play against Olsen. Brandon Myers needs to block.

    S E L F D I S T R U C T mode is now ON.

  583. Kobe Faker Says:

    Run run pass koetter

    People here think this pos is a offensive guru! Lol

  584. cmurda Says:

    Yeah the 1st and 2nd down runs are mind numbing when the opposing team has a terrible secondary

  585. iamkingsu Says:

    Right side of the D getting moved

  586. ElioT Says:

    Defense is gassed.

  587. sho nuff Says:

    weak freaking sauce

  588. ElioT Says:

    Great job. Jason Lichtmyballs!

  589. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    Top 5 pick on the way. At least we will have a fun OFFSEASON

  590. iamkingsu Says:

    The Bucs have to finish tackles this ain’t training camp? The ref is not going to blow the whistle

  591. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Dirk you POS we can move the ball yet you call 2 runs and a screen. Here comes my weekly tourettes…

  592. ElioT Says:

    Schizophrenic offense = gassed defense. Zero depth, bad planning by mr. knuckle dragging half retard Jason Lichtmyballs.

  593. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    LVD missed tkl

  594. MadMax Says:

    FUMBLE! Recovery!

  595. ElioT Says:


  596. PhillyBuc Says:

    Way to go DA!!

  597. Bucamania Says:


  598. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow, this is shocking. I’m not used to anything going our way ever. I feel like it’s a big setup so we get really screwed in the end.

  599. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Now score

  600. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Lamberts gotta get the credit on that

  601. MadMax Says:

    Alright offense…..3rd time you’ve been given the chance to go up! DO IT!

  602. sho nuff Says:

    …did Gholston think he could run with that?….wow they are freaking dumb

  603. ElioT Says:

    F**k you Anderson!!!!!

    Let’s go offense, for christ’s sake make them f**king pay!!!!

    Please capitalize on something!!!!!!!

    They’re giving the game to you!!!!

  604. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  605. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Lambert was rocked by McDougald…. Hahaha that ff should be for our main man McDougald!!

  606. Bucamania Says:

    Go up top. Now!

  607. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Now times to run it twice and throw a screen

    Open up the play sheet and take Jameis off the lease Koetter!

  608. Tampa Tony Says:

    Offense needs a drive, a long scoring drive

  609. Rod Munch Says:

    They’re going to expect the Bucs to go deep here, be careful.

  610. NonyaDamnBucsiness Says:

    Can you all quit b1tching and whining and let this game play out? Get behi d the 2nd stringers. They are holding their own!

    GO BUCS!

  611. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Humpries has got to get that ball

  612. PhillyBuc Says:

    WTF Jameis

  613. ElioT Says:

    Come on Jameis! 2 wide open huge plays missed.

  614. sho nuff Says:


  615. cmurda Says:

    And now Bad Winston reveals himself. Too many misses

  616. Tampa Tony Says:

    Back to back inaccurate throws puts you in a bad spot

  617. Rod Munch Says:

    1st down was on Winston, 2nd down was on Adam, he went too flat on his route.

  618. wesley Says:

    JW WTF i could have made those throws!!

  619. ElioT Says:

    They deserve to lose! Jameis is awful.

  620. cmurda Says:

    Safety blitz, all day. Never blocked. I hope Mike Smith is watching

  621. lurker Says:

    great playcalling now, bad throws…

    2 jameis’

  622. MadMax Says:

    So much for that, thanks O line and JW3

  623. Gigglypuff Says:

    Cant win if you cant make the throws JW!

  624. Tampa Tony Says:

    Predictable situation direct result from inaccurate passes by Jameis

  625. sho nuff Says:

    …O line is weak

  626. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Jameis Winston where did you go…. Shameful

  627. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  628. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    Where is the flag for all that extra $hit right there with Boston on winston?

  629. Greg Says:

    If Winston doesn’t wake up I’m pressing the panic button

  630. Njbucsfan Says:

    I’m honestly starting to hate this team. It’s been building for years.

  631. Patrick Says:

    Winston is nothing special

  632. ElioT Says:

    Play calling horrible!

    Where are our blitz beaters!!!!!????

    What the f**kkkkk!!!

  633. Tampa Tony Says:

    Punter is the MVP

  634. cmurda Says:

    This is the problem. This isn’t new for JW. It came with him. He has the will to win, the desire, the ability to work hard but he’s too inaccurate and overthrows way too many easy passes.

  635. COBucs Says:

    This is why we need a separate OC from the HC.

  636. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  637. Ndog Says:

    To be elite you HAVE to make those throws. HAVE TO!

  638. lurker Says:

    poor accuracy? rough

  639. cmurda Says:

    I second proposition blitz please.

  640. lurker Says:

    to be decent, you have to make those throws. have to!

  641. LetsbeFrank Says:

    Winston will get us the win tonight or he is done as the franchise qb

  642. Rod Munch Says:

    Winston makes 2 great plays, misses 1 throw, then Humphries, who is 5′ 3″ runs too flat and can’t jump = Winston shouldn’t be in the NFL he’s the worst QB in the NFL.

    LOL! You dolts should commit mass suicide at One Buc Place to protest Winston overthrowing the ball.

  643. ElioT Says:

    Any half way decent team would have buried the Panthers by now.

    Why can’t we ever just have a team impose their will and step on the throat of the opposition?

  644. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    We don’t have a plan for blitaes

  645. Gigglypuff Says:

    more rodgers and less leftwich Jameis please!

  646. FR Says:

    Winston the Bucs savior lol lol lol

  647. Bird Says:

    Americas dart thrower

  648. wesley Says:

    For the love of god cover Olsen!!!

  649. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow look at that, back in the zone, another huge play to Olson.

  650. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Now watch this team unravel

  651. Pit Says:

    Yep we don’t have a QB. Why why can’t we have a decent QB

  652. ElioT Says:

    No one on this freaking team is safe.

    They need to burn a truckload of safe in OBP!

  653. cmurda Says:

    I don’t care if the defense has held them to 14 points, they are far from being a decent defense. This stupid zone is so easy to beat

  654. Jason Says:

    Greg Olsen is great but holy poop!! He might get 250 yards receiving this week.

  655. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Hey Mike Smith this whole zone bit has been really funny. But you can go ahead and actually put someone on Olsen now

  656. EA Says:

    Agree with ndog, I don’t care about his leadership, you don’t make those throws again st a weak secondary you are overrated

  657. ElioT Says:


  658. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    Is it April yet?

  659. unbelievable Says:

    How do you give up that run on 1st and 15?!?!?!?

  660. Bucs Ace Says:

    Humphries was wide open…badly overthrown by Jameis…can’t do this in 4th quarter tie game!!!!

  661. ElioT Says:

    Lavonte David!

  662. PhillyBuc Says:

    Gholston is dogging it

  663. wesley Says:

    If they lose tonight this season really is over.

  664. BigStinky Says:

    We are going to lose this game +3 in takeaways

  665. Rod Munch Says:

    The defensive linemen are just getting blown off the ball now. Again not unexpected considering all the injuries, but this f-ing zone on pass plays… ugh. How does Mike Smith not realize what is happening.

  666. Jason Says:

    If JW makes those throws this panther drive isn’t happening

  667. ElioT Says:

    Quick throws!!!???

    I guess we don’t have those in our awesome playbook!

  668. Rob Says:

    America’s protector of the football definitely not a franchise qb. Missing wide open receivers back to back, again. Way to inconsistent and inaccurate to be an nfl qb. What a disappointment

  669. LetsbeFrank Says:

    If Olsen gets 15 more points I will lose my fantasy football game. I had a 40 point lead… #thanksschmucs

  670. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    Greg Olsen is goat

  671. wesley Says:

    Pathetic, just pathetic, this team makes ANYONE look good.

  672. ElioT Says:

    Here we go setting records for the other team again.

  673. cmurda Says:


  674. MadMax Says:


  675. PhillyBuc Says:

    Grimes finally got one!

  676. ElioT Says:



    Next up, 3 and out by Jameis!

  677. cmurda Says:

    Grimes just picked that off. Holy crap. Re-hire Mike Smith

  678. Rod Munch Says:

    Wait did Grimes actually catch something!


  679. unbelievable Says:

    Holy sh!t!!!!

  680. wesley Says:

    Grimes made a play?

  681. Bucamania Says:

    Grimes covered 88!

  682. BigStinky Says:

    OK, we are going to lose +4 in takeaways

  683. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Plus 4 with turnovers & we are tied

  684. Rfan Says:

    Is there any difference between this and Lovies defense!!??

  685. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    If we lose after being +4 in TOs I’m gonna lose my sh!t. Jameis and the offense have to go and score

  686. Tampa Tony Says:

    Blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz

    These soft Zones are awful

    Pressure forces mistakes gotta change the defensive mindset here

  687. Newbucsfan2 Says:


  688. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    Here comes Run, Run, Pass

  689. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    We love Grimes and Mike Smith!! Hahaha

    This team… Keeps you coming back

  690. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Our defence has forced 3 very nice turnovers. Don’t hate Mike that much tonight. It’s up to Jaboo and Dirk now…

  691. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We would be winning by 21 if Jameis was accurate

  692. unbelievable Says:

    Thank you DA.

    Jameis, go to f@cking work son! It’s money time

  693. PhillyBuc Says:

    Has any team ever lost with +4 turnovers?

  694. Jason Says:

    You can’t blame the defense this week. 4 turnovers. This is on DK and JW

  695. Pit Says:

    Rfan there is difference you Cana cruelly see them improving and you are playing with the back up of the back up as DL. And we have 4 Turn overs.

  696. Da'Bone Says:

    4 turnovers and we still are fighting for our lives! our season comes down to the next 10 minutes of game play.

  697. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Stupid time out we might need……get it together!!!

  698. cmurda Says:

    Dirk, get your freaking head in the game. Burning a timeout before we even run the first play

  699. Gigglypuff Says:

    Retard Koetter what a dummy how long has this guy been coaching?

  700. Tampa Tony Says:

    We all knew what was coming

  701. cmurda Says:

    Cherilus be no good

  702. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    Run, run, pass

  703. MadMax Says:

    Thats 4 turnovers, 3 from the D and the other from special teams…..and we only have 3 points from them so far (this one currently playing out).

    COME ON OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  704. Jbeachbuc Says:

    To bad you Can’t teach accuracy, Huh?

  705. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Time to air it out

  706. Njbucsfan Says:

    Can we stop with the jumbo sets on 1st and 10.

  707. BigStinky Says:

    JW almost missed that throw to ME13

  708. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    OMG CALL A PLAYACTION OR PASS IT. we don’t have to run on 1st everytime8

  709. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Ban first downs runs!!!!

  710. MadMax Says:

    Nice throw and grab from ME and JW!

  711. Njbucsfan Says:

    Winston almost got Evans killed

  712. Gigglypuff Says:

    Long drive JW take your time!!!!

  713. Njbucsfan Says:

    He’s leading his receivers into the defenders. Someone will get hurt

  714. lurker Says:

    the two sides of jameis christ…

  715. PhillyBuc Says:

    Nice play Klein

  716. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Rodgers is coming down with Sims Syndrom

  717. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Roberto is dry heaving

  718. Njbucsfan Says:

    Another fckin jumbo set run for half a yard on first down.

  719. PhillyBuc Says:

    Please dont play for the FG

  720. COBucs Says:

    Tailgater LOL

  721. Rod Munch Says:

    Holy S@$@$ how is that not pass interference

  722. jugheadfla Says:

    nice hold by the CB

  723. Rojas Says:

    Can Evans play Safety too?

  724. Njbucsfan Says:


  725. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    What kind of absolute sh!t play calling was that

  726. ElioT Says:

    Weak weak weak weak!!!!!!

    F**k this team!!!!

  727. MadMax Says:

    UH OH ROBERTO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  728. Jason Says:


  729. jugheadfla Says:

    Why? seriously?

  730. cmurda Says:

    You frigging run Dirk. Dude, I’m about to throw the towel in on Dirk.

  731. COBucs Says:


  732. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk playing for the FG and then expecting the defense to hold.

    This is why Lovie got fired.

  733. sho nuff Says:


  734. Tampa Tony Says:

    Awful decision by the turn over machine

  735. PhillyBuc Says:

    that is unbelievable

  736. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    There ya have it

  737. MadMax Says:


    FU ROBERTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  738. BigStinky Says:

    There was a player wide open on the right side of the field on 2nd down. JW didn’t even see him

  739. Patrick Says:


  740. Njbucsfan Says:

    Laughable at this point

  741. jugheadfla Says:

    cut his azzzzzz now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  742. Jason Says:

    Wtf would kick!!!!

  743. cmurda Says:

    If there ever was a coach and GM that should be canned together, we got em here in Tampa.

  744. wesley Says:

    genius play call wtf and cut this bum of a kicker!!!!!!!!!!!

  745. ElioT Says:

    Jesus f**king Christ!

    FIRE Jason Lichtmyballs NOW!!!!

    Walk home you inbred f**k!!!

  746. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    This is a joke, cut this f#cling bum. Why should we have to stand for this $hit?

  747. Dr A Says:

    who other than coach koetter didn’t see that happening

  748. Tampa Tony Says:

    Wow Lovie rubbed off on Dirk

  749. unbelievable Says:


    Jameis is great against the blitz! WTF?!?

    Dirk jut quit again.

    This team deserves it. All of them are pu$$ies. Starts at the top. Just lost my faith in Koetter.

  750. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are dead….

  751. Nybucsfan Says:

    Get rid of that bum

  752. Skyline Crew Says:

    No more FSU players please. Kid can’t kick in the pros. James can’t throw. Damn, another lost season.

  753. Aristotle Says:

    #NewKicker. Why did we get rid of Connor Barth?

  754. COBucs Says:

    This is fu_cking retarded. Seriously !!

  755. DallasBuc Says:

    When does incompetence be valued over ego

  756. TheRealDrew Says:

    Fire Dirk

  757. John Says:

    Nobody good was available in the second round… he’s all that was left.

  758. jugheadfla Says:

    how many more games are you going to let home lose for you Koetter?

  759. Tampa Tony Says:

    Licht your kicker is done

  760. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Fire Koetter. Bull spit call to run it. Unducking believable

  761. BigStinky Says:

    Well, this is the 2nd game we are going to lose this year because of our K

  762. JonBuc Says:

    “Oh no, Aguayo!”

  763. Rojas Says:

    Koettor will probably lose the locker room by the end of the year coaching like this.. an congrats on your prized kicker licht.

  764. Patrick Says:

    This kicker is a POS. Taking this guy in the 2nd round is worse than any of Dominik’s picks

  765. Vegabuc Says:

    I’m back to talk about Aguay–No

  766. Rod Munch Says:

    Kicker needs to get an ingrown toenail and go on IR for the season. He’ll be fine next year, but rookie kickers are almost always awful.

    However the bigger issue is Dirk.

    He played for the FG knowing his kicker probably wouldn’t make it.

    Dirk quit on his team last week – I wonder what he’ll say this week, probably that he knew they wouldn’t get the first down on 3rd down so he ran a draw.

    I wasn’t for Lovie getting fired, but I didn’t object to Dirk getting the job. Wow was I wrong to even have that level of mixed feelings on him.

  767. BusteisWinston Says:

    NFL should do the compassionate thing and fold the Bucs. Horrible franchise, we’re the Browns with 1 Super Bowl.

  768. Jason Says:

    6 points off the board again. I can’t believe this.

  769. sho nuff Says:

    …if you’re still emotionally invested in this team get a grip!…this team should be clowned for a laugh…

  770. jugheadfla Says:

    3rd and 9 draw play with the game on the line…..genius

  771. Serge Says:

    Dirk Koetter lost his mind.

  772. Roadwarrior Says:

    4 turnovers and we will still lose. Winston is not good are kicker sucks and kotter play calling is terrible.

  773. wesley Says:

    Seriously need a new kicker.

  774. Bucs Ace Says:

    Time to start shopping for a new kicker…..OMG

  775. Thomas Branham Says:

    Dirk sux

  776. DallasBuc Says:

    Here’s the great thing, JBF Jason Licht Kool Ale is available until last call

  777. lurker Says:

    whose accuracy is worse?

    1) jameis winston

    2) roberto aguayo

  778. Matts17 Says:

    Never a question that kick was going to be missed. Never a question.

  779. unbelievable Says:

    We no longer deserve to win this game. Those 2 plays. Unforgivable.

  780. Tampa Tony Says:

    3rd down play before the miss is a result of Koetter not trusting the turnover machine

  781. Njbucsfan Says:

    Case Keenum, Siemian/Lynch and most likely Anderson. These are the QB’s that have outplayed Winston and beat the Bucs recently.

  782. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    AguayNO… Kyle Brendza may be available

  783. TheRealDrew Says:

    Dirk has a bad attitude….can’t control his emotions. He won’t make it.

  784. Jason Says:

    Panthers are going to Olsen on this 3rd down

  785. Matt B Says:

    When is someone going to hold this GM accountable?

  786. sho nuff Says:

    gutless from the top down…

  787. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Painful to watch.

  788. Tampa Tony Says:

    Game might end in a tie

  789. Bucamania Says:

    Good gob Gholston!

  790. Dr A Says:

    The shade they are throwing at koetter is well deserved.

  791. Que589 Says:

    Coaching scared

  792. jugheadfla Says:

    that was a Dirk like call there Riverboat

  793. unbelievable Says:

    Gholston injured.

  794. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Dirk wanted Roberto to kick… Obvious.

    Can we all agree that our D showed up!!??

  795. tnew Says:

    I’m gonna say it.. demote Koetter to OC and promote Mike Smith, He at least understands how to be a head coach

  796. Rod Munch Says:

    When Lovie got fired I asked how many of dolts calling for him to get fired would be calling for Dirk to get fired when the team goes 1-4 to start the year – you know based on their brutal early schedule.

    You guys never disappoint.

    Lets fire our coaches every 2 years – that is the way to get success. However we can get even more success by firing our coaches every 2 weeks, right guys!?

  797. Bird Says:

    The kicker is not koetter s call. Jason Licht has to show some balls and make a decision with him. He is losing games. What a joke. This kid is a choker

  798. COBucs Says:

    Defense is fu_cking awesome tonight the offense sucks as_s.

  799. Buck Rodgers Says:

    Will he get another chance to win it

  800. Boise Buc Says:

    Defense still has heart!

  801. cmurda Says:

    We are going to need a TD to pull this off and I don’t care what Dirk says. If the coaching staff wants chances at wins, Aguayo is going to have to be replaced and Licht owes us all 3 beers for that dumb pick.

  802. iamkingsu Says:

    Fire Keotter!

  803. Jeffbuc Says:

    Please we have seen enough of aguayo

  804. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Roberto Aguayo is Brindza bad. Kid needs to be benched.

  805. lurker Says:

    this game is atrocious…even if we win

  806. Jason Says:

    @tailgater are defense is playing football tonight for sure.

  807. Patrick Says:

    Let’s just go for it on 4th down the rest of the year. We can’t trust this kicker to even make an extra point

  808. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dirk wants to change the culture yet he coaches scared

  809. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    This may be evil but I wanna see Roberto line one up again!! Put a nail in his coffin.

  810. Dr A Says:

    demote Aguayo too while you are at it

  811. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Heres another shot. How many chances do we have to give our O? Please Dirk, Jameis, Roberto… Just pull it together so I can sleep well for a few weeks

  812. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wow….what a stop….

  813. 911bucs Says:

    Roberto will redeem himself with a game winning field goal.

  814. BuccoDav Says:

    Dirk didn’t quit… how many times have we been burned by the draw play on 3rd and long? Every team uses that play!

  815. Bucs Ace Says:

    Time to start shopping for a new kicker….!!!!!

  816. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    We held them:) two minutes GO BUCS

  817. Gigglypuff Says:

    JW still trying to force the play in the clutch still predictable meyers was wide open on the 15.

  818. Another J Says:

    I’m over this kicker, Kick him to the curb already!

  819. DallasBuc Says:

    When will the in-suit pool jumping dork show up to defend his might trade up second round kicker?
    Glazers particularly hate to be embarrassed.

  820. Ndog Says:

    Guys how is this on the coach? He has a qb throwing into double coverage and a kicker that can’t make a fg. What the h *ll is he supposed to do? The players have to do their jobs at some point!

  821. Buc15 Says:

    Dirk needs to grow a pair. I never thought I would say this but he is coaching scared. Maybe he is a bit over his head as a head coach.

  822. wesley Says:

    Don’t get your hopes up fellas, you know they’ll f it up.

  823. jugheadfla Says:

    Brindza was not this bad

  824. Buck Rodgers Says:

    Use the tight end

  825. Jeffbuc Says:

    Big dog he is costing us games so he can be released now you said don’t worry about it in preseason only worry about it when it costs us games. Well we are on our way from him costing us 2
    Out of 5

  826. ChanEpic Says:

    Strong 4th quarter drive here, and all will be forgiven (for this week) Jameis.

  827. Rod Munch Says:

    Well here we go…

    Does Dirk say Winston go win the game, or does Dirk play for OT because he cares more about winning the TO battle than winning the game?

  828. DoNUTS Says:

    I think you bring in a new kicker this week. Roberto is a choke artist…Licht needs to be supervised on draft day. Come on GUN slinger #3!!!

  829. Tampa Tony Says:

    Time for Jameis to be a franchise qb

  830. LetsbeFrank Says:

    All up to you Jameis. Win and you and Dirk are forgiven. Lose and the ship goes down.

    Aguayo needs to do us a favor and go back to FSU for a masters degree. Football clearly is not his future.

  831. DB55 Says:

    Ayers out there coaching up his squad while GMC is back there drinking a pina colada

  832. unbelievable Says:

    Def don’t want Koetter fired. That’s ridiculous.

    but Mike smith better sit him down and explain that kinda play calling gets you losses and fired.

  833. Rojas Says:

    Lol a run on first down.. who would of thought ?

  834. wesley Says:

    and another run on first down.

  835. John Says:

    Doesn’t trust the quarterback.

  836. Bucamania Says:

    F U Koetter. Run?!

  837. jugheadfla Says:

    wow…..this is sad

  838. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    This play calling is such a JOKE

  839. Buck Rodgers Says:

    Dirk they have 2 timeouts. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME….HELLO

  840. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Run? I’m far from a NFL HC, but WTF????

  841. Njbucsfan Says:

    Boone has confidence in Winston’s abilities at this point. That’s why we are running

  842. BigStinky Says:

    Koetter is wanting to go to overtime

  843. Tbbucs3 Says:

    More first downs runs. Koetter needs to stop playing Lovie ball.

  844. Buck Rodgers Says:

    hahahahaha WTF

  845. Njbucsfan Says:

    No one has confidence in Winston’s abilities at this point. That’s why we are running

  846. Another J Says:

    I’m over Koetter too!

  847. Rojas Says:

    This past draft makes me think, Jon Robinson was a big big part of our draft choices before. Missing Robinson.

  848. Que589 Says:

    I thought the problem was the players, but it’s the Coach and GM

  849. DB55 Says:

    No play action all game

  850. Dr A Says:

    seriously koetter is choking just as much as the kicker

  851. jugheadfla Says:

    I am seriously perplexed…..wtf is going on…and you saved them a timeout

  852. cmurda Says:

    I can’t defend Dirk anymore. He’s not a good coach. It makes no sense running like this.

  853. unbelievable Says:

    Why is dirk scared?

  854. JMN Says:

    Is it Dirks’s fault Aguayo can’t kick a field goal?

  855. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    We lose by 3. I’ll bet my house on it

  856. rrsrq Says:

    Sad, sad, sad

  857. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    2 timeouts no 2 min warning. And you start off with 2 run plays????? Worst pl calling every. ARE THEY TRYING TO GIVE THE BALL BACK?????

  858. Patrick Says:

    Rodgers legs are going to fall off. How many times has he gotten the ball now?!?!

  859. Rod Munch Says:

    This gives more time for Dirk to think about what he wants to call, a draw or a draw.

  860. ElioT Says:

    What in the hell is happening?

  861. Dr A Says:

    no this play calling is chicken spit, that’s on dirk

  862. Njbucsfan Says:

    Another fckin jumbo set

  863. Buck Rodgers Says:

    Playing for a moral victory! Come onnnnn

  864. Another J Says:

    1 receiver in the game? WTF?

  865. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:


  866. ChanEpic Says:

    Time OUT?!?!?!? WHAT DIRK!?!?!?!?!

  867. Bangkok Buc Says:

    We lose. No confidence

  868. TheRealDrew Says:

    Dirk has lost it

  869. Charmin Ultra Yucs Says:

    This is a big @ss JOKE

  870. sho nuff Says:

    look at the bright side…you get to sound off on our only local sports radio in the morning…NOT!….this is what happens when the right wing agenda monopolizes a market….3rd world programming

    Own your brand Tampa Bay!….

  871. BigStinky Says:

    Dirk may as well get MG8 ready during the bye since he has no faith in JW anyway

  872. unbelievable Says:


  873. rrsrq Says:

    So nobody has confidence in anybody on the team

  874. cmurda Says:

    Another Dirk timeout. Speechless unless he brings a real playcall to the table.

  875. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Dirk and Jameis are lost

  876. BusteisWinston Says:

    Koetter is a dumb coach and Busteis is a dumb player. Not a good combo

  877. Another J Says:

    1 f##king receiver!

  878. COBucs Says:

    Holy fu_ck this is so embarrassing.

  879. Buck Rodgers Says:

    Ley=tssssss goooooo

  880. cmurda Says:

    He did get the first. We need to move now.

  881. Buck Rodgers Says:

    Man he is high all game

  882. Njbucsfan Says:

    They’ve been saying the pass is too high often tonight.

  883. lurker Says:

    what a f-ing call

  884. Bucamania Says:

    Time out?! After all that. Let JW throw.

  885. tnew Says:

    take a knee Jameis

  886. Another J Says:

    get this coach TFOH!

  887. ChanEpic Says:

    I am having flashbacks of the Josh Freeman helmet headphone debacle.

  888. Rob Says:

    America’s protector of the football due for a pick six

  889. BigStinky Says:

    No faith in Winston or Aguayo

  890. Tampa Tony Says:

    Rodgers and the punter are the MVP

  891. BUCS WILL WIN Says:

    Here comes the double move by Evans…..watch

  892. wesley Says:

    Wow a first down on first down!!

  893. Buck Rodgers Says:

    Keep it going

  894. DoNUTS Says:

    Aguayo with the winning KICK……..

  895. tnew Says:

    Wide right or wide left?

  896. jugheadfla Says:

    If Aguayo wins this game does he get cut?

  897. BucFan20 Says:

    Can the punter kick?

  898. Njbucsfan Says:

    Roberto just missed the kicking net

  899. ChanEpic Says:

    V Jax can barely run anymore. Poor guy, so labored when making moves.

  900. Tampa Tony Says:

    Is dirk playing for a last minute fg?

  901. Dr A Says:

    ok well they are basically trying to give us the game now

  902. unbelievable Says:

    The upcoming is going to be critical to tuning things around, regardless of what happens tonight.

    Dirk needs to see these play calling / game clock management errors and fix them!

  903. tnew Says:

    Bring in Aguayo

  904. Njbucsfan Says:

    That is comedic. They are in FG range

  905. Buck Rodgers Says:

    face mask

  906. lurker Says:

    a gift

  907. DallasBuc Says:

    What is field goal range?

  908. Rod Munch Says:

    Are you kidding me, Dirk is playing for the FG again. Wow.

    Well kicker, you got a chance to redeem yourself and make the season go your way.

  909. Patrick Says:


  910. LG Says:

    Kicker MUST be benched!

    Kickers have been the cause of several Buccaneers losses since they let Matt Bryant leave.

    Whatever money they saved then, they’re been paying dearly ever since.

  911. sho nuff Says:

    oh the drama!…will the choker miss again!

  912. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    Think the pressure is on now or what? Jesus I can’t watch

  913. Another J Says:

    I already need a drink tomorrow

  914. Bucs Ace Says:

    The kick is up and………..!!!!!!??????.

  915. MadMax Says:

    OH NO ROBERTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  916. rrsrq Says:

    Anybody else got that feeling that something is going to happen

  917. Njbucsfan Says:


  918. Rod Munch Says:

    Kicker will make this, I have 100% faith.

    When he does the season will then go his way, all this will be in his past.

  919. Dr A Says:

    if he misses this its over for him. no hyperbole

  920. COBucs Says:


  921. cmurda Says:

    OMG this situation is what I dreamed of. If Aguayo could just do this and get some mojo

  922. Tampa Tony Says:

    Going to OT

  923. unbelievable Says:

    This is too good.

  924. Njbucsfan Says:

    Make it miss he will not be cut

  925. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m going to watch this, I always turn away.

    It’s good – we win.

    I know it.

  926. Njbucsfan Says:


  927. tnew Says:

    that was a favor honestly.

  928. MadMax Says:

    You can make this man, its not that far!!!!!!!!

  929. unbelievable Says:

    Could be w huge confidence builder!

    Cmon agauyo!

  930. Patrick Says:

    Heart palpitations in affect

  931. COBucs Says:

    My heart is fuc_king beating.

  932. Rod Munch Says:

    I have faith.

    Channel donald igwebuike.

  933. MadMax Says:


  934. Dr A Says:

    thank god

  935. Njbucsfan Says:


  936. FR Says:

    Do we win this game if Cam played?

  937. DB55 Says:

    Choir boy. Don’t need him on the field. Peace

  938. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    All is forgivin

  939. COBucs Says:


  940. wesley Says:

    still need a new kicker, Roberto BLOWS HARD!

  941. rrsrq Says:

    Surely there is a flag somewhere

  942. JonBuc Says:


  943. cmurda Says:

    It’s goooooood. Forget everything bad I said tonight

  944. BigStinky Says:

    Wow, miracles NEVER cease

  945. Jason Says:

    Good job. But cut him.

  946. Bucamania Says:

    Made it!! Unreal

  947. unbelievable Says:


    Damn that was ugly!

    Still seriously question Koetters decisions. But that better give agauyo his mojo back!

  948. ChanEpic Says:

    I still don’t like our HC. He’s not built for this life.

  949. Dr A Says:

    honestly he needs to channel whatever he felt that kick, and kick the freaking ball like that the rest of the season. aim for the middle, not the goal posts! its not hard

  950. lurker Says:

    lmao…he needed that kick to turn it around.

  951. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s good – he’s fine – all will be fine, I’m telling you, it’s not like the Bucs were the only team that thought he was a 2nd round pick.

  952. cmurda Says:

    @FR. Cam didn’t play. That’s all that matters. A Win is a win.

  953. MadMax Says:

    What an ugly win, but its a win!

  954. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    2-3 at the bye

  955. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    We win!!!!!

  956. Buck Rodgers Says:


  957. sho nuff Says:

    Does Roberto wax his eyebrows?…..dude?

  958. Njbucsfan Says:

    Roberto is a bad interview as well

  959. John Says:


  960. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Good for you Rod!!! Keep the faith Bro and let these loser fair weather fans bite us.

    Who freaking hit the critical third down passes under pressure…why it was not Carolina’s QB but OURS!!!

    Who cobbled together a DL with GMC, Ayers, McDonald, and Jack Smith all gone….freaking undrafted rookies who struggled to stop the run.


  961. MadMax Says:

    Lol, Jamies and Kelvin exchanging signed jerseys…….AWESOME!

  962. JonBuc Says:

    Unreal….bye week here we come!

  963. wesley Says:

    jugheadfla Says:
    October 10th, 2016 at 11:23 pm
    If Aguayo wins this game does he get cut?

    i say absolutely.

  964. COBucs Says:

    Holy shi_t he has turrets or something.

  965. buccfan305 Says:

    Can’t depend on him for to many more. …please get another kicker off of waivers …..still got my nuts in my chest…..

  966. Bucsalltheway Says:

    That field goal to win it was worth three of his misses…almost gave me a heart attack. Offense still needs more work. The myth of the turnover ratio lives on Tampa was +3 tonight.

  967. Bucs Ace Says:

    Well………it wasn’t pretty, but hey ….I guess a W is a W

  968. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    I’m going to blackout

  969. Rojas Says:

    Love how the team came out to pat Roberto on the back and congratulating him, giving him confidence

  970. tnew Says:

    he had to wonder if he could do that, I’m happy for him, but that was an awful game for Koetter, Jameis and Aguayo. on the plus, Rodgers looks good

  971. Rod Munch Says:

    OK we’re 2-3, that’s better than what many thought we’d be based on the schedule. Not too bad, now we get a bye week, we get Martin back, the schedule gets dramatically easier and Dirk gets off his period and lets Winston play again.

    I still think it’s maybe a 7-9 team, but with a defense that bad (although they played well tonight) 7-9 might be OK. Now Dirk just has to use this bye week to learn how to use timeouts and how penalties work.

  972. Vegabuc Says:

    Aguay-one that he needed. Great win. Go bucs!

  973. BigStinky Says:

    Still can’t believe we won, thanks to Grimes I guess (stopping that TD)

  974. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Nobody listened to the ESPN audio…Deckerhoff was it? Did you all miss Gruden talk about drafting Janikowski in the FIRST ROUND and how Janikowski missed so much his rookie year Gruden was ready to cut him.

    No of course not..you’re all freaking blog experts!!!

  975. Rod Munch Says:

    Winston 4 of 5 on the last drive.

    Winston is money if Dirk isn’t on his period and lets him play.

  976. lurker Says:

    vote for pedro, i mean aguayo

  977. wesley Says:

    Stpetebucsfan – the guy is 4 for 8 dude, 4 for 8!!

  978. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    When a team is turning the corner we all jump up and down talking about how they find ways to lose the game.

    This was a game the Bucs would have lost last year..the year before..the year before…the year before….A win is a win is a win…and we now have two weeks off.

    Perhaps we can get an actual DL of pros who can heal over the bye. Perhaps Doug Martin returns. Regardless how do you think our guys are going to feel about themselves going into the bye with a win.

  979. lurker Says:

    jameis was not money…he was erratic, missed receivers, threw high, and forced a pass that should have been intercepted.

  980. Rod Munch Says:

    Stpetebucsfan – Most of the dolts in here are too lazy to do it, but if you go and look at the stats most of the all-time great kickers had bad rookie years. Morten Andersen was only 50% his first year for example.

    I think kicker will be fine now, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he got “injured” and went on IR for the season. The 2nd year for kickers they make huge improvements – even if they didn’t play much in year one.

  981. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    Very happy for Aguayo! Needed that game winning kick! Hope it helps!

  982. wesley Says:

    this whole team and coaches need work and a ton of it.

  983. Roadwarrior Says:

    I was wrong thank god.

  984. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    What was Janikowski….did you hear Gruden….how did Vinateri do his rookie year.

    He won the game when it was on the line. How many game winning kicks has he attempted? 1-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeebus this is the freaking 5th game of the season and some of you want to fire the GM..the Coach…our QB…our best defensive lineman…man I realize we have a great climate here in Tampa Bay but some of you make fair weather fans an understatement.

  985. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    I heard it Stpetebucsfan hope he turns out that good! Go bucs!!

  986. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    They lose … We win!!!!!

  987. wesley Says:

    Yes we heard Gruden, and i hope your right, but i doubt it.

  988. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    I thought we’d be 2-3 at this point heading into the bye. I confess I didn’t think we’d do it this way…like most I thought that second win would be LA…does it make any difference.

    We beat a depleted team tonight…but for Gawd’s sake who the hell were those guys playing on our DL tonight…undrafted rookie…we were getting gashed by the run and no rush…we have two weeks to heal. If GMC…McDonald..and Ayers all return that’s going to be a major difference in talent. It just is!

  989. wesley Says:

    don’t forget Martin’s return.

  990. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Wow…that’s all I can say..

  991. buccfan305 Says:

    OMG I’m in shock….can someone pinch me???

  992. buccfan305 Says:

    Did Jameis just do a victory interview???? OMFG!!!!