Aguayo Is “Torture”

October 12th, 2016
Torturing fans.

Torturing fans.

There is no doubt about it. Right now Roberto Aguayo is the most hated Bucs player. Not even close.

The dude has only attempted eight field goals and Tampa cops have been brisk with business writing parking tickets to Bucs fans who keep rolling up to Aguayo’s crib dragging U-Haul trailers behind them.

How disgusted are Bucs fans at Aguayo? When Hooters waitresses remind them Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht traded up into the second round to draft him, Bucs fans react with such sharp annoyance that they slap their beer across the table and just stare glumly at the plate of chicken wings before them having lost their appetites.

Tampa Bay Times humorist Martin Fennelly feels the pain of Bucs fans and believes watching Aguayo hit or miss is akin to torture.

There was a telling scene in Carolina as Aguayo lined up with seconds left. Three of his teammates, Jameis Winston, Gerald McCoy and Clinton McDonald, huddled on the sideline. ESPN cameras caught the scene. They appeared to be praying.


Five games in and people are praying for wins. For Roberto Aguayo to make it.


Fennelly makes a helluva point Joe never thought of. Generally, you may see players praying for a play at the end of a Super Bowl, maybe a conference championship game. But to see dudes praying in the fifth game of a season?! That’s all you need to know if you happen to forget Aguayo is hitting on a paltry 50 percent of his attempts.

It’s only the fifth week of the season and Bucs players know divine intervention is needed to help guide an Aguayo attempt between the uprights!

As Joe stated earlier this morning, you don’t know if his made field goals are as a result of skill or an accident.

And no, Joe does not believe Aguayo will be cut, not even if he is only making 40 percent of his kicks. At least, not this year. Perhaps in his third season.

Bucs fans are just going to have to buckle up and ride this roller coaster. It might also behoove Bucs fans to load up on TUMS. Pretty sure those will be needed.

118 Responses to “Aguayo Is “Torture””

  1. DB55 Says:

    GMC leading the prayer since he can’t lead anything else, he’s a joke. Worse than Trumpets and country pumpkin buc fans. Morons the whole lot of them.

  2. ruggyup Says:

    Joe says, . . . . Roberto Aguayo is the most hated Bucs player. Not even close. Just how small, close-minded, insensitive and abusive writing can you get? More? The hate word for a rook trying to perform and having serious issues needs more than that incite full crap.

  3. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    Hate is a very strong word to use. I do not hate any of our players, or any players for that matter. Someone who hates a player is truly fanatical.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think hate is a strong word to use against a person you don’t know who has done no harm or poses no threat to you or your family… about let’s save the hate for ISIS or someone more deserving..

    Disappointed, concerned, saddened, frustrated, irritated, annoyed….but hate?

    I’d like to see posters who actually hate Aguayo come forward and admit it.

  5. D-Rome Says:

    There’s a difference between hating the pick and hating Roberto Aguayo. Roberto seems like a nice young man.

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    DB55 Says:
    October 12th, 2016 at 1:44 pm
    GMC leading the prayer since he can’t lead anything else, he’s a joke. Worse than Trumpets and country pumpkin buc fans. Morons the whole lot of them.


    Funny, a Hillary lover that doesn’t know that it is “country bumpkin” calling people morons. Guess it takes one to know one.

  7. Couch Fan Says:

    I said before the season the guy will struggle. I dont know why anyone would think a kicker would not struggle his rookie year. Janikowski was awful his rookie year. Gruden said during the game he was thinking about cutting him his rookie year. He’s done pretty good since. Let Aguayo grow into his position. He’ll be just fine. Cant stand impatient Buc fans who think success is suppose to be immediate or you are a bust. Ridiculous.

  8. theodore Says:

    What does God have against the Browns then?

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    He’s a head case.

    I understand his angst.

    He needs to get away from it all and get re-centered, no kicking, no practice, a mental vacation as far from his head as possible.

    I have lots of spare room here in the Dominican Republic. C’mon down, one Roberto to another, separated by 2 generations…

  10. Warren Says:

    The game where he hit all his kicks in preseason was with a different punter/holder. I still wonder if Brian Anger has anything to do with it or if it’s 100 % Aguayo but still I guess Aguayo would have made a stink about it with coaches by now if so. I’m just lost trying to make sense of this kid smh

  11. Tampa Tony Says:

    People try to be PC and say they don’t hate him but I do. If he was average the Bucs might be 3-2…

    Awful pick by an awfully run organization

  12. Kevin V. Says:

    I don’t care. If this keeps up, I believe a kicker will be brought into camp next year. Competition is what it’s all about. Remember, the GM has learned to cut your losses early.

  13. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    It’s not being PC, it’s being normal. It’s speaks volumes about your actual life outside of football if you have hate like that for a player.

  14. Brian Says:

    Hating the guy doesn’t make you politically incorrect… It makes you an idiot.

  15. mike10 Says:

    I put this on Licht. His decision to take a kicker that high is worth every bit of national spotlight and ridicule it’s received.

  16. DB55 Says:

    It’s called auto-correct but you wouldn’t know that cuz you a country bumpkin

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Agree with a couple here. I don’t Hate the guy. That’s pretty strong syrup there. Frustrated yes. But hate? having been a fan since Buc inception I can tell all of yas, If you hate many things on this team? You got lots more hatin to do. I’ve seen far worse Buc teams than this. That’s why after 40 yrs of watching the Bucs?……..I have become..comfortably Numb !

  18. buc15 Says:

    One of Joe’s top 10 dumbest posts ever. Can we just give the rookie a chance or are we going to have the same old over the top knee jerk reaction as usual?

  19. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Aguayo makes me extremely nervous, every time he kicks.
    I do believe another kicker would have been brought in for the Bye week, to replace him, had he missed that kick.
    This win over Carolina IMHO was one of the most important wins for Tampa ever.
    Important because it might have saved the career of Aguayo, and our season!

  20. BucTrooper Says:

    After the decade that the Bucs have been through, it’s time to take your requests for success to a higher level.

  21. tmaxcon Says:

    the word hater and hate no longer have any meaning what so ever. facebook destroyed the meaning of the word Friend and all the PC pansy ass crybabies have rendered the world hater and hate meaningless…

  22. KingMeatyHand Says:

    Fennelly is torture. Just sayin’

  23. Clodhopper Says:

    Five days a week I know it’s best to be patient with Roberto and history shows rookie kickers have problems. But game day and the day after he makes my eyes turn red and I want to throw off him off a roof!!

  24. JMN Says:

    First and only time in NFL history that you will see players on the sideline with two teams fighting for their second win praying for a kicker to make a field goal. It’s a Bucs Life!

  25. SOEbuc Says:

    If he continues this extremely crappy play, we will not get as many W’s. And thats what everyone in this franchise says is the most important thing. I will be extremely pissed if they keep him on just because Jason Licht made the dumbest decision in the history of the draft and doesn’t want to become even more embarrassed than he already is.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Just guessing Joe, but it appears that JBF commenters think words like “Right now Roberto Aguayo is the most hated Bucs player” may be a little bit too strong. OK, need to rephrase that: a LOT too strong. Roberto, like Jameis, is just another 22-year-old trying to adjust to a whole new world … albeit a world where they’re making a lot of money. Both of them are probably telling each other, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Jason Licht trading away a #3 AND #4 pick to move up and grab a kicker was dumb. Two potential starters up in smoke. But that’s not on Aguayo, that’s on Licht. Unfortunately for Roberto, he’s having to deal with the fallout from Licht’s drafting in this case. Like Jon Gruden said Monday night, even Janikowski had lots of problems his first year in the NFL.

  27. Brian Says:

    Joe, have the Bucs thought about hiring a retired NFL kicker to work with Aguyao? Roberto has the leg strength, it seems to me he lacks confidence and he rushes his kicks! I hope he can turn it around but time is running out on him!

  28. ndog Says:

    I truly don’t get all the angst over this pick/player. Any player, drafted anywhere can struggle or be a bust. This is no different than drafting Daquon Bowers and everyone loved that pick. People are just being ridiculous about the whole thing. Let the kid play then after this year if he is not what they thought then look elsewhere.

  29. iamabuc Says:

    That last kick will give him confidence. He’ll be alright, from now on. Bet on it!

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You’re entering that region of becoming a clown with all your anti-GMC posts. We all get it, you don’t like him. But it’s making you look pretty dumb to comment on him on posts that really have nothing to do with him at all. You were all up Clinton McDonald’s butt after the Denver game, but I don’t see you getting on him for missing a game. What gives?

  31. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I don’t understand you so called fair weathered BUC fans! You are so hypercritical. It wouldn’t matter how improved or unimproved the Bucs are you will complain and nick pic. You’re always complaining that JW3 don’t get rid of the ball when he is pressured or no receivers are clear. Unless I am mistaken koetter said at press conference JW3 was told to either ground it, float it high or throw it out of bounds. Talking about a culture change it needs to start with the fans. And Aguayo will be fine! I have been reading JBF for over a year if it wasn’t for 1987 and a few others I would totatally stay away from this den of depression.

  32. tmaxcon Says:


    How’s your client healing up for his latest boo boo… give her my best

  33. StinkEyeBob Says:

    Do you have something AGAINST prayer, Joe? I pray every morning when I drive to work, pray over what you may consider to be mundane or unimportant tasks & am proud of it! Congrats to these men that could care LESS what we think about what they are doing on the sidelines….what a silly comment…..

  34. Joe Says:

    Do you have something AGAINST prayer, Joe?

    Not sure how or why you came to that conclusion but kudos on creativity.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    If he were my client, I’d stay as far away from clowns like you as possible. Excuse me for liking the best player on the team. I guess I’m not a great talent evaluator like you are.

  36. Joe Says:

    Just guessing Joe, but it appears that JBF commenters think words like “Right now Roberto Aguayo is the most hated Bucs player”

    Long-time readers know Joe has often written about “Bucs player fans love to hate.” It’s a different one every year.

    Just last week Joe wrote and thought it was Chris Conte. But after Monday night and the reaction of fans, both on this here site and on social media, it’s clearly Aguayo. Conte has been usurped.

    He was unpopular when he was drafted. Now? Woof!

  37. uckinator Says:

    Speaking of bending on one knee, I hope Buffalo’s defense creams Colin Kaepernick this week. There has never been a country in the HISTORY of the world that has done more for people than the good old USA ! And that is in just 235 years of it’s existance. Maybe he should take a world history class to see how special this country is. Ahh… They probably don’t teach that on the left coast. GO Buffalo !

  38. Doctor Stroud Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Don’t look now, but on, Roberto Aguayo is listed as a nominee (along with Andrew Luck and Tom Brady) for the Castrol EDGE Clutch Performer of the Week. Will Bucs fans flock to vote for him? Stay tuned…

  39. BigStinky Says:

    Another player picked too high in the draft that we are forced to watch try to mature. This team just can’t catch a break OR draft very good. Go BUCS!

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    he is not even close to the best player on the team… I am good with the clown label. you should raise your expectations and standards of what best is and should be… Like I have been saying all off-season you can’t count on the fragile 3 and not even week 4 and we got 2 of the 3 out… and I am the clown… And for a clown I have been awful accurate in my assessments….

    McCoy out
    McDonald out
    Jaq Smith OUT
    ASJ – Failure
    ZERO WR Depth behind Evans
    Dotson = is a below average penalty machine.
    Martin OUT he will not be 100% rest of season not with a hammy and not with his history

    All off-season I listened to the optimists and apologist go on and on about gmc lighting the world on fire, vjax killing it, martin for 1500 yadda yadda yadda All the same old crap…. And don’t get me started on the latest disparaging act LVD he has been nothing short of average since Schiano left. How many coaches does GMC have t quit on before you see the truth…

    This is one ACCURATE Clown!!!!

  41. Brent bull/buc Says:

    Wow I can’t believe there is so much apologizing for Aguayo. Just do your job. That’s what the big check is for. If you can’t cut it take your money and try something else. But please no more crying for Aguayo he’s a grown man.

  42. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I voted! Just wait for it…he will be a game changer along with Jaboo!

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Who’s better than McCoy? Who else has 4 pro bowls and 2 all pro seasons? Who else do defensive coordinators openly say they game plan against? Who else is voted captain every year? Who else is always in the top 100 as voted on by the players?

    I was at the game in Charlotte. Before the game, the Panthers have a nice little film session about the opposing team. They showed several plays from McCoy against both Denver and the Rams. They showed how he completely disrupts the play. For example on one, the play was designed to go left, but McCoy completely blew up the guard and center, and forced the play back the other way. He didn’t get the tackle, but his disruption led to no gain. They went on and on about how great of a player he was (I don’t think they realized he was doubtful for the game). These are the type plays that the fans don’t see, because he didn’t get the tackle. However, had he not blown the play up, there was room to run.

    You can be in denial all you want. It’s really pretty funny to me, and I enjoy going back and forth about it, mainly because I know I’m right. If you just opened your eyes, you would see it to, because nobody from Tampa gets voted to Pro Bowls based off of their name. You’re a bigger idiot than I realize if you think otherwise.

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “McCoy out
    McDonald out
    Jaq Smith OUT
    ASJ – Failure
    ZERO WR Depth behind Evans
    Dotson = is a below average penalty machine.”


    Wow, these are some bold predictions. You’re so gifted. Tell me, how exactly did you know McDonald and McCoy wouldn’t play? I’m assuming you have some sources the rest of us don’t, even though they were listed as doubtful on the injury report which we could all see. I think you were the only one with some of those bold predictions – particularly saying there was no depth at WR. You’re a genius – get this man a job in the NFL right now!!!! He’s got it all figured out.

  45. Bob in Valrico Says:

    only one TD in 3 of five games.Not making excuses for Aguayo,but this has got to get better. Sure he has got to improve, but so does our offense. Jameis has to improve on his accuracy.Some of the bad habits like proper setup and throwing motion that were good enough in college are not good enough in the NFL.

  46. LakelandBuc Says:

    It’s a tossup between Aguayo and the NUTCASE GM who traded a 3rd and 4th to draft the BUM.

  47. mike n Says:

    Yeah, I hate the pick and the gm is stupid for doing and the people that try to say it was a good pick are foolish. It was a dumb pick because it was a kicker , not because it was aguayo. I like the kid and wish him the best. He’s lucky he went to fsu so at least he has a few fan. I wish him the best.
    Mccoy praying for that kick to go in seems to be the most productive thing he has done all year. Now Aguayo needs to pray for mccoy to stay healthy and sack the qb.

  48. tmaxcon Says:


    how’d i know they’d be out… easy because they are always F***ing OUT!!! I am worried about you seek medical attention.

  49. Connor Says:

    We could’ve signed a kicker off the streets that’s better than him. That’s WHY this pick is so hated right now. He NEEDS to improve.

  50. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    So McCoy is always out? Perhaps you should look that up. He’s missed a grand total of 5 games in 5 years. But I know that doesn’t fit your narrative, so please continue.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I just talked to my client, and he apologized for not signing that autograph for you. However, he has a very strict policy where he doesn’t sign undergarments, but he’s really sorry for any pain he has caused you.

  52. DallasBuc Says:

    This has way more to do about the fragile and fevered ego of Jason Licht than any hatred for the poor kid that can’t cut in the pros. It was his ego that let him think it was a good idea to trade back up into the second round to grab a kicker and it will be his now humiliated, bruised and defiantly scared ego that will not allow him to acknowledge this colossal mistake and move on, putting the players, organization and fans behind his professional self esteem.
    Glazers already thinking about new candidates to lead that front office, guaranteed. Licht is starting to humiliate all of us.

  53. DallasBuc Says:

    With my comments awaiting moderation can I assume the latest unwritten sensorship rule is that you now can’t criticize the GM?

  54. DoNUTS Says:

    Here is another JBF jump the gun article…. go look at history…..many a rookie kicker has come into the NFL and struggled.

    Let me give you 2 names:

    Vinatieri was 9 for 16 over 40 yards in his rookie year.

    Janikowski…9 for 18 over 40 in his rookie season….

    Aguayo is 1 for 4 so far over 40…..

    Give it time….its not that bad….what is bad is the media over hyping the normal struggles of rookie NFL players to get clicks.

  55. KY Buc Fan Says:


    Let me take a wild guess and predict you are a ‘privileged’ white male?! Am i right?! Never been a racist in my life, hell i have white people in my family and i LOVE them all equally! But maybe if you took the time to understand and maybe even research some of the things going on here in America you would know what Colin is standing for! But these sorts of things don’t affect you on a daily basis so i don’t expect you to have any sympathy! When your child, father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend is senselessly murdered trying to retrieve his CCDW as requested and required by law, which he was fully abiding by, come talk to me then!

  56. KY Buc Fan Says:

    Nerve of some ppl! SMDH!!!

  57. DB55 Says:


    You know I could care less what you think. The article chaztized the praying he led the prayer he’s a joke just like you.

  58. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK….so far we have one JBF poster that admits to “hating” Aguayo…..Tampa Tony…..where are all the others?

    Lets just face it……Hate is not the right word.

    How about deplore…..even despise would be better and I’m not sure many would even feel that.

  59. Chris Says:

    With you Dallas, I’ve been put on moderation because of he who should not be named calf strain. Of course, I work a physical job and had calf strains, went to work though. I would like to see his dr to get ruled out of work for a strain . He’s over rated, how many other high profile Dts are pointed out for just their disruptions? I’ll get moderated or put on blast by Joe. Truth is he and LVD are a BIG part of the losing culture, yucking it up after the last arse whooping of the year last year. They’re soft, and they epitomize the softness of this team.

  60. Buccaneers Says:

    Good point Donuts and I noticed that the announcers on Monday night football were not worried about Agayro being a bust as well. It was kind of relieving to hear the announcers speak about how Rocky kickers generally struggle in the league. Only bad thing is it’s not much fun being a fan waiting for him to come around but at least it seems there is a good chance for light at the end of the tunnel.

  61. DB55 Says:


    This week I’m praising lambert for his 4 tackles. Let’s see last week his back up had 6 tackles and 1.5 sacks, this week his back up had 4 tackles. But hey if you like paying 975,000 a week for 1 tackle and a meaningless 2nd qrt sack and a prayer that’s on you you brilliant man child.

  62. Buccaneers Says:

    Good grief can you babbling morons calm down already. Some of you are seeming to have real context issues. This is a sports blog for crying out loud. There is a vastly different meaning of the word hate as it relates to a sports team then in real life. Quit over analysing everything and making mountains out of molehills.for the record I hate because he sucks

  63. Chris Says:

    Yeesh here we go ahead again with the comparisons. First , Gruden was an idiot at drafting. See: the bad Dexter Jackson, etc. Second, that was a team with HOF wr in Jerry Rice, league MVP Gannon. A Super Bowl team. Same with the Patriots. Were we one kicker from the Super Bowl? No, not even close . A dumb, dumb, dumb pick. No matter how you Nole homers want to slice it. He was not a Janikowski in college . He was the most effective 40 yrd and under kicker in history. Not a weapon that can 55 + .

  64. tmaxcon Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    Nice way to spin the math pal…

    GMC has missed 19 games in his career and parts of 6 others. Not to mention his weekly second half disappearing acts… Nice try spinning the numbers… He is a locker room cancer with a smile that quits on coaches simple as that… this team will never win until is fragile mentally weak a$$ is gone.

  65. Buccaneers Says:

    Tmax, you’re being ridiculous. You may want to go back and watch McCoy a little more closely buddy.

  66. Chris Says:

    Was the defense really hurting without him? That should tell you something

  67. tmaxcon Says:


    gmc is the most overrated player in bucs history. he ran out schiano because he was a big meanie then they get big softee and the excuses continue to flow. The defense has played with ZERO heart and ZERO effort under his tenure has leader and face of the franchise. You can argue talent all you want but you can not defend quiting on 3 coaches and lack of motivation and effort week in and week out over the last 4 years. It is absolutely pathetic that a rookie who was suspended for PED had to take on a leadership role with such an Elite DT on the squad. GMC is a good player who is hurt more than his not nothing more… That money could be spent ten times better and achieve far more results.

  68. DB55 Says:


    You do realize these dudes are about as dumb as a bag of rocks right?

    The best player on the team yet he contributes zero. Meanwhile JW killing himself out there and these beaches talking about inaccuracy.

    I keep saying Hawaii must be a radio host cuz no one can be that stupid.

  69. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Sure guys, too bad you can’t answer to why everyone else thinks the way I do. But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he gets all those awards.

    As for him quitting on his team, lol. Nothing else to say.

  70. Buccaneers Says:

    Last time I checked Greg Schiano was a joke of a head coach that had a team quit on him 2 words the end of his last season. He is also out of coaching currently which is a very telling sign. And for all the injury talk about McCoy all I have seen over the past couple of years as him being extremely durable including playing every snap when he’s in the game.

  71. tmaxcon Says:


    Of course I realize how stupid and closed minded they are. He is little Mrs. Perfect in some fans minds. He is fragile and weak. I just hope they can save LVD he sure has taken on more of the GMC role in games disappearing more than not.

  72. DB55 Says:

    Sure guys, too bad you can’t answer to why everyone else thinks the way I do.
    Easy. national pundants don’t watch buc games per JBF article this morning, local media loves the guy bc laughs at all their jokes and answers all their questions. And the local fans are about as dumb as you.

    People see 9 sacks at the end of the year and say WOw that guys good. What they don’t see is all the goal lines stands or lack there of and all the 3&1 where he gives up the booty better than a Taiwanese hooker.

  73. DB55 Says:


    Does buccaneer know that Schiano is the DC for Ohio St? Or is he a complete moron too? We should have never fired Schiano. Revis and Rainbow bright over here derailed him. Revis is LGBT and sucks now. The other guy might just have a huge closet who knows.

  74. Buccaneers Says:

    No I was not aware that Greg Schiano got a new coaching job. I don’t think that makes me a complete moron nor do I care. Regarding McCoy it’s quite obvious that you guys just don’t watch him play and watch the impact he makes.

  75. DB55 Says:


    My bad sir. Hawaii gets me acting uncivilized with his stupidity. My apologies young man. May the force be with you.

  76. Tom S. Says:

    Mark it down Joe; If Aguayo doesn’t magically change from a Halloween Pumpkin to a real NFL kicker through his his second season he will be cut before making it to the end of year two.

    I severely doubt they go into camp next year without a competent replacement to compete for the job. And if that kicker outperforms Augayo you think they’ll keep him still? Not even a wasted second round pick is reason for that.

    But yes, this year he’ll hang around one way or another. If for no other reason than to make Kyle Brindza look good.

  77. Buccaneers Says:

    Hey we are all sports fans here. Sensitivity has no place here in my opinion. You can call me anything you like including soft and fragile. But if you do not call him a disruptive Force then you are purely inaccurate.

  78. DB55 Says:


    McCoy it’s quite obvious that you guys just don’t watch him play and watch the impact he makes.
    Dude I watch game tape at least 2-3 times a week. Often I iso the ice cream man himself. The guy isn’t what he’s cracked up to be I promise you with all sincerity. He leaves his gap, can’t handle double teams, often gets beat by just 1 blocker. Jumps off sides all the time. And I’m yet to see him making a goal line tackle. Even worse since late last year it seems like teams are running right at him cuz they know he’s soft and won’t make but 1 tackle per game.

  79. Buccaneers Says:

    McCoy** not me

  80. Tom S. Says:

    Also let’s all thank Jason Licht for his determination to waste games and resources finding a magical all-star kicker (Brindza, Augayo) in 2015-2016 at the expense of a reliable one(Murray, Barth). I’m sure Houston and LA appreciate it.

  81. DB55 Says:

    Oh he’s disruptive alright! He disrupts are ability to win games.

  82. Buccaneers Says:

    I cannot believe that McCoy leaves his Gap. He does that quite often but that has to be a stunted play call. And I will take an occasional offsides call because he is one of the best in that League at timing the snap and destroying the backfield.McCoy did have one really bad offside call that happened in a bad spot of the field. That was an ill-timed penalty and he should have been more disciplined on that play.

  83. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Even Pablo is concerned and disappointed with his amigo Roberto……Pablo hopes some of the “hate” isn’t racist…..Pablo loves all of his JBF posters and Buc players….Pablo even likes the Bucs’ 4 white tight ends”

  84. DB55 Says:

    Go back and watch the film sir.

  85. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    SMH!!! I have seen it numerous times now that he is a rookie and all rookies struggle. Saying a KICKER will struggle is absolutely the dumbest statement ever. Please explain why??? What is the difference between kicking in Talahassee vs Tampa??? Are the goal posts higher and narrower in the NFL? Is he expected to kick 80 yard field goals in the NFL? His job here is identical to what it was in college! Please stop saying he is a rookie and needs time because anyone who says that is a complete and utter moron.

  86. Buccaneers Says:

    What does film have to do with play calling? You are claiming that McCoy is leaving his gap and is out of position which is unfounded. I can watch 1 play and Rewind it a hundred times and watch it again but I am still not going to know what the play call was.

  87. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, nobody watches film except for DB55 and Tmaxcon. LMAO. I’m sure his teammates don’t either, which explains why they wouldn’t complain about him being so soft.

  88. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m not trying to defend him, but the ball is different in the NFL. There must be something to it, because you almost never see a rookie kicker come in and be successful. They almost always struggle. Weird, but true.

  89. Hardy Nickerson for Bucs ROH Says:

    Bring back Automatica Gramatica…pretty sure he can produce more than our 2nd round pick!

  90. orlbucfan Says:

    Cobraboy: you pulling some cyber snarK? You really follow Tampa Bay in the Dominican Republic? How do you hear/see the games? Where do you live? Informed, educated fans would like to know.

  91. orlbucfan Says:

    tmax: who is paying you to write this nonsense? Can I send in an application?

    tmaxcon Says:
    October 12th, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    Hawaiian Buc.

    Nice way to spin the math pal…

    GMC has missed 19 games in his career and parts of 6 others. Not to mention his weekly second half disappearing acts…
    16 x 5 = 80. That’s the total regular season games been played since GMC was drafted. You’re saying that he’s missed around 23 total games cos of (faked) injuries? Wow, sure makes him a cream puff, huh? If you are a Buc fan, I just grew a third female organ. Get Lost troll!!

  92. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo doesn’t know if Roberto has an elongated arc like Pablo and Hamus….but Roberto, if you’re listening…..Strap that arc to you left leg…..because if you are letting it sway….that will throw off your balance. This may not have been a problem for you in college when your arc wasn’t as elongated……There, now Pablo is trying to help”

  93. uckinator Says:

    K Y BucFan – You have entirely missed the point. Privileged White? What is it supposed to matter ? Wasn’t Obama suppose to fix all that when he got elected (TWICE)? That’s what he promised ! Race relations have gotten worst, not better.
    as I mentioned before “This country has done more for the world than any country in it’s entire existence”. Name one, just one, that has done more ! What don’t you get about this? As far as an issue you have about a White cop shooting a black man, how about commenting on all the black on black murders that have occurred in Chicago ! I’m originally from Chicago and what’s happened there under liberal government is a crime upon itself. Yeah right ! Some nerve.

  94. Eric Says:

    Nobody on here actually hates anyone over a game.

    But we do hate that our beloved bucs are in another one of those several years cycles of ineptitude that saps all the fun out of following the team.

    That’s why we get pissed when we spend multiple premium picks on a damn kicker when you can get an adequate one off the streets.

  95. LakelandBuc Says:

    The problem I have with McCoy is when the Bucs were considering drafting Aaron Donald. He came out and made the statement that he wasn’t moving to NT to accommodate no rookie. Fletcher Cox played DE last season in a 3-4, Aaron Donald did it in college one season. McCoy want’s to play one position, everyone else on the D-Line plays multiple positions. He’s not a team player, the Bucs should have let him walk and drafted Aaron Donald. That’s my take.

  96. DB55 Says:


    AD played DE against us this year too. See winners have a “whatever it takes” attitude. Mr. Smiles just wants his money and a trip to the pro-bowl. Sad sad sad. I’d rather play without him.

  97. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Lakeland Buc,

    I would love to see that comment somewhere. I have heard him say he would do whatever it took to make this team better. He has lined up at DE in the past, but it’s certainly not his strength. He has played nose at times as well, but again his skill set doesn’t match that of a NT. The Bucs know that and they would never move him to nose. It would be like moving Doug Martin to fullback. Never going to happen. Not for a rookie, not for a veteran. I don’t think you understand the difference between a nose tackle and a 3 technique.

  98. DB55 Says:


    You know so much yet don’t know chit! Everything everyone says is wrong yet YOU the one that she wrong ALL THE TIME!!!

    Just in case the link gets moderated search “NFL top 100 Gerald McCoy” click on the 2016 link.

  99. LakelandBuc Says:

    Hawaii Buc , just google this…Gerald McCoy I will not move to DT to accommodate no rookie.

  100. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Ok, found it. Don’t see why that bothers you so much. Like I said, he’s best suited to play 3 technique. He would not be a good nose tackle. The times he has played end, he hasn’t been successful. He knows it, the team knows it, everyone knows it. They were never going to consider moving one of, if not the best, 3 technique to nose tackle. Again, it would be like moving Doug Martin to fullback. Do yo think Martin would agree to do that? Would Grimes move to Safety? When you are a premier player at your position, you aren’t moving for anyone. Not a rookie, not a veteran, nobody. If you think that means he’s not a team player, then he’s not a team player.

    All I know is this – everyone in the building raves about him. On and off the record. His teammates vote him captain every year. He is the first or second guy people mention when they talk about leadership. He is known as one of the first guys in the building, and one of the last to leave. He is greatly respected by every coach he’s ever had. He’s greatly respected by opposing coaches as well. He’s greatly respected by opponents throughout the league. He has played through injuries that most cannot or would not. It’s not his fault the team around him has been crappy. He didn’t let Bennett walk. He didn’t show Revis the door. He didn’t draft the kicker. He has pro bowls, all pro awards, and been in the top 100 every year. But you are sitting here talking about him not getting enough tackles, when he gets the same as what Warren Sapp got (and no, I’m not saying he’s Warren Sapp). You are criticizing his personality, when you’ve never met the guy. You say he’s not doing his job, but you’ve never spent a second watching the film with the coaches, and you don’t know the play calls. There isn’t a NFL player, coach, or executive that doesn’t believe he’s one of the best at his position. That’s a fact. But you think because you watch film after a game that you are somehow an expert? Okay, well I can’t argue with that. You know best, I am wrong, as is everyone else. Congratulations.

  101. Tbbucs3 Says:


    That’s a tough top 10 list to make, this article doesn’t pass up Joes idea of losing meaningless games to get slightly better draft picks. Ya, let’s mess with our already vulnerable culture and be the Tampa Bay 76ers.

  102. DB55 Says:

    Blah blah blah do I even wanna read this?

  103. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I would of guessed that Aguayos game WINNING field goal that possibly saved our season would of prevented negative articles like this one but NOPE, not at

  104. DB55 Says:

    1.When you are a premier player at your position, you aren’t moving for anyone.
    How bout DE? Not even the whole game just 2-3 plays. Fk with the offense head a little. Unpredictablabilty. But what do I know?

    2.He is greatly respected by every coach he’s ever had.
    You sure about that?

    3.You’re a funny guy Hawaii. #sameold #talkingpoints #spinzone #waiveDflag

  105. PRBucFan Says:

    He is torture lol

    And he’ll be an after thought if he has another multiple miss game.

  106. PRBucFan Says:

    I supported this pick too, I feel like a fool. Mentally he’s broken, i don’t think he is coming back from it either.

  107. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Congratulations DB55, you’re the smartest. You know more that everyone else.

  108. DB55 Says:


  109. Joe Says:


    Feel free to point out where Joe wrote Aguayo should or will be cut.

  110. PRBucFan Says:

    lol People crack me up acting like rookie kickers get to miss a plethora of kicks and they gets to cost their team multiple games and it’s ok cause “they are just rookies”.

    False, another multiple miss game and he’s toast.

    Gruden did mention Janikowski but he also did say Aguayo is off to a worse start and he also said that he only kept Janikowski after he made desperation 58 yarder which Gruden was having him kick out of frustration cause he was going to cut him anyway lol.

  111. Bucwylde Says:

    I don’t know its considered hate but after many beers and his 2nd miss Monday night I was wishing bodily harm on him.

  112. evolvingBucfan Says:

    Hey guys i usually just sit here and read the comments but i will be silent no more. This will be a love hate relationship for most, especially when dealing with our 2nd 2nd round pic, but for me i don’t hate the guy and there is one simple reason. We shouldn’t ever have to be in a position to rely on our kicker (Aguayo or whoever) to win the game or even score, the only reason he is out there is because of our horrendous red-zone offense. When our offense can’t get points on the board even when our defense gives the ball back to them and still we can’t turn turnovers into points, don’t blame the kicker. Hopefully we can get our offense on track and the kicker will be the cherry on top, Anyone for a Sundae?

  113. Phil Says:

    I think Roberto will be fine.

  114. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Hawaiian Buc is one of the most informed and best posters on this site. He points out all of the reasons McCoy should stay at DT and your response is bla blah blah. DB55 just admit your simply being a hater and that you’re talking out of your ass and move on. You want a pro bowler in the prime of his career to say he will move to a position he’s not suited for to let a rookie take his spot. You are out of your mind. I remember reading last year that NFL experts around the league can’t even believe there are many Buc fans that are dumb enough to think McCoy isn’t one of the best DTs in the league.

  115. DB55 Says:

    Fun fact: The Nile is the biggest river in the world.

  116. 98bucsfan Says:

    The reason people are grieving over this pick is because they all expected perfection. I know in due time he will correct his mistakes. It took janikowski and vinatieri both a year or two to get on the right track. Just believe in him and let him do his thing.

  117. PRBucFan Says:

    Hardly perfection… at very least mediocre lol

  118. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    “Tampa Bay Times humorist Martin Fennelly feels the pain of Bucs fans and believes watching Aguayo hit or miss is akin to torture.”

    I had no idea Fennelly was a humorist. I thought he was just a sports writer… and a terrible one (and kind of a d!ck)… but that was just my perception and it was almost 20 years ago when he was writing for the Tampa Tribune that I would read his daily battering of the Bucs. I can see why Miko would say Fu@! the media…