Sad, Mysterious Jackson Saga Continues

September 25th, 2016
Dirk Koetter came to talk to Vincent Jackson alone on the end of the Bucs bench in the second half. This was right after Jameis Winston was barking in Jackson's face following a failed 2-point attempt.

Dirk Koetter came to talk to Vincent Jackson alone on the end of the Bucs bench in the second half. This was right after Jameis Winston was barking in Jackson’s face following a failed 2-point attempt.

Let the record reflect that Joe labeled Vincent Jackson as the No. 2 X-factor entering this Bucs season.

Joe thought Jackson’s return would be a major positive, not a serious mystery.

After his third consecutive rough game, and seemingly odd sideline interactions, Jackson is a now a situation.

Jackson, earning $10 million this year, has nine catches for 99 yards and significant drops through three games. But beyond the ugly stats, Jackson looks like a different guy. His on-field demeanor and play has changed.

After a failed two-point conversion in the second half today, Jackson was seen having a passionate, apparently film-related chat with tight ends coach John Embree and the tight ends. See photo below.

When that ended, Jackson sat on the end of the Bucs bench, see above, and was met by America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, barking at him passionately.

Jackson didn’t stand up to talk to Jameis and stayed in his seat. Seconds later, Dirk Koetter came over and almost looked like he was cosoling Jacksons. Koetter offered a few words and patted V-Jax on his back. The wide receiver stayed there for a while by himself, not with his fellow receivers.

Hey, Joe’s like every other Bucs fans hoping V-Jax can snap out of this, but it sure doesn’t look good.

V-Jax with the tight end coach and tight ends before Jameis Winston confronted him.

V-Jax with the tight end coach and tight ends before Jameis Winston confronted him.

45 Responses to “Sad, Mysterious Jackson Saga Continues”

  1. I know why Says:

    Joe I agree something is wrong. Also, did Noah Spence dress tonight?

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jameis says to VJAX ” Hey man, are you even going to try to catch a ball tonight?”

  3. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Shepherd made an incredible catch. If VJAX doesn’t want to play, a player with less attitude but a desire to play may be an upgrade.

  4. Another J Says:

    Might be time to sit Jackson down for a few plays.

  5. Chris Says:

    Joe, read the reports on Jackson while at San Diego. Selfish, disappears , doesn’t make the effort on some throws leading to ints. This looks like the San Diego VJax. I believe he knows the handwriting is on the wall. The emergence of Evans and now Humph as the number two. He’s the third , he’ll, maybe the fourth option behind Brate and he’s sulking about it. I would cut his ass right now, or bench him for Shepherd

  6. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t blame Jackson. Why all of a sudden this website want to start blaming players? You hung Lovie and his staff. Step forward Capt of the Bucs Ship. That be you Coach Koetter. Take your whippin like a man! The fault and blame all goes to the new anointed one, The Savior…COACH KOETTER. Step forth sir!

  7. Chris Says:

    And Koetter is to blame. What the hell, in camp he said they were sleepwalking, unmotivated

  8. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Russel Shep > VJAX at this point…

    Vincent, you Motherfcuker, if you knew you had nothing left, you fcukin played us… for that $5,555,555.00.

    YOU KNEW you had nothing left, yet you STILL took up a roster spot, when Russel Shepard, with his mediocre ass looks 5x as good as you…

  9. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    VJAX is practically invisible in games this year

    His effort and body language on the fields screams I DON’T GIVE A FYCK!!!!!!

    HE looks like a totally different player this year

  10. Ndog Says:

    See Mike Johnson this just shows your stupidity as the reason everyone wanted Lovie gone was because the defense sucked and he was supposed to be a defensive “guru”. So I ask you was the offense, which is Koetter specialty the problem tonight?

  11. Pelbuc Says:

    Lots of drama but little character on this team. Sorry ass, selfish players combined with bad coaches and terrible GM does not make for a contender. I keep saying Glazers should bring in a football czar like Polian to clean up this mess. At least he would be honest and tell us remaining fans to give him 3 years after he guts the roster.

  12. cometowin2 Says:

    Not 5 million it’s at least 10 million. Not sure what’s going on. Evans, Brate and Humphries balling out. Need safety and WR help. After today I think I changed my mind and we need safety help the most.

  13. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    ….we are a 1 win team better than the pathetic 0 – 3 browns…..

    ….that’s so damn sad

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  15. Tampa Tony Says:

    The Bucs are the Browns of the NFC

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    The Panthers are 1-2.

  17. iamkingsu Says:

    When the Saints win tomorrow everyone will be 1-2 looks like wildcard isn’t coming out of this division.

  18. tmaxcon Says:

    Vjax was a good player but now is simply that old dog you need to put down. Its the only human thing to do. Put him down.

  19. rick Says:

    agree that VJAX is a different guy. maybe he isn’t healthy

  20. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    #2 draft pick pissed away!

  21. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Im starting to look UPSTAIRS for the faults we have now…. Jason Licht.

    Licht signed off on ASJ, LOOK AT THAT SORRY ASSED POS NOW…

    Licht signed off on Aguayo, and that little fcuker COST US THIS GAME…

    Donovan Smith, with his penalties, and his sleeves in mid sept (what the motherfcuk is up with that???), is looking sorry as fcuk.

    Bottom line, we’re sorry in a lotta positions where we shouldnt be. We shoulda had VJax’s repacement where we drafted that sorry assed kicker instead.

    As much as the Joes are all on Lichts jock, for that ‘insider access’, THE HONEYMOON IS OVER!

  22. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Aguayo & VJAX need to stop and asses their lives right now, cause their hearts werent on that feild today.

    And while theyre trying to figure it out, Theyre Fcuking This Team right in its tender pssuy.

  23. Mike Johnson Says:

    Koetter is the head coach. He is to blame. You guys blamed HC Lovie Dubbie now didn’t you? Step forth coach Koetter and take your punishment. Don’t hide behind the offense like you did last year..You are now THE MAN. You are the HCIC. Go down with the pirate ship.
    And all!

  24. iamkingsu Says:

    Do the Bucs have a gameplan or do we go out there sand force our will on opposing teams. Because Rex Ryan for damn sure stayed deep vs the cardinals and forced the checkdown.

    Rams were averaging around 65 yards per game on the ground gurley had 85 by himself. The team had 137. What is the plan on defense??

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Classic Mike Johnson in his foolish form.

    You need help. Ask your doctor for some meds.

  26. Ndog Says:

    This team makes me want to throw up then posters like Mike Johnson come on here and at least remind me that I should be happy I have a brain, unlike him.

  27. BucsFan90 Says:

    Koetter needs to hire a gameclock management coach.. Oh wait he already did. This coaching staff is dysfunctional all across the board


    Just an idea, but San Diego needs a Wr and VJAX used to play for them. Get a late round pick for his old washed up @ss.

  29. Thundersack Says:

    I’m not sure what is going on with him, but he does not look like the same player. He may be injured. I did catch him sitting off by himself toward the end of the game and it seemed a little odd.

    On the last drive they targeted him a lot and he made a couple of catches.

    So, if he was pissed about the ball not coming his way than he should look at himself when they relied on him to win the game and he had drops when it mattered.

  30. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Wow…..I actually for once do agree with Buc1987…

    ….Mike Johnson does need medication

  31. LargoBuc Says:

    There is so much blame to go around. First, what really deflated us was the missed field goal. That gave LA good position after we worked hard to ein the field position battle. And after our defense stumped them for two strait possesions they fold when we need them to step up most. They are still the same mentally fragile unit they were under Lovie. Offense or special teams makes a mistake and the defense gets rammed. It has happened in all three games and in the preseason. This defense seriously needs to be gutted. They will likely cost another coach their job.
    Second, Jameis had some good numbers but my god is he inaccurate at times. It’s hard to keep pace when your qb is inconsistent with his accuracy. And that fumble td (awesome play by Quinn) can be attributed to Jameis’ slow release. These types of things are going to happen while he develops. But mind this-Jameis is not yet ready to lead this team to victory on s consistent basis. Not yet. And the kicker is that this team around him is not good enough to bail him out. It is largely Jameis or bust, and Jameis is not there atm.
    Third, this team needs some damn play makers. I swear, other than Kwon and Jameis this team has no playmakers. Evans is a really good wr, better than most but he is not that game changing play maker. Neither is Martin. Sims maybe, but he has had some tough luck. Is GMC a playmaker? No and most DT’s arent. Is LVD? No. How many game changing plays has he made lately? He is damn good. And else where no, we have no play makers on this defense. VH3 and Noah have that pptential but I haven’t seen it. This team on both sides lacks that. Look at Tavon Austin. Most agree he is an inferior wr to Mike Evans. But he has a game changung ability that Evans lacks. Um not saying I would take Tavon over Evans, but until we get some play makers tp go with our good players, we are going to be flat, stale, whatever you wana call it.
    It’s time to be realustic, myself included. This team is not there. The question I have is if we go 4-12, 5-11 will Dirk survive?

  32. iamkingsu Says:

    You’ll just don’t know how bad of a coach you have to be to have an unexpected extra hour to prepare for one specific drive and still have poor clock management!

  33. Bucs Ace Says:

    Yeah, This is indeed a strange situation, through all the regime changes with this franchise, it seemed like VJAX never let anything effect the excellence of his play. In fact, over the last 5 seasons it could be argued he was the best player on this team. Don’t understand how his skills could diminish so badly over an off-season. Like someone else posted, maybe an injury involved here?

  34. LakeLandBuc Says:

    It all start with Jason Licht and his STUPID draft moves, and free agent signings. But you can’t tell that to these teary eye, delusional fans on this site. They think Licht is the best GM in the NFL. SMDH.

  35. James Walker Says:

    Damn…has Winston gone deeper in the game and left a complacent Vjax on a island of confusion and nostagia?

  36. Stranger Says:

    That’s cool and all, but Winston missed him when he was wide open at the end zone line.

    Probably should talk about that more.

  37. buccfan305 Says:


    Totally agree….Jason is a F#@king idiot. Trading up for a kicker in the 2nd round in my opinion was the DUMBEST move in franchise history. And they wonder why other teams don’t take us seriously.

  38. Sunny Says:

    Just a thought , but is it maybe vjax can’t handle Winston barking at him all the time ? Vjax is a vet and JW is just a second yr player , it is apparent they is something wrong with the relationship

  39. Shane Says:

    I love VJax but hes seriously NOT PRODUCING!! I think Jameis expected more from him and Vincent Jackson is done with football

  40. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Not sure whats going on on in VJAX’s head right now. Its clear that the emphasis has moved to Humphries. He has earned it with nice plays out of
    short passing game. Don’t see him as a deep threat yet. Partially cause Winston overthrows him on deep routes.Vjax may be affected by the emergence of Humphries,because he was essentially a decoy for much of the game. But he had his chance at the end of the game and he didn’t do his part.

  41. Max Says:

    He knows it’s his last year here, he’s just taking the lazy route. Look at his last year in San Diego.

  42. Max Says:

    I meant his attitude not his stats.

  43. JP4 Says:

    SMH…people blaming Licht for this situation. Guy is only the best GM this franchise has ever had. Thank God you people are not owners of the franchise, like Snyder or Haslam, giving the franchise no chance for continuity. Look at the Bucs draft choices over the last 20 years; how many of those players had lasting impact, how many started for more than 4 years? Then look at Licht’s drafts. No contest. Licht can pick them, he can’t get on the field and do their job for them.

    Put blame where it belongs – on the players (and a head coach who doesn’t know when to call TO). This situation is the result of 15 years of BAD drafting. You can’t expect Licht to make up for that with free agents and draft picks in just 2 1/2 years.

  44. Maze Says:

    The sooner Jackson retires the better for everyone

  45. Old Time Buc Says:

    You know everyone thinks they have the reason(s) for the Bucs loses figured out.
    It doesn’t really matter at this point in the season and yes there is plenty of blame to go around. What matters is that our base fans quit acting like hyenas and jackals. I have never seen such atrocious actions and comments. These would lead me to believe that most of you never played sports or were totally spoiled.
    If you were my teammates you had better get your asses out there and work harder as a team instead of looking for who to blame. Everybody seems to have a told you so instead of support and informed suggestions. I guess that’s to be expected in today’s world. The resonsibility lies with everyone and not just a few.