“I Think That’s An Underrated Talent”

September 21st, 2016

Center Joe Hawley talks about the new face of the Bucs’ running game.

As the Bucs begin life without Doug Martin, there’s real hope in the locker room air at One Buc Palace.

That comes in the form of sixth-year running back Jacquizz Rodgers, signed last week. Now he’s now front and center in the rushing attack with Charles Sims.

Rodgers talked today at One Buc Palace about how he always “stays ready” so he doesn’t have to “get ready.” That may sound like a great one-liner, but Rodgers proved it on Sunday in Arizona, jumping into the fire with two carries for 29 yards.

Rodgers spent four years with the Falcons as a versatile performer in their backfield, and today Joe asked Rodgers’ former teammates, center Joe Hawley, to describe Rodgers as a player and teammate.

“Great running back. Smart player,” Hawley said. “Sets up blocks well. I think that’s an underrated talent kind of lost in today’s NFL, guys that can set up blocks and read blocks really well and find the hole.”

Hawley added that Rodgers is “very similar” to Doug Martin; they’re both “smaller explosive” backs.

Joe’s not thinking Rodgers is a savior of any kind, but Joe is darn glad he’s on the roster. Rodgers’ experience in pass blocking and coming out of the backfield sure will be beneficial against the three ferocious pass rushes from Los Angeles, Denver and Carolina — the Bucs’ next three opponents.

2 Responses to ““I Think That’s An Underrated Talent””

  1. pick6 Says:

    he’s not going to be selected all-pro, but a team that wants to win more than 6 games is probably happy to be able to turn to him over the likes of peyton barber or even the perennially overrated dexter mccluster who the chargers picked up. hope he’s ready to replace humphries on returns. the last thing we need is our most consistent WR taking big hits in the return game

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Also happy to have him with the Bucs, they need him like no tomorrow.