Mike Smith Explains The Lavonte Goose Egg

September 22nd, 2016

The defensive coordinator weighs in on Lavonte David’s bad day

Aside from the dreadful final score, the truly unthinkable happened Sunday in Arizona.

And no, Joe’s not referring to Cardinals cheerleaders crowding into Joe’s hotel room for body shots.

The unthinkable was Pro Bowler Lavonte David, the Bucs’ $10-million-a-year linebacker, failing to record a tackle — or an assist.

It was a first for David. And today defensive coordinator Mike Smith was asked to explain.

“We weren’t as efficient. There were some opportunities for Lavonte, but not many,” Smith said. “The way that the plays were run, he didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities.

“We were not nearly as active across the board. When you start to look at the tackle chart after the game’s over, and you see that your defensive backs are leading, it’s not a good week for the defensive coaching staff.”

Smith added that David got banged up in the game. In the postgame locker room, Joe saw David’s left shoulder wrapped in ice, which is not typical for him.

Yes, David registered two quarterback hits on Carson Palmer, but they were inconsequential. The blitz was a step slow all day.

That’s a big key for the Bucs on Sunday against the Rams. Joe knows David will bounce back, but those blitzes have to have an effect on noted Bucs-killer quarterback Case Keenum.

11 Responses to “Mike Smith Explains The Lavonte Goose Egg”

  1. BucFan20 Says:

    I hope like hell the players are concentrating on the RAMS. Because the local sports stations, fans and coaches seem to still have their minds on last week. It’s over. Move on.

  2. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Most people wrote a W in for this game…including me.

    But we’re not so good as to be able to take ANY NFL opponent for granted.
    Remember last year’s home opener? I apologize for reminding you!

    I feel pretty good simply because we did play so horribly last week. Time to stop just showing up.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Please dont get me started. Not gonna do it…I have ranted enough on this guy for one week. I am going to wait and see if he allows a backup qb shred his defense for the home opener. Lets see if he actaully knows how to use his players

  4. Kevin Says:

    Sorry to say it though, Im not getting my hopes up. Jameis is the only one who can win the game with that guy calling the plays on D

  5. iamkingsu Says:

    This I a W Rams are awful

  6. Destro44 Says:

    I like the fact he said the coaching staff didn’t have a good week. Take the blame because when your best linebacker had no tackles you got out coached. The cards game plan I’m sure was to neutralize LVD and I would say it worked. This happens, some days you get out coached, I’m glad he is asked to admit it and notice that it’s happened. Get to work Smitty, don’t let it happen again anytime soon.

  7. Louis Friend Says:

    You guys seem to think Keenum is going to throw the ball enough for pressure to actually matter? If I’m the Rams I stick to the ground game period. Throw only when absolutely necessary. Their defense isn’t going to give up much of anything to the Bucs. Wait for Bucs mistakes (kind of guaranteed), score on a short field when it comes up. If the Bucs can’t run the ball, and they likely won’t be able to without Martin – it’s open season on Jameis. The Rams should be favored to win this game, honestly.

    Just because the Bucs have more talent (supposedly) than the Rams – a one dimensional offense makes them sitting ducks for all sorts of abuse.

  8. SB with Jameis Says:

    I KNEW IT!!!!! They Jinxed him Week One when they said he was the only person in the NFL with at least 5 tackles for 57 STRAIGHT games!!!!!!!! Then he gets a Zero!!!!!!

  9. Joe Says:

    Because the local sports stations, fans and coaches seem to still have their minds on last week. It’s over. Move on.

    1. You gauge the future on the past.

    2. Unless you have been on serious narcotics, the Bucs have yet to play the Rams. Kind of hard to talk about something that hasn’t happened.

    3. If you don’t think the subject of a core defensive player and a guy who the Bucs are banking heavily on pulled a Danny lansanah and didn’t make one play in a game isn’t important, well, perhaps you’ve hung out at Buccaneers.com too much.

  10. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Did he ever lay a goose egg like that under LOVIE or even the dreaded Toes On the Line, None Driving Greg S.!!! 14 games to play 8 more games to win! GO BUCS!!

  11. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    This is shocking to me, that is the first time in his career where he failed to make a singlentackle. And speaking of blitzing LB’s, looks like Devante Bond is ready to make his season debut Sunday so look for coach Smith to draw up sum blitzes for him, wich is probably what Bond’s role is on this team. A situational pass rusher wich is needed with all the recent injuries on the line.