Koetter, Time Managment & Charles Sims

September 25th, 2016
Clock troubles

Clock troubles

Let Joe clear any confusion about Charles Sims not running out of bounds after catching a short pass with 45 seconds left on a 2nd-and-10 play from the Rams’ 27 yard line.

Sims caught the pass near the right sideline but opted to cut inside and pick up the first down — a 12-yard play that put the Bucs on the Rams-15.

Tampa Bay had two timeouts. They finished the game with one in their pocket trailing by five points.

That’s not on Sims; it’s on Dirk Koetter.

Koetter could have and should have called timeout after Sims’ first down catch and run. But he didn’t. The Bucs ran the clock down to 26 seconds before Ameirca’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, threw incomplete.

Too much time wasted.

Joe asked Koetter after the game about Sims’ decision to turn up field rather than stop the clock.

JoeBucsFan.com: Late in the game Charles Sims caught a pass and didn’t get out of bounds. Were you looking for him to turn up and make a play because you had timeouts? Or did you want him to get out of bounds there?

Dirk Koetter: You know, we always tell those guys. When they’re near the sideline, if it’s a situation where they can get out but the [defender] over runs it and you have timeouts, then they should take the yardage. He made a good play there.

Way too easy to get mad at Sims there. The Bucs had two timeouts and Sims picked up a needed first down to the Rams’ 15 yard line with 45 seconds left. That’s plenty of time.

26 Responses to “Koetter, Time Managment & Charles Sims”

  1. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    That one was on Koetter..not on Sims..it’s just bad time management on that one..I know that my TV is quite traumatised by the way I yelled profanities at it..

    Koetter had said that was what he was going to be worried about in an interview..

    It is live and learn..

  2. LargoBuc Says:

    Koetter is still learning. These types of things are going to happen throughout the year. Maybe he’ll rethink his philosophy?

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Like I said, 6-10 here we come. No improvement over Lovie’s record. Three games in and I’ve already tuned these bums out.

  4. BucsFan90 Says:

    A good OC doesn’t always make a good head coach. Either Koetter choked or he’s out of his league

  5. SOEbuc Says:

    No, not good clock management at all. And I’ll tell you this much Koetter does not need to start off his post game press conferences giving tons of congratulations to the Rams.

  6. Ray Rice Says:

    How the FUK do you not dial up a play to Savage Mike in crunch time? Mind boggling.

  7. This Guy Right Here Says:

    At that point in the game, that type of politikin is meaningless.

    Aguayo straight up fcuked us.

    I had the kids back thru preseason, thinking it was just a slump… turns out it wasnt…

    Dude is mentally soft. And the fact that Licht took him that high anyways, when he coulda picked up a legit WR to replace Ghost VJax… smdh

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    @FLBoyinDallas you give up after week 3 cus you’re a bum and not a true bucs fan. Go watch a freakin Cowboys game and tell Jerry Jones he’s a jack@ss if you see him for me.

  9. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Here we go again

  10. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Forget Joes hard on for licht… That Aguayo pick was the the most ill-informed, almost arrogant, just a nut twister of a pick…

    Thru Mckay, Bruce Allen, Rockstar… this may have been the worst moves Ive seen yet…. and I watched Dominik extend Michael Claytons contract for 25 mil…

  11. Pat Says:

    Come on Joe… You haven’t even written an article about the one thing he said in his interview that matters. He mentioned that there is a problem with the culture on the team and he’s got a fix it. That was the most telling thing he had to say in the interview
    Already wrote about that. Might want to scroll down. –Joe

  12. Joe Says:

    Ghost VJax

    LOL 🙂

  13. Mtbucsfan Says:

    Still early and these are all easily correctable. If Winston wasn’t our QB I’d be freaking out. If there’s one thing about him it’s his fire. They will come around. I’m more worried about our defense and wr situation. Our secondary looked like the played for the Illini. And I’m the biggest Jackson fan you’ll find. But he needs to get it together. I’m thoroughly shocked we haven’t snagged another Fa wide out. Roddy white is still out there. Hope Doug comes back hungry and fired up! We need the run game!

  14. Pat Says:

    I don’t believe the article about the mystery of VJax gets to the root of what he was talking about at all. I believe it goes way deeper than what might be going on with Vincent Jackson. I believe he was alluding to what Winston talked about in his last post-game press conference at the end of last year. Anyway… Keep sniffing around I bet you find out more this week.

  15. Pat Says:

    Sorry Joe… My bad. I had to scroll down even further to see the article you wrote about the culture

  16. SOEbuc Says:

    Mtbucsfan…secondary sucks because both of our safeties are garbage. When are people gonna stop with this Roddy White bull crap? Of course Doug is numero uno, but I thought the run game looked good today. I am especially liking the Jaquizz Rodgers pick up in a very tight spot

  17. Brent bull/buc Says:

    Man why don’t some of you babies just become pats fans? This type team is for die hards only.

  18. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    ^Then keep dying hard, ’cause that’s about all you’re ever to likely get from this organization. Certain franchises are infected with a losing culture in this league and everyone knows the Bucs are one of them.

  19. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Personally I was one of the fans who was the most eager to see Loser Lovie kicked to the curb. But I will give him this: his defense kept the ball in front of them and didn’t give up the big play. And his defense didn’t give up an average of 33.7 POINTS PER FREAKING GAME!!! THAT’S LAST PLACE IN THE NFL AND 3 FULL POINTS MORE THAN THE NEXT WORST DAMN TEAM!!!

    Mike Smith’s defense is getting jacked up for the long ball play after play after play so far. This isn’t the type of thing that gets fixed with a tweak here or a street free agent there. This will be a season-long struggle and you can take that to the bank. No pass rush = busted coverages. Simple as that.

    Losing Smith and Ayers totally disabled this pass rush and there’s no way to fix it now. Spence is a one-trick pony still and just a rookie who cannot be counted on to perform. Who else is there? Even when Ayers returns he won’t be 100% for awhile. If there’s no one to threaten the edge then the pass rush up the middle doesn’t work, either. And neither does the pass defense. Mike Smith’s defenses have always revolved around being able to generate pressure on the QB as a way to make the rest of the defense work properly. Just like every defense in the NFL.


  20. Rojas Says:

    Would like to see what we have in Butler on the PS.

  21. Chris Says:

    FL Boy, Lovies defense was beat on simple slants turned from 5 yards to 50. That was just as friustrating. Guess what? Same garbage ass safeties on that team . How anyone in the secondary, ( Chris Conte, Keith Tandy) kept their jobs after watching the last several years is beyond me. I feel Licht gamble keeping these bums, because: they’re cheap, blew draft pick on needless pk, no fa signings to speak of, other than a washed up, old ass Brent Grimes. Why sign a 33,34 yr old corner? At that age they get moved to safety, or retire.

  22. iamkingsu Says:

    That’s even worse he’s at the 15?? See I didn’t catch the game. Man that’s even worst. You always use a timeout on a big first down gain! You’re going to lose around 20 seconds every time. The Bucs didn’t have no where to travel we were in scoring range. Wtf?

  23. iamkingsu Says:

    Dolphins and their fans says grimes was finished and Miko says Tannehill is a bum! They both are right. Ppl keep saying move banks to safety? For what?? He’s a press corner. Let him play corner. Verner is trash Robinson should be in over him. How many times does he has to get beat deep?? Looking for help or not he should’ve been cut with his cap number. Even though the Bucs not struggling in that area

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ll make the prediction rat now..WE LOSE TO DENVER. Look out 1-3..Here we come!

  25. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    Jameis is growing before us <3 this guy is going to be deadly when it all clicks for him.

  26. clint Says:

    So – why didnt you ask him why the time out was not called?