Training Camp Winner: Mike Evans

August 25th, 2016

EvanspracticeIt’s been one hell of an August for Mike Evans, who turned 23 this week.

If you told Joe in June that Evans would emerge through training camp and into tomorrow night’s third preseason game 100 percent healthy, and without arguing a call, and without dropping a troubling amount of footballs, Joe would have considered that pure fantasy.

But Evans has done just that, in addition to making some standout plays.

Remember what Evans told Joe in Philly, explaining with a twinkle in his eye that he was “too old” to complain to officials and get distracted, even after he was mugged by an Eagles cornerback?

Joe considers Evans to be, perhaps, the Bucs’ biggest winner of the summer. He appears to be a new man, a mature wide receiver who always had gobs of talent.

Yesterday, Joe talked to Evans, who was feeling a bit nostalgic. Josh McCown, now infecting the Browns, was an opponent at One Buc Palace, and Evans was recalling the one big lesson McCown taught him that still sticks with him.

“Josh really drove me to play fast,” Evans said. “He’d even tell me to play faster when I was playing fast. That still has an impact on me. I still hear him saying that. He’s just the greatest guy.”

Evans added that he expects to wipe out the mistakes that plagued him last year and have everything come together in the second year of the offense — and a second year with America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston: “I’m not going to be perfect. But I’ve put in the work on all aspects of my game and myself. I’m confident that’s going to show up.”

20 Responses to “Training Camp Winner: Mike Evans”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There’s always hope for younger players with talent to turn things around…..even though these guys have immense talent we have to keep in mind that they are in their early 20s and have different levels of maturity….
    Jameis has sure matured quickly and accepted the role of leader…..Here’s hoping that ASJ, Kwon, Spence and some of our other younger players mature also.
    Has anybody else notices that we seem to be building a team with high character players?

  2. Dave Pear Says:

    “He’s just the greatest guy.”

    I’m surprised this comment isn’t under moderation. No one is allowed to speak

    kindly of Josh McClown. Blasphemy.

  3. K2 Says:


    Yesterday, one source that covers the Bucs claims that the Browns have the explosive talent…not the BUCS. I don’t see it that way…I’m I missing something?

  4. Dooshlarue Says:

    …….and the ME13 Jinx starts…

  5. "Ice Man" Bob Gilbert Says:


    I have to agree with your source, the Browns do have exposive talent. With Josh Gordon, Terrell Pryor and Gary Barnidge they are going to be tough in the passing game. All depends on how RGIII performs though.

    Not saying the Bucs aren’t exposive as well. We will have our moments…just not on the first couple drives if last year is any indication.

  6. Chris Says:

    Well, it might be because the Coleman kid has been drawing rave reviews, possibility of Josh Gordon for 12 games , a pro bowl tight end and Duke Johnson . We have Mike Evans, Doug Martin, Simms and 68 yr old Vince Jackson.

  7. Chris Says:

    Although I would take Jameis over 12 RG3 s and 50 Josh Mccowns

  8. orlbucfan Says:

    I’ll take “68 year old Vince Jackson” in a heartbeat. He’s been quietly helping out the younger receivers since he came here from San Diego. If this is Evans’ breakout year, wowser. He’s got the size, talent and right attitude. Plus, you’re always seeing him w/Famous Jameis. Go Tampa Bay!!

  9. Lunchbox Says:

    I had to laugh when Mike was talking about how swell McCown is. Too bad he isn’t also a good QB.

  10. LargoBuc Says:

    Hmmm…Maybe McCown had some value as a back up afterall?

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    McCown is a good rah rah type guy, players enjoy that encouraging pep talk. Cleveland is better just like the Bucs are. I’m pretty sure the Bucs have an overall losing regular season record against the Browns and that division as a whole. Evans will carry the Bucs, happy to see he no longer sweats the small stuff.

  12. Wes Says:

    I always loved having Mccown on the Bucs, just not as the starting QB.

  13. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Joe, he didn’t have drop issues as a rook and dropped six in a rain game to inflate his stats with the added pressure of undrained rookie free agents around him last season. Lol

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    So does this mean Evans is off of Joe’s “let’s continually berate this guy” list and will no longer be called “K.Y. hands” every time his name is mentioned?

  15. DB55 Says:

    and without dropping a troubling amount of footballs,
    Lol, ME told Scott Smith of Bucs com that he got “lucky” with those catches, specifically the TD pass in the last PS game. Sounded like a dig to all those who say he can’t catch.

  16. DB55 Says:

    I thought the biggest winner of the summer was JR Sweezy. 10mil deposited into the checking acct and didn’t even have to work 1 day all summer. Sign me up!!!!

  17. teacherman777 Says:

    Josh McCown is a great human being.

    He played behind the WORST offensive line I have sen since Dungy left.

    He was running for his life on every play!

    At least Joshua gave his heart and soul every game!!! (Joshua was the real name of Jesus, Joshua is “Yehoshua” in Hebrew)


    I still thought your “crying” joke was really funny though. Good one!

    But I still respect Josh McCown. He fought for the fans.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    You’re joshing me right. Lovie kept putting him out there, I can’t see what he was expecting.

  19. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    “Now infecting the Browns now” lol ya the Browns have some weapons at there desposal but as we seen in Lovie’s first year you can have all the weapons in the world but if u don’t have a Line to protect the QB those weapons aren’t gonna Abe much of use. And there line isnt all that great. Besides Joe Thomas they have no one. They traded away there pro bowl Center so I don’t see RG3 or the Browns having a big year offensively.

  20. BringBucsBack Says:

    So when the Bucs hoist the Lombardi in 3,4 AND 5 years (he-he), we’ll all have to thank McCown for:

    1. Instilling into ME a “play fast” ethic
    2. Playing “well” enough for us to win the Jameis sweepstakes.