PODCAST: Pre-Draft Advice

August 26th, 2016

Joe is pumped to present the Todd Wright Fantasy Football Podcast, delivered by Papa John’s.

Click below to listen or to download.

Exclusively for JoeBucsFan.com, Todd delivers a pile of knowledge in his distinct style, honed through more than two decades in sports radio, including ESPN Radio for many years. Enjoy!

Delivered By Papa John’s


3 Responses to “PODCAST: Pre-Draft Advice”

  1. DB55 Says:

    Just ordered my Papa Johns – Thanks!!

  2. geno714 Says:

    I’m not a fantasy sports player, but thought I would give this a shot anyway to learn about players throughout the leagure. I made it 7 minutes in and he still hadn’t started talking about any players. He needs to get to the meat more quickly.

  3. Joe Says:


    There is a fast-forward option you can use to navigate the audio if that’s your bag.