Koetter Lists Top Four Corners

August 6th, 2016
Discusses top corners.

Discusses top corners.

Joe is really digging this Dirk Koetter. Ask a question, you get an answer. And the answer may not be to your liking.

So with one more practice this morning before the Bucs get a day off tomorrow, their second since camp opened July 28, Koetter was asked about the play of the cornerbacks, a horror show last year.

Koetter likes how things are shaking out and then listed his top-four corners, guys who have separated from the pack as of Aug. 5.

“I think right now we have four guys kind of out in front right now, in no particular order: [Brent] Grimes and [Alterraun] Verner and [Vernon] Hargeaves and Jude [Adjei-Barimah],” Koetter said. “And then we’ve got [Johnthan] Banks and Josh Robinson kind of battling for five and six. That’s sort of where we’re at right now.”

Thus far, Banks has not had a great camp. Joe’s been on board with Banks for a long time. Joe’s rooting for him. Thus far, Banks has had better days.

It’s still early, though. Plenty of time for Banks to bounce back.

It goes to show just how deep the corner position is for the Bucs. Though the first preseason game is next week (programming note: due to Olympics coverage, the game will be broadcast locally on WTTA-TV Channel 38), the cornerbacks unit seems a far cry from last year’s train wreck.

26 Responses to “Koetter Lists Top Four Corners”

  1. cometowin2 Says:

    I can’t see “Hey Jude” ahead of Banks but I’m not out there every day. How does he go from shutting down Calvin Johnson around 2 1/2 years ago to fighting for the 5th corner spot? I was shouting for Banks in the draft so I have a soft spot for him.

    Get him and ASJ a,sports psychologist. I think it’s all in the head with these two. They have the talent. Do they have the head and more importantly the heart?

  2. cometowin2 Says:


    Did leaving Revis go stunt Bank’s gowth as a corner? Revis was clearly Bank’s mentor. Hasnt been the same since.

  3. Brad Says:

    If Robinson can’t win the #4 then we need to search the waiver wire. We haven’t been very good at this FA thing. Jude is beyond brutal and I don’t have as much hope as Joe about Banks.

  4. Ed Says:

    I have never seen a coach talk about a depth chart before the first pre season game and to the press

  5. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I like banks also,but he has been beat quite a few times in camp so far.Looks like grimes and vernor got the outside so far and hargreaves and Barimah at nickel.Barimah seems to be more versatile at nickel than banks,quite possibly due to the Smiths defense. Both VH3 and Barimah seem to be stout players that might be used in blitz packages. Odd that corner blitz, a play that ronde was so successful at was not in the playbook the last couple of years.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Really is refreshing to see a HC talk so openly and directly about the team, even though several media types asking questions seem to try to take advantage of that periodically. Actually no big surprises in Coach’s CB assessment from what I’ve been reading though. Grimes and Verner have both been All-Pro and have excelled in this type of defense before, and VHIII and Jude have a grand total of 2 years experience between them. Was hoping that Jonathan Banks would bounce back after last year, but maybe he’s just not a good fit for Smitty’s type of defense. Time will tell.

    Noticed that Ryan Smith is listed as a Defensive Back on the roster. Does that mean he’s learning both CB and Safety, or is he focusing on just Safety for right now Joe? Haven’t really heard his name mentioned hardly any thus far.

  7. Harry Says:

    I don’t think I can watch the game here in Costa Rica (if I am wrong, someone please tell me!). But I am sure i can listen to it by streaming it. What radio stations will carry the game?

  8. buddha Says:

    Banks lacks the speed and instincts to be a starting cornerback in the NFL especially in man coverage.

  9. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    Boy is it nice to have a HC that doesn’t beat around the bush and gives u all the updates u wanna hear. I love it. It makes camp that more interesting. But as far as Banks I’m bummed out to hear he’s not living up to expectations. I don’t get it. We all know he’s git the talent and size to be a decent corner and he’s shown that his rookie year with 4 picks. I sure hope they can find d a way to keep him around for another year because Grimes is more than likely gone after the season and Banks services will prob be needed. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have one corner over 6ft. And let’s not forget that he was the 43rd overall pick a few years ago as well. The Bucs 2nd Rd picks have not panned out in the past. The list goes on. Banks, ASJ, Bowers, Dexter Jackson, Brian Price, Jeremy Trueblood. I pretty confident that Spence will NOT end up on that list and become that dynamic pass rusher we have been dying for.

  10. cometowin2 Says:


    Which game are you talking about? NFL.com has a cheap preseason package. Don’t know why that wouldn’t work for you. Think they also have a package during the reg season where you can watch the games later on Sunday. .

  11. tmaxcon Says:


    It’s easy to find nfl in costa rics especially in expat heavy cities. Tamarindo has places and obviously san Jose..

  12. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Really digging Koetter’s “no nonsense” approach! Honesty is always the best way to treat the situation. I think the players actually play harder for a coach/leader who lays it on the line without any BS.

    Football is almost here and I can’t wait!

  13. BigHogHaynes Says:

    It early for a depth chart, but hey coach K is the man this year!

  14. Cover Deuce Says:

    I think Banks probably needs a change of scenery, there’s just too much invested in the players ahead of him at this point for him. I’ll always respect the humility and determination he displayed as a member of this team.

  15. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Y’all sleeping on Jude,the plus when it comes to him is he came to the game later in life then many others. That makes him highly coachable. Add in the soccer background and a healthy work ethic. My hunches tell me that young man is going to be one of those guys that every year you find yourself saying “he’s still here” til one day he’s starting games on Sunday. Mark my words.

  16. Harry Says:

    thanks cometowin2 and Tmax. Cometowin2, I was referring to the Bucs first preseason game – I am (obviously) desperate for some Bucs action. Tmax, I am in Herradura, near Jaco. But we are very familiar with Tama – we had been going there for years and almost bought a condo there in Diria. I might venture into Jaco and see who carries NFL games, but I am looking into NFL.com. That looks like it might be my best option… I think…

  17. Jester91 Says:

    Verner is going to turn his career around this year. Going forward after this year. I think our corners will be better thank most believe

  18. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Harry….I lived in Costa Rica for a while too. We rented a house at the Cariari CC in San Jose back in the late 1980’s. Beautiful country.

  19. SB with Jameis Says:

    @Harry. There is a site called feed4u. eu that you can watch Any sporting event in the world for free. From football to darts they have it all.

  20. Buc89 Says:

    Harry, the buccaneers have an app. I downloaded that aND used it to listen to every game via radio broadcast

  21. Harry Says:

    @Buc89, That is great, does it include preseason?

  22. Joe Says:

    Did leaving Revis go stunt Bank’s gowth as a corner? Revis was clearly Bank’s mentor. Hasnt been the same since.

    Maybe. Think it was more Lovie than Revis leaving. Revis and Banks still talk with each other often.

  23. Bucamania Says:

    Agree people are sleeping on Jude. I’ve read he’s having a great camp. Glad VH3 is playing well too.

  24. Kevin Says:

    I was hoping banks or robinson would have been in front of jude, thats not a good sign if one of them gets injured. I am surprised banks has regeressed in man coverage. That sucks. Wasnt he another dominik 2nd round pick?

  25. tmaxcon Says:


    get kodi for your laptop or tablet and stream the games from there. do a google for kodi media center. I if you are techy type download kodi and set it up manually if you want a turn key watch everything system I would gp with Pulse CCM build. Install Areas Wizard then install CCM Pulse build. just google ares and you will find easy instruction. after you get kodi setup google around for best nfl providers there are several. enjoy…

    Love Jaco… I spend months at a time down there but it’s been a few years. I’ll permanently relocate to either panama or costa rica after Killary is elected.

  26. bigbadleroypewter Says:

    Haha that’s a good one Tmax