Jameis Calls Out Cameron Brate

August 3rd, 2016

JameisweatJoe’s always in search of the read-between-the-lines moment, and one was delivered Monday by America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

When asked a question about the newly-named No. 3 receiver Adam Humphries getting extra respect in the locker since he was an undrafted/tryout player, Jameis said that’s not the case. Jameis said it’s about work ethic and opted to include his top-target tight end in the conversation.

“No, it honestly just shows these kids that [are] worried about going to these big-time schools and being a superstar on that team, that really doesn’t matter if you don’t work your butt off,” Jameis said. “And Adam Humphries, that’s one thing that he does, he works his butt off. Same thing with [tight end Cameron] Cam Brate. Cam Brate is a guy that stepped up for us last year. No one had ever heard of the guy, but he works his tail off. Hard work pays off, Adam and Cam, they have that.”

Joe believes it’s pretty darn telling that Jameis brought up Brate when asked about Humphries. Now that’s respect. It reminds Joe — in a very twisted kind of way — how Lovie Smith repeatedly invoked love for cornerback Mike “Toast” Jenkins when the former head coach was asked about Johnthan Banks.

35 Responses to “Jameis Calls Out Cameron Brate”

  1. tickrdr Says:


    Kellen Moore, the Cowboys backup QB is reportedly injured sparking new speculation about Dallas going after either Nick Foles, Josh McCown, or Mike Glennon.


  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    So shocking Jameis didn’t mention Ass-tin Seferian Jenkins

  3. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think it is more of a generational thing. Winston relates to them because they came out of College about the same time. Hard work, of course, plays a role…and has led to a chemistry.

    I don’t think Jackson will be here more than another year. Jameis is raising up his own team of WRs.

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Because ASJ didn’t go to a small school…


  5. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Ugh Meant to say because ASJ was drafted high

  6. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Ryan Smith comes to my mind. I wonder if he noticed the deal the Honey Badger just received. Motivation.

  7. BucFan20 Says:

    Glennon is not going anywhere. Superman could go down anytime. Licht will keep him here.

  8. pick6 Says:

    @Tom Edrington – he did, in a way. ASJ is the implied counter-example in the Brate comments. One guy was a big star at a bigger school, the other was a totally overlooked college player. The guy who has worked harder seems to have the respect of coaches & teammates and the playing time to match. Brate proves the point better than Humphries who is competing for a roster spot vs guys (kenny bell excluded) who probably only had their parents and classmates watching them play on Saturdays

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    keeping glennon makes zero sense regardless of what the fan boys spew here. even if winston goes down the bucs are better off getting the backup of he future ready for when the bucs are challenging league wide. bucs are not challenging for a Superbowl this year. I am hoping 9 or 10 wins… Keeping an average backup with low ceiling when you can get a pick from a desperate team is a NO brainer. even if they get a 4th it’s still likely to me more valuable than a guy you hope never sees the field and leaves at the end of the year with zero compensations. it’s not that I don’t like glennon which I do not. it’s what is best for the team long term not for the 7 to 10 fan boys on this site with glennonitis.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    tmax… Glennon wah wah wah. You would trade him for a pork chop.

  11. BucFan20 Says:

    Knew that would get an immediate response from you tampax. Just like your Murphy is a bum and the rest of your hate. Draws you out every time fool. We do not care what name you call us fans that back Glennon and are glad he is our backup.

  12. tmaxcon Says:


    yes a pork chop with the fixins would do the trick. especially honey glazed on the gril…

  13. Buccfan37 Says:

    It’s refreshing that Jameis stands up for his team, never a negative word towards any of them. A stand up leader.

  14. flmike Says:

    Bucs on NFL network all morning…

  15. tmaxcon Says:


    I don’t hate either of them they just are not the type of players i like. Please explain to me why murhpy deserves let me emphisis on DESERVE to be anything more than a 5 or 6… Please dispute anything that I write below because other than being a uf fanboy or a sucker for local feel good stories Murphy is not a 3…

    His career numbers are horrible
    he is always hurt which is undisputed
    Does not Play special teams
    Not a Versatile receiver limited route tree

    so all that is left is you want him to succeed because he is a local feel good story that played at uf…. Ok great but how does that help the bucs win games when they need proven, reliable receivers to compliment their franchise quaterback… again you guys take it way too personal when someone points out facts about your favorite player or god forbid anyone actually point out why they needed to be upgraded. the goal is to win games for the bucs… none of the local guys ever work out from shaun king to leondard johnson great stories nice kids but NOTHING….

  16. SOEbuc Says:

    tmaxcon You gotta keep the faith. Dont say we’re not gonna go to the super bowl before preseason has started. We’re goin 16-0 and winning the championship. And Glennon isn’t going anywhere before FA next year unless we get a sweet deal for him

  17. BucFan20 Says:

    Google the word Bum tmax. It must say BUM. After all It says Murphy right. And YOU are not Coach Koetter. You do not know where he belongs on the BUCS. NOT past history. You just like to play supreme know it all. The real coaches will make the calls.

  18. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    A lot of Glennon talk. If we try to re-sign him, how much is too much to spend on a backup? Without looking to see what backup QBs go for these days, I’d say no more than 5 million a year. Especially when we could use a 4th rounder next draft on one and have him for 4 years on the cheap.

  19. Kobe Faker Says:

    Alot of players go down for a few games/part of games thru out the long season

    It doesnt have to be a season ending injury.. Big Ben hasnt completed a full 16 game season for the last 4 years

    We can win games or be competitive with Glennon when Jameis misses a few games/part of games

    **Jameis has tweaked his ankles for the past 2 years…Jameis doesnt like to go down easily

  20. BucFan20 Says:

    ^ must also say TMAX

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    Why would Glennon resign to be a backup for Tampa when he likely will get a boat load of money to attempt to start somewhere next year. Whether he is successful at securing a starting job is not the point. some desperate team is going to toss major cash at him thus he will walk. i don’t think glennon will be a successful starter but that’s irrelevant the fact is look at the money backups with a change to start are making. does not make sense for the bucs to pay a backup like that with winsoton on roster. just keep drafting backups every few years and trade the good ones ala new england.

  22. tmaxcon Says:


    you are too funny… nfl is a results driven league I asked you to look at his previous results and you came back with that whiny stuff… very nice LOL…

  23. celly Says:

    Kobe Faker Says:
    August 3rd, 2016 at 10:27 am

    Alot of players go down for a few games/part of games thru out the long season

    It doesnt have to be a season ending injury.. Big Ben hasnt completed a full 16 game season for the last 4 years

    We can win games or be competitive with Glennon when Jameis misses a few games/part of games

    **Jameis has tweaked his ankles for the past 2 years…Jameis doesnt like to go down easily

    I don’t understand how people always use that argument. Glennon is 5-19. It’s not that most of us don’t want Glennon to succeed, but his history as a starting QB is not good. No matter how you slice it, a .263 win percentage is not good.

    What the majority of us is saying is, “If you can get something for him NOW, you do that.” Best case scenario if Glennon leaves at the end of his contract is a 3rd round compensatory selection. I, personally, find it HIGHLY unlikely that Glennon receives that mark. But lets just say he does. That’s a 3rd round comp pick in the 2018 draft. So, ask yourself, “What is more important to the TEAM? A 3rd round pick in 2018 or a 4th (or 5th) round pick in 2017.”

  24. BucFan20 Says:

    And Winston is 6-10. Your point? Glennon lost games just like Winston Bad defense. Winston and the offense also fell apart in the final 4 games of the season. So give up the 5-13.

  25. BucFan20 Says:

    The QB win total does not tell the entire story. Receivers hurt, Bad OL, Bad defense. How many people are trying to use the loss of the final 4 games on Kwon being suspended?? Winston, the Offense and defense all fell apart. But Winston is 6-10. That is a losing record any way you slice it.

  26. tmaxcon Says:


    nothing but excuses….

  27. BucFan20 Says:

    So Winston is the benefactor of excuses for last season? Glad you agree.

  28. Dave Says:

    If glennon is not traded it’s a waste and an error on lichts part.
    This is what teams do – have your quarterback -have a back up – groom another. Trade the back up when there is value and move the other one up to back up.
    It’s not rocket science. The backup (gLennon) will chase some cash and a promise at a shot to start. HE IS LEAVING. There is no reason to keep him and get nothing when he walks.
    And please don’t make the comp pick argument, it’s s non guaranteed joke
    They should have traded him for a 3rd when they “allegedly” could have gotten it

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    The Glennon argument sheds light on what it’s like to be a Buc fan. We are constantly clamoring for the next thing and we don’t even know what the next thing is. A lot of those arguing for his departure are the same ones who argued to let go of a future HOF DB. The rationale being lets let this known commodity go for a completely unknown commodity that, in fact, may not even make the football team.
    This story is about guys who weren’t even drafted making a difference on a football team. So, do you hurry up and move Glennon for a ASJ because his contract’s up next year? Or, do you stay put and keep him as insurance? If you let him go, who backs up #3? Griffin? Would you be confident with that decision? If you keep him you lose nothing. Hmmm. What makes more sense?

  30. tmaxcon Says:


    same rules apply to winston.

    all though Winston had no control over the worst head coach in bucs history and one of the most embarrassing defenses in nfl history. Team collapsed at the end of the season both offense and defense because they lost confidence in a horrendous coaching staff and quit. why do you think winston was lecturing at his last post game conference bucs were mentally weak under a mentally weak lovie smith. winston won 6 games despite lovie smit…

    bottom line is if the rest of the league thought as highly as glennon as some of the posters here he would have been traded and the likes of rg3, mark sanchez and others would not have been signed.

  31. Bucsfanman Says:

    Glennon’s a CAPABLE back-up with real live NFL game EXPERIENCE. Believe it or not, that has value. If you need proof see almost every other football team out there that lost a starter to injury. Back-ups have value!

  32. Brent bull/buc Says:

    You guys are hilarious. Licht HAS BEEN trying to get something of value for Glennon but couldn’t get a good enough offer. I don’t think licht ever shut the door completely on trading him in the future. So wtf are you talking about. Your not saying anything…

  33. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    TMax, that’s why I said “IF WE TRY” to re-sign him.

  34. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Licht has been trying to get a 1st. Not gonna happen.

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    No one is expecting a first or a second in a trade for MG8. How about a third round pick for an experienced QB, that’s what the Bucs spent on him. Getting less than that seems like a loss. Higher former Bucs picks are traded away for less than actual value. Glennon has been trade talk for what seems like a long time. If only he didn’t stink. lol