Head Games

July 2nd, 2016

Head evals equally important as physical tools says Bucs GM..

Pick a bust, any bust.

An NFL prospect must have the physical tools to be selected in the NFL draft. Teams don’t sign bus drivers, after all. Guys have to run, have to be strong, have to have stamina.

But where teams fail in the draft is seeing inside a player’s head. That was the word from Jason Licht in April. In short, Licht explained psych evals are just as important, and maybe more important, than a player’s physical traits.

“Ninety percent of the busts, in my opinion, are because of something above the neck,” Licht said. “Whether it’s (a bad) work ethic, (a lack of) passion for football, interests that aren’t good for a football player or maybe the guy is just a bad teammate that’s where most of the busts come from.”

Joe remembers hearing Licht explain on “The Peter Schrager Podcast” that he seeks players that would eat nails in order to get on a football field. Licht believes if a player has the drive to play that he would walk over glass to get on a roster. That player, per Licht, is more inclined to continue to work through the offseason and improve on the field.

In other words, guys who live, eat, breathe football often have a higher ceiling than, say, a first-round draft pick who treats the NFL more as a job than an all-encompassing passion.

63 Responses to “Head Games”

  1. Old Buc Fan Says:

    This is just the truth. Almost all of these guys have the physical tools necessary to be good.

  2. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Jason Licht has signed a lot of busts, he’s the bust’s king.

  3. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    Your right lakeland, the guy is horrible at drafting right?? What, 8 starters out of the last 2 drafts?? I guess he should have gotten 13-14 starters huh? Lemme guess your a Dominick fan?? Talk about the king of busts. Cmon. U gotta be smarter than that. Licht has been the one of the most successful, if not the most at drafting the last few years. PLZ explain your comment.

  4. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Teams don’t sign bus drivers, but they do sign grocery stock boys!

  5. McClorasMaddenDaddy210 Says:


  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    Much of the attributes needed to become a good football player come from parentage, such as size, speed, strength to a degree and mental acuity. These highly talented players with the love of the game and the ability to excel are few and far between. Teams with more of those type players are more successful obviously. The Bucs have a few of them. Not to say that there is anything wrong with just looking at playing as a job that pays good because you have the tools needed to pull it off even briefly. Fame and fortune a big draw.

  7. Cobraboy Says:

    I discount Licht’s FA busts under Lovie. Lovie was driving that bus. When Lovie was given the apple & roadmap, the Glazers put him in charge. Now the busts are on him.

  8. Harry Says:

    Passion in what you do is key in any profession. It is what drives us. Simple as that.

  9. Kobe Faker Says:

    2016 Worst Free agent signing- JR Sweezy 9.5 milly
    2016 Worst contract- Vincent Jackson 12 milly
    2016 Worst draft pick- Kicker

    ***There are ONLY 2 important positions that effect the Tampa bay Bucs for the next 12-15 years in our quest to claim a super bowel..NOT 3 but ONLY 2

    1- is our franchise QB Jaboo Winston…we have our Stud
    2- GM who can put pieces around our QB to get us relevant to win superbowels…NO owners, head coach, or any position players…they can all change

    ***95% of the players on the 2016 roster will not be here when Jameis is ready in his development (3-4 years) to be in position to win conference championships and superbowels. No GMC, DMartin, ETC …95% different team


    JAMEIS WINSTON DEVELOPMENT, and nothing else

    **Get Jameis offensive players so he can develop fully to beat defensive coordinators and schemes

    Jameis has to be in his development stage/level like Cam Newton is now that can beat defenses.

    *The game has to slow down more
    *Jameis has to “control” the game , audibles to their weakness
    *Jameis has to beat the rush when they blitz and beat the zone deep when they sit back
    *Jameis will only acquire this proficiency through experience but he needs players to fully acquire this development
    *Jameis needs more players like a full time starter chuck Sims who are playmakers..we have crap

    ***For the next 2-3 years…nothing else matters

    *** Lichtweight, U are on the clock


    “I wanted to be drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs and play in front of poster Kobe Faker” Sterling Shepard

  10. SCBucsFan Says:

    He clearly missed something on the psych eval of ASJ.

  11. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Having superbowels sounds painful. I hope the bucs never get superbowels.

    That guy is clueless.

  12. Mrhappytreats Says:

    Kobe Faker Says:
    July 2nd, 2016 at 10:04 am
    ***95% of the players on the 2016 roster will not be here when Jameis is ready in his development (3-4 years) to be in position to win conference championships and superbowels. No GMC, DMartin, ETC …95% different team

    You do realize that 95% of 53 is 50 correct?… in 3 years we will still have D.Smith, Marpet, Jaboo, Kwon, Hargreaves, Spence, and Roberto. That is from the last two drafts alone and I already count 7 which means it will be less than 95% already unless you say 4 of these guys will be gone as well.

  13. R.O Says:

    Wasn’t that from like 3 months ago.. Time to go on vaca Joe until Jul 31st.

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think that’s why he doesn’t do so well with Free Agents for the most part. The process is not as indepth.

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    It was pretty clear to me that LakeLandBuc wasn’t talking about draft picks. That’s different. It’s Licht’s veteran free agent signings that lack…and LakeLandBuc is right in that regard.

  16. BigHogHaynes Says:

    L&L both get credit for signing those busts, just who else was out there to sign? It wasn’t like FREE-AGENTS were beating down the BUCS door to come here, Litch signed them people, whether by LOVIE’S request or his own doing, he signed them. That can not be disputed but don’t give me this crap about he was forced by LOVIE, because if you do then my theory about Litch being a BACK-STABBER gains credibility

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Cobraboy Says
    I discount Licht’s FA busts under Lovie. Lovie was driving that bus.

    In that case, you have to give Lovie credit for those drafts too. After all…he was driving the bus right?

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    @Kobe Faker

    I pretty much disagree with nearly everything you said.

  19. McClorasMaddenDaddy210 Says:

    Damn, the whole who did what, blame him, glorify him is old. Ph#ck! It’s old. This is a NEW Era for us fans, where the offense is the head. Someone must always complain no matter the article or its intended positivity. Cmon BUCS fans!
    YO JOE!
    GO BUCS!!!

  20. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    The Glazers know exactly who was in charge of what. They fired Lovie and kept Licht. End of discussion.

  21. Buccaneers Says:

    Licht signed the FA busts and I’m sure he owns it. He and Lovie worked as a team. They both deserve blame. Even if a FA was Lovies guy it is foolish to think that Licht didn’t research film on any player he signed. From everything Jason says he values the opinion of those surrounding him and decisions are made mutually.

  22. Kevin Says:

    Cant agree more

  23. LakeLandBuc Says:

    8 starters from the last two drafts isn’t saying much for a team that went 8-24 during those seasons. They could have got starters from the LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE to start for this CRAP team. I hope this KICKER become the greatest kicker ever, a 3rd and 4th is a lot to give for a dam kicker.

  24. Kobe Faker Says:

    This year we will realize Smith is not a starting left tackle in this league. He just doesnt have the feet speed and never will. Smith relied on Mankins big time. Jr Sweezy pass protect?

    Our Left side is going to get Jameis killed.

    peeps better realize our huge problems in our offense

  25. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Kobe Faker, They call me crazy, but we should have drafted Laremy Tunsil. If they REALLY want to protect Jameis blind side.

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says
    “I hope this KICKER become the greatest kicker ever, a 3rd and 4th is a lot to give for a dam kicker.”

    You don’t even know your facts. They didn’t give up a third. They upgraded it to a second by giving a fourth…that they had acquired in the very same draft.

    You sure don’t sound like a Bucs fan. Your lack of knowledge and negative attitude speak more of being a troll.

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Oh, and they haven’t even played the second season of those drafts the 8 starters came from, dummy. The 8 starters come from last year and this year’s drafts.

  28. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Having superbowels sounds painful. I hope the bucs never get superbowels.

    That guy is clueless.

    I stopped reading after I read “superbowels” lol

  29. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Another commenter on here said 8 STARTERS, I’m just going with his facts. I know Licht haven’t drafted 8 starters, it would take him 5 drafts to draft 8 starters.The Bucs traded their 3rd and the 4th that they got from the Bears to move up to the 2nd and draft the kicker. The Bucs gave the Kansas City Chiefs a 3rd ( CB- KeiVare Russell and a 4th (CB-Eric Murray) remember those names. I watched the draft LIVE and witness the LAUGHS when he made the bonehead move.

  30. LakeLandBuc Says:

    99% of the commenters on here was pissing on LOVIE last season, and now I’m a TROLL because I piss on Licht and his DUMB picks. I’m trolling because I call out Koetter and his MISLEADING top-5 offense. Hypocrisy is a B!tch.

  31. Buccaneers Says:

    Whatever, you don’t have to like a guy that Licht drafted……you may also even hate his drafts picks because they lost a lot of games………it doesn’t matter

    At the end of the day I’ll take Evans, Sims, Kwon, Winston, Marpet, Donovan, Pamphile going forward……?and heck give me ASJtoo. There’s a couple guys entering we can probably add to that list later

  32. Buccaneers Says:

    Oh I forgot Brate and Humphreys too…..them guys can help. Who else am I msing?

  33. Buccaneers Says:

    LOL, we should have drafted Tunsil? Then what? Just continue to keep letting our opponents destroy us down the field?Shall we never address our problems and let offensive linemen win the games by themselves? I though the goal is to get better as a team. Is pass coverage not important?

  34. Kobe Faker Says:

    Hey guys

    this a great site with great posters

    Tampa Bay is my fav team and my posts and opinions are what i believe in wholeheartedly. I demand the most from my fav team and im trying not to start anything from my posts or to any posters

    I enjoy everybody’s opinions/posts even though they differ from mine

  35. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Jason Licht did UPGRADED by moving up 15 places to draft the kicker in the 2ND ROUND . Then 2 picks later the Saints UPGRADED by trading their 3rd and 4th to pick SS- Vonn Bell from Ohio State. And the Saints signed Connor Barth after we cut him.

  36. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Kansas City drafted 2 CB’s, with the picks that we gave them for Amigo.

  37. Buccaneers Says:

    Though we were talking about Tampa? I don’t care who kc and new Orleans signed and drafted…..it’s basically irrevalant to anything. V confused

  38. Kobe Faker Says:


    Tunsil is going to take his lumps this rookie year, but agree Tunsil will be a left tackle starter in the nfl for the next 12+ years. Tunsil has all the tools

    I would have loved and should have all these players-
    Sterling shepard
    Vonn bell
    Roberto Aguayo

    *also agreed, 2015 Tampas offense is 20th ranked (pts) and not 5th (yards lol)

  39. LakeLandBuc Says:

    And by the way, The Bucs do have SUPERBOWELS, they CRAP the field for 60 minutes a week ( for 16 weeks).

  40. Buccaneers Says:

    There’s no reason to worry about who we didn’t draft IMO. All that matters is who we got. If Hargreaves makes plays we should all be happy and it was an unquestioned good pick. Same goes for the other seven guys we picked.

    Many of our prior picks have been good ones. It’s not an argument, they have come in and made plays…….they were good picks until proven otherwise.

  41. Buccaneers Says:

    An NFL team is like a batch of pudding. And the proof is in the pudding.

  42. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Well said BuccaneEric75! And if the glazers asked Jason Licht what needed improvement
    that was his job to report to the owners.Lack of game manager, lack of quality staff,bad defensive scheme,players in the wrong positions due to coaching decisions.due to mixed emotions displayed, I don’t think it was it was his goal to get Lovie fired.believe the Glazers had pretty much made up their mind already.

  43. Joe Says:

    2016 Worst Free agent signing- JR Sweezy 9.5 milly
    2016 Worst contract- Vincent Jackson 12 milly

    Don’t be dumb.

    First, Licht did not sign Jackson. Second, if you didn’t see how the offense melted down when VJax got hurt, you had too many beers. Even Koetter last year pined for Licht to keep Jackson all but saying he was the most valuable player in the passing game. Jackson was worth his cash (and if you argue to the contrary, please forward the formula where x-amount of cash saved/spent = wins. Hint: there is no such formula or every NFL team would use it.)

    Who claims JR Sweezy was the worst signing? The geeks at PFF? They don’t know sh!t from shoepolish about offensive lines. Just ask anyone who collects a check in the NFL. Remember, those close thought the Bucs had a steal in Anthony Collins.

  44. Joe Says:

    They call me crazy, but we should have drafted Laremy Tunsil.

    For what, trade bait? Drafting a right tackle at No. 11???

    (Before you get started, Bucs already have a left tackle with zero intention of moving him. A rookie who anchored the fourth-best offensive line last year. But in your view, that was a garbage pick in the second round, huh?)

  45. Kobe Faker Says:


    I agree a healthy VJ is a capable WR, but at 11-12 mill is absolutely nuts. No team will pay him but league minimum. Cut and bring VJ back at 5 mill which is more than what anybody would.

    This is the PATS way and what championship and FO management teams do. We should have paid Travis Benjamin more than SD to bring him here to take Jameis to another level in his development

  46. Buccaneers Says:

    We invested a lot into our oline. The 2015 draft pus Sweezy. If we don’t already have a line in place that can grow together and control the game then Licht should be fired…..This isn’t going to work if we still have to rebuild our line……which I don’t believe we do.

    Resources are limited in the NFL. Draft picks are a resource and if they aren’t used wisely the team won’t improve. Tunsil would be a bad investment because the team has quite a few holes. We needed a CB and had we not drafted somebody they believe in the only other options would be to either overpay for one or just let us keep sucking in coverage…….While it may be nice to overpay for a legit veteran the Bucs perhaps would like to save that money……..maybe they have just one hole to fill in the future(like passrushers for example). If they make wise decisions now then they will be able to buy that one piece if/when we are one guy away!!

    I don’t understand how Tunsil would be a wise selection. I would not understand what they were trying to build had they drafted Tunsil, not while this team has voids of talent in so many places on defense.

  47. Buccaneers Says:

    Wait what? Why are you calling for Jackson’s head? He is a good player. We need good players, we need more good players not less!!!

    Who cares about his contract? His contract ain’t hurting the team…..is it? Please tell me how if it is.

  48. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Glad New Orleans has conner barth that should give us a leg up on them.

  49. Kobe Faker Says:


    With VJ s 12 mil contract, we could have brought here a top WR free agent like Travis benjamin for 7 mill and still give VJ 5 mill to be here. No team was going to give an ageing VJ 5 mill

    we need playmakers

  50. Buccaneers Says:

    Well, I don’t think many will argue that Vjax is holding value worth 12 mill. But he’s a good player and can help us win…….I disagree that you simply dump a player who has been great on the team just cause there is a younger cheaper guy. Jackson has great work ethic and great report here….that isn’t easy to replace. The players all like him here and they would be upset…..sure they would get over it……..now they see Jackson make plays here, and be a fan favorite……and they see the franchise honor his dedication to the team and reward him. There has to….has to, be a feeling of loyalty the Bucs players get from seeing their mate get treated properly by management………That’s a factor in all this, and a very big factor if you ask me………..dumping your good players for flashy newer ones doesn’t neccesiarly immediately get results like it should…upsetting the apple cart can be real……………having players who will play their guts out for you is a proven way to get results.

  51. Bob in Valrico Says:

    silly arguing with these pats fans.handcuffs are off the defensive players and
    Lovie isn’t on the sideline deciding when to fold em.Lets see if these players crap all over the field now.

  52. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Laremy Tunsil can play both guards and both tackle positions, let’s not get carried away. VJAX is worth $12 million? This is the NFL not the NBA.

  53. Buccaneers Says:

    There are many factors to singing a guy like Benjamin. You sign the guy he’s yours for a few guaranteed years……if he is a letdown your stuck with him. It’s always about Money(the future) but it’s not about money. We know what we have in Jackson and we know what to expect…..can’t say that about a FA.

    Is Travis Benjamin the mold of reciever they want to invest in? Benjamin has poor hands, what if they want a better catcher? Maybe they would rather have a guy they feel better about stepping into a #1 role if need be………..three a ton of reason they may not like Benjamin at all. There are no redos in football. There has to be a plan and maybe Benjamin doesn’t fit that plan……maybe Jackson is the perfect fit for their plan. I guess ya just gotta trust the plan, blindly at times.

  54. Buccaneers Says:

    Yep I would like to have Tunsil.i would love to be able to pass cover more. I’d love the passrushers more…..honestly, I’d love to not miss FGs more……..I’d love To will but he is way down on the wish list for what the Bucs need.

  55. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Buccaneers, I’m a long time Bucs fan, but I’m not sold on Jason Licht, Dirk Koetter or Mike Smith. I want the Bucs to win, and I hope they win. But I’m entitled to my opinion, just like the next Bucs fan. We all don’t agree, but that’s what makes these blogs so entertaining. If we all agreed on every topic, I wouldn’t be here. Everyone has an opinion and I respect your opinion.

  56. Buccaneers Says:

    Likewise Lakeland,but I’ve yet to understand why you wanted Tunsil so badly. Do you think Donovan Smith is that awful?

  57. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Buccaneers, I think he was the BPA. I believe you draft the BPA when you’re building a team with a lot of holes. Donavan is a mammoth ( good ) LT, but Tunsil is 6’5 310 and athletic ( he can play guard or tackle). You never get enough of good O-Linemen, grab them when you can. They don’t fall to you that often. Tunsil could be a better LT than Donovan and Donovan could be a better RT. Like Marpet could be a better center, it’s good to have young options on the O-Line, especially when you have a 22 year old franchise QB. We don’t want to be like the Colts or other teams that spent a top pick on a QB, but didn’t invest top picks on O-Linemen also. Last season Jameis was running for his life, he never had time to find the open receiver. His lack of sacks was because of his quick release and pocket awareness. If Glennon was the QB, the O-Line would have given up 50 sacks last season.

  58. Buccaneers Says:

    Tunsil was the best tackle available. It’s very hard to say that he is better then Hargreaves because they play vastly different positions. You could make an argument that Leonard Floyd was the BPA but again you can’t hardly compare him to a CB or a WR for that matter.

    LT is a vital position but you only need one and we have a dam good one. How is Tunsil the BPA for the Bucs….meaning how would that pick have been better? It would leave us with holes elsewhere and give us surplus of quality O-Line just sitting on the bench not making plays? How does that constitute BPA?

    A left tackle can only impact a game so much. A CB is just as important……BPA has to account tfor the team in question as well……our dire need for corners makeVHIII a BPA for us…..our current ability at LT makeTunsil less of a BPA, which is also why Dallas and others passed on him.

  59. Buccaneers Says:

    And your right it is very imortant to have quality Olineman and I don’t think the Bucs are dismissing the position by not drafting it in round 1. They drafted 2 last year and one this year and singed another good young player, Sweezy. They got Dotson and/or Cherilous lat year too I’m sure.

    How many lineman do we need? We need 1 St round talent in other places too.

  60. Brent bull/buc Says:

    And he drafted asj like 35?

  61. Sacbuc$ Says:

    We should get Colston I know he wants to get back at the aints. Another thing please stop hating on J.R.SWEEZY my Nezzy.

    If you so called BUC fan was into football like you say you were you would watch film. They have been showing last years Seattle Seahawks games on NFL network. All off season I have been watching J.R. He has blocked Vince the human Forklift Wilfork and done great. Corey Redding, Frostee Rucker, and another player in one game against the Cardinals. He was even fast enough to switch and down block on a LB. Heyward and Timmons in Pittsburgh and them fool ain’t no punks. The worst thing we could do is make him play LG. He is just starting to settle in at RG why change him. Sweezy has played there the last 4 seasons Marpet has 1 year of experience so move Ali. It want hurt his progress.

  62. Sacbuc$ Says:

    Did everybody forget the video of Tunsil that aired 4min before the draft. So guess who wasn’t watching the draft? That was some hating arse shhh but shhh happens.

  63. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    LakelandBuc, I was totally on board with everything you said at 7:44 until I saw that Jameis has a “quick release”. Don’t know where you’re coming from there.