ASJ Apologies For Twitter Tantrum

June 14th, 2016
Ask for fans' forgiveness.

Asks for fans’ forgiveness.

It has been well-documented that Tweety Austin Seferian-Jenkins was way out of line last week when he took to Twitter and began posting nonsense to Bucs fans.

Joe is not apologizing for the Twitter jerks, but they was no reason for ASJ to dare fans to show up to One Buc Palace so he could pummel them so badly they would have to eat through a straw, and ASJ had no business posting lewd and crude comments about fans’ mothers/wives/girlfriends.

ASJ manned up today at One Buc Palace and offered an apology to Bucs fans for his Twitter tirade.

“At the end of the day, it was a lapse of judgment,” ASJ said. “Obviously, it was not a good day. Like I said, I got sent off the field, I was frustrated, and I took it out. I took it out on the fans and that’s not fair to them at all, because all they want is a winner, all they want is for me to be successful and all they want me to be is great. So they’re just pushing me to be great and I need to respect that. For any of the fans I offended, I’m sorry. I can’t wait to get to work and be the best tight end I can be for you guys, so you can support me.”

Sadly, in less than three years, ASJ’s many stunts outweigh the good words and noble thoughts. Joe hopes ASJ has learned (a lot) the past week.

With his track record, actions will determine if ASJ truly has learned the right path to travel.

27 Responses to “ASJ Apologies For Twitter Tantrum”

  1. Old Buc Fan Says:

    we will see. I’m with you on this one.

  2. LakeLandBuc Says:

    ASJ will be a Pro Bowl player this season, I’m pulling for the big guy.

  3. Patrick in VA Says:

    He was full of platitudes and nice things he wanted to do when he was talking to the media right after he was drafted. Everyone bought in on him being driven to be the best. His twitter tirade was not a single lapse in judgement. His lack of preparedness coming in to the season, his celebrating meaningless touchdowns, his temper tantrums that cost the team have all showed that poor judgement is his MO. It wasn’t a bad day. It’s how he lives his life. He says things that people want to hear to assuage them, but his actions tell a vastly different story. I’ll believe him when I see consistent proof that he’s put all of his shenanigans aside. When he catches a long pass or a touchdown and doesn’t get up and do a celebration that he knows is against the rules. That’ll be when I rethink my assessment that this guy is a clown that needs to go.

  4. Buccaneers Says:

    I was not offended by ASJ, but as a Buc fan I forgive ya big guy.

    And you got my support going forward…….really cheering that you can own the seam for us fans enjoyment.

    That being said, you need to tighten up on the field Jenkins. Your on-field presence has left much to be desired.

  5. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    fans will only forgive you if you deserve it !
    So shut your mouth and work harder than hard and show us your real value when it’s matter !

  6. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Respect the fact that he took on the chin. Hopefully he can stay healthly – and add a few point the score board.

    GO BUCS!

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo thinks Hason drafted Henkins so that he could join Hackson as one of the Dunkaneers…..hopefully Henkins will be a big target for Haboo this year. We can forgive our TE for his Twitter rampage….better than the rampage Pablo’s homeboy Aaron Hernandez went on”

  8. unbelievable Says:

    Well, he’s SAYING the right things…

    Now he just needs to start DOING the right things, on and off the field…

  9. chromolly Says:

    aha so all those times after one of his many injuries Love dove Aka mr Politically corrent aka my scheme sucks had this fooled de activated for games and we all wondered why…Makes sense ..Thank god we have a competenthead coach that takes ownership and shoots it strait. YOU SUCK. A!$ SUCKING JUVENILE! He will be out of the league in 2 years no doubt

  10. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Only a sad mentally disturbed fan would root for this guy to fail. Wtf did he ever do to any of us? He’s a talented TE and as a fan of the team he plays for I hope he gets his sh1t together and balls out.

  11. Says:

    Well its about time! Now score some damn TDS and Block 4 your QB~!

  12. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Well said Pablo..

    But it’s Hunkaneers..don’t forget 🙂

  13. Largosamim Says:

    This may seem a little “off topic” – but then again it confirms my theory on ASJ. When the BUCS drafted Jameis over Mariota, I admit I was disappointed. I still think Mariota will end up in the Drew Brees category of QBs. But I have to admit, Jameis has won me over – with his character, work habits, and his ability. I now think that Jameis has a chance to go down as the greatest QB ever. Now, back to ASJ. I have been willing to cut him some slack. For two reasons:
    #1 After all, Lovie did throw him under the bus last year as far as public opinion. There is no telling what affect that had on ASJ. He had to be extremely frustrated and pissed off (maybe even at the world). – Especially if he is a dedicated and ambitious person.
    #2: He is a very young man (player) – isn’t he ? Now, I know that Jameis is also very young too. But not everyone has the composure and personality of Jameis.Therefore, I am still willing to cut ASJ some slack (very, very little- even after his latest practice and Twitter episodes.
    I just hope he realizes his predicament -NOW – and cleans up his act -now. My biggest fear in this situation is that, because of his potential, he will end up bouncing around the league for a few years until he matures and turns into the very special player he can be. But, then again, maybe its drugs and he will just go down as another sad story of wasted potential.

  14. PRBucFan Says:

    Dude showed his true colors.

    He won’t last long in TB.

  15. Largosamim Says:


    I agree. That’s why he better clean up his act – NOW ! The Bucs won’t tolerte much more (although he is still on his rookie deal). I’m still willing to cut him a little slack – very little, though.

  16. The Buc Realist Says:

    I am glad that someone got to him ( or fined him enough ) that he came in and said that he needed to do better! But don’t think for 1 second that NFL GM Licht has quietly put a for sale sign by ASJ87 and is waiting thru training camp and preseason to see if another team loses a TE and is desperate!!!!!!

  17. 2shaybucsnuts Says:

    Accountability appears to be a well overdue theme. Not sure this turns the tide for ASJ as feel like the dye is cast for him!! Remaining hopeful as if he can rise to his potential is a weapon. Still think he stays a back up! DIrk Clearly in charge!!!

  18. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Young man did dumb stuff! It’s up to him and his ALL-WORLD-CLASS STAFF, coach him and guide him and if he hangs himself…..TERMINATE!!

  19. Dreambig Says:

    I wish him well, but poor judgement and actions speak more loudly than regret. Just the way he reacted to getting booted from practice tells you a lot. Think about it, I know if I got sent home from work for not knowing what I was doing, you can be quite sure I am hitting the books for the next 8 – 10 hours or doing anything I can to make sure I don’t get sent home the next day. Whats he do? Takes his frustration to twitter like a spoiled child. The fact that he is going on his third year, 2nd in this offense, and was in that position to begin with is mind blowing. It shows his head is not in the right place and he is not working as hard as he should be. In his mind he is already great. No need to bust his tail, his bank account looks just fine. There is no passion for excellence evident anywhere in his behavior. I don’t get it!

  20. DB55 Says:

    Somewhere along the way this tidbit was missed but on Saturday during Loius Murphys Football camp Jameis said to the kids something along the lines of “if you can’t take Criticism then you shouldn’t be playing football.” Not sure I got the quote perfect but close enough. Shots fired? Hmmmm

  21. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    He needs to learn that he’s playing a game, but it’s not a game.

  22. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I’m praying for him to get his priorities straight. We need him at his best to have a chance to be an explosive offense. I’m as much a Cameron Brate fan as anyone, but ASJ is the only TE on the roster that has a chance to elite.

  23. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Realist, If Belichick didn’t get Bennet, he’d be all over ASJ

  24. wesley Says:

    He could very well have a huge season tampa i mean huge!

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    No problem Austin. Everybody makes mistakes. Just leave it all on the field and walk the walk.

  26. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    I agree, I think ASJ is gonna go off this season and show all the haterz what he’s capable of. This dude is a beast and a rare breed that doesn’t come along often. Just like the Antonio Gates and Gronks of this world. He can become out right scary if he reaches his full potential, wich I personally think he will. He is just having a slow start to his career, there’s plenty of time to pull it together. It wasn’t his fault he got injured and coach “my way or the highway” threw him under the bus all season. Now there no excuse for going off on fans like he did on twitter, but he said the right things, now it’s time for him to DO the right things and fly under the radar off the field, and become a beast ON the field. I will support the #87 because I know how much he can help this offense become great along with #3.

  27. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:


    I hear ya, I could def. See him wearing a pats jersey and becoming the best TE duo in the league. Gronk and ASJ? No thank u.