Kurt Warner: “Impressed” But “Not Surprised”

May 23rd, 2016


Super Bowl winner and two-time NFL MVP Kurt Warner has been studying America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

And Warner shared his observations with Paul Ryan of WFLA-TV, Ch. 8.

“I was impressed. I’m not saying I’m surprised, though.” Warner said of Jameis’ rookie season.

“What I saw in college was very much what I saw through the whole rookie year. Early on in the season last year, you saw him trying to maybe do a little too much, trying to force some things. And really trying to, I think, figure out, ‘What can I get away with at this level that I got away with at the last level?’

“It cost him a little bit early with some interceptions, and they struggled a little bit early. But then you saw him grow into the position. You saw the leader that he was. You saw his ability to grasp an offense and continue to expand as the season went along. So I’m very excited with where he’s at after his rookie year. Very excited about the impression he made as a young man, not just as a quarterback.

“I’ve been fortunate to get to get know him a little bit over this time and just really been impressed with how he carries himself and the work he’s willing to put in.”

Yes, Jameis continues to impress players in the NFL community, as well as the quarterback community. It’s impressive. Earlier this year, credible reports had Jameis hanging with Warner at a religious retreat.

On whether Jameis will make a big leap in 2017, Warner said he’s simply looking for improvement but acknowledged many QBs make giant strides from Year 1 to Year 2.

“You hope he’s not a finished product [in 2017,] Warner added.

That comment struck a sore spot in Joe. Josh Freeman was a stunning star of quarterback in his second season at 22 years old, winning 10 games and tossing 25 touchdowns versus just six interceptions. But Freeman that was the clear pinnacle of Freeman’s career.

38 Responses to “Kurt Warner: “Impressed” But “Not Surprised””

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Josh Freeman never had anyplace close to the leadership skills that Jameis has. Josh had talent, but he never developed the maturity to capitalize on it. Jameis has even more talent than Josh had, but more importantly, he’s already a LOT more mature than Josh was at 22.

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    All hail Jaboo! Unless the Glazers, GM or Coaches screw things up Jameis will lead the bucs to the promise land.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Schiano got into JF’s head……or JF got into his own head…..don’t see that happening to Jameis.

    Schiano stopped Freeman from running and he scared MG8 from throwing interceptions and I think that hurt his development.

    I think we have a great set of coaches for Jameis….Bajakian, Monken & Koetter

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    If Jfro-6pak is a “stunning star of quarterback” after 1/2 season in his second year with 26 tds and 6 int’s and the softest schedule

    What does that make MG8 in his rookie year with a much harder schedule and only 13 games 19 tds 9 int’s!!! Throw in that he show up on time and their is no comparison!!!!

    any news about JFro making his 6th “Comeback” to the NFL?????

  5. SB with Jameis Says:

    THIS I love. I have always had the Utmost respect for KW!. Loving it!

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    He’ll be more of a finished product when he wins the SB in 2 years.

    But wait there’s more…

    More to come.

  7. DB55 Says:


    KW is like the ultimate Rudy story. Love that guy!

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    I think Joe is missing the point about this story!!!! Kurt W said that JW3 is going to keep getting better and better because of all the work he will KEEP putting in. As opposed to Jfro-6pak who peaked after his 12th game because he never worked!!!!

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    Early on, you had to wonder what the learning curve was going to be. That Tennessee game was tough to watch! He got better and better as the year went on and you could see, really see that he was putting in the work. There was a point last year where it became HIS team. I’m excited to see what year 2 will look like with a full off-season of work and an improved roster.
    Kurt’s the man! How can you not love his story?!

  10. LordCornelius Says:

    Brian Hartline WR from Cleveland just got released. Could sign for cheap as vet depth

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Josh Freeman was simply a bad draft pick. Yes he had some obvious athletic ability but he never had the NFL QB package. What good is a cannon for an arm if you don’t know where the ball is going to land?

    I lost track of the simply swing passes to backs Josh couldn’t complete. Then he’d turn around and hit a receiver 50 yards downfield in stride.

    Josh was a big guy who could run but once they took that from him he lost one of his best weapons…his own legs.

    Bottom line…Josh Freeman was not an NFL franchise QB. He was simply far too inconsistent! He had an erratic arm, erratic focus on an off the field.

    I’m not here to throw shade on Josh. He’s got his millions and more power to him. He was NEVER an NFL franchise QB. It is what it is.

  12. BigHogHaynes Says:

    J Freeman is the product of an egotistical, under-cover bigot who didn’t want the brother to lead the team he coached, for that he gets The Worst Coach In Buc History Award!!

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    What an ignoramous post Bigdumbhog. FreeWee was trash with a strong arm, no brains and no heart. The coach could see it as well as other people. Keep making all the excuses for that ignorning the fact he went to several other teams and stunk it up. God bless Schiano!!!

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    @lord…that would be good…GO BUCS!!!

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Hog- I disagree with that statement. Schiano was probably a lot of things but Freeman’s undoing was of his own accord. Freeman didn’t put in the work and it showed.

  16. BucP Says:

    Free put in a large amount of work:
    In South Tampa bars and with South Tampa drug dealers…

  17. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Ok Jameis is the 7th Wonder, GMC is a beast, Kwon is the ” Great One”, Dougie is the truth, Lavonte is All-Pro, Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith is a huge improvement at HC and DC. We have drafted 7- 1st round prospects during the past 3 drafts. So we win more games than we did with Rah, Josh Freeman and our waiver-wire rejects. No excuses this team should win 10-11 games this season, plain and simple.

  18. The Buc Realist Says:

    Wow. If we could actually read bighog’s sentence I think most would be offended!!! Lucky for him it has almost as many mistakes as a lovie smith team that had time to prepare!!!!!

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Screw Kurt Warner and his Mrs Papadapolis looking wife. Never forget that BS instant replay that robbed the Bucs of a SB appearance.

  20. Kevin Says:

    Freeman could never me a leader..only a Michael Jackson imposter at his very best. How awsome is it to be a bucs fan now compared to those times!!!

  21. DB55 Says:


    Salt on wound! Why you gotta bring that up? It was the refs fault. You talking about the Bert Emmanuel catch right? Yea that still stings.

  22. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    realist is the official athletic supporter on Joebucsfan.com. If he is busy carrying Lovie Smiths scrotum he also holds up Glennons and Chianos. He must have really big hands to do so much juggling

  23. The Buc Realist Says:


    you know what they say about guys with big hands???…..They gave to buy big gloves!!!!

  24. McClorasMaddenDaddy210 Says:

    Damn you! Lol, just kidding. You sound so silly 96% of the time, then your last post was all that needs to be said
    YO JOE!
    GO BUCS!!!

  25. McClorasMaddenDaddy210 Says:

    My bad everyone, wrong thread

  26. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @ The Buc Realist: i went back and read my earlier post and it read good to me, there may be mistakes in structure but not in meaning, I did not post this to offend but to state my view on the subject!@Coach Fan: I won’t disrespect your name (today). He has failed at every attempt to regain some success but why? Answer Coach Toes On The Line!@Bucsfanman: who would want to put in work when your coach is doing all the dirty tricks to undermine you just because you weren’t his guy!! So he was a bar fly, was he ever arrested or did ever fail a drug test?

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    Freeman was a mental midget.

    Schiano did this to him Schiano did that to him.

    Bunch of effing garbage. He’s not a 2 year old for ef’s sake.

    How come no team wants him anymore if Schiano was such a big meanie?

  28. RustyRhinos Says:

    “Josh had talent” Like his talent to over throw or under throw his receivers? he had talent there for sure. He did have a few seasons where he did do some good things as our QB but his lack of getting better with his accuracy in short and long passes made me not care. So good luck Mr. Freeman in your life, next QB up.

    It is very nice to read national sports reporters, who also where very good NFL QB’s give props to our QB.


    @BigHogHaynes – I’m not goona go back and look into this because I frankly don’t care anymore, he’s not on the team; but Free was late to team functions numerous times and I believe he was a no show ( if I’m wrong plz correct me ) at his own QB camp. And I’m sure there were many others that I’m missing. I’m childhood friends with a girl who used to date Freeman and “allegedly” he would start drinking hard liquor in the morning and he had a thing for nose candy.

    Saying Schiano ruined Freeman is a poor excuse for his own failures. He’s had his shot with the Dolphins and Giants and got cut by both teams. He simply doesn’t have the drive and passion to be a professional QB – which is not an attack. The NFL is a tough career choice.

  30. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @ FIRETHECANNONS: just my take on a past issue, he’s not here we move on, but I do enjoy a debate without such as yours, I can respect that!!?

  31. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @1987: can you imagine if the head coach didn’t want you, then what kind of coaching were you getting from your OC, he was a young QB AND IN MY OPINION COACH TOES screwed him over!!

  32. BigHogHaynes Says:

    DAMN I love this page, one more point, coaches are there to guide, teach, push these young men in the right direction! I doubt Free got any of that from TOES!!

  33. The Buc Realist Says:

    I guess you have to shop to work to get coaching!!!! What can you do with someone that works under you and show up late all the time!!! Does not do his job!!! and was first out of the door as soon as the last practice whistle blew!!!!! I huge problem is that JFro had a huge memory retention problem!!!

    Funny how JFro had all these problems and was called out by a national media member that he was “In the Club” too much!!!!!

    It was also told that Coach Schiano was told to “Fix Freeman” But I guess someone has to hit rock bottom and ask for help to finally accept help!!!!!!

  34. Pickgrin Says:

    BigHog – your regular insinuations about racism within the Buccaneer organization is getting really old and completely discredits anything else you say.

    Jfro is gone. Rah is gone. Dom is gone. Lovie is gone. All were mistakes.

    We are in good shape moving forward with a GM who drafts talent, a franchise QB and a well respected coaching staff top to bottom.

    Jameis is “impressive”. Nuff said. Surround him with talent and we are going to be perennial Super Bowl contenders for a bunch of years.

  35. Mike Johnson Says:

    All were mistakes. What does that say about the Tampa Bay Buc franchise?

  36. Stanglassman Says:

    Off this topic but anyone think the Bucs should bring in WR Brian Hartline? I don’t know much about him other than watching a few games and reading his stats. Only 29 plays some slot and has 1000 yard+ 2/3 seasons.

  37. Pickgrin Says:

    Mike Johnson – it says the Glazers boys had a LOT to learn about running a successful NFL franchise.

    Thank God they finally figured out that you need to find a really talented head administrator – and give him control of all the football and personnel decisions. Licht is doing a good job of building a talented team and the future is bright with Jameis Winston leading the way!

  38. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    FreEman and Winston could not be more apart. The only thing they have in common is they were both 1st rnd picks. That it.

    But one thing Joe or any of the readers failed to mention? The biggest difference between the two is JW’s love for the game. Something Freeman didnt have. and that’s the most important thing, that’s what strives him to become the very best every day. Freeman lost intrest in the game after a couple seasons imo. And that’s what makes Winston such a great leader as well. He loves football and will not settle on being good. He’s gonna max out his potential. Again, something Freeman did not want to do. There was more important things in Freeman life. And there is nothing more important than football in Winston’s life. That’s the biggest difference between the two.