Future SAM

May 1st, 2016
New Bucs linebacker Devante Bond.

New Bucs linebacker Devante Bond.

Yes, Joe read where some fans, seeing Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith all, wanted the Bucs to take a flyer.

Sounds nice, but totally impractical. No need to draft a stud strongside linebacker when he’s only going to play, at most, 60 percent of the snaps.

That doesn’t mean the Bucs didn’t get their strongside linebacker. Yes, veteran free agent Daryl Smith is that guy, for now. Bucs general manager Jason Licht noted this winter when he signed free agents they were to be “bridges” to younger players.

It seems sixth-round pick Devante Bond may be that player.

“Devante [Bond] – a SAM linebacker from Oklahoma, heavy-handed, athletic, great kid,” Licht said.

There you go. If Bond develops, then he would be replacing Smith as your strongside linebacker.

52 Responses to “Future SAM”

  1. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    This dude is a pass rushing demon.

  2. head ball coach dirk Says:

    are we secretly switching to a 3-4? kinda seems like it…I get what smitty said about a slight alignment adjustment but our personnel seems like it fits a 3-4. multiple freak athlete LBs. if we only have 3 d linemen to play then were looking pretty good. I dunno maine

  3. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    This guy makes plays. He is very good in coverage and makes special teams plays, which is BIG for a late round guy. I think he could be another 3rd day steal for Jason Licht

  4. SB with Jameis Says:

    I believe Smith will be switching us from a 4-3 to a 3-4 on a regular basis mid game. How refreshing it will be for OCs to not have a Clue which Defense they are facing and Slant routes going for TDs not being the norm

  5. SB with Jameis Says:

    Interesting reading here on the correlation of 40 yard dash times to success. In short, being an elite speedster doesn’t usually translate to automatic success.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not much coverage on this yet….but I believe we really improved our special teams with this draft….
    Some of these younger players must be able to play special teams well in order to make the lineup.

  7. Pa Privateer Says:

    We can line up Smith, Bond, Spence, David, and Kwon in different formations. Including both 43 and 34 defensive schemes.

  8. steve Says:

    lost in bad our defense played last year I think people forgot just how bad our special teams were.

  9. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Privateer I like your thinking. One thing for certain we about to get after some QBs.

  10. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    BOND,Devante BOND

  11. Stanglassman Says:

    Last year Smith was pulled on 3rd and long downs as SAM with the Ravens. I can see Bond coming in to blitz off the strong side. If he puts on 20 Lbs he will be the same size as Spence and convert to DE.

  12. SB with Jameis Says:

    Well it is 60 degrees and sunny with no clouds in the sky today. I am going to get outside and do some outside stuff. Peace out Bucs Faithful. Oh and to all of you debbie downers too.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    60 degrees…man I hate living in Florida…

  14. Fsuking Says:

    Very interesting take. I didn’t know Smith didn’t play on passing downs last year but now this LB makes perfect sense. Bond can’t really play in coverage and has no chance of manning up on anyone but he can get after it as a pass rusher. Spence can standup and rush too, but if we need him with his hand in the ground, Bond can rush from the other side

  15. Fsuking Says:

    I don’t think we play a 4-3 or a 3-4 anymore. We play Smith defense. (Daryl Smith, Jacquies Smith, Ryan Smith and DC Mike Smith) I do think our pass rush issues are gone, we won’t be the Broncos or nothing but we also won’t be the 2006-2015 Bucs

  16. DraftJameis Says:

    I think the poster above is right in speculating that we could be slowly shifting to 3-4. McCoy has two more years left until he is a possible cap casualty. This year will probably be predominantly 4-3, but maybe the FO and coaching staff are starting the process of personnel accumulation for it early. Spence and Jacquies Smith are ideal rush LBs, Gholston could be a 5 technique, Akeem Spence could play nose. The only issue I see with it is that Lavonte and Kwon are ideal fits for the 4-3. Should be very interesting.

  17. Bigbucs1 Says:

    Fsuking I hope you are right about the passrush I really freaking hope so

  18. Bculaw Says:

    Interesting thought, FSUking. Seems to me they have a number of guys at each level that could rush the passer on blitz assignments and some athletic “tweeners” that could provide a lot of flexibility.

    Above all, my hope is that the days of passive defensive football are done. Let the playmakers make plays! We now have a number of fast, physical “hunters.” I can’t wait to see how we use them.

  19. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Now that’s real talk King.

  20. Pat Says:

    He really looks the part. Again, this guy on tape reminds me of a young LT56. GO BUCS!

  21. Head Ball Coach Dirk Says:

    Pat lets not kid ourselves and compare this kid to the greatest defensive player to ever step foot on the field. I love the ambition and enthusiasm but it is a bit much

  22. Bigbucs1 Says:


  23. Fsuking Says:

    He’s not quite as fast or agile as Von Miller (nobody is) but they are very similar players. The Broncos also run a base 4-3 with a lot of 3-4, even 3-3-5 and 4-2-5 which allows them to line up Miller in a number of different ways. He even will rush from a 2 point stance in a traditional 4-3. This is how we gotta use Spence but I don’t have to tell Mike Smith that, he’s already working on it

  24. Bigbucs1 Says:

    Do we have a true nose tackle to play a 3-4? Just wondering because I don’t remember having one- unless spence plays it- not noah

  25. Stanglassman Says:

    All I know is it’s going to be much more interesting than Lovie Def last year!
    I was so tried of being so predicable to even the most novice of Qbs. It was driving all buc fans nuts not contesting wrs off the line and giving up the slant by design.

  26. Stanglassman Says:

    Akeem S. is the closest NT. A strong but small 307 Lbs.

  27. Joe Says:

    are we secretly switching to a 3-4?

    Don’t think so because GMC is not a 34 nose tackle. There may be elements of a 34. Shoot, even Mike Smith said depending on how the splits are in a 43, it can morph into a 34.

  28. Joe Says:

    Akeem S. is the closest NT. A strong but small 307 Lbs.

    Bingo. Bucs would have to have an overhaul on their defensive linemen if they were moving to a 34.

  29. Joe Says:

    Interesting reading here on the correlation of 40 yard dash times to success. In short, being an elite speedster doesn’t usually translate to automatic success.

    Been saying that for years. Football is not track.

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Here is something I hope to see this year. Some press coverage from our CB’s.

    I got so tired of seeing how SOFT Lovie plays his CB’s off the receivers.

    For all the whining about VHGIII he has the perfect CB build to play press when needed. I want to start jamming some receivers at the line to at least throw off some timing.

  31. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Speed does and will always kill in this league.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    On the Aguayo pick…..I look at him as essentially a 3rd round pick…..our 3rd pick….
    So…..here’s the question…….who did we pay too much for Aguayo or Myron Lewis?……Feel better?

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK….want to compare to a 2nd rounder…..How bout Sabby?

  34. Fsuking Says:

    We are not switching to a 3-4 but just because we have Gerald McCoy does not mean we can’t play a lot of 3 down lineman sets. While a usual 3-technique player will face less double teams by nature, the lack of a pass rush ensured that GMC got more than his fair share. The only real difference btw NT’s and DT’s is a nose tackle has to hold his ground against double teams in the run game. As evidenced by the Bucs having a top 10 run defense every year, usually top 5, Gerald McCoy does not struggle with this whatsoever. He can’t live there because it would be a waste of elite pass rush ability, but to suggest he can’t play a 3-4 is blasphemy.

  35. BucfanBF Says:

    Or that WR we got from Appalachian State in the 2nd round during the Gruden Era……

  36. Fsuking Says:

    I’m not sure we would need to overhaul. GMC would actually make one heck of a 3-4 DE across from Ayers. We would just need an NT

  37. SB with Jameis Says:

    Joe Says:
    May 1st, 2016 at 4:07 pm
    Interesting reading here on the correlation of 40 yard dash times to success. In short, being an elite speedster doesn’t usually translate to automatic success.

    Been saying that for years. Football is not track.
    I know you have sir cause I have been here for years. Why are so many Bucs fans here down on VH3 for a 4.5 40 then when he still plays 4.5 With pads?…….If he ran a 4.48 they would probably be happier.

  38. Fsuking Says:

    Football is not the 100 meter but it is the ultimate form of hurdles. You can go around them but the hurdles are all 6ft+, they move at ridiculous speeds and they all want to kill you

  39. mike Says:

    at first glance, tape reminds me of LT , but have been hesitant to say so

  40. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I like that mike smith is flexible with his defense. We can simpky put our best players o the field and line them up anywhere and they can have success. We have DEs that can play DTs. And Lbs that can play DE. We will be able to play match ups and defend against whatever the situation calls for. We have situational guys. I think Bond is perfect to be a situational pass rusher. Keep him fresh in the 4th quarter and unleash him on an unsuspecting RT.

    I can see some d set ups where we have;

    Dline: will gholston/jack smith, gmc, Ayers

    LB: bond, Kwon, LvD, spence

    Having bond and spence playing as stand up DEs and rushing the QB. It would be on passing situations, but it gets our best pass rusher all on the field at the same time.

  41. Trubucfan22 Says:

    VH3 ran a 4.46. The people that want to discredit him round up to a 4.5. Because the extra decimal position is too much to type.

  42. mike10 Says:

    Love it!

    This is what u call building thru the draft. You get vet FAs to come in and start, but plug in draft picks behind them to develop… Love it!

  43. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I really liked this pick. Also, I do think we will run a decent amount of 3-4. Not sure how much but it will be a pretty good amount. Smith will figure out what works best with our roster. Can’t wait to see how these guys work out over the next few years. We added a few really solid players on D.

    We now have a solid pass rush with Ayers and Spence. Our Linebackers are set. We have a great competition at CB. And we now have a few guys to battle and hopefully make each other better at safety. I’m excited for our future this year and on.

    We will see what happens with Berto. I think he will be great but only time will tell. Last but not least, my man Vernon Hargreaves III is a Buc!! All you haters remember what you said when he becomes a star. 3 years as an all SEC 1st team player. 2 bad games and 1 when he was a 18 year old freshman is all you can say bad about him. This kid is the real deal. He has the exact same question marks as Joe Haden. Everyone knows how that turned out!

  44. Guzzie Says:

    Did you see what the WRs ran in this class most ran 4.5 or slower, anyone covering Julio June’s one on one deserves to get beat, that’s what double teams are for, plus blitzing and added pressure from the scheme that actually tries to confuse a pro QB, 4.5 is plenty fast when you are fluid and explosive vertically, kinda what VH3 offers, even Ramsey is 4.46 and less that 2 inches taller than VH3, there are only so many 6′ 3+ WRs that can run and actually play, Hopkins, Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson etc all ran over 4.5, but if you don’t try to double those guys as much as you can, you deserve to be the head coach at a place like Illinois LOL

  45. Guzzie Says:

    VH3 with hit you too he’s 204lbs of muscle, weighs more than Ramsey, and he makes game changing plays, yeah Benjamin and Cooper ate his lunch, but he faced Jameis, and the Gators were always playing defense versus both FSU and Alabama cause there defenses were littered with pro players and Gators offense had no QB the last 4 years Jeff Driskell and treon Harris were the worst QB they’ve had in awhile

  46. SB with Jameis Says:

    Guzzie you said that astoundingly well. Not only that but VH3 was a True freshman 18 yrs old when he faced KB and JW
    Perspective people. VH3 made 3 Picks and All SEC honors as a Frosh. Ramsey only had 3 picks in 3 yrs

  47. THETRUTH Says:

    boys Spence cant even stay healthy for half year yet you guys say if shift to 3-4 he would be nose…

    i dont see a shift i see variety of formations and linebackers that blitz, LD might actually have sacks like he did year one under schiano and dominate again..

    no longer will we have a defense that is TOLD to watch the play develop and after the catch is told to go cause a fumble cause that was LOVIE calling card. Problem is when no one fumbles you get ash kicked..

  48. SoCoBucsFan Says:

    I like the idea of having a versatile defense. Heck, versatility should be something strived for on both sides of the ball. When a team is able to play in multiple sets, it allows for confusion from the opposing team. On offense, one day you go spread empty backfield and another go jumbo, 3TE Fb and RB. On defense switching from 4-3/3-4/4-2-5/3-3-5. I hope M. Smith ability to game plan and make adjustments is up there with the best. I’m excited to see where this team is heading.

    Lovie’s philosophy for defense bugged the hell out of me. Let’s keep from being destroyed by the deep ball. To do that keep the short to intermediate routes available, hoping we can strip the ball. Love had an unnatural fixation on turnovers. Yes they’re important but I rather focus on getting a 3 and out than a turnover. 3 and outs are turnovers in my mind!

  49. 1sparkybuc Says:

    More talented players combined with intelligent schemes from superior coaches should result in more wins, even against a tougher schedule. This team will be competitive. The leadership on this franchise will prove to be the best ever IMO.

  50. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    Sabby OR dexter Jackson don’t compare to the. Collosual bust of Daq Buster

  51. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    *DaCLOWN Bowers imo”. Even tho Jackson came pretty close. We drafted the wrong speedy D.Jackson. i dont think i have to remind anyone of that tho. Lol. Only dude I’ve seen slide when he’s about to get tackled on punt returns. Lol. What a sissy. That guy was way in over his head. Just because your fast doesn’t mean your gonna make it in this league. Remember the track star from UF, Jeff Demps? He was super fast but couldn’t catch or run the ball. Coach tried sooo hard to mold him into a weapon but he had worse hands than Mike Evans on a rainy day. JK I luv Mike, He’s one of my fav bucs.

  52. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    Considering our depth at LB, this was a good pick imo. He’s a guy that can provide pressure on the QB on third downs for us. We’ve been pretty successful blitzing our LB’s in,the past, we just didn’t do it often. Of course this is a whole new scheme but I think they can still be effective in getting to the qb. LVD is a underrated pass rusher imo. 8 think he had 4 or 5 sacks in his rookie year then we stopped using him in that role after that, especially when Lovie took over.

    If Bond can develop into a pass rushing weapon for us this pick is another steal for Licht. Recording 17 sacks in Just one season (if thats right) is a very impressive stat.