“Dumbest Pick In The History Of The Draft”

May 2nd, 2016
Getting pounded by fans and NFL colleagues alike.

Getting pounded by fans and NFL colleagues alike.

Time will only tell whether the Bucs continued their recent success at the draft, or if the team fell flat on its face from this weekend’s picks.

But already, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is getting pounded from all quarters.

In particular, Licht is getting raked over by many Bucs fans for trading back into the second round to pick a kicker Licht says is the best of a generation, Robert Aguayo.

It isn’t just Bucs fans that were run out of their neighborhood bars for throwing bottles at the TVs Friday night. It’s NFL suits as well.

Well-plugged-in Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report brings word that one NFL scout is aghast Licht would actually burn two draft picks as part of a trade up to grab a kicker in the second round, when the Bucs’ defense has more holes than a screen door.

The Buccaneers have won 23 games in the past five years. They have been putrid. It seems a kicker is the least of their needs, to be kind. One general manager told me the selection was “the dumbest pick in the history of the draft.”

That seems to be the consensus in the league. There are, however, outliers.

One scout told me he considered the move to actually be fairly smart. The reason? The rule changes have made kickers extremely valuable. This scout believes that in the next few years, they could become as valuable as running backs. That seems a little extreme, but I get what he’s saying. Extra points are now far from automatic, and a miss can be catastrophic in a game.

This is the point head coach Dirk Koetter made. He is well aware the Aguayo pick is far from popular. Saturday, Koetter went on the offensive to defend the pick.

Koetter specified the new kickoff rule and believes that not only will Aguayo  boot the ball consistently out of the end zone, but he can place the ball on or inside the five to pin offenses back.

Freeman also makes a solid point: Last year, the Bucs were involved in 10 games where the outcome was decided by 10 or fewer points, meaning a kicker is that much more critical. Notice those games were with a rookie quarterback and two rookies on the offensive line?

Joe is split down the middle on this move. Sure, Joe gets what Licht and Koetter are saying. It adds up. That doesn’t mean the Bucs couldn’t have used another draft pick on a defensive end.

No, Joe saw zero need to add a defensive tackle until or unless the edge rusher void is solved. And those who pined for a defensive tackle to be drafted high in the hopes the Bucs would cut Gerald McCoy, perhaps you should discuss this subject with the Tin Foil Hat Club, which holds its monthly secret meetings in the treehouse of your neighbor’s backyard.

59 Responses to ““Dumbest Pick In The History Of The Draft””

  1. buccfan305 Says:

    I undersatnd their logic on drafting a kicker. I just think it was dumb to give up picks to move up and take him in the 2nd round when we had so much need on defense. skme my argue that it was an extra pick, well yeah that could have been an extra DE. Besides, it’s the goal to have an offense so good that we are running up the score and not have such close games? Also having a defense so good that it is keeping opponents off the score board? If those 2 things happen, the kicker can focus on kickoffs and not have to worry about the pressure of “game winning field goals ” To me, it screams a lack of confidence to think that we are gonna be in such close games that a kicker is goone be that much of a a factor in up comming games. How about getting another receiver to help put up points? I alway though touchdowns were the goal, not field goals. I see the Lovie influence still lives on. Hard to be excited about such garbage thinking and game planning. ” So how are we gonna solve the close game scenario?” ” I know, let’s draft a kicker in the 2nd round” how about lwts beat the sh!t out of them, and make them wanna quit. I bet Atlanta wasn’t thinking about drafting a kicker the year when they had their foot so far up our a$$ 56-0. And this is how we plan to compete in our division. So body needs to wake the f#@k up

  2. Destro44 Says:

    Hardly the dumbest pick in the history of the draft. I think everyone can agree the RG3 trade and pick will always be viewed as the dumbest pick ever.

    So we took a kicker in round 2 with a trade up, its a bit of a head scratcher but if the guy is a pro bowl kicker flr years it will sting less.

  3. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Only time will tell if this was a good move or not. I think the part that gets me is the trading back up to get this guy. What was the chance that any other team was going to take him prior to the Bucs pick early in round 3? But that being said, there’s no doubt that we’ve lost some games in the last few years because of poor kicking. Years ago we drafted a kicker named Gramatica who turned out to be a very important member of our team…lets hope Aguayo follows in those footsteps!

  4. DoofusDan Says:

    “One general manager told me” Oh yeah, well One general manager told me it was the brightest selection he’s ever seen. That Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht was progressive. Recognizing the advantages a skilled kicker with the ability to pin opponents deep and that his legacy would be that of innovative. He was ahead of his time favoring development in the ever changing league. He had an uncanny ability to adjust. After seeing the run of DT at the bottom of the 1st and in the 2nd round and having inside knowledge the Patriots were targeting Aguayo moved up 15 spots only surrendering a fourth round selection. While the rest of the league was passive, Jason knew a 4th round DT wouldn’t have the immediate impact Aguayo would have due to the rule change. You’ll see the rest of the league scrambling to develop or find such a kicker to recover the lost field position. Additionally, if these talking heads are too stupid to recognize we swapped our 3rd with a 2nd round for the price of a 4th, not “gave up two draft picks” their opinions are worthless.

  5. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Bo Jackson( who said he will never play in Tampa) Ryan Leaf( nutjob/druggie), Jamarcus Russell( lazy/druggie) Lawrence Phillips( enough said) are all 1st round, top 10 picks that were MUCH worse then drafting a kicker. So you draft a guy who can fill that spot for a decade, what’s the downside. We all know the draft is a crap-shoot anyway. Let Licht do his job, he has done a pretty damn good job so far.

  6. Luther Says:

    Dumber than Tebow in the first round? Hardly

  7. old buc fan Says:

    bucfan 305: You sir have just explained this in the best and most accurate way possible. The problem is it’s been done and now we have to hope that maybe there is a Kwon somewhere in the picks because we sure need one. First and foremost I am a big fan of the Bucs and shall root for them no matter how many times they pass over greater players.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    The first time Aguayo wins a game for us everyone will be saying ‘Brilliant move Licht’.

  9. R.O. Says:

    Tired of hearing we gave up multiple picks.. Gave up an extra 4th. This story is getting old fast… Time to move on.

  10. BucsQcCity Says:

    My interrogation is VH3+Spence+Roberto > VH3+Spence+Bell or Rankins+Spence+Bell?

  11. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    @Luther…touche’ my good man….

  12. CrustyCrab Says:

    No we really gave up and multiple picks any way you look at it. I think people seen what Licht did last year and most just come away disappointed. Could have waited until the third round and swapped 3rd round picks and offered the fourth to move up.

  13. Asdf Says:

    We lost the Houston game last year because of atrocious kicking.

    Another game was the first Carolina game. Down 17-10 we drive down and get in FG range (29 TDs – misses kick). Then to start the next half Cam fumbles, we recover and another missed kick (43 yds so not a gimme but very makeable). Two huge momentum killers. We could have been down 17-6 if two easy FG were hit.

    Oh and guess what the very next play was after the 2nd missed FG? That fluke strip fumble caught be their tight end in mid aid (Google “Panthers TE Ed Dickson’s Crazy 57-Yard Fumble Recovery TD”). 24-10.

    Obviously would have been great to get TDs there but against tough defensive a you take 3pts any day

  14. Tampa Tony Says:

    Worst ever, far from it. Worst pick this year, highly likely…

    Unless this kid is near perfect it’s a bad choice

  15. buccfan305 Says:

    @ Old buc fan

    I too am A ride or die fan….I just hope that this pick pays off….I know I sound like a winey Bit@h but that’s just my passion and love for the team. …I just want our team to kick a$$ like the good old days. What ever happened to dominating? Lets get on the field and let teams know that you are playimg the BUCS!!! Don’t just expect to come in our house and walk out alive, and when we come to your house, we’re come to take over!!!!


  16. Asdf Says:

    Crustcrab- please explain how in your scenario of trading up in the third by “swapping 3rd round picks and offered the 4th round pick to move up” is any different than what Licht did?

    Bucs trade 3rd and 4th for 2nd round pick (2 picks become 1)

    Your scenario:
    Bucs trade 3rd and 4th for higher 3rd – “swapping 3rds” (2 picks become 1)

  17. Richard Dickson Says:

    “…I just think it was dumb to give up picks…”

    We gave KC our 3rd — which we would have used to draft Aguayo anyway had we not moved up — and an extra 4th. Stop talking like we dumped this haul of picks in KC’s lap to move up. We basically leveraged a free pick to make our 3rd rounder early.

  18. Heilan Laddie Says:

    Dumbest move ever? Only time and hindsight will tell. We have to assume that Koetter was on board will selecting Aguayo so high in the draft other wise it would indeed be a stupid move when the team could have been strengthened elsewhere.

    How does it stack up against picking Jonny Football?

  19. MarineBucsFan Says:

    I love the Aguayo pick. The hell with them haters.

    See this what I like about Licht, he does not care what the media or even his colleagues think about his picks. He does his research and targets players he like based from his philosophy and he gets after them.

    Reminds me of people following the popular kids in High School. Have a mind of your own. That’s why Lichts a BOSS!!

  20. MarineBucsFan Says:

    And i was one that was pinning for a DT in this draft. Not to replace McCoy (I love McCoy) but to get another disruptive player next to him. The man need help, and I am starting to believe we are going about this the wrong way.

  21. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    I would be curious to know what the reaction would have been if the Bucs has not gambled in the first round to get that extra pick and simply drafted Aguayo in the 3rd round. It would be essentially the exact same thing as what they did and something tells me many experts would have viewed it as a shrewd move to pick up the greatest kicker in NCAA history.

  22. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Precisely what touchdown just said.

  23. SoFlo Buc Says:

    Right on Dan!
    Who was the first teammate Derrick Brooks thanked during his HOF speech? It wasn’t Sapp Or Rice, it was a kicker drafted in the third round. You are kidding yourself if you think any team is that dominate in the league, that they don’t have to worry about winning by a field goal, against a playoff contending team. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I would like to see how many games the Pats won by a field goal the last ten years, no one cares they won!!
    As for the pic in the second, to me they must have a lot of equally graded player during tie span of mid second to early third so taking a ” free pick” to move their third didn’t matter to me. I am sure sonething spooked them to move up. Whining about not getting a third day pick, who is more than likley a long time special teams player, doesn’t make sense we still got to pick in all 7 spots
    Time will tell if JL is the genius we all hope he is, and if we do indeed have a game changing kicker like he was in College. But until he f#%ks up I will route on.

    Let’s move on!

    GO BUCS!!

  24. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    He’ll be so great because so many currently question the selection. No tackle DT or DE selected after Roberto will have a greater career than him. Bank on that. Thank you Mr. Licht I told Y’all a week or so ago I’m really familar with this man’s Aquarius mind. Trust you me he doesn’t give-a-d@$! about any of this negative chatter not one iota.

  25. Jameisbucsfan Says:

    Best pick ever! It shocked me with joy!

  26. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    For some perspective let’s look at when the leading point scorers in history were drafted…of course they are ALL kickers!

    1. Morten Andersen -4th round
    2. Gary Anderson – 1st round
    3. Adam Vinateri – Kicked in Europe discovered by N.E. as FA
    4. Jason Hanson – 2nd round 56th overall
    5. John Carney – FA
    6. Matt Stover – 12th round
    7. George Blanda – Not applicable…1949 and played QB as well
    8. Jason Elam – 3rd round 70th overall
    9. John Kasay – 4th round
    10. Norm Johnson- ?

    I didn’t go any farther because draft positions were harder to find. This is enough data to see a clear trend!!! IF you believe that Aguayo has the potential to be a “generational” kicker then this pick was excellent. If you think he’s average then yes we should have waited until 4 or 5.

    Bottom line is that this was NOT a wasted pick…unless Aguayo is a bust…same as VHGIII or Spence or any draft choice. His position does not make him a bad pick!!!

  27. Dave Says:

    I don’t like it, think they should have waited to get him in Rd 3 or 4, but if he is their kicker 10 years from now and several pro bowls, then ok

  28. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Great graphic Pete.

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    That is a straw man argument. You cannot possibly know that Aguayo would have been around in the 3rd or 4th round. That’s simply speculation that requires us to believe you know more about the rest of the NFL GM’s than Licht.

    Enjoy and respect your posts Dave but you simply do not get to make that assumption. Is Licht more wired in to who the teams might be taking? Or are we?

  30. ctord Says:

    I love how the bucs are the dumbest organization going but the Cowboys are genius for picking a guy who will not even play this year and may never be right

  31. James Walker Says:

    Exactly. People seem to forget that kickers score the most points. Connor Barth was the 24th ranked kicker, and the Bucs were the #3 in league in kick attempts.

  32. BucFan20 Says:

    Look. Just get over it. Last year everyone said get Jameis. He will hang 35 points on all these teams remember? Well let’s hear the excuses. It did not happen. You armchair General Managers got what you wanted. ALL 32 teams talked to him. From what we hear many were after this man. NONE of you know when someone was going after him. You did not get a player you want so you know more than a real NFL GM. If Licht thought or had information it was time to move and did than it was his call to make. So get over it and move on. It’s done!

  33. James Walker Says:

    When Aguayo was picked it was said on NFL.com that there were rumors he would not be available at 74, so the Bucs gave up their 74th and the free 106th pick to get him.
    This move cost a 4th round pick, that was not owned at the beginning of the draft. I don’t understand the hate unless you just didn’t want the kicker pick.

  34. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    The assumption that he would have been there in the third or fourth round is pure speculation. Stop acting like you know something you don’t. Licht saw an opportunity to fill a position with the best kicker in college football history and he took it. It’s obvious he believed another team was going to take him if he didn’t act. If Aguayo becomes the reliable force that is expected, he will be well worth the picks. This actually may have been a very safe and smart pick. A team need may be filled for a decade and more with a quality player. Like any player, time will tell.

    Last year these forums were filled with boo birds claiming Winston was a horrible pick. Where are these geniuses now? There are always those who think they know more than the people who actually put their careers on the line with who they choose.

  35. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    The pick grew on me as soon as I started looking at it as we drafted an almost assured starter who has the potential to single handedly decide the game (miss it lose, make it win). Plus the “free” 4th round pick was found money to move up. It’s too early to say yet, but I think Licht and the Bucs had another good draft.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    It was the BEST pick in the Draft IMO. It’s too early to grade any team’s draft. I like Aguayo and he’s solid. Hater’s are gonna hate. Let em hate. We needed a kicker and got one of the best to come out in years, and time will tell.

  37. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am exhausted arguing the points that Dirk and Jason are stating on the value of having a potentially great kicker. There have been a slew of stupid draft picks in hindsight in league history. Screw the league though, I am a Bucs fan and really don’t care about other teams stupid picks in their respective draft history. So, the gurus and geniuses have spoken and their consensus is this is the stupidest pick in the history of the NFL???? Really??? Well I guess they should turn in their guru badges because anyone stating such idiocy is surely not a guru but more of a self proclaimed expert which they should keep to themselves so it can remain their little secret. So, keeping the draft history for the 1st through 3rd rounds just pertaining to our beloved Bucs, how many draft picks were a more stupid move than the Aguayo pick? I mentioned Bo Jackson last night as my top choice for that honor. So, all of the supporters of the Aguayo pick, please feel free to vote for your personal pick as the Bucs worst draft blunder between the 1st and 3rd rounds of any draft in their history. I am sure we can come up with many that would make getting Aguayo look like a stroke of genius!!!

  38. ElioT Says:

    I don’t hate this pick, I am fine with the kicker.

    My problem is the glaring holes on the Defensive Line that were not addressed.

    Carolina took another DT in the first giving them Short, Loutoleli and Butler…

    We’ve got three legit DTs on the roster right now, all whom we’re injured for most of the season last year.

    I also like the Spence pick but am not about to claim his addition is going to bolster the line to where it needs to be.

    The DLine is a liability right now. One or two injuries (J. Smith, McCoy, McDonald) and it’s going to be a long season.

  39. Big Marlon B Says:

    risky? yes. dumbest pick in the history of the draft? that’s a bit excessive.

    anyone who ranks anything about Jamarcus Russell at #1 is completely out of their mind. sure the kid was able to throw the ball a mile, but it was pretty clear to just about EVERYONE (including Lane Kiffin, who had Russell forced upon him) that he just did not care about football. in college, you might be able to coast by on talent alone. that won’t cut it in the pros. everyone knew there would be work ethic/intelligence issues with him, and they ignored it. and please don’t turn this into a race thing, because there are plenty of incredibly intelligent black quarterbacks with mind boggling work ethic. don’t waste your time twisting my words.

  40. Big Marlon B Says:

    actually yeah rayjay might be right, Bo could take that honor. when someone flat out tells a team they will not play there, you can’t necessarily let him dictate the draft and just skip ahead to the #2 guy on your board. but you better at least have a trade in place to take advantage of the value of that #1 pick. ignoring that is absurd.

  41. ATrain Says:

    Ok so if the Bucs would have waited then the Patriots would have taking him…

    Only time will tell and if this kids turns out as great as he is in college this will be a GREAT pick..

    I thought we needed a Big DT, but Licht did not.. He gets paid the big bucks and has done very well so far..


  42. BUC55 Says:

    I said from the beginning this is a GREAT pick!!!! Now we have probably the best kicker in the NFL!! Not just accurate, but also big range on field goals, and a proven kickoff record. And oh by the way we got him after the best cover corner AND the best pass rusher in the draft. We got the best player in the draft at 3 positions!!!!!
    There are 32 teams. Do the math.

  43. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    The dumbest draft pick ever has to be wasting the 1st overall pick on Bo Jackson, after he told us he would NEVER play for the Bucs! If that scenario happened today the whole staff would be fired immediately. We would never live it down. I’m surprised how many non-Bucs fans I talk to have no idea he was even drafted by us. Gotta love the 80’s!!

  44. Matthew Says:

    Its hilarious people freaking out about this; there is a precedent for kickers going in the first 3 rounds, and when you look at they essentially gave up a 4th rounder they got for free, to turn their 3rd round pick into a kicker its hardly a CRAZY idea. The team lost 3 games last year due to their kicking woes; I’ll wait for someone to point out to me a player in the 3rd round that could single handedly swing three games this coming year…
    It’s not sexy, and talking heads will eat it up because they need non-sense to talk about post draft but if the kid becomes our Janikowski or Gostkowski it’s incredibly smart. If you get 3 legit starters from any NFL draft that’s a BIG success, and right now on paper it looks like they have done that. All the hand-wringing about “what ifs” is such high school gossip bs, because NO ONE knows anything right now with how players drafted will perform, its all speculation. If Mike Freeman can name 5 players on the Bucs defense I’d be impressed, that’s how little I care about national talking heads “hot-takes” on our team because so few actually cover our team with any real seriousness. They just show up when it’ll get clicks (MRSA, Schiano, Lovie getting Fired, Drafting a Kicker) to deliver their hot takes. If and when this kid wins us a few games this year, wait to see if you’ll see any of these turds say they were wrong about blasting this pick…spoiler alert; they won’t.

  45. 813bucboi Says:

    @nole…nice to see you my friend…..already got my #28 vhg jersey…

    those first 3 picks were all impact picks…each player will make an instant impact…i’ll admit licht is growing on me…for dirk…games have to be won before I sing praise….GO BUCS!!!

  46. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Joe, think back to the first Carolina game…Buccs had a chance to put three on the board….right before the half and missed. I know it was rainy, but still, that killed momentum in a game that was much closer than the final score…..I think we might have even missed a couple field goals in that game.

  47. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “One general manager told me the selection was “the dumbest pick in the history of the draft.”

    Said the GM who will be jobless in a year.

  48. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The Bucs didn’t give up a 3rd round pick to trade up. They upgraded it with a 4th.

    People are stupid.

  49. vorbs Says:

    It’s not even the dumbest 2nd round pick in the history of the Bucs let alone the entire draft. With the 58th pick in the 2008 draft the Buccaneers select Dexter Jackson, Appalachian State

  50. Buccfan37 Says:

    Aguayo is a kick in the grass.

  51. USFBUC Says:

    What happened to everyone talking about how the poor performance was because of coaching? If we and Licht believe that then the move makes even more sense because the defense is potentially better than they played.

  52. Danny Mac Says:

    Did anybody watch the Vikings lose their playoff game last year? Who gives two flying farts what so called experts have to say about this pick. The potential of this pick is amazing. Bucs fans just don’t have any patience. I trust our GM tremendously.

  53. dislocatedbucsfan Says:


    “nuff said”

  54. dislocatedbucsfan Says:


    Dave’s got this all figured out!

  55. Brent bull/buc Says:

    Kickers can be had late in the draft or found as fa. It is VEry rare to take a kicker that high. And trade a pick. If it works out great. I’d rather grab jarron reed with the 2nd and then pharaoh cooper with the 4th. Then snag a kicker with the 6th or just grab one a fa. So it’s black and white to me. Apparently it is to pundits and analysts too.

  56. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Everyone will stfu when he saves the day and pulls off a win or more this season with his leg! Everyone will then call the pick brilliant! Wait for it!!

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc1987 thinks that the selection of VHG was a worst pick than the Aguayo ordeal.

    That’s where I’m at. I hope I’m wrong and both turn out to be studs.

  58. William Walls Says:

    Right. Because one kicker is just as good as another.

    Oh, wait. That’s wrong.

  59. Tattoodonny Says:

    Well ask the Minnesota Vikings if a Kicker is valuable. After missing 3 FGs in there playoff game vs Seattle last year, all they needed was a extra point to put that game into overtime. It was missed, and Seattle moved on Minnesota went home. In the game against Houston our kicker missed 3 FGs and a extra point. 10 points missed out on in 2 games, plus with new rules it’s even more important to have one. Good pick Jason, its your team build it properly. Go Bucs