Will Fuller And The Bucs

April 6th, 2016

fullerGeneral manager Jason Licht plays Santa Claus for Bucs fans in 22 short days.

The NFL Draft truly is Christmas in April, and Joe is wondering what will be under the tree of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

The thinking-man fan might say Jameis will be gifted gobs of defensive talent that will help preserve his body by keeping him off the field. But there are other fans that would prefer the Bucs make the bold move of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction for Jameis.

What would the Bucs’ top-10 offense look like after adding a rip-the-cover-off-the-defense receiver?

Yesterday, very well connected former scout and current NFL Network draft guru Daniel Jeremiah Twittered that he expects Notre Dame receiver Will Fuller to be the first pass catcher off the board later this month.

Fuller is all about speed. He was a massive deep threat last season with 1,258 yards on just 62 catches. Fourteen went for touchdowns. Eyes popped at the NFL Scouting Combine when he cranked out a 4.32-second, 40-yard dash.

Here he is against mighty Ohio State and their A-list talent. Fuller makes them look like Girl Scouts chasing a puppy.


Perhaps more important, Fuller caught 17-of-28 balls last year on passes of greater than 20 yards, per the reliable CFBFilmRoom.com.

But he’s known for having K-Y hands. The Bucs, however, claim they’re not worried about lube issues with Mike Evans and believe they have a cure.

Many consider Fuller a late-first-round pick, and Joe could see the Bucs trading down to acquire Fuller and the picks they need to reel in pass rushers in a deep class of defensive ends. No, Joe doesn’t think this is likely. But there isn’t a team in the NFL that wouldn’t shake in their shoes watching the Bucs line up a true burner to complement Vincent Jackson and Evans on the field together.

Perhaps Licht sees what a gift that would be for the franchise quarterback — and the franchise. Joe has no problem winning games 31-28.

39 Responses to “Will Fuller And The Bucs”

  1. jb Says:

    That’d be incredibly exciting if we could somehow manage to get our CB or Dlineman at #9, then trade back into the 1st and get Fuller. Jameis might not ever leave One Buc Place! Love the idea, but not holding my breath.

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    A speedster would have a huge impact on the passing game, opening the second level for the Dunkaneers.

    I’d be joyous for Fuller to be a Buc. He’s my #1 WR in this draft…

  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I think he may be the best in this year’s draft at stretching a football field.

  4. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    It would be the Dunkaneers on nitrous..

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    Dunkaneers on nitrous

    Very nice nole…

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    Joe will trip a breaker this year when we don’t take a pass rusher with our first pick. Look at Lichts last two drafts, he obviously thinks there is misused talent on the defensive side of the ball. A good offense takes longer to gel together than the defense. He and Koetter brought in who they consider the very best to try to max out the talent on the defensive side of the ball, and especially the d-line.
    I prefer Coleman to Fuller, but to each their own. Coleman is a better under the coverage YAC guy with the exact speed as Fuller to take the top off. I feel Coleman is a mixture of Antonio Brown and ODB Jr.
    Finish the offense now and speed Winstons development up. Just like having a good defense can improve the offense, I feel an offense that converts more 3rd downs and scores more points does even more to improve the defense and really helps improve the pass rush if we’re playing with a lead.

  7. Lunchbox Says:

    IMHO the best case scenario would involve us getting DE Lawson and Tyler Boyd at WR, along with Karl Joseph at S. I doubt very much this would happen but any two of those three would be outstanding if you ask me.

  8. Waterboy Says:

    I can’t see him falling past the 25th pick in round 1 it might cost a 3rd rd pick to swap picks to move up that high. I don’t think that’s worth it. Treadwell’s lack of speed could cause him to fall, he may be worth looking at if available in the late 1st or 2nd rd.

  9. Deminion Says:

    so im starting to fall in love with Coleman

  10. Destinjohnny Says:

    Soft man and more straight line speed
    He will rarely get to shift into 5th gear

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    gotbbucs Says:

    I prefer Coleman to Fuller, but to each their own. Coleman is a better under the coverage YAC guy with the exact speed as Fuller to take the top off.

    I also like Coleman, but he’ll be gone early and I’m not jazzed at taking a WR at #9. Maybe in the second by trading up where Fuller may be available.

  12. skipper Says:

    Coleman all day long over Fuller.

  13. Dave Says:

    I said awhile ago grabbing him in round 2 is a possibility.
    I would not trade to get him in round 1
    They could go DE. Fuller. DB.

    As for his drops, they tend to be on the shorter routes and middle crosses from what I saw. Not ideal, but most speed demons do not have the greatest hands.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    I like fuller but fix the defense….if we fix the d and they play somewhat above average we may be able to reach the superbowl like the stinkin panthers…great run game, great d, limit mistakes and turnovers is a recipe for success…GO BUCS!!!

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    Weapons! Can’t have too many weapons!
    Fuller may be a bit rich for the Bucs though. I’d target a guy like Tyler Boyd later.

  16. OSUbucIdr Says:

    Eli Apple completely shut him down. Fuller ran all over OSUs number two corner who was pretty bad in that game. There are better slot receivers for better value. I wasn’t impressed watching him at all. He plays slower than his measurables

  17. BUC55 Says:

    Josh Doctson is better. Not quite as fast in a straight line, but a better player in every other way. I believe he will be better in the NFL than Evans!!

  18. Caleb Says:

    VHIII, draft this man at 9. I swear if we take another Clemson DE with our top pick… Smh, that’s all I’ll do. We do need some speed on the offensive side of the ball for WR, but seriously we have way more important things to sure up in the first 3 rounds on defense. After the 3rd round is when I think we should look for a speed guy. I understand your points on Coleman and fuller, but you can find guys like them in the fifth round, js.

  19. godzilla13 Says:

    I agree we need a WR playmaker but we need one with great hands. Both Fuller and Coleman have dropped too many passes. The last thing we need to do to Winston is to being someone in who can not hold on to the ball. Josh Doctson, Sterling Shepard and Tyler Boyd all have good hands. I don’t see us taking a WR until the 5th or 6th rounds. In the draft DE, DT, S and LB. WR Michael Thomas (6-2 200) Southern Miss, looks like a good fit and played under our new OC Todd Monken. Caught the highest percentage of contested passes among the top receivers in the draft class. Creates separation on a variety of routes. He dropped 9 of 122 catchable passes (7.3%) over the past two years. Not to bad, could improve.

  20. Bucsfanman Says:

    Two words: Tyler Boyd!

  21. Guzzie Says:

    Tyler Boyd is slow runs a 4.58, we need a vertical threat be it with speed or size, josh Doctson fits both those skills, 4.5 plus 6’2 and he makes contested catches

  22. JAB83 Says:

    We trade for Wilkerson yet??? That will change.the entire scope of the draft for us!!!

    We will know exactly what we need on D next year… As of right now it would be best to complete what we started on O in this draft… Maybe a couple late rounders on D like Kwon to push the vets… If they win the job problem solved… If not no big deal

  23. Delson Says:


  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Guzzie- I’m not opposed to Doctson. I don’t put too much stock in 40 times. Tyler Boyd is just a baller. IMO, of course!

  25. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Guzzie watch Tyler Boydd YouTube video. Kid looks like the King of contested catches. He or Doctson and I’d be delighted.

  26. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Yeah Boyd is a gem, and I’m still in Kenny Bell’s corner cause he’s got the speed we really need. And Delson is right, William Jackson is a talented DB that could become great with NFL coaching.

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe, you must REALLY want the Bucs to take a WR.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Mark me down for Bell too. I realize he hasn’t had a chance to show anything yet, so people are already assuming he has nothing to show. Injury took him out last year.

    But the kid can ball.

    By mid season, assuming he stays healthy, fans will love him.

  29. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I agree Bonzai sometimes we get so anxious about the M&Ms of the shelf we lose focus of Skittles already in our hands. I’ve been guilty. Pulling for afro thunder. Someone just brought up Will Jackson. I watched him dominant my Seminoles in our bowl game against Houston. That dude is for FOR REAL😨.

  30. d-roca Says:

    Im starting to think they might take Coleman at 9. Colemans alot better than fuller. Id love a speed threat. Im sure koetter would too.

  31. Delson Says:

    If we get doctson or boyd in the first i would not mind at all.

  32. d-roca Says:

    Doctson or boyd in the first at 9 would be a Huge reach. Prob get boyd in round 2. They want speed tho. So do i

  33. Delson Says:

    Coleman is a bigger reach at 9. Coleman ran about 5 routes in college. He has zero effort to sell a play if the ball isnt going to him. He has zero effort in run blocking. We’re looking at a slot wr at best for coleman. Look at the negatives. Thats a project at 9. His stats were great sure but he isnt worth it. He’s soft in the middle of the field with QUESTIONABLE HANDS. Id rather have doctson who in my opinion needs to bulk up a bit who will compete for every pass and win the majority of them or boyd who is solid all the way around. Neither of these 2 have question marks for hands. Kenny bell i think is our slot/burner he needs a chance before we decide to draft one in the first. Boyd returned punts in college too and i doubt either guy makes it to pick 9 in the 2nd round. Will we find a trade partner to trade down? Idk thats all draft day sequence of events we will have to wait for.

  34. James Walker Says:

    We should address WR as a high pick in next years draft. Until then, we need band aids to get us through this season. Quality short term veterans who have good hands and can get first downs.

  35. Warfield42 Says:

    Just to put that video into context regarding Fuller’s true game speed, he just ran away from an Ohio State secondary that includes Eli Apple, a projected 1st Rd CB with 4.4 speed, Von Bell, a 2nd Rd Safety with 4.5 speed, and Tyvis Powell, a 3rd Rd Safety with 4.4 speed. In a perfect world, we would trade down to later in the 1st Rd and pick up Leonard Floyd or Ogbah and use our 2nd RD pick on Fuller. Because of trading down, we would pick up an extra 3rd Rd pick. I’d use our 3rd pick to get CB Jonathan Jones from Auburn 4.3 speed, and the extra 3rd pick on Safety Tyvis Powell. We would be adding 4 potential starters and also add elite speed and athleticism to our team.

  36. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I like this kid. But the only WR I would be comfortable drafting at #9 would be Treadwell. The other 3 guys Doctson, Coleman, and Fuller all have the speed. But drops are a problem. Fuller only has 8 1/4″ hands. Way too small IMO. Tyler Boyd has 9 3/4″. Doctson does have 9 7/8″ hands. And Treadwell has 9 1/2″.

    I still would go with Boyd in the 2nd. We may have to trade up a few spots to guarantee getting him. Just depends how many WRs get drafted in the mid to late 1st. But, hands down Boyd is my favorite WR in the draft. And when its all said and done, could be the best one in the draft. He is almost an exact clone of Antonio Brown. He would be the perfect safety net for Jameis. We need to get a OT or CB in the 1st IMO. Or Ogbah. I wish it was easy to trade down a few spots in the 1st, just to be able to draft Ogbah and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd.

    Man the draft can’t get here soon enough. At least its not like last season, where we had to wait an extra 2 weeks almost.

  37. Tampa Tony Says:

    Give Jameis more weapons!!!

  38. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Delson

    You do realize that Baylor instructs their recievers that aren’t the number one option on a given play to basically dog it and save their energy for when their number is called?

    Josh Gordon came out of the same offense and before he got himself into too much trouble with the league office he was the 2nd best receiver in the league behind Calvin Johnson.

    Anybody ready to rely on Kenny Bell must really know something the rest of us don’t.

    We have Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson is 33 years old, and then we have nobody. Not a good recipe for a young QB. Even if it isn’t Coleman or Fuller, it needs to be somebody, and not somebody picked in the 6th round.

  39. gotbbucs Says:

    One more thing to consider with Coleman, he had I believe five different “QB”s throwing him the ball this year, and he still had over 1200 yards and 20 TDs, with every team he went against knowing exactly what was coming and they still couldn’t stop him.