“This Is Where Dodd Goes”

April 19th, 2016
A future Bucs DE?

A future Bucs DE?

If there is such a thing as an interesting mock draft by someone not named “Mike Mayock,” then it is that of Andy Benoit.

The X’s and O’s analyst for theMMQB.com, Benoit actually puts deep thought into his picks, like his rationale for the Eagles picking cornerback Vernon Hargreaves before the Bucs.

Benoit said Andy Reid’s philosophy was always to give himself a serviceable quarterback, an offensive tackle, a pass rusher and two good corners, and he will figure the rest out. His disciple Doug Pederson now runs the Eagles, and of those aforementioned positions, cornerback is a need.

When it comes to the Bucs, Benoit said based on Mike Smith’s background, he runs more zone defense, which makes a pass rusher a higher priority than a cornerback. Thus, Benoit believes the Bucs will select Clemson defensive end Kevin Dodd.

The Bucs “need secondary help and they can use a pass rusher,” Benoit said. “And of those two things, they are more of a zone type of a defense. They won’t be a pure zone as they were under Lovie Smith, where he ran a zone [defense] every single snap it felt like. Mike Smith is now their d-coordinator and they will still play plenty of zone coverage. So defensive line is more important than secondary if you are a zone-based defense. I think this is where [Kevin] Dodd goes.”

Oh, about those Clemson defensive ends: looky here.

Benoit spent time with Dodd personally in the offseason for feature stories and research on him, and Benoit hinted Dodd is very much like Michael Bennett.

You know, the Pro Bowl defensive end who the Bucs let go for no good reason!

35 Responses to ““This Is Where Dodd Goes””

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    By most accounts, Dodd would definitely be a reach at 9.

    But if Licht pulls the trigger on him or any other “reach” of a DE at 9 – then I will trust they believe its because that player will be special and Boy do we need more talent rushing from the outside.

  2. Dave Says:

    Been saying this –
    I think Didd becomes the best, most well rounded DE in this draft over the years.

  3. LargoBuc Says:

    Assuming that both Stanley and Buckner are gone, I would be fine with either Clemson de. We need more help there than at corner, imo.

  4. Etzel Says:

    Rather reach for Ogbah or take a chance with Spence #ClemsonDE

  5. Big Marlon B Says:

    I still don’t understand how everyone and their mother considers CB a bigger need than safety.

  6. Joe Says:

    I still don’t understand how everyone and their mother considers CB a bigger need than safety.

    Very simple:

    1) Johnthan Banks is a free agent after the season and who knows if Lovie ruined him for good?

    2) Alterraun Verner is very expensive and who knows if Lovie ruined him for good?

    3) Brett Grimes will be 33 and is only on a two-year, team-friendly contract. Only a hair over half of his contract is guaranteed.

    That’s an awfully thin position. Bucs could easily be waving goodbye to all three after the season. Given how the Bucs won’t (hopefully) be picking in the top-ten next year, now is the time to draft a corner, one of the most important positions in the NFL.

    Conte and McDougal are at least serviceable.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    To be honest I’ve only seen a few clips of most of the players on the internet. I’ve seem some analysis on NFL net but I haven’t been in a video room locked up viewing endless hours of tape on these players.

    I have to trust that the guys who are putting in all the work will do their jobs properly.

    I’m also a bit let down if I’m honest. Compared to last year’s draft this one simply doesn’t have the same bang. It’s not just the number one pick but the choices available last year.

    And let’s face it…drafting a franchise QB is the most important thing a GM/Coach can do. And it’s risky. When franchise QB’s bust they set their franchise back several years. See Josh Freeman.

    It was soooo exciting winding down to picking #3 that this almost seems anticlimatic.

  8. MarineBucsFan Says:

    Did you guys see Mel Kipers 3 round Mock Draft….OMG its terrible. The Joes are going to love ripping this one.

    Not only does he have us pick OT but the 3rd rated OT in Conklin with the 9th Overall Pick. Then, this the part that really had my stomach in a pinch. In the Second round we pick Kendall Fuller with Noah Spence, Nkemdiche, and Billings still on the board. Although I do like CB Fuller, no way I pass on either of those lineman in the 2nd rd.

    With that said, based from Kiper’s mock draft. With the players he has on the board when we pick, I would love a combination of Rankins and Spence in Rds 1 and 2.

    Hell, with Nkemdiche and Billings falling as low as they have in the 2nd round I would try to trade back into the 2nd and grab Nkemdiche if that trade fails try again for Billings. That could be a killer draft!!!

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    picking dodd ogbah Lawson or spence would be a reach at #9….picking dodd ogbah Lawson or spence at #15 would be a reach….I wouldn’t take any of these players until the second round…there isn’t much separation(talent and production) between those players and de’s like carl nassib, kamalei correa and Bronson kaufusi…these de’s will be there in rounds 2 and 3….GO BUCS!!!

  10. salish_seamonster Says:

    I’m less interested in lobbying for a player or a position than I am in waiting to see what Jason Licht decides to do. I’m pretty sure he and the staff have a lot better idea what needs to be done than any of the squawkers on JBF or elsewhere. My least favorite part of the draft is reading fan comments the day after about how the GM should’ve done this or that, or drafted player X instead of player Y. The level of delusion among such commenters is ridiculous.

  11. briandorry55 Says:

    Dodd sucks and we will not draft him.

  12. Tom S. Says:

    VH3 may very well go to the Eagles before the Bucs, the rumor is they are big fans of his. That, however would push another player down that either the Bucs (Bosa) or Titans (Stanley) would love to have at pick 9. In that case you either take the fallen player or you work like hell to trade down.

    I do not see the Bucs reaching for Dodd at 9 in a deep draft for DE’s unless they are in love with him and there are absolutely no teams interested in trading up.

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    @tom…I have seen many mocks that say the same thing….mocks had him going to the ravens at #6 or eagles at #8 with ramsey going to san diego at #3 or the ravens at #6….I think the player that may slide to us would be Stanley…in that case I would be happy with taking him at #9…GO BUCS!!!

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I just have such a sour taste in my mouth for Clemson DE’s. I know each man is his own, but I just can’t shake it. If we pick him and he busts, I think it might scar me for life.

  15. ndog Says:

    This draft is tough as we are not in a great spot. Hargraves, Lawson, Dodd, and Rankins are not clear top 10 talents but we are probably going to draft one of them and that is the same as reaching. I say go with Lawson as he has played big in big games and been reliable for a good team playing for big things. I would avoid Hargraves, but it is cool he is from here and wants to play here which I love. I just think he will be average at best.

  16. pick6 Says:

    interesting take, aside from Benoit being the millionth national analyst to mis-characterize Lovie Smith’s defense as being almost exclusively zone looks. this defense can and did allow big plays just as often in man as they did in zone.

  17. scott fitzgerald Says:

    Everybody is sleeping on the potential of Ogbah. I still think we take a long look at him 9 or 15 if we trade down

  18. d-roca Says:

    I agree. I think if they do go DE it will be dodd. They brought Lawson in for a visit, to find out more about Dodd. We are going to find out in less than 10 days. Go bucs

  19. K2 Says:

    Andy Reid is with the Kansas City Chiefs…so how does his thinking impact the Eagles?

  20. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    Trust in licht.

  21. OneBuc55 Says:

    Leonard Floyd and Robert Nkemdiche would be my first 2 picks if I were GM…And maybe DB Sean Davis in the 3rd round…

  22. Deminion Says:

    DE and CB class deep doubt a reach at 9 imo trade down get Jameis a WR corey coleman plz

  23. Deminion Says:

    would like nkemdiche in the 2nd

  24. Power Vapor Says:

    We just signed a 4th Qb

  25. gotbbucs Says:

    Absolute clone to daquan bowers. Identical.

  26. Bear the Bucs Says:

    Jack Conklin – I have a man crush on him. Look what he did against DeForest Buckner. Pancaked him a time or two. Or five.

  27. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Bosa, Rankins, Spence r the DL’s that intrigue me the most… DB’s ~ Ramsey, VH3… LB’s ~ Jack… OT’s ~ Tunsil, Stanley…

    With 2 QB’s expected to go in top 8 picks, that means 2 of these guys will b available… Some might say “Buckner, Lawson, Dodd” Ehh, idk.

    Someone will b nicely gift wrapped w a pretty pewter bow for us @9 … Let’s hope everything plays out into our hand after the 1st 8picks.

    Making moves!

  28. salish_seamonster Says:

    scott fitzgerald Says:
    April 19th, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Everybody is sleeping on the potential of Ogbah. I still think we take a long look at him 9 or 15 if we trade down

    A pick that high isn’t just about potential. And no one is sleeping on it. He could go that high IF a team determines they can turn his questionable consistency into full time effort. Otherwise, letting him slide until the latter half of the first round is the result of a fair evaluation. Questionable consistency correlates to high bust potential.

  29. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Dodd would be a huge reach at #9. Maybe toward the end of the 1st. Which is where most “experts” have him going. Ogbah is the only DE in this class that I would take at #9. There are several good DEs in rounds 2-4. Ogbah has the size and athleticism and two great years under his belt.

    I still believe drafting a DE on day 2 would be the smarter pick. At #9 we need to focus on the top guys. Jack, Stanley, VH3, and its possible although unlikely, that Tunsil could drop in the draft. He has a lot of question marks, that haven’t been fully answered.

    The thing people don’t mention a lot, is the fact we have a DE now that has been a top 10 guy at his position over the past 2 seasons. We also have a guy named Smith that is pretty good on the other side. Adding a guy like Ogbah or Nassib would be a bonus for this season.

  30. Dave Says:

    All the DEs have question marks but all are definitely first rounders.
    Lawson- they question his height 6’2″. Otherwise he is great
    Dodd- they question if he is a one year wonder – I think he is on his way to bring great !
    Spence – drugs. Seems to be behind him but can’t play the run well.
    Bosa – party boy who doesn’t translate to rushing the passer in the nfl well
    DeBuckner- pass rush lacking. Plays tall.
    Njemdiche- A DT who doesn’t care about football. No thanks.
    Floyd- an LB really but great pass rush skills.
    Ogbah- takes waaaaay too many plays off

    Some will prove people wrong and others will bust. Who knows. Personally in three years I think we will look at Dodd as being the best of the bunch.
    I’m all for whoever really because I trust that they did their HW

  31. twodog1970 Says:

    Please do not draft another Clemson DE!!!!!!

  32. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    If im drafting a Clemson DE it would have to be his partner in crime Shaq Lawson, not Dodd. Shaq has put up better numbers through his career and shows up in the big games wich is what you want. IMO he is the most complete DE in the draft. Yes, even more than Bosa. He still needs to work on his pass rushing skills to become a more balanced player. But has the most potential.

    I still think they should nab Rankins but i wouldn’t be mad at all if they called Lawson’s name either. Plus he’s got a cool name. Lol most of these players are all reaches at 9. But if you think,that is your guy then u go get him. Period.

  33. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    And IMO Joe I too think safety is more of a need than corner. But,that depends on if the bucs establish a pass rush. If so the corners will be just fine and i think Banks will certainly restablish himself as a starter and well as Verner. There’s alot more talent at CB than this is safety. McDougald and Conte are average at best with McDougald having a little more upside than Chris.

    I think the Bucs can find a talented corner in next year’s draft and by then they will know if Banks and Verner are worth resigning. You can find a solid corner at the middle of the 1st rnd (wich is where I think the bucs will be selecting).

  34. Cobraboy Says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can judge the talent and motivation of the entire defensive backfield after that abysmal clusterfri<k on defense the last couple of years…

  35. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    how can you call Bosa a complete DE? He has one move, let me repeat that, one move. The bull rush works great in college. Especially against lesser competition. It doesn’t work as well in the NFL. He literally has no other effective pass rushing move.

    Compare him to Spence. Spence knew he had to work on learning different techniques to help his draft stock. Bosa seems to have been more concerned with partying and having a good time. He will be a bust IMO. Especially if a team that plays a 3-4 drafts him. No way in hell he will be a successful OLB.

    As for Clemson DE’s. I honestly believe Dodd will have a better pro career than Shaq. They both will be ok IMO, but neither warrant the #9 pick in this draft. WAY BETTER talent available. Especially if QB’s go 1 and 2. Which is what I’m praying for.

    Lastly, Buckner is a DT who plays straight up. Which is especially worrying, when you consider how tall he is. Centers and Guards will eat him alive in the NFL. And if you play him as a 3-4 DE, Tackles will push him off the line over and over again. Just like the old Nelly song…over and over again…over and over again.