Bucs Sign A Quarterback

April 19th, 2016
Another clue?

Another clue?

Cue the conspiracy-prone Mike Glennon Mob.

Today, your Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Canadian Football League quarterback Dan LeFevour.

A sixth-round pick of Lovie Smith’s Bears in 2010, LeFevour bounced around the Bears, Bengals, Colts and Jaguars for parts of three seasons before heading north.

LeFevour played college ball at Central Michigan (2006-2009). Bucs quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian was his offensive coordinator and QB coach. Before that, Bajakian was an assistant under Lovie with the Bears.

Yes, Joe already can hear the Glennon Mob hollering in ecstasy that the Bucs are gearing up to free their favorite son via a draft-day trade that will give Glennon a chance to compete for playing time.

In reality, LeFevour is a camp-meat body, as most teams like to have four QBs entering training camp. And yes, it also doesn’t hurt to have a fourth quarterback now in case Jason Licht frees Glennon next week.

25 Responses to “Bucs Sign A Quarterback”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    This signing is very exciting news!

  2. Mojiska Says:

    What about a trade with the jets. Their 1 for our 2 and glennon..

  3. LargoSamIM Says:

    I have a possiblity here…say the Titans are sold enough on Mariota to be willing to trade Zach Mettenberger…. then they swing a trade with the Bucs to acquire Glennon…Perhaps John Robinson, Licht’s old buddy, thinks a lot of Glennon as a backup ?

  4. 911bucs Says:

    I think Glennon is gonna be gone, but would be nice to keep him around.

  5. Howard Cosell Says:

    Glennon is gone I heard
    he’s drifting out to sea
    he always loved to swim away
    Maybe he’ll find an island with a shaded tree
    Just like the one in our backyard


  6. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Mojiska, I like that trade scenario!

  7. Kevin Says:

    This guy may take the starting job from wiston…

  8. Pickgrin Says:

    Give the QB coach who he wants to works with. Smart move.

    I like that trade scenario too Mojiska. Bucs move up to 20 and give up Glennon and their #39 pick. LOTS of good players available at 20 this year – and that trade would give us fair value for Glennon. The difference between #20 and #39 is 340 points – the equivalent of a late 2nd round pick. Get-R-Done Jason Licht.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sounds to me like there is a deal for Glennon…..we should hear soon….

  10. Hunter Says:

    And the last piece of the puzzle is in place….

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree, to me, this qb signing indicates the end for Glennon is near 🙁

  12. Leonard Scarnesi Says:

    I like Glennon, but I will glad if he leaves because then I won’t be exposed to the term “Mike Glennon Mob” anymore. The only thing worse than that phrase was Joe’s and love and hunger for JFF a couple of years ago. That nonsensical stuff is why Joe has no advertisers to speak of.

  13. ChessMaster Says:

    So I now it is confirmed. Griffin will beat out Glennon! /sarcasm off

  14. destro44 Says:

    Perhaps we decided to maximize Dyes potential by pairing him with a CFL quarterback

  15. Wombat Says:

    It may be also be a ploy by Licht to make a team move on Glennon. There may be two or three teams interested and he is making it look like someone is close to a deal…

  16. Dave Says:

    I think it is camp nest BUT gearing up for the trade. I think the trade is inevitable BEFORE the draft

  17. Babaloo Says:

    The Browns could trade for Glennon now. As could the 49ers and jets. I wonder if he is already trade and they just are not going to talk about it until draft day?

  18. Mojiska Says:

    Banality- it could be a pending agreement, like if x player is available at your pick we will trade. Could be trade up with browns for someone (Ramsey) or someone trading up for Stanley, we trade back and pic up a 2 or a 2&3 and switch 1’s.

  19. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I lived in Michigan for the last year of his career at Eastern Michigan. He was a cult hero there. Granted he is as Joe said, “camp meat”. He is Tebow with a little better arm. Still hope we trade Glennon anyways. And draft another one around the 5th round.

  20. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Also, there is no reason to trade Glennon now. Wait it out until teams get desperate. The teams like Denver and the Jets are more likely to give up a higher pick out of desperation than verses now.

  21. the real Bucobruce Says:

    sign tim tebow!I’m sure by now he’ll agree to do some trickery tight end type stuff.Winston and tebow together this would be the most aggresive and fired up team in nfl history.they would feed of each other and all players would follow.tell me im wrong.Tampaaa.plus keep winson out of trouble

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Babaloo Says
    “The Browns could trade for Glennon now. As could the 49ers and jets. I wonder if he is already trade and they just are not going to talk about it until draft day?”

    This is what I’ve been leaning toward and saying for weeks now. I believe there is a tentative deal made, depending on whether a certain player is available when the trading partner picks.

    There are so many possibilities this year.

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Scenario 1
    Bucs trade Mike Glennon and the 9th overall for the 2nd overall from the Browns. Browns get their QB and still pick at 9. We get the best DE in the draft.

    Scenario 2
    Bucs trade Mike Glennon and the 9th overall to the Cowboys for the 4th overall and a 3rd rounder. Use our extra 3rd rounder and a late pick to trade back into the second round, getting 2 2nd round picks for the second year in a row. Cowboys get a QB and Bucs get the player they want.

    Scenario 3
    Bucs trade Mike Glennon and the 39th overall to the Jets for their 20th overall. Jets get a good QB, Bucs end up getting two first rounders…probably spent on both lines or DL and CB or S.

    Scenario 4
    Bucs trade Mike Glennon and the 148th (5th Rd, 9th Pk) to the Broncos for their 32nd overall to jump ahead of the seven teams in the 2nd round. (this is one I think could be in place already). Broncos solve their QB needs and still have a 2nd rounder, Bucs also still have a 2nd rounder and get a 2nd first rounder (the last one, which is really like the first pick of the 2nd round).

    Scenario 5
    Bucs trade Mike Glennon for a 2nd round pick, straight up. In this scenario, it could be to any of the QB needy teams that did not get their guy in the first. We’ll have a warning sign that this is a possible deal when those teams pick in the first round. For example…if at 2 overall, the Browns do NOT pick a QB, then they probably will deal their 2nd for Glennon. This would give the Bucs the first pick of the second round (plus their 8th pick of that round). This would be the deal I like most, since we lose none of our picks).

    Scenario 6
    The Titans have 3 2nd rounders, but need no QB. Glennon would not make a good backup there, because they are building for a mobile QB. But I DO see the Titans using those picks to trade back into the first round. This will probably cause teams to change some intended picks…say, for example, at 20 overall, the Jets do the unpredictable (which they seem to do every year) and trade it for two 2nd rounders to the Titans. Titans take whoever, but this forces the Jets to take a QB in the second round OR trade a second for Glennon. This gives the Bucs another 2nd rounder…probably the 12th 2nd rounder.

    Scenario 7
    Bucs make no trades for 1st or 2nd round picks. Glennon is traded later for a 3rd and a 6th.

    Scenario 8
    Bucs do not trade Glennon at all, and sit pat on Glennon, hoping for a trade offer later, or resigning him at $3 mill per for 2-3 years.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    the real Bucobruce Says
    “sign tim tebow!I’m sure by now he’ll agree to do some trickery tight end type stuff.”

    Bucs would be better off drafting Braxton Miller. He is a QB converted to WR…and he has turned into a pretty good WR (only a year exp I think at the position). He would be there in the 3rd or later rounds.

    Koetter is not a gimmick-type offense guy. However, getting a good WR who can double as a QB if needed would be tempting, especially if the guy is fast. 40-yard dash: 4.41 seconds

    Considered one of the leaders for the winningest senior class in college football history. Immediately checks boxes for height, weight and speed. Features legitimate vertical acceleration to climb over the top on deep routes. Hands are good enough, but concentration is even better. Uses well-­timed leaps and dives to make the demanding catches. Capability as a zone­-read quarterback create added value. Has loose hips for jitterbug elusiveness in space and it isn’t easy to get a solid hit on him.

    With only a year at the position, he still needs development, but every drafted player does (including Winston). He needs to improve his route work. He needs to learn how to “sell” defenders.

    I don’t think he has been tried on returns…but he has the speed and elusiveness for it.

  25. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    If Chase Daniels got $7 million a year from Philly. What makes you think Glennon would only get $3 million?? Daniels deal will be the benchmark teams go off of when trying to sign Glennon. I say he ends up making somewhere between $9-$11 million a year for at least 3 years.