The Bucs And Ezekiel Elliott

April 9th, 2016

Will Bucs fans get Adrian Peterson flashbacks?

It’s very likely Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott will be available when the NFL Draft knocks on the Buccaneers’ door with the No. 9 overall pick.

And an army of Bucs fans, as evidenced here, would want Tampa Bay to draft him.

Yes, the Best Available Mob is adamant. These people would even draft a quarterback in the second round or a left tackle at No. 9 overall. It makes no difference to them what kind of talent already resides on the Bucs’ roster. They read in a book somewhere that drafting “best available” is the only way to build a great team.

Back to Elliott, Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian has been trumpeting on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Elliott could be the best player overall in the 2016 draft. Polian sees him as a true impact superstar.

Elliot appears to be the real deal, and he turns just 21 years old in July, which makes him extra attractive to NFL teams. As a junior last season, Elliott rushed for 1,821 yards and 23 touchdowns, averaging 6.3 yards per game.

The possibility of Elliott available with the Bucs on the clock reminds Joe of 2007, when the Bucs were sure they had their franchise running back in Cadillac Williams.

In 2005, Williams was Rookie of The Year. In 2006, he was banged up and had 798 yards through 14 games for a garbage Bucs team primarily quarterbacked by rookie Bruce Gradkowski. And there sat Peterson in the ’07 draft. The Bucs passed and grabbed Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams with the No. 4 overall pick.

So would Jason Licht pull the trigger on Elliott? That’s a military secret. The prospect seems wacky after signing Doug Martin to giant guaranteed cash over the next two years.

And this is what makes the NFL Draft so damn fun.

45 Responses to “The Bucs And Ezekiel Elliott”

  1. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Elliot is good but is no Doug Martin and can’t fit in Sims role. Continue to build thr defense, we already got 2 big upgrades in Brent grimes and Darryl Smith. They are really good. Ayers I’m more concerned about.

  2. finishers Says:

    He won’t be there!! (just my opinion )if he is I have no problem drafting him! then trade Martin to the Dolphins!

  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I’ll pass at 9 but he may very well have the biggest impact of all the Ohio st. players going into this draft.

  4. JAB83 Says:

    The Muscle Hamster is a fine “bridge player” in his own right….. And I think E and Sims would make for a even better backfield 3 years from now when everyone is expecting us to be lagit…

  5. Fsuking Says:

    Fournette and Dalvin are both better tha Elliot. Next year is the year of the backs!

  6. BucsQcCity Says:

    He’ll be gone and if not, trade with someone who wants him

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I was thinking we needed to draft a QB in round one instead of a RB…..(focus on need)..

  8. finishers Says:

    if he’s there at 9 trade back with the Dolphins they need a running back big time!

  9. JAB83 Says:

    We need a kick returner and someone to replace Simms…. You do realize DM is not the long term answer and Simms is gonna fly away in FA…. Just saying…. If we are all talking about bridge players a via FA…. Well Doug was the first FA we signed and with his history we are always at higher risk of loosing him again…. Who’s gonna take his place??? Yeah… Need is a funny thing…. That’s why we have another word called prepare…. You address needs that are yet to be but will be based on the direction of current events…

  10. JAB83 Says:

    This pick also would make it easier to get Simms more involved in the passing game…. Imagine rolling out a backfield with Doug and Elliott with ME out wide Simms in the slot with ASJ and VJ opposite of that…. BOOM…. Three for one…. We upgrade our passing game and running game and return game!!!

  11. Danati74 Says:

    We might as well get him to. Another Mock has us taking the safety fr Ohio St. In 2nd round and Braxton Miller in 3rd. Our first 3 picks can be from Theee Ohio St. RB is not a need. Sure B. Rainey is On the streets, but we don’t need to replace him with a 1st rounder.

  12. Kalind Says:

    Joe. Come on man. I almost threw my phone when I saw this stupid article. I know there are 2 of you…but can you talk to each other before you post?? One guy says it’s flat earth society to draft a guy to solidify a position that’s already strong. And that RT isn’t a position you use the no.9 pick on.

    You guys also ROUTINELY say RBs are not to be drafted high. Can we all get on the same page here?

    Talk about spit on the wall. Good lord. Worst most inconsistent article you’ve had in 2 years. Good grief. Horrible.

  13. Dave Says:

    This is the same BS you call out the national guys on …. Creating a story out of nada. Zilch. Nothing.

    There is 0% chance the Bucs take this guy.
    I get stories may be slow, but don’t create crap out of thin air.
    There is no reason to discuss a first round RB.

  14. Kalind Says:

    Also. Fsuking is right (small surprise given who he roots for on Saturday..those people are the smartest of all people) Dalvin Cook makes Elliot look like me in the backfield. You want a first rd RB, Joe? Draft Cook next year. Elliott went to Dont Draft Guys From Here University. Urban Meyer is NFL poison.

  15. Guzzie Says:

    When Doug Martin gets hurt next year, and Zeke Elliott runs bucwild, pun intended, and looks like DougMartinCharlesSims rolled up in 1 player, how stupid are the Bucs going to look when a 1st round DE or CB barely makes any impact, RB would be a strength for 10 years….now you say Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette are better, they arent better at pass protection/receiving, and how bad do the 2016 Bucs need to be to get those guys, 6-10 or worse NO THANKS, Doug Martin is “bridge player” and Charles Sims is a complementary RB and FA after next year, Zeke gets a 5 year contract and is the SAFEST player in the draft

  16. Supersam Says:

    He won’t get passed philly. No chance.

  17. Guzzie Says:

    1st RB Zeke Elliott
    2nd CB Artie Burns
    3rd DT Javin Hargrave
    4th DE Matt Judon
    5th S Deon Bush
    6th FB Dan Vitale
    6th WR Roger Lewis
    BONUS Glennon pick in 3rd from Rams
    3rd DE Carl Nassib

  18. TheRealJoe Says:

    I think the best player available is in effect only when it fits a teams needs. Obviously we aren’t going to draft a rb or qb in the first 2 rounds. We could still use o line to protect our franchise qb. I know d smith had a good rookie season but I’m still not completely sold on him as a franchise left tackle. He may be better suited at rt in the long run.

  19. Miko Says:

    Trade down….

  20. rayjay1122 Says:

    If we go offense with our first pick, It will be for hopefully a speed receiver. maybe trade down and target Coleman or Shepard. I think we will go DE or CB though. Hargreaves may be the pick although that scares me a little. L. Floyd is an interesting idea too. I am totally ok with trying to trade down and still get a potential solid starter in the first and potentially adding talent ion day 2 and 3 of the draft. Hopefully we can get another steal like last year with Kwon. On a different note, this site just loads stuff constantly and is becoming near impossible to deal with.

  21. Guzzie Says:

    No need to draft a 1st round DE or CB when the Bucs are steamrolling teams with the 3 headed monster backfield of Martin Zeke n Sims, the defense will spend most of their time watching from the bench, don’t need a 1st round receiver when the Bucs run the ball 60% of the time with such a bada$$ run mauling Oline and Zeke becomes our goal line RB, we all remember numerous times Doug and Charles getting stuffed 2 yards out of the end one, I’m really hoping Zeke gets to 9 he’s the SAFEST player in the whole draft

  22. Guzzie Says:

    Endzone not end one auto correct sucks

  23. mike johnson Says:

    Elliot is the real deal. Not only will he not be there at 9, we got a lot of holes to fill on Defense. We built the offense for 2 yrs. Now can we please build our defense?!!

  24. Capt. Tim Says:

    This kid will be a phenom. He is the real deal, and will be a superstar.
    But the Bucs are commited to Doug Martin.
    Who had a great Rookie season, loafed for two years, and had a great contract year.

    If-IF, the Bucs find someone who would take Martin for a 2nd round pick- I’d take Eliott in a New York Minute! Paired with Sims- they would Terrorize defenses!

  25. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    I always thought best available referred to who the team think is best on their board. Who knows if this guy is even on their board.

  26. CrustyCrab Says:

    Yes draft Elliot and package him with Glennon to the Jets for Mo Wilkerson their first and 3rd round pick

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    Not happening. We could certainly use another great Tackle though (Stanley). There ARE 2 on the field at one time yaknow.

    BPA makes sense in the case of a franchise Tackle. It does not in the case of a QB or RB considering our current circumstances. Elliot will be good – but he’s not AP good.

  28. unbelievable Says:

    Joe you are so over dramatic about people who say ‘best player available.’

    It is not an absolutist mindset, and there is never 1 single player who is the “best” available, there will be several. So you pick the one that aligns closest to your need, and who is the best value at that spot.

    That’s what best player available means to all of us with a brain between our ears.

    Reaching for a position of need gets you Dominick drafts- lots of hype and little production. No one on here is suggesting taking a QB in the first or second round, your just being dramatic.

  29. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    IF he is to be had at number nine when we pick, look for us to pick up additional draft picks from any team who needs a running back 🙂

  30. Dave Says:

    I cannot believe how many of you just jump all over drafting whoever Joe or some other person mentions.
    This is ridiculous. There is 0% chance they draft a running back in round one. Get a freaking clue.
    DE or DB (preferably 2 DE in the first 4 rounds).
    That is what they NEED.
    Why you people over think this crap is beyond me.

  31. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    I agree that there is probably a 0% chance that we draft this guy , but he is probably going to be similar to a Jamal Charles type player and if we converted Charles Sims to a true slot receiver, Elliott could be an amazing pickup.

  32. Dave Says:

    That’s great and all but it just does not matter.
    They have a top RB tandem for the next 4 years.
    It is all about DE and DB the first 3-4 rounds.

    Some are claiming OL. That’s just ridiculous too. They have starters and a backup at each position. I’m sure they’ll draft one for depth but not until 4-7

  33. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Sounds like trent richardson 2.0

  34. Trubucfan22 Says:

    RB value is low. He could be the best player in the draft and still drop to the mid 20s. For the bucs, RB value is very low considering our roster. Not sure a RB will have greater value than the best Lineman or even the 3rd best DE.

  35. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Good-great olineman are not easy to find. And when they are found they cost a lot of money to acquire. Dotson/cherilus are not great jameis was knocked down as much as any qb in the league. Our o line, any o line could use upgrades. It is no coincidence that the cowboys have drafted an o lineman in the first round for 5 straight years and now have one of the best o lines in football. You always select the o lineman if he is the best guy on the board. The value of lineman is very high. Games are won in the trenches. Protecting the QB and sacking the QB is how you win games. Whether we invest in protecting winston or sacking opposing QBs, that pick will never be wasted.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m all for best available but this guy is not worthy of a first round selection. He’s a diva with me me me issues.

  37. Espo Says:


    I don’t think anyone (most of us?) takes BPA literally. It’s more about BPA of who’s left on Licht’s board. Therefore, it still addresses the team’s need at whateverposition.

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    lol stupid move

    And I doubt they voted BPA with RB in mind, considering the contract Doug just got and Simms being right behind him.

    Would be colossal waste of a draft pick

  39. PRBucFan Says:

    And as mentioned

    Most people voting BPA probably thought BPA based on need

    I voted CB

  40. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    What makes no sense us we all know with the deal Martin just signed the Bucs will not be drafting rb on the 1st day. He’s making 1st round money no way the Bucs trade him for a 2nd? Glad you’re not the gm! Then someone said with Martins injury history we’re more than likely to lose him so we should draft Elliot? Sometimes people truly do not think before they type. You do realize that he had as many great rushing seasons of 1400 yards rushing as he had injured right? He also still produced some during those injured seasons. It’s like people didn’t watch how he ran last year just talking he ran good because it was a contract year. All that happened was he got back to his rookie form after the Vikings game when it all came together. Guys please get a clue Doug E Fresh is our rb for the next 2 years and he will get that rushing title this year.

  41. godzilla13 Says:

    Ezekiel Elliott has to get by the Cowboys, Ravens and Eagles before we have to worry about him. If he is there we should take him. He could end up having more impact than any other player in the draft. Problem is that he wont be there. The key for us in this draft is if the Browns and Niners actually draft a QB? If either team passes on a QB than it changes everything.

  42. Rush Says:

    Cancer… take Henry… or wait until 3rd and gat k drake. He returns kicks punts great running back with vision and a awesome slot option

  43. Buccos Says:

    Elliott is the second coming of AP. I would trade up to get him!

  44. DemBoysFromDaBay727 Says:

    Seriously guys? All the needs we have and you wanna spend a top ten pick on a Doug Martin clone who is maybe a little faster at best.

    I don’t know what you guys are smoking but i want sum of that stuff.

    We have the best tandem in the league! RB is the very last need on this team.

    @Buccos even said we should should trade up to get him! Wow, LMAO no comment on that one.

  45. Pick6 Says:

    where exactly has the great adrian peterson gotten the vikings? to more wins and playoff appearances than the bucs for sure, but it’s safe to say that the bucs defense has been poorer than the vikings defense by a pretty wide margin during AP’s career. unless he had saved gruden’s job i don’t know that he would have changed the sad course of bucs history since the time of his drafting all that much

    i would take a tandem as strong as ours plus a talented player at a different position at #9 every time, if i were given a choice between that and adding even a potentially elite RB to the mix and not getting better elsewhere