Pick Up The Phone!

April 19th, 2016
Cleveland is calling

Cleveland is calling

Buzz pulsating through NFL Network this morning has the Cleveland Browns actively shopping their No. 2 overall draft pick among teams with top-10 picks.

Your Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the No. 9 overall pick.

The new Moneyball Browns must be content having RGIII as the face of their franchise, with management eager to add bodies through collecting draft picks.

Joe is confident the Bucs wouldn’t entice the Browns with what a QB-starved team might serve up. Sorry, Bucs fans, Joe can’t see Jason Licht bending over for what it should cost to draft Jalen Ramsey at No. 2.

But Licht better pick up the phone and engage deeply.

The Browns could be ripe for doing something very stupid. Who knows what the alleged experts on football-meets-Moneyball actually think? Maybe the Browns would, say, swap first-round picks and only ask for Ali Marpet in return.

Regardless, the Browns shopping is a good thing for the Bucs. It will help insure the Nos. 1 and 2 picks will be quarterbacks, trickling down talent desired and needed by Tampa Bay.

Also, if Cleveland gets a deal done quickly, then it could enhance the odds of the Chargers shopping their No. 3 overall pick, perhaps luring a team drafting below the Bucs to move up and grab an left tackle.

The more defensive players falling toward the Bucs the better.

46 Responses to “Pick Up The Phone!”

  1. Mojiska Says:

    Only Ali marpet? I would rather give up this years 2ND then marpet. That guy is a stud, trading him away will require us to take another guard fairly early in this draft. We also lost mankins.

  2. jb Says:

    I’m with you Mojiska! Why would we trade a future pro bowl guard to move up 6 or 7 spots?

  3. GerbilsGoneWild Says:

    I wonder if they’d be interested in taking MG8 and some additional picks, like next years 3/4 with a 4th pick this year. RG3 has a horrible track record and I would take MG8 over him any day. I really dont foresee us trading up. We mildly addressed our needs in Free Agency and their should be a DE/CB at #9. Somehow we have to offload MG8 for something.

  4. BLBUCSFAN Says:

    The Bucs would be better to look to trade down with the Titans for a their 1st this year and next year and 3 round and 6 round or 1st this year, two of their 2nds this year and third next year. Titans need a tackle for MM and we can stock pile to rebuild.

  5. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    Marpet? Eff that. Mojiska is on the money. Not only are we on not solid ground having lost Mankins but the sky is the limit for Mccoy-stuffing Marpet.

    We could see a deal involving the giraffe, err Glennon. You gotta believe the Browns arent putting all their eggs in the RGIII basket and if we were to give up Glennon and a 4th (maybe 3rd) to move up and grab Ramsey Im all for it. If the Browns are indeed Moneyball-esque you gotta think theyd be enamored with Glennon’s (much maligned by the Joes) TD-Int ratio in 2013.

  6. GerbilsGoneWild Says:

    4th round pick^^

  7. DraftJameis Says:

    “Only” ask for Ali Marpet in return? If Marpet could be re-drafted this year he’d be a sure fire 1st round pick. Even though I think Ramsey is the best player in this draft, I doubt that the Bucs would be too willing to ship out a young offensive asset for a defensive one, especially considering the fact that the team is clearly shifting their focus to building a dominant offense for the first time (ever)?

  8. Howard Cosell Says:

    Trade Marpet?!
    What blasphemy is this!!

  9. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    trade down but marpet is worth trade talk….tell me who the starting guards of the teams in the super bowl

  10. Leighroy Says:

    Which Joe thought it was a good idea to name drop Ali Marpet in this article? Blasphemy!

  11. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    I would trade our1st rd pick b4 marpet. Picks are unknown. Market is a known stud. And a future pro bowler.

  12. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Our O line can’t take the hit. And not sure a hybrid safety is worth a two and what we have to give up. Only QBs, LTs and DEs should go that high. And DT’s. Trade down a few spots, maybe.

  13. ATrain Says:

    Name a Super Bowl team with a weak o-line..


    Ali is the man NO TRADE…

    Glennon and a 3rd rounder//

  14. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Only trading I want to see from the Bucs I want to see is back… Let all the other trigger happy teams blow away their picks. These two QBs to me are extremely overrated, as is Bosa. Honestly I’m having trouble agreeing with the first round grades this year… The draft seems filled with second and third founders.

  15. canadian bucsfan Says:

    Protecting jameis should be a high priority. Marpet is very valuable

  16. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    Did you hit your head?

  17. scott fitzgerald Says:

    Joe, this one is just way out there man. Trade up? Trade away Marpet? Did you get sleep last night?

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    no way I trade up for ramsey…and no way in hell I touch the oline….stay put…either bosa, Stanley or Hargreaves will be there…draft one and keep it moving…BO BUCS!!!

  19. The Buc Realist Says:

    Must be getting close to the draft, Buc fans theories have gone from crazy to ludicrous!!!!

  20. CrustyCrab Says:

    The San Diego Chargers will not trade their 3rd pick they will draft Tunsil if not Ramsey. Philip Rivers got pounded last year can’t see them passing up on a number 1 tackle.

  21. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Wentz and Goff were always gonna be picked ahead of the Bucs anyway, so nothing changes no matter what deal Cleveland does with another team. The only things that can change the Bucs fortunes at #9 are, 1) some team taking a totally surprising player in the top 8 that no one expected, or 2) some crazy desperate-for-a-QB team taking Lynch in the top 8. Other than that, if the Bucs don’t trade up or down there are still going to be 6 non-QB’s taken in front of them no matter what.

  22. Power Vapor Says:

    @The Buc Realist Lol so true

  23. James Walker Says:

    Barring injury Marpet is going to be a pro-bowler. Mark my word on it. Trading him would be insanity.

  24. Tom Edrington Says:

    Even Tom Edrington likes Ali Marpet!

    Someone wants to move to 2 to get a QB, that’s the only reason to move that high……Negatory Ghost Rider, the pattern is full………

  25. Dave Says:

    No to trading up.
    Definitely do not trade Ali Marpet.
    Horrible analogy JOE. a stud OG in the making to move up a few picks to get an unknown??? No thanks

  26. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Tom Edrington

    or some team that wants that left tackle, and jumps in front of the Chargers!!!

  27. scott fitzgerald Says:

    you know 4/20 is tomorrow not today Joe? jk jk

  28. Espo Says:

    “The Browns could be ripe for doing something very stupid.”

    I’m glad that no matter how this game changes at least there’s some consistency to rely on.

  29. Buc1987 Says:


  30. Louis Says:

    Way to go Joe, creating controversy mentioning our beloved Ali Marpet as trade bait…..but here the baily is bigger than the target species…..stick to football, Joe…leave the fishing for the charter captains!

  31. LordCornelius Says:

    Joe wtf lol? This serious?

    Marpet looks to be a potential all pro guard with his upside and at worst a great young starting guard.

    1 NOTHING is guarenteed with any player we draft. Sure fire safe can’t miss picks like Joekal / Eric Fisher / and others drafted top 3 prove it.
    2 Ramsey isn’t even set at a position. If I’m trading the farm for a guy it’s because I know exactly where he will play and how he will dominate
    3 NOTHING is guarenteed from any defensive player in this draft

    I’m not sure if I’d trade Marpet for a mid 1st this year. Just no point. We know Marpet is a known commodity and asset now. A building block for a decade or more perhaps. A draft pick has a 50% chance of failing/busting

  32. Miko Says:

    ridiculous!….trade down is the only wise thing to do…more higher picks in camp!

  33. Tampa Tony Says:

    Ramsey and his ZERO ints last year?

    No thanks

  34. Tnew Says:

    the Only potential way that I see us drafting Ramsey is a Dallas trade involving picks and MG8. Oh how they would have loved him last year. If we could swap first, give Glennon, then switch their fourth with our third. According to the trade calculator, that would put Glennon in as an early third round pick.

  35. Guzzie Says:

    Glennon will be a Buc next year, Broncos don’t want him, Browns have RG3 and probably a rookie, 49ers scheme is a horrible fit, Jets will sign Fitz eventually plus Hoyer, Dallas Chicago Philly New Orleans Buffalo all have starters this year they aren’t trading for a 1 year backup, so all those QB needy teams everyone talks about aren’t Glennon needy teams

  36. Guzzie Says:

    Forgot the best Glennon fit team LA Rams

  37. Guzzie Says:

    Broncos and Jets are the only possible Glennon teams that are possibilities but both unlikely

  38. Pickgrin Says:

    LOL – trade Marpet…. Click-bait much Joe?

    Trade Glennon and a 3rd round pick to move up for Ramsey – or no deal.

    This deal could only happen while the Browns were on the clock to ensure that the Rams don’t take Ramsey #1.

  39. The bucfan 88 Says:

    Lol pardon me when I say this but what crack head start this whole thing about matpet being traded besides if the browns even say we want marpet and what ever pick I promise you the will hear the dial tone

  40. Mike Johnson Says:

    Wise money says the Bucs stay put or trade down if they can. Trade up for what?

  41. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree with you Mike. This draft just doesn’t seem that loaded to me. I’m not a huge Bosa fan at all because he seemed to disappear in a couple of OSU games I watched. I’m sure he’s a good DE but he’s not the next coming of Simeon Rice.

    Same for Ramsey. I must admit he did stand out when I watched FSU games and I”m sure he’s a talent…not sure I’d mortgage the farm to get him however.

    Maybe it’s the letdown after last years debates about which QB to take number 1.
    That was exciting stuff…#1…and a QB…and meanwhile Licht was also scoring big with the rest of the draft.

    I’m not worried about the name players being tossed around at 9. I’m simply hoping Licht does as well as he did last year. Kwon Alexander in the 4th freaking round. If we can even get a starter out of this year’s 4th round I’ll be happy much less an impact player like Alexander.

  42. RJbucnut Says:

    Joe u say some stupid ass spit sometimes. If it were up to u we would be dealing with the train wreck that is Johnny Dbag!! No way do u deal Marpet. Maybe a third rd pick but not Marpet!!

  43. Bucs53 Says:

    some of you are foolish. I love me some Marpet, but I’d trade him straight up for Ramsey any day and not bat an eye twice.

    Boom. done. We’ll get some other big uglies, I’ll take Jalen.

  44. Hunter Says:

    Marpet?!? So, Joe is trolling his readers… Tsk, Tsk.

  45. BucGator Says:

    I would do it for swap of 1st round, Glennon and our 3rd like poster said above.

  46. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I would only do that trade if they would swap 1st round picks and we include MG8. Not worth it to give up other draft picks. I personally like the guys around picks 5-15. The guys at the top of the draft, 2 qbs, Tunsil, Ramsey, and Bosa, are players I wouldn’t draft. I like Stanley over Tunsil. Ramsey is a safety. Something you would never draft with the #2 pick. And Bosa is a molly popping, EDM dancing, only one move having DE. No thank you. I would much rather have Stanley, VH3, and Ogbah over the other guys mentioned above.

    If Ramsey could catch a cold it may be different. But that dude has worse hands than even Mike Evans.