Improving Deep Catches? Simple

April 11th, 2016
Bucs WR Mike Evans may have the solution to improving accuracy of deep throws from Jameis.

Mike Evans may have the solution to improving accuracy of deep throws from Jameis.

Last year a good number of Bucs fans grumbled because the long passes of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, were not always on target.

This is an area the Bucs have not made much of a secret of wanting to improve. So when Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans spoke to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club today, he was asked how to improve this aspect of the passing game.

Simple, Evans said. A lot of it is on him, and is correctable.

“I just have to get open more,” Evans said. “I didn’t create enough separation for it. It is hard to throw a deep ball when a [receiver] doesn’t have much separation. So I have to do a better job on my end.”

Yes, it could be as simple as that. If Evans can’t get separation, then he can’t react that well to the ball without possibly getting an offensive interference penalty, or having a defensive back prevent him from making a break on the ball.

Joe will have more later about Evans and Randy Moss, regarding them getting together with Jameis more and what coach Dirk Koetter thinks. Evans, soon.

9 Responses to “Improving Deep Catches? Simple”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Have to hit the pass to Evans earlier when he is somewhat open before the defenders close in to smother him. Winston to Evans timing will improve.

  2. Bucs SB with Jameis Says:

    Personally I believe last yrs drops were a great deal about ME13 putting too much pressure on himself. Next yr will be better than his rook yr.

  3. unbelievable Says:

    that last sentence looks bit off, Joe?

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    Evans has deceptive speed for a guy his size. Have seen him get a step or 2 beyond defenders many times.

    I imagine that Jameis and ME13 are going to be spending a good bit of time practicing these long ball plays over the next few months.

    Accuracy on his long ball was a real strength of Winston’s in College – its a low % pass for any QB to throw 25-30+ yds downfield but Jameis is better than most at hitting a streaking receiver in stride way down field from what I’ve seen him do.

    Evans should also be better than most at going up and grabbing jump balls if he hasn’t gained the separation and/or the pass is underthrown.

    Jameis is taking it upon himself to improve this area of the Bucs offensive game when talking about it – but the truth is that its more up to Mike Evans to make these plays successful than on Jameis as long as the ball is thrown where the receiver can get his hands on it.

    These two are going to be one hell of a prolific duo in the coming years I bet.

  5. Kevin Says:

    They need to make pass interference calls challengeable.

  6. William Walls Says:

    ^^^ I’ll agree with that!

  7. Deez nuts Says:

    Just go up and get it.

  8. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Jameis was actually good at deep passing last season…I’d expect his qbr to drop a little seeing how were going to attempt more deep balls.

  9. America's Commenter Says:

    He can’t get separation because he’s doesn’t run crisp routes and he doesn’t have outstanding speed. He’s a possession receiver, so he needs to focus on catching the ball when it’s in his vicinity.