Buying Time

April 10th, 2016
Wise moves with two key free agent signings.

Wise moves

It has been a month since the free agency dinner bell rang. The Bucs added a few pieces to their puzzle hoping to solve the playoff-less riddle, a nearly nine-year drought.

“The Professor,” John Clayton of BSPN, took a gander at his favorite free agency moves of the past month, whether they involved a trade or old fashioned signing of a player.

In this list of best moves, Clayton has the Bucs at No. 10.

10. Low-risk deals in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got it right on offense over the past two years by drafting wide receiver Mike Evans, quarterback Jameis Winston, tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and others. I loved the low-risk signings of cornerback Brent Grimes and defensive end Robert Ayers. When you look at the Bucs, you know they need to get a cornerback and pass-rushing defensive end in the first two rounds. Grimes and Ayers give them flexibility. They can be one-year fixes if general manager Jason Licht gets the right guys in the first two rounds, or they buy Licht time until he gets the right fits.

Yeah, Joe sees where Clayton is coming from. Both Ayers and Grimes are insurance policies. They buy the Bucs time. Two questions in the secondary involve whether Johnthan Banks and Alterraun Verner can be rehabilitated from Coach My Scheme all but ruining their careers. Both promising players saw their careers take a nosedive the past two seasons. If they cannot, consider them gone after the 2016 season; Banks is a free agent and Verner will be cut due to his hefty price tag.

Joe knows Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht refers to Ayers and Grimes as “bridges” — sort of big brothers for young players while they play well themselves.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what positions Licht will be target in less than three weeks.

9 Responses to “Buying Time”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Targeting a position and selecting one are two different things. We could end up with a DE, CB, DT, LB, S,WR, Oline with our first pick

  2. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    It’s so nice to finally see the bucs build a franchise the right way. (Basically the same blue print as his former team “The Bellicheats.”) sign bridge players until your draft picks can devolop into full time starters.

    We finally have a GM that knows what the hell he is doing as far as having a successful bluprint. It will be “VERY” interesting to see what direction the bucs go in the draft because unlike the last few years no one has a clue to who the bucs will select.

    Everyone thinks it’s gonna be VH3 but i have a feeling that the bucs are not in love with the former Gator DB. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if it was a player that no one predicted to be on the bucs radar.

    Personally i prefer Rankins, VH3, or maybe Stanley if he falls to us. Dotson is getting long in the tooth and franchise Tackles are very hard to come by. As far as DE I don’t think there’s one worthy of the #9 pick I like Shaq Lawson but it all depends what the Bucks think of theservice pass rushers.

    All in all it is hard to day because outside of a few guys (that will prob. Be gone when the bus select @ 9) there really isn’t a player worth a top ten pick. But I have faith in licht that he will do his homework and select the best player to help our Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  3. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    The talking heads still like some ASJ….I was extremely excited when they drafted the guy but have been nothing but disappointed since he’s been a Buc. Maybe he can get it turn into a true professional this year. But I’m loving our free agency deals. Grimes, Ayers and Smith are going to be very valuable to the rebuild of this defense.

  4. godzilla13 Says:

    Prove it year for Austin Seferian-Jenkins and when you think about it Mike Evans needs a bounce back year after the last one. Most everyone is thinking DE and CB in the first two rounds. Are Robert Ayers and Brent Grimes really bridges or were they brought in so the Bucs can focus on other position groups in the draft to fulfill other needs? One of our highest priorities has to be drafting a Safety and we all know the first round is looking like a DT? Don’t be surprised if the first round is DT Sheldon Rankins/NT Andrew Billings and the second round is S Von Bell/S Su’a Cravens. I just hope that if Deforest Buckner falls to us at nine that we do not pass on him. The other scenario is the possibility of drafting a RT in the second round. RT Shon Coleman/RT Jason Spriggs.

  5. Bill Says:

    This is the beauty of our FA signings, we don’t HAVE to draft any position in round 1. We take the best value that falls to us. It’s been discussed for weeks now, DE, DT, CB, T, even WR or RB. All have valid arguments which indicates that we really don’t have a NEED per se, but rather several different ways to improve. It’s a great situation to be in.

  6. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Agree with bill. the signings we open the door for BPA. We need upgrades everywhere on the roster. Taking the best player we can should be what we aim for. The top 5 DEs or so are not elite top 10 talents. They are mid teir guys who are he best of a deep class. But not elite. It doesnt seem like any of them will become a jj watt or von miller. So i would be ok wih passing on the 3rd or 4th DE drafted and draft simy the best player available.

    Now i would love for a DE to be selected in the first round. But if he isn’t the best guy, then no need to reach for a DE that isn’t even projected to be an elite pass rusher.

  7. bucsfan89 Says:

    The way i see it they must take the best corner available first. I understand what everyone is saying but from what the corners have shown the past few years they Need another franchise corner like a ronde. They need more turnovers and pass deflections from their secondary. That is the biggest difference between another sub par season (which was still more exciting to watch than previous years) and playoffs baby!! Go Bucs

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Johnthan Banks and Alterraun Verner will be fine. Especially Banks.

  9. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Clayton said we overpaid for Ayers…I believe just the week prior…aye.