Koetter Addresses Doug Martin Fumbling Woes

April 1st, 2016
Coach says Martin needs more coaching

Coach says Martin needs more coaching

Yes, the Bucs made it rain on their running back to the tune an eight-figure guaranteed contract, despite his emerging issues coughing up the rock.

Martin fumbled four times last year. He had a total of two fumbles combined through his previous three seasons.

Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter said there’s work to be done, so he noted to Joe and other scribes at the NFC Coaches Breakfast last week.

“That’s one thing about Doug; when he fights for extra yardage, sometimes a running back has to know when to cut his losses,” Koetter said. “You know, the first guy’s got you or the second guy’s got you wrapped up, the ball can get exposed. I think we have to just keep coaching it, keep showing him.”

Joe doesn’t want to see Martin fumble, but Joe also doesn’t want to see Bucs coaches get in Martin’s head too much and get him thinking about cutting his losses. Martin ran so hard and angry last year, Joe will take a few fumbles if that’s the trade-off.

That written, Greg Schiano was a lunatic about fumble prevention, forcing players to “bite the football” and screaming “chin” constantly to emphasize where the ball should be tucked.

In 2012, Martin fumbled just once with a lot more touches than last year. Also, in 2012, the Bucs no player on the Bucs who caught a pass fumbled the ball after the reception, a stunning accomplishment.

The point is ball security can be coached effectively.

15 Responses to “Koetter Addresses Doug Martin Fumbling Woes”

  1. BucFan20 Says:

    Maybe the Coaches need to go back and learn a little from 2012.

  2. Tampa Tony Says:

    Schiano mayve been a jerk to the media, a madman to office staff and rubbed players the wrong way but he squeezed 7 wins out as a first year HC and even made Dominik look competent in the draft.

    Too bad his QB was mentally weak and MRSA happened.

    Hope Koetter can at least match his first year win total

  3. R.O Says:

    “Woes”??? DM is not a fumbler.

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    I don’t think its a problem…keep running the way your running doug…GO BUCS!!!

  5. mac Says:

    I am a Dougernaut fan but his two fumbles vs Chicago last year was a major contributor to that loss… I’m willing to forgive one but not another…

  6. DB55 Says:

    I think the major difference we’ll see is if DM fumbles he’ll get the ball right back rather than being benched.

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    Fumbles happen, but there’s no need to not try and fix the problem. Runners that carry the ball angry like Martin and Peterson are going to fumble, but there is a fine line between fighting for extra yards and taking those vicious hits by the 3rd and 4th defender that hits the pile.
    Extra replay makes it even harder to get away with those late play fumbles.

  8. William Walls Says:

    I’m of the opinion that Schiano deserved better than he got from he NFL. The man was a good blend of contemporary schemes and old-school values. I really liked him as our coach, and felt that he deserved more time in Tampa.

    That being said, I couldn’t be more thrilled about our current staff. If Schiano had to suffer a raw deal for us to be in the situation we’re in now, then with all due apology to Coach Old-school, I’m pretty okay with it.

  9. Phil Says:

    Maybe they can get Tiki Barber to come show him how to carry the ball.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Joe – thank you again for not using the un-appreciated nickname. Doug Martin thanks you and so do most Bucs fans. It’s a respect thing and Doug has earned that respect.

    As far as fumbling goes – Hopefully last year was the outlier and not the new norm for Doug. Turnovers lose football games. Gotta hang onto that rock no matter what. Ball security is of paramount importance. I hope the coaches emphasize that strongly every single day.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Fumbles are never good obviously, but I tend to think a certain number should be anticipated from top RBs getting the number of touches and yardage that guys like Adrian Peterson and Doug Martin get. Peterson for instance looks like he’s fumbled 38 times in 9 NFL years … Average of 4 times per year. Scratching for every extra yard before going down probably does make them more susceptible to fumbling, but that’s what makes them stand out from all the rest.

  12. Danthebucfan Says:

    I seem to remember that a few of the fumbles were bad handoffs. That is not going to continue to happen.

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree with Defense Rules.

    I would only add that frequently these things can occur in clusters and then go right back to normal.

  14. Bob in Valrico Says:

    @phil believe tiki Barber had fumble issues early on and Tom Coughlin was
    all over him about it,and it became much less of an issue.

  15. Davvo Says:

    I was also a Schiano fan…think of what he could have done with the two Lovie years. Am hopeful our new offense will be helped out by a better D.
    Don’t care what anybody says…it starts up front. A great pass rush can make any DB look like j.norman or r. sherman.