“A Fourth-Rounder Should Do The Trick”

April 5th, 2016


Draft-day trade winds are being thoroughly sniffed by the Around The NFL crew at NFL.com.

And they don’t buy what Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht is selling.

In a recent look at potential trades, Marc Sessler thumbs his nose at any notion the Bucs wouldn’t trade Mike Glennon for a fourth-round pick.

Mike Glennon to the Jets for a mid-rounder in ’16

Mired in a standoff with Ryan Fitzpatrick, it’s time for the Jets to consider other options under center. Reports have New York sniffing around Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer, but the most promising option resides in Tampa Bay. No matter what the Bucs say, Mike Glennon can be had for a reasonable draft pick — a fourth-rounder should do the trick — giving Gang Green a 26-year-old passer with 18 starts under his belt. His tape isn’t perfect, but the tall-as-a-tree Glennon — he’s 6-foot-7 — offers a cannon arm and plenty to work with for offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

Jets fans might be wedded to the idea of Fitzpatrick and his tremendous beard returning to Gotham, but why not get a younger quarterback with more long-term upside? — Marc Sessler

First, it’s damn ironic to think of the magic Chan Gailey worked with the Jets offense last year while Lovie Smith refused to considering talking to Gailey after Jeff Tedford was lost for the 2014 season. No, no, no, Lovie was just fine wasting fans’ time with ill-suited playcaller Marcus Arroyo.

As for trading Glennon for a fourth-round pick, Joe would have to think twice about that low price. But what can the Bucs really expect for a marginal quarterback whose contract has just one year remaining?

Joe hopes the Bucs find a better home for Glennon than New York. If he replaces Fitzpatrick, chronically angry Jets fans — and media — will be all over Glennon after his first rough outing.

48 Responses to ““A Fourth-Rounder Should Do The Trick””

  1. Cover deuce Says:

    They could have gotten more for him last year. Now his new contract becomes a bigger factor in his trade value. Nobody is gonna wanna give away a premium pick AND a premium contract.

  2. CrustyCrab Says:

    @Joe What’s wrong worth him going to the Jets do you not want to see him succeed. I think you feel Chan Gailey will make him relevant.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    The thing is Joe,, NFL GM Licht does not have to sell. Keep MG8 this year, then you have a chance for extending his contract at GM Licht price or MG8 signs a much higher contract and the Bucs will get credit towards a compensatory pick!!!! Its a win, win if they keep MG8!!!! Top 10 of the 3rd round or higher should be the price of trade for MG8!!! And if MG8 does not like the team his agent will tell them that he is not signing an extension with them, which give MG8 some power of trade as well!!!!

  4. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I doubt it. There are still teams like Denver, NY, Cleveland, Rams, etc..that desperately need an experienced signal caller. One of them will pony up a 2nd rounder at the minimum for a good young guy like MG8. Denver might even be willing to go higher than that. I’d wait until just before the Draft and see what shakes out. It doesn’t look like Kaepernick is going anywhere, and the pickings are slim outside of Glennon for those other teams.

    I will make one bold prediction….on Draft day, the Bucs will trade down out of the #9 spot with a team that wants to sneak into the top 10 to get a QB…Wentz, Goff, Lynch…will all go in the first 9 picks! Bucs will probably get a guy like Noah Spence in the middle of the first round.

  5. Jeagan1999 Says:

    EDIT….I meant to say 2nd or 3rd rounder above.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    Marc Sessler must think that mark dominik is still the GM for the Bucs!!!!!!

  7. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I respect people that have the cahoonas to make bold statements Jeagan. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that one.

  8. William Walls Says:

    I think Licht probably has set a third round pick as the negotiating floor. He probably wants to simply recoup what the Bucs originally spent to acquire him and call it done. That being said, Licht has little to lose by waiting. The longer he waits, the more leverage he had – unless amd until the Jets make a deal with Fitzpatrick and he suddenly has none, of course; but Licht has the ultimate advantage in that there’s no scenario where he winds up worse than where he started, so he has the luxury of playing chicken here.

  9. Howard Cosell Says:

    Wait for QB desperation to set in as the season approaches.
    Someone will offer a low 2nd or a high 3rd guaranteed.

  10. The Buc Realist Says:

    @howard cosell

    and then if JW3 gets injured, the Bucs will be in “Qb desperation”!!! the circle continues!!!

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    4th Rd pick is more than fair for glennon. No way a compensatory pick is even close to that. It’s about reality not the Glennon mob delusional perception of 8s value.

  12. mark2001 Says:

    Cover…any reason that a team couldn’t make the higher round pick contingent on Glennon signing a contract with extended years? After all, a chance to start elsewhere and a contract for more years with performance incentives might end up with everyone winning.

  13. USFBUC Says:

    @tmaxcon – how is a fourth rd pick fair value for a former third rd pick who has shown that he is better than or on par with at least a few starting qbs in the NFL?

  14. Lou. Says:

    Licht is handling the matter about as well as possible.

    The prime time for a trade is right around the draft, so teams can settle on a qb and get him integrated into the offense with camps and the preseason program. The other prime time is near the beginning of the regular season when an injury strikes a contender’s signal caller. (See Cowboys, Dallas; Jets, NY).

    By holding out, the Bucs maximize their chance of getting a good deal. If a top offer does not come along, the team loses little. After all, how much is a 6-pick really worth?

    A backup qb has a trade value of a 6 or 7. A starter or midseason replacement can go 1-3, depending on desperation.

    Does ANYONE imagine Elway wants to waste the 2016 season on Mark Sanchez?

  15. Lord Says:

    Jeagan I hope your prediction is true because that’s the best move we can make. It also seems very possible this year.

    I could see the move back for someone targeting a QB or someone targeting Ronnie Staley the projected franchise LT if he’s still on the board.

    Bucs have shown interest in lot of mid 1st round guys and only seem to be linked to Ramsey or Bosa in the top tier of talent and neither will be there.

    Ideally we move back and get an extra 3rd or something. And another 3rd for MG. Use that ammo to sneak back into round 1 and again into round 2 to come out with 3 potential starters / difference makers with 3 picks in the top 60ish picks and use the other 3 picks on developmental guys

  16. Power Vapor Says:

    I agree with The Buc Realist.
    Let’s say we have a terrible year and Jameis gets hurt. Just because the season is a loss and winning would effect draft position YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! If the above scenario plays-out we need a solid backup Qb to compete even if the season is a total loss. You never plan to lose.

  17. martinii Says:

    Glad to see somebody coming down out of the clouds. Again I have yet to see a discussion outside of Tampa that has Glennon going for a 1st or second round pick. He doesn’t have the resume’. Fourth rounder seems reasonable and might give us a reason to keep him as a back-up behind Jameis for one more season.

  18. Destinjohnny Says:

    Why give up let’s say the 18th best qb in the nfl for a 4th
    Guy played well with worst o line a hurt dougie and no wideouts as vj was hurt

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    no way a take a 4th….2nd or better…we got him in the 3rd and he has shown he can play in this league which should only increase his value…i say wait until draft night and unload him…

    @nole…this is my bold prediction….
    -keep #9 and draft vhg
    -trade glennon to denver for their 1st
    -ship that 1st and our 6th round pick to the jets for big mo
    -draft carl nassib in the 2nd
    -draft deoine jones in the 3rd
    -draft bronson kaufusi in the 4th
    -draft denver kirkland in the 5th
    -draft alex mcallistard in the 6th

    cb,2de’s,lb,dt and oline

  20. Destinjohnny Says:

    Like it

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    How is a 3rd round pick with 3 years of pro experience and 18 NFL starts under his belt – is young, tall, has a strong arm and a good TD to INT ratio in the NFL and comes super cheap in his 1st year with a new team – only worth a 4th round pick?

    Add in the fact that MG has also now had a full year of tutelage under one of the better Offensive minds in the league and is probably a better and more complete QB than the last time any of us saw him play.

    That scenario says 2nd round pick or better ALL DAY LONG.

    Name me a QB prospect coming out this draft – that QB needy teams can choose in the 2nd round – that will be better NOW and has more long term potential than Mike Glennon. I’ll wait….

  22. Tiny Tim Says:


    Vjax was never hurt while glennon was the qb. Last year was the first time vjax missed time with the bucs and winston was the qb. I truly believe licht will have to be blown away if he trades glennon. I dont think a fourth will be enough.

  23. Destinjohnny Says:

    His rookie year he was

  24. @eric Says:

    Hope AZ Cards make a deal for MG, he would fit perfectly into their system, hate to see the kid go to NY and be wasted there…

  25. OSUbucIdr Says:

    To get a compensatory pick he’d have to sign a large contract and we’d have to sign less in FA than we lose. We aren’t garunteed the pick plus it’s only gonna be a 6th or 7th. You have to trade him around the draft and take the 3rd or 4th. You don’t plan for when your franchise QB gets hurt. The season is basically over at that point.

  26. ThunderSack Says:

    @USFBUC & @Pickgrin

    “How is a 3rd round pick with 3 years of pro experience and 18 NFL starts under his belt – is young, tall, has a strong arm and a good TD to INT ratio in the NFL and comes super cheap in his 1st year with a new team – only worth a 4th round pick?”

    That is what I am saying! Logically the value argument does not make any sense to get such low compensation. I do have a feeling that MG8 is going to go somewhere eventually and be a successful starting QB in the league.

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Why would the Bucs take a 4th when they’ve already turned down 3rd rounders and a late 2nd rounder? This makes no sense.

    I say resign him. Give him 3 mill per year. There is nothing wrong with having a good backup, and he might take a deal because of what he see’s developing in Tampa (if he steps in for Jameis and looks great, his value will rise). So extend him 2 years.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Unless someone offers a mid 2nd or better.

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says
    “Marc Sessler must think that mark dominik is still the GM for the Bucs!!!!!!”

    Except Dominick was a master at trades. Hence, a 2nd rounder for the bust that was Gaines Adams.

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    We can debate the talent value of MG8 until the cows come home. We can also talk about the timing…lose him after this year.

    But as one NFL pundit mentioned on the NFL net…MG8 will be a steal for some team. He has the best of all worlds to offer contractually. Basically his new team will rent him for an entire year at $675,000 about 13% of what Josh McCown would cost.

    The pundit did make the point though that the new team should get MG8 before training camp…the sooner the better so they can see him in their system and get him ready. Then they let the chips fall where they may. If MG8 doesn’t hack it they’re only out $675,000…chump change at QB in today’s NFL. If MG8 does blossom into a starter then they have the inside track to resign him at a fair price.

    Bottom line…$675,000 is incredibly cheap for a rent a QB who perhaps has some upside.

  31. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Mark Sanchez — two AFC championship games, 75 career starts — traded for a conditional 7th round pick

    Colin Kaepernick — 2 NFC championship games, 1 Super Bowl appearance, 57 career starts — rumor mill has him pegged at a “mid level” draft day pick

    Mike Glennon — 18 career starts, 5-13 record — but we’re going to get a 1st or 2nd round pick for him?!?!?!?! Or a 4th rd pick?

    This is just insanity. If we trade him we will be LUCKY to get a conditional 6th rounder.

  32. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I see ya vision 813.

  33. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I respect people that have the cahoonas to make bold statements Jeagan. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that one.

    Of course its all just speculation at this point, but it seems like there are so many QB needy teams, and after those first three guys, there’s quite a drop-off in talent…so it could be that a team like the Rams (who have two 2nd round picks) offers Tampa the #45 overall pick to move up from #15 to #9 to get Paxton Lynch. The Cowboys, Jets, Bills, Broncos and maybe even the Patriots (Tom Brady aint getting any younger) could all be thinking QB too later in the draft. So we will see….but the Rams at #15 seem to make the most sense.

  34. Tiny Tim Says:


    Vjax was never hurt while glennon was the qb. Last year was the first time vjax missed time with the bucs and winston was the qb. I truly believe licht will have to be blown away.

  35. Tiny Tim Says:


    Vjax played 16 games, caught 78 balls, 1224 yards and 7 tds in glennon’s rookie year. Come on people……google is your friend.

  36. mike johnson Says:

    That’s about right Joe. 4th rounder. I’ve said all along we will probably get a 4 thru 6th rounder for Glennon. Better to get something now than nothing..next year.

  37. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ destinjohnny

    Vjax played 16 games, had 78 receptions, 1224 yards and 7 tds in glennon’s rookie year. Come on people….google is your friend

  38. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    You have an insightful forward thinking mind Jeagan. But when I stated I’ll be keeping an eye out for that I wasn’t coming from the position of I doubt that. I was coming from a position of it names total sense to me bro. We’ll see how it plays out in a few weeks tho. Keep’em comin homie.

  39. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I meant makes total sense-

  40. Guzzie Says:

    I have an awesome trade scenario….Rams get Glennon and Bucs #9 and Bucs 5th for Rams #15 one of Rams 2nd and Rams 3rd….Bucs would have 15 39 45 and 2 3rd rounders….just dreaming a little

  41. The Rockstar Says:

    Good player for and a fourth round camp meat, probable bust or project practice player,….hmmmm?

    Stupid trade.

    Good player for good player (or players.)

    Anything less is stupid.

  42. William Walls Says:

    Glennon’s market value isn’t based on what he’s worth to us (3/4 rd pick), but what some other team is willing to pay to acquire him (and we really don’t know much about what that is or what it will become). But I’m sure that the point where his value to another team exceeds his value to us, Licht will make that deal.

  43. James Walker Says:

    With the crop of crappy QBs out there Glennon is worth a #2.

  44. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Why do we keep getting glennon threads? That say mostly the same crap over and over?

    Lets be real for a second. He is not worth a third round pick. His game tape is not impressive. He did make some nice throws here and there. But as a whole his game is not starter material. Teams will gamble with a cheap 4 yr contract of a rookie QB over Glennon. Glennon was a third round pick, and plays like a middle round pick. He can be a fill in/back up. But he isnt that blue chip player that people would give up in the first 2 days of the draft. So a 4th rd pick is fair. He is on a 1 yr contract and will demand a big contract next year. If i were a Gm, i would turn to the draft for a QB if i were in need of a QB.

  45. Dave Says:

    Buc realist?
    Really? Compensatory picks are not guaranteed. At all. Read up.

    81BucBoi. A first rounder????? For MG????? What are you smoking?

    Where did you hear they turned down 2-3 round draft picks?? That was dumb rumors. If they were offered a second and turned it down, then Licht got lucky last year because he is an idiot. Didn’t happen.

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    For a mid-late 4th just keep him as backup in case Winston is out a few games so the season doesn’t feel lost. They will most likely get something for him leaving, maybe a 6th rounder, maybe. Regardless for the price just play out the contract – you’re not getting nothing, you’re getting a year of a player (if he plays or not) in the most valuable position in sports.

  47. Dr T Says:

    Glennon was a third round draft pick. Why would you take anything less than a second rounder with what he has done?

  48. Trubucfan22 Says:

    What has he done? Taken a ton of sacks and has shown 0 instincts on the football field? Not exactly what teams are looking for in a QB.