Johnson Took Half To Stay

March 9th, 2016
Money didn't talk for Charles Johnson.

Money didn’t talk for Charles Johnson.

Joe gets that some Bucs fans right now are a bit miffed at Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht for not bagging coveted defensive end Charles Johnson when he stepped into One Buc Palace yesterday to talk turkey.

However, whatever anger Bucs fans may have toward Licht is grossly misdirected. Sometimes, it’s not about the money (really).

If one is to believe NFL information king Adam Schefter of, it seems Johnson accepted half of the cash the Bucs may have offered him.

@AdamSchefter – Panthers giving Charles Johnson a 1-year, $3 million deal after he turned down $6 million per year from other teams to remain

It is kind of hard to fault Licht if he indeed offered to pay double what the Stinking Panthers paid Johnson. In fact, it’s not Licht’s fault at all.

Joe suspects Johnson — who also spurned the Giants — decided to stay in Carolina for another shot at a Super Bowl ring. As much as it pains Joe to write the following, the Bucs are not expected to be playing in February 2017, even with America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston behind center.

28 Responses to “Johnson Took Half To Stay”

  1. salish_seamonster Says:

    Who cares now… We move on.

  2. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    I didn’t blame Licht at all…I think Johnson came in One Buc Place to spy on….hopefully we put some Florida cockroaches in his suitcase..take those back to Kitty Land!

  3. Ray Rice Says:

    Neither are the Kittens JOE. Judging by history alone SB losers don’t fare too well the following year.

  4. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    He took a 1 year deal worth 3 mil over a 2 year deal, which Charlotte beat writers were saying, we offered 2 years for 9 million total. Can’t blame Licht for this one. The guy wants a bigger deal next season. Bad news for us. He will be playing his tail off for his last big deal next off season.

  5. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Its starting to look like Vernon or bust on the free agent wagon. Which is also bad news. Considering the Jags want him, and are willing to overpay to get the guys. Lets hope Licht can make some magic happen. If not Hardy may be an option as a last resort.

  6. Jthv Says:

    Martin agrees with Bucs, done deal 2am

  7. Jthv Says:

    Bucs want both Mack and Schwartz, offering big $$ to Schwartz

  8. LargoSamIM Says:

    “Pro Bowler Jameis Winston” ???? There goes Joe(s) again ! Yeah… after FIVE OTHER GUYS TURNED DOWN turned down the “invitation” !!

  9. Espo Says:


    You must be fun at parties.

  10. darin Says:

    Well put. Must suck to be that way.
    N we still have the draft for DE’S boys. Let’s get some offense in fa and load up on the young defenders.

  11. Ndog Says:

    My issue is not with the Johnson deal it is with no Mario Williams visit, no Avril discussions, no Vernon discussions (yet). They tried this bargin crap last year with the dline and look at the result. If they don’t get Vernon, next year we could be horrible as the coaching will be better but you still need talent to win.

  12. dreambig Says:

    LOL that must really sting LargoSamIM. Jameis Winston is a Pro Bowler! You can try to caveat it anyway you want, but he was there, he played well, threw a few TDs and had some fun. You should get some thick skin because your going to be cringing at the Jameis accolades for a long time.

  13. Rojas Says:

    Where did you hear about Alex Mack?

  14. dreambig Says:

    JTHV – If the Martin deal was done at 2 AM, why did your last post say it was done at 2:29 AM? If your going to try to start rumors, at least be consistent when posting in mutiple threads.

  15. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    Wish our guys would do the same and create something special around here too

  16. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    I’m quite surprise and confuse to never see the Bucs name around any defensive free agent.
    I’m not following every rumors and so on but I’ m surprise.

  17. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    And I can’t blame the guy for his deci: staying in a successful franchise with a good shot to go to the Super Bowl again or joining a rival team in development, I make my choice too.

  18. BUC IT Says:

    This is a major disappointment! We have plenty of cap space and he was well worth us overpaying for 1 year. Now we are hoping that we will get Buckner or Bosa and have absolutely no option in even considering Hargreaves if they are gone. And now we may lose Doug Martin! Ridiculous!!

  19. DallasBuc Says:

    Agreed. Can’t blame Licht given the info we have.

  20. jb Says:

    Aside from how losing Doug Martin in free agency would hurt us, not being able to sign overpriced free agents could actually be somewhat of a good thing, and make Licht concentrate his efforts in building through the draft. That’s how all of your greater teams are built, they use free agency to fill the occasional hole and add depth, instead of investing $Millions on a player that’s already done it elsewhere, and wants a huge payday. I find Johnson’s loyalty to his original team refreshing. Too bad more NFL Players don’t operate the same way. Though, I do think he’s mistaken if he believes the kittens are going back to the Super Bowl this season.

  21. MarineBucsFan Says:

    Agree, this is not on Licht. I actually applaud the effort.

  22. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @ jb: He better concentrate on the draft, we lost LOVIE, can you see the fall-out from that, nobody’s coming to play for THE BACK-STABBER, not even fir a check. I guess it’s time for young Jameis to take over as (GM)!!

  23. bucs4life86 Says:

    Looks like we lost out on all the FA DE’s. GREAT!!! better hope the Bucs are willing to pay Vernon what he wants or we will be depending on a rookie to provide us with double digit sacks wich is very unlikely. Let’s just pray he can provide some pressure or we will be handing out the best QBR and yards allowed against our defense. AGAIN!!!

  24. BucTrooper Says:

    I said it in an earlier post. I’m getting the impression that the Bucs aren’t going to be big players in FA. It seems like they think they’re major issue was coaching.

  25. America's Commenter Says:

    I respect any player that gives up a big payday for a chance to win a championship, even more so when it involves giving their current team a discount.

    The Bucs seem to be 2-3 years away from serious contention, and that’s if Winston continues to develop as expected (and there’s no reason to doubt that at this point.) Charles Johnson only has a couple of strong seasons left, he needs to capitalize on them.

    One only has to look at RG3, Kaepernick, Freeman, and Cassel to realize that QB one-year-wonders are real in the NFL. If Winston washes out for any reason, it would set the franchise back at least 5 years.

    That’s why the Bucs will have trouble drawing top-shelf free agents this offseason. It will be a much different story this time next year when Winston puts up a monster season and notches another Pro Bowl appearance.

  26. LargoBuc Says:

    Not everyone from Largo feels that way 😀

  27. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Nobody wants to put the blame on THE BACK-STABBER!! BLACKLASH I don’t need to explain that one do I?

  28. feelthepewterpower Says:

    It’s funny, most Carolina fans did not want Charles Johnson back. It’s even funnier that Carolina wasn’t expected to contend for a super bowl title next year, and now are the favorites. Glad Carolina is deciding to stay old.