Waking The Mike Glennon Mob

February 3rd, 2016
Is there no market for backup QB Mike Glennon?.

Is there no market for backup QB Mike Glennon?

It is odd to Joe, this Mike Glennon predicament.

Here is a guy that has played better than some NFL starters in his brief professional career, yet there are teams inclined to sign career losers for reasons Joe cannot explain.

No, Glennon does not have a winning record. But for a guy with only 18 games of starting experience, and at times has shown strong ability to move on offense, he sits rotting away.

Now Joe understands why the Bucs would want to keep a quality backup, but good grief, it is not like the Bucs are the Broncos or Panthers or have no holes to fill. Fetching a decent draft pick for Glennon and either using it to select a player, or packaging it to move up and get a better player, seems reasonable if not common sense to Joe.

Yes, yes, yea, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, may get hurt. Please tell Joe the last time this this century a backup led a team to the Super Bowl not named “Trent Dilfer?” (Jeff Hostetler and Doug Williams were a long, long time ago.)

Some people believe Glennon, who had half of the Bucs’ wins in 2014, and their lone win against a winning team, could pull a third round pick. Joe believes that is stretching it.

A guy who believes it’s a stretch to think Glennon has real value is Bill Barnwell of the respected FootbalOutsiders.com. He scoffed at the notion that any team would want him.

Well, Joe can give all sorts of examples of teams that threw unspeakable millions at known garbage quarterbacks who have much lower ceilings than Glennon.

Why on earth did Lovie Smith and Mike Pettine drop millions on career stiff Stewart McClown? Hell, Glennon proved in 2014 that he’s better than McClown.

Then there is Ryan Fitzpatrick, another career loser/NFL hanger-on who somehow strung enough wins together in New York to get Jets fans drunk with excitement, only for Fitzpatrick to barf in his lap in the most important game of the season, just what one should expect from this dolt.

You cannot convince Joe that Glennon is worse than Stewart or Fitzpatrick, and he’s at a much cheaper wage scale.

97 Responses to “Waking The Mike Glennon Mob”

  1. Bucco Brice Says:

    We have a starter, we need more talent…solid backup is valuable but I’d say “roll the dice” and trade if a 3rd rounder is offered…

  2. TheShaz Says:

    I am torn as well.

    Glennon is a nice guy, he has the tools to be a decent QB in this league.

    We need a backup in case Winston gets a boo boo. And the likelihood of that happening is higher than I like if he keeps running around like he did this past season.

    But that being said, if Jameis goes down for more than 2-3 games, the season is toast. So if Licht can get a 3rd rounder for him, pull the trigger.

  3. soberinsac Says:

    While I tend to agree with you. The argument about a back up leadibg a team to the superbowl is true to a point. Dont forget Kurt Warner was a back up. Now I aint sayin Mike is Kurt lol.But it would be nice to have a capable back up if Winstpn missed say just 3 to 4 weeks to keep the team winning. Id rather have someone like Glenbon as our back up then a rookie. At least Mike has a year under this offensive system. If I was the g.m. id take second rounder in a heartbeat though.

  4. Drew Says:


    You’re in my neck of the woods. I live 5 miles from the stadium in Milpitas. As I stated last year, my company does the NFL player tracking during game time.

    Enjoy your stay and have fun.

  5. biff barker Says:

    Licht understands that an NFL team is one twisted ankle away from becoming a shambles without a decent backup QB.

    Ask Denver.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    Too many variables. Short of a 2nd round pick (which no one would give up!) there’s no need to move him. Who’s your back-up if you ship him for a 3rd rounder? Who’s to say that said 3rd rounder even makes it on the team?
    You have a proven commodity. Short of another team getting desperate, you hang on to the 3rd rounder you already have.

  7. Dreghostjr Says:

    Honestly I mean why not use it as trade bait with Cleveland Browns to trade up for jalen Ramsey?…the man has the same type of dog in him on defense as Winston does on offense and we need as many dogs as we can get!

  8. Danati74 Says:

    Well there’s a reason they kept a 3rd string QB on the active roster, no? If anything I would trade Glennon and draft Cardell Jones QB Ohio St in like the 5th round. Groom him as Jameis back up. They have a simular skill set.

  9. kraymuthaphukinglocz Says:

    our third qb is griffin I used him in madden and gotta say “int.machine”, so lets keep mike . sign him to a extension

  10. Pierce Says:

    So you think we’ll get a fourth round pick for him? Statistically speaking, how often are fourth rounders successful?

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We signed Ryan Griffin and kept him on the active roster all year….I can only presume that we were/are trying to unload Glennon and we aren’t getting offers high enough to consider…..anything over a 4th round pick isn’t worth it….we may package him to move up with the right team…..we could keep him next year & try to resign him as a career backup…(not sure Glennon would want that) but if no team is willing to trade for a decent pick….perhaps there’s not a market for him.

  12. JackinJersey Says:

    I believe you’re right on point with this one Joe. Mike Glennon could be a winning QB for a bakers dozen of teams in this QB starved league. Look for the Bucs to showcase #8 in the preseason, while the GM playes a little poker and holds firm for a 2nd round pick. Mike Glennon is simply too valuable to hold onto as a backup for one season. Remember, he walks away at the end of the season.

  13. Jack Says:

    I think it would be wiser to keep Glennon. The way I see it, we have a solid backup this year in Glennon and if we lose him next year to free agency, we’ll most likely pick up a supplemental 3rd pick.

  14. DB55 Says:

    Wasn’t Peyton Manning a back-up this year? Didn’t osswiller get them into the playoffs? Alex Smith backed up Kap. Brady was a back-up. Kurt Warner was like 6th string.

    Not all of them were 1st overall picks. As a matter of fact its the first time since the 70s that a heisman winning quarterback plays in the Super Bowl.

  15. theodore Says:

    What’s the point of trading Glennon for a fourth round pick to just spend another pick on a backup QB, or pick from the trash FA heap?

    What’s the point? This argument gets you nowhere, Joe. Hold out for a higher pick come injury time or just keep the known quantity.

  16. The Buc Realist Says:

    How this will play out, Licht will only entertain a second round or higher, while the Bucs will most likely hold on to him thru the 2016 season! at the end of the season will off a just below market value contract. Its a win win!! The Bucs either will get MG8 with a hometown discount or MG8 signs with someone else and the Bucs will get a compenastory pick!!! ( likely a 4th rounder!!)

  17. BucTrooper Says:

    I always think of Scott Mitchell and Rob Johnson: QBs who parlayed a couple of games’ success into GIANT contracts.

  18. anthony Says:

    What happens when the starter goes down for 2 games and a playoff berth is on the line?… when you have to rely on your backup…. for 2 games… the whole team’s fate rides on your backup… $120m in salaries… 2 games

  19. Supersam Says:

    Yea Joe but you will be singing a different tune if Winston goes down and were rolling our starters out with Ryan Griffin, Glennon is cheap quality insurance, the only reason someone would want Glennon off this team is for 2 reasons, one your afraid he comes in and players better than the beloved Winston and a quarterback controversy starts, and two you just don’t like the guy, other than that there’s absolutely no reason to trade a good quality backup quarterback who knows the system and the players and is making peanuts. This subject needs to be dissmissed already.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    “Please tell Joe the last time this this century a backup led a team to the Super Bowl not named “Trent Dilfer?”

    Tom Brady.

  21. Supersam Says:

    Licht said publicly that several of the teams in this years playoffs inquired about Glennon, that tells me that good teams with good coaches see something in Glennon.

  22. Howard Cosell Says:

    Tom Brady started as a backup to Drew Bledsoe.

    Not saying Cannon is Tom Brady.
    I am saying that a good backup QB may pay unexpected dividends.

    #bird in hand > bird in bush

  23. Howard Cosell Says:

    Damn you 87 🙂

  24. The Buc Realist Says:

    Quick, tell me a year that Joe has not tried to Run MG8 out of town for a return of peanuts!!! ( trick question because Joe always tries to run MG8 out of town!!!)

  25. dadlad Says:

    So it boils down to get a third or a fourth round supplemental pick next year and have him as a backup now or trade him for a third or fourth and have no backup now. Whats the point?

  26. Bucsfanman Says:


  27. al121976 Says:

    Hey pierce, kwon is pretty good.

  28. Dave Says:

    Maybe that’s the problem, they want a 3rd and offers are for a 5th.
    Hell, I’d take 5th and an average DB
    BUT a 4th or above and they should pull the trigger.

  29. Dave Says:

    Who says they’d get a supplemental that high?
    Or would they even get a supplemental on an unrestricted FA?

  30. Buc since '74 Says:

    “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”


    Is there an award for the most pointless post ever?

  31. tmaxcon Says:

    Sorry but, Glennon simply just does not matter to the future of the bucs. If he plays next year it means another losing year. If they trade him at least it’s possible Licht hits on late round pick. NO WAY anyone is going to give up a high pick for Glennon with 1 year left on his contract, a career 5-13 records and the tape he has put together. Successful coaches / gm combos are not going to make nor accept the same excuses that Glennon fans like to throw out to justify why he failed when giving his opportunity. Successful teams judge results not what ifs or excuses. I like Glennon as a back up but he does not have the skills nor personality to lead a team to the promise land. It’s a QB driven league and he is not a top tier qb. At best top 15. This team has far more concerns and priorities than what happens to 8. I wish him well. I hope he gets the opportunity to start somewhere however, he clearly has no future in Tampa other than a clipboard holder.

    Ryan Griffith is a nice prospect and may or may not have a higher ceiling than 8 anyone that disagrees with that simply is blindly supporting 8 and closed minded.

    It’s about TEAM and Wins not individual players. Yes, individual players make up the team but all this fuss over a backup is hilarious considering this team has more holes than Swiss cheese offensively and defensively. Yes, it’s nice to have favorite players at the end of the day 5 years from now Glennon will be nothing more than a footnote in Bucs history ala Mike Rae, Casey Weldon, Chris Chandler, Jeff Carlson, Craig Ericsson, Jack Thompson etc….

  32. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Get off of glennons’ nuts. He is not worth a draft pick to a team. They would rather burn that pick on a project QB with a higher ceiling. Glennon sucks. Get over it already.

  33. Buccfan37 Says:

    To me Glennon is kind of an unknown QB as to his ability this far in with the Bucs. I would think he has improved somewhat just being around even though he has had little playing time lately. Perhaps there is no interest because the Bucs asking price is already known and teams are not that desperate to give it up yet. If Koetter likes MG8 I think he remains the backup. At this point nothing would surprise me relating to Glennon. Keeping him as the backup seems the consensus from the comments.

  34. Buccfan37 Says:

    Comments degrading Glennons worth are comical. The surrounding team has a lot to do with the QB’s success, it’s not like he was with a strong team to succeed. And Chris Chandler was a tough QB, I remember he got mauled by the Chargers out there but put up a helluva fight.

  35. Tiny Tim Says:

    Didn’t Kapernick lead the 49ers to the super bowl after Alex Smith went down? Yea they lost, but every buc fan would take that type of season as compared to what we have had to endure. Below are the words of your GM

    “I would hate to be in a position where your quarterback goes down for however many games it is and then you’re basically throwing the towel in, like a lot of teams did this year,” Licht said. “It wasn’t because they wanted to throw in the towel, that’s just the way it happened, without naming teams. Those were the same teams, a lot of them, that were inquiring about Mike Glennon at the time.”

  36. Tiny Tim Says:

    More words from your gm

    “Mike Glennon is just so valuable to us right now while we have him, while he’s under contract, I feel like we have two starting quarterbacks with him and Jameis,” Licht said. “If you just go out and get a mid-round pick for him, the chances of the mid-round pick working out or drafting a quarterback and that pick working out, the odds aren’t in your favor. Unless there’s [an offer] that blows us away, I think you lean towards keeping him and having him on your roster.”

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    You are what your record says you are… 5-13… it’s not degrading it’s fact. This team has far more pressing concerns than a player you hope does not see the field, again not degrading fact… Do you think any team wants to see their backup QB play even a signle game, No the goal is for that player is to never see the field. A conversation about 8 would valid if this was a playoff team knocking on the door of greatness but that is not the case this is a team full of holes. Good luck to Mr. Glennon but he’s hardly a concern at this point.

  38. Tnew Says:

    If a 3 was offered he’d get traded imo. 4th maybe. 5th, I’d keep

  39. Stanglassman Says:

    I thought this (Glennon 2016 staying with Bucs) and Vjax have already been addressed. Ajax is coming back at full salary and Glennon will be a Buc in 2016. The only caveat on Glennon staying was unless someone blows them away with an offer. I’d image that to be a 2nd round pk or better. Remember the Bucs got Ryan Griffin late after training camp last year so he only ran the scout team and didn’t get a chance to really learn Koetter’s system.

    Yes both Superbowl teams won games with their backups this season just like most. A quality backup QB is arguably the 2nd most important position. If your starter goes down (more likely than not) for a game or two you have to give your team a chance to win. 2016 I expect the Bucs to be a 8-11 win team so those wins will matter. Glennon will get his chance in be a starter in 2017.

  40. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ tmaxcon

    So if you’re judging Glennon as not good based on a 5-13 starting record then what are your thoughts on Jameis and his career 6-10 starting record? You’re trying to analyze a QB’s performance based solely on wins and losses. That may be more appropriate for coaches, but not the whole story when evaluating individual players. Hell by that logic Winston, Martin, GMC and LVD are bums!?

  41. Mort Says:

    He would be an upgrade for literally half the teams in the NFC west…

  42. BucFan20 Says:

    So you come out of hiding as usual tmaxcon when it comes to a Glennon article. And as usual you say nothing about the S!ht defense that gave away games or a coach that refused to make adjustments. Also you say he is not good enough to start but hope he gets to start somewhere else. Real smart.

  43. Bobby Says:

    I have no idea why Joe can’t see the value of a quality backup QB. It’a the same as any other position when it comes to depth. You NEED a backup and you should try to retain a good one. Glennon is capable of winning games and we need to keep him in case Winston gets injured. Joe would be screaming bloody murder if we had no depth at any other position on the team. It’s especially important at QB. Look at how many backup QB’s have beaten us over the last 2 years. Cousins was a backup QB and he led the Skins to the playoffs this year.

  44. tmaxcon Says:


    fair question and I am not judging Glennon solely on record merely pointing out that others will, meaning succesful gm’s / coaches will.


    I have been very ill. I appreciate your concerns though… I don’t hide… Not one of my comments regarding glennon today were negative nor degrading. Simply factual… If you read them you would actually realize i was complimentary to 8.

    Both of you do realize Glennon has zero shot to beat out 3 right even the most loyal glennon fan realizes this. The bottom line 8 is the least of the concerns for the bucs this off season given the state of the roster and the holes that need to be addressed. again factual not emotional.

    A good Backup qb is very valuable and 8 would be a nice piece however given the fact the bucs are more than a year away from serious contention and glennon only has a year left on his deal he simply does not matter. not negative. factual. It’s one thing to have favorite players and pull for them but not at the expense of the team. if trading 8 makes the team better that is the right thing to do.

    good health to both of you… never take a day for granted… you just never know… peace.

  45. Brandon Says:

    Kurt “Freaking” Warner

  46. Brandon Says:

    Tom “MF’ing” Brady

    were these two recent enough for you?

  47. Brandon Says:


  48. Couch Fan Says:

    I find it comical that the same people who call Schiano “the worst coach in NFL history” refuse to give Glennon the benefit of the doubt and only point towards the W/L record. If Winston were to get hurt, Glennon can come in and ensure that he doesnt lose games for us. Yes, it is true that he probably wouldn’t take us to the super bowl, but if Winston got hurt, would you want a guy thats going to come in and lose us games or a guy that can steer the ship correctly. To me Glennon is the difference between 2-14 or 7-9 if Winston were to ever go down. I’ll take that 7-9 all day every day over an extra 3rd or 4th round pick. THAT seems like common sense.

  49. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m with Bobby and the rest who see more than 3rd round value in a competent backup QB who will be playing for $675,000. Most of the “name”(read washed up losers like McClown make between 2-3 MILLION.

    As Pick6 pointed out if we keep MG8 and he leaves at the end of the season we’ll get a compensatory pick worth roughly a 3rd round anyway!

    There is no advantage other than immediacy to trading him for a 3rd rounder or less. There is enormous upside in keeping him!

    Bill Barnwell is just another national moron who knows nothing about the Bucs.
    He only wins 28% of time? WTF does that have to do with anything. If he posted that for the Pats or a good team…maybe…but he was playing for one of the worst teams in the league…jeeesh.

    And sorry but for Lovie we could have easily won ten this year…Tenn…NYG…Redskins would have gotten us to nine…one win the last four with losing teams at hom makes ten.

    Why would anyone here NOT believe this team has playoff possibities?

    And even if MG8 only won 28% or went 1-3 if #3 goes down that still helps.

    But really…MG8 is not #3 we all get that…but he’s not as bad as Joe would make us believe….Joe might be on board with signing Johnny Football since he’s available now.

    Someone pointed out we could perhaps trade with Cleveland and move up to get Ramsey….that is a deal I would take because Ramsey will be an impact player. Short of getting an impact player why would we trade MG8?

    Mel Kiper has Ramsey going 5th to the Jags…Walter Football has him going 6th. Kiper has Ramsey as the 2nd best player on his board…he says….

    Ramsey is the No. 2 overall player on our board, thanks to his versatility in the secondary (he can play corner or safety at the next level), along with his incredible athleticism. He isn’t the best pure man-to-man cover CB in this class (that distinction belongs to Vernon Hargreaves III), but Ramsey is the best all-around football player among the secondary crop.

  50. Couch Fan Says:

    And lets not forget Winston is also a losing QB for the moment.

  51. Stanglassman Says:

    The question is what back up QB has come in and won games for a team that ended up making it to a super bowl. Lots of those teams wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs without those wins while their starter was down. That’s the REAL question and the answer is it happens every season.

  52. tmaxcon Says:

    If glennon is a real competitor and wants a chance to start he will not even entertain an offer from bucs and I think even the most loyal 8 fan would agree to that unless some catastrophic happens to Americas Quarterback. So basically you are all saying even if we can get a 4th rounder that makes the team better it’s still in the best interest of the bucs to keep him for one year knowing damn well he will walk. Seems to me those that think along those lines are Glennon fans not bucs fans. Glennon fans also seem to be completely discounting Ryan Griffith who may or may not be equal to 8.

    This team has a lot of needs

    DE (2 – 1 experienced and 1 draft pick
    Safety (at least 1)
    CB (2 )
    LB (lansanah needs replacing)
    LG (with or without Mankins who is not getting any younger)
    WR (At least 2 even if vjax plays he is not getting any younger and his replacement is needed not to mention upgrades for murphy, dye and humphries would be nice)

    Depth for oline is also a need. Pamphile is nice but he needs help especially given the age of our LG and RT’s. an extra 4th or 5th round fits this mold.

    and for those who think 4th or 5th round picks are throw away picks, I guess Kwon is the only exception in League history.

  53. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ tmaxcon

    You keep writing the bucs are a couple of years away from serious contention. My question is how do you know? A lot of teams go from garbage to contenders in a one year time frame. But that is beyond the point. The point is the bucs are trying to get to the playoffs and I do not believe that is farfetched. Does making the playoffs mean you are legitimate contender? No….see the Redskins this year. But it would mean a lot to this organization if they did make the playoffs next year and if having a capable back-up will help assure that accomplishment, then you do not trade him just because we are not super bowl contenders.

    News flash to you and joe and to all those who think like you…………………Superbowl contenders are not the only teams that should have a good back-up qb. It is about building a culture of winning regardless who is in the game. You build a culture of winning by assembling the best team you can and not by just trading off valuable assets because in you feel as though we are not contenders. Trust me, LVD or Evans does not want to lose or will accept losing just because our starting QB goes down. Next man up and in this case its next best back up qb possible up.

  54. tmaxcon Says:

    i’ll take it a step further… even if winston goes down god forbid and glennon wins multiple games next year he still walks at the end of the year. Seems like a whole lot of love and passion for a backup qb who will only be a buc 1 more season. It’s not like they will use a TAG to keep a backup that would be cap suicide. again, it seems like a far amount of you are just glennon fans and the bucs are secondary. every off season is a chance to make the team if moving glennon makes the team better it’s the right move.

  55. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    You probably missed…I think it was pick6..but Buc Bonzai also added to the thought…if we keep MG8 this year and he walks after his rookie contract…and I agree with you he’ll want a chance to start…we’ll get a 3rd round compensatory pick. IE. We do not lose any picks if we keep MG8 unless someone offers us more than a 3rd rounder…anything less would be silly.

    You guys can’t have it both ways….if we’re not a contender this year then we absolutely should keep MG8 because we’ll get the pick anyway next year.

    BTW Tom Brady was a 6th round compensatory pick….the draft is a real crap shoot…sometimes you win..sometimes you lose…and sometimes like with Brady you break the bank!!!

  56. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW Tmax sorry to hear of your health issues. I hope they are resolved.

    Health is the most important part of life…everything begins with health hope you are better.

  57. The Buc Realist Says:


    Then if MG8 stepped in, wins some games and then walks, And another team over pays 8 million (if McClown gets 5 a year, totally likely) for him the Bucs will get a 3rd pick with the compensatory picks!!!

  58. Buccfan37 Says:

    tmaxcon… Hope you are feeling better. How about a Glennon fan and a longtime Bucs fan, that works too.

  59. tmaxcon Says:


    It’s not guaranteed the pick will be a 3rd round or a 4th rounder for that matter… It also depends on what if any free agents are signed by licht this offseason… I grabbed this below…

    Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. The formula was developed by the NFL Management Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula.

    Basically, the league awards 32 extra picks each year, with those picks ranging from rounds 3-7 (not stated above, but a true statement). The number of picks a team may receive is based on the number of free agents they lose; signed free agents cancel out a player lost. Compensation does not figure into this calculation; a player signed cancels out the player lost, no matter the contract either player signs.

    Cut players do not count in the number of players lost, because the original team had the option to keep that player. These additional picks are intended to provide compensation only for players who have a contract expire at the end of the year, and a team does not re-sign them.

  60. tmaxcon Says:


    thank you sir. it was a life changer. I am good now thank you.

  61. The Buc Realist Says:


    I posted this earlier!!

    “At the end of the season will off a just below market value contract. Its a win win!! The Bucs either will get MG8 with a hometown discount or MG8 signs with someone else and the Bucs will get a compenastory pick!!!”

  62. tmaxcon Says:


    I am not sure how far back they go calculating playing time which would be the only factor involved with glennon to this point since he has a low salary and no post season honors. For the bucs to receive a high pick he would have to play significant time this upcoming year. It’s not calculated he’s a 3rd you get a 3rd. Some of these NFL formulas are mind boggling LOL… Anyhow, it’s all about making the team better. I look forward to seeing Griffith during camp and preseason that may make all these discussions irrelevant.

  63. Tiny Tim Says:

    Saying that those who want to keep Glennon are merely fans of Glennon and not the bucs is just stupid. Your own GM said having glennon is better than a 3rd or 4th round unknown/unproven/draft pick. Is your GM a bigger fan of Glennon than the bucs too? You don’t make your team by trading off proven assets for unknown draft picks unless you already have a replacement in house. But I guess you would love to see the bucs bring the greatness of Stanton or Matt Cassel or Sanchez or Chad henne or Ryan Lindley or Tavaris Jackson or…..

  64. tmaxcon Says:

    The Buc Realist

    I am all for keeping 8 if the compensatory pick is equal to or greater than what a team is willing to trade for him. However, we will not know this for sure until end of next season which is a gamble too. What if he plays no games this upcoming season and walks no way bucs get a 3rd, 4th or 5th depending on what free agents licht signs considering playing time is a heavy factor in pick compensatory received. It’s all a gamble. If at best we can only get a 4th next year and a team is willing to give up a 4th or 5th this year and licht has his eye on a player he likes in one of those slots you pull the trigger or you wait it out. the bottom line is if moving him makes the team better pull the trigger.

  65. tmaxcon Says:

    Tiny Tim

    Our GM is in full salesmen mode this time of year sir. If you think for one minute you will get his honest opinion of glennon publicly this time of year I have some awesome ocean front property in Montana that I’ll make you a deal on. You have to do better than that public quote to make your point. Everything that comes out of every gm / coach mouth is smoke and mirrors this time of year.

  66. tmaxcon Says:

    for all any of us know Griffith has lit it up at practice and has picked up koetter’s offense. to say we are trading a proven commodity without having a replacement is ignorant at this point. NONE of us know the facts about Griffith. Remember he was very well thought of by a much better head coach and offensive mind in Sean Payton than the bucs have ever had. Yes I would take payton over chucky… Payton publicly was disappointed in losing him… It’s a real possibility that Griffith lights it up in preseason and the argument of keeping a proven player goes out the window and we missed an opportunity to upgrade via the draft this year. it’s a crap shoot and gamble anyway you look it.

  67. The Buc Realist Says:


    If there is this unstoppable hall of famer in the the 4th round that you seem to think the Bucs need, then Licht can just trade a 3rd next year!!! Then you get your draft pick, and get to keep the best Back up Qb The Canon!!!! And I think now you can trade compensatory picks!!! once again A win, win with keeping MG8!!!!

    Unless you see a second rounder offered, do not make a trade!!!

  68. tmaxcon Says:

    The Buc Realist

    If there is this unstoppable hall of famer in the the 4th round that you seem to think the Bucs need, then Licht can just trade a 3rd next year!!!

    A little over the top dramatic even for you realist… There are a lot of 4th rounders on rosters around the league that would make the current bucs a better team. a future hall of famer is not needed nice reach though. It’s a gamble either way keeping 8 or trading 8 considering the holes this roster has. future hall of famers are not needed nice but not needed just good football players at multiple positions.

  69. No better way to say it Says:

    I feel similarly when it comes to say Christian Ponder.

    Played on an offensively inept team outside of AP. A team with a defense that performed worse than a wet paper bag. Played better than the Vikings current starting QB with far less help.

    Cant get a gig over QBs like Brandon Weeden , Matt Cassel etc..

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    Geeks are in nowadays. Keep Glennon.

  71. Espo Says:

    You’re all overlooking the most recent example of a backup leading their team to the SuperBowl. The Broncos’ backup. What’s his name. Eh I’m too lazy to Google it maybe one of y’all can figure it out. He came in to relieve Osweiller late this season and with a win this Sunday might just make a name for himself.

  72. Espo Says:

    Shaun King comes to mind, if not for one of the worst screw jobs in history. That was last century though. Eventually I’ll get over it.

  73. Espo Says:

    I vote we trade our checkdown throwing giraffe to Barnum & Bailey for a bag of peanuts and a clown. The clown will probably be our starting corner. Everyone knows receivers can’t catch when clowns are around.

  74. Buc1987 Says:

    Espo…they don’t even have to go that far. Busch Gardens is right down the street.

  75. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ tmaxcon

    If you think our gm is going to move glennon for a third or fourth round pick, you are fooling yourself. He said “unless he is blowed away.” According to your gm, a thirdbor fourth aint cutting it. Who in the world is going to give the bucs a 1st or 2nd for glennon. And if payton thought so highly of griffith, then he would not have put him on the practice squad. Griffith is no more of a replacement at qb than dye is for vjax at this present time. Still needs a lot of grooming.

  76. tmaxcon Says:

    Tiny Tim

    He said “unless he is blowed away.”

    again my same reply from above applies… GM’s and Coaches never tip their hand publicly and the he is in FULL salesman mode. If you believe everything you read publicly from any GM or Coach again please visit my website containing ocean front property in Montana at a discounted rate. I give an extra 20% off and a free beach chair to all who show up wearing a Glennon jersey.

    You have NO clue just like the rest of what Griffith accomplished this year at practice or in the meeting rooms. For all you or anyone else knows Griffith made Glennon replaceable. I find it very difficult to believe the bucs would waste a roster spot for an entire season if Griffith was not in their future plans. It makes ZERO sense for them to do that if he was not the future backup especially considering the holes the roster and the numerous transactions that were made in the attempt to improve it.

  77. RustyRhinos Says:

    As I just read on NFL.com a story about two QB’s who played together a long time in the NFL they are now going to the Super Bowl. Gary Kubiak and John Elway. I am not saying that either Mr. Glennon or Mr. Winston are the same as Kubiak and Elway, but both of those QB’s went to the Super Bowl one as the long time starter and the other his long term back up. It takes a full team to win in the NFL. Injuries do happen during every game and there is the chance that the starter at any position could get hurt, who do you bring in to play when a player goes down? The beer guy in section 351? Or someone who has played with this team.
    I remember that Mr. Glennon stated that he wants to be the first QB the Bucs have ever given a second contract to. I hope he gets that second contract with the Bucs.

  78. Dave Pear Says:

    How about Earl Morral replacing Bob Griese for most of their undefeated season.
    I know that is ancient history, but still a good team does need a good backup.
    Just saying

  79. Stanglassman Says:

    T-max-All the reports I’ve read is that Ryan Griffith has been running the scout team and has little time to learn Koetter’s system. That would be great- please show me where you’ve read how well he has master koetter’s system.

  80. tmaxcon Says:


    read what I wrote sir. i never said he mastered the offense. I completely disagree that he did not have time to learn the offense during an entire season that sir is a reach on your part. NOT a single fan on this site has a clue what Griffith learned or what he was able to accomplish last year. Keeping him on the active roster just to run the scout team is a total waste of a spot especially on such a crap team. I have simply stated that Griffith is an unknown wild card that could have made 8 expendable.

  81. BFFL Says:

    Joe, your argument is missing one key fact. The Bucs will get a compensatory pick when Glennon moves on. Therefore his value increases for the Bucs to just keep him.

  82. tmaxcon Says:


    based on the formula for compensatory picks unless 8 gets significant playing time which can be offset by any free agents the bucs sign this off season there is ZERO guarantee they will get a compensatory pick or that pick will be higher than what they could get for him this year in a trade it’s a gamble any way you look at it.

  83. Trubucfan22 Says:

    What makes people think we would get a compensatory pick when glennon leaves? He will not sign for a big contract and probably wouldnt be a starter. Which means we get nothing in compensatory picks.

    It is hilarious that joe and other bucs fans think glennon has 2nd or 3rd round value in a trade. If he had ANY value at all he would be gone already. Licht might say otherwise to the media, but he would trade glennon in an instance for a 4th rd pick. Which tells me teams dont value glennon that high. And if people who evaluate QBs for a career, don’t find him worth of a pick then why do the fans suggest he is worth anything?

    He is more valuable to the bucs because we already wasted the pick to get him. He is cheap and he can be servicable in a pinch. But no team is going to trade a mid round pick for a career back up qb. No team finds glennon to have starter potential. There is no way a team would be thinking glennon is starter material. A team like the texans might take a 6th or 7th rounder to try him out. (Like they did mallet) but no one thinks he is a slam dunk upgrade at qb worthy of a 3rd rounder. Thats just stupid talk.

  84. The Buc Realist Says:


    If that is the case, very unlikely!!! But if it is, then Licht will offer a low contract to MG8 which he will take because there is no market. And the Bucs get one of the best Backup QB’s for years to come!!!! Win, win, win!!!!

    and as a bonus, from all accounts, MG8 is very good in meeting rooms with JW3 so do not think that is a big plus as well!!!

  85. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I love having Glennon as the Bucs back up qb. I bag on Glennon a lot, but he is a suitable back up. He doesn’t make very many mistakes, and can manage a game well. He won’t lose many games himself. If Jameis ever went down, the Bucs coast with Glennon at the helm until Jameis gets back. I don’t mind that plan.

    I just find it absurd that people think Glennon can be some franchise qb that teams should be stumbling over themselves to acquire. The thought of that is just comical.

  86. finishers Says:

    I also think Glennon would do better with Dirk coaching! he never had a good offensive coordinator or head coach!I say keep him and resign him. if the price is right!

  87. Stanglassman Says:

    I wasn’t trying to call you out I just thought you were stating something you read not just felt. I was using the word ‘master’ as a noun-a person with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something. This is where he would need to be in order to be proficient in DK’s system. I never thought Griffith was active on the roster just to run the scout team. I really like Ryan G. and think he is the Bucs future 2017 backup.

    Not trying to argue at all, I’ll even give you props for being correct about Lovie. But check out this article. Not that Scott R. knows it all but he has more access than we do.


  88. Stanglassman Says:

    One thing to keep in mind and may not be as enticing to a GM/HC is any compensatory pick that may come wouldn’t be until the 2018 draft.

  89. tmaxcon Says:


    Thanks for link. All good man. I just want the team to improve. I’m loyal to the team not really to individual players. I have my favorites but if a transaction improves the overall team I’m for it. In my opinion only untouchable players are winston, marpet, Kwon and lvd. Obviously any transaction has to be a clear upgrade not a reach.

  90. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I think we probably are close to agreement. I certainly agree that Licht is only going to say great things about MG8…as you correctly point out he’s not going to discount his merchandise.

    I also agree it depends on Griffith and what the Bucs believe he may offer.

    In addition for all we know the Bucs may have their eye on a QB later in the draft as a “project”.

    Here’s what’s good for me though. Lovie obviously had zero respect for MG8 and misused him badly. I think Koetter and Licht have a better idea of MG8’s value and so I’ll be ok with whatever they do.

    Again glad you’re health has returned. You’re right it can be a life changing experience. My wife had open heart surgery to repair her mitral valve…8 hours on the table…scared the helll out of me.

    Bottom line is you have learned what we all should know…we only have this minute…enjoy the hell of the rest of them tmax!

  91. tmaxcon Says:


    I agree with you Lovie totally botched the handling of glennon like he did every other responsibility with the exception of the Winston pick but I don’t want to regress good luck in the basement mr smith.

    like i mentioned above I actually really respected the way glennon has handled himself the last two seasons. I am not a fan of his game that being said he has played his roll well. I want the bucs to win nothing else matters to me so any transaction that improves the team I am for it. I have total trust in Licht. I believe that he has the pedigree to build this team right. His experiences in Arizona, New England and Philadelphia will be huge benefit to the bucs. All those teams were competitive and played hard.

    Thanks for the kind words. sounds like your wife and I have something in common. Every day counts and every day is a new opportunity to accomplish something great. Never settle!

  92. BigMacAttack Says:

    Glennon sucks and was another in a long line of wasted picks.

  93. Espo Says:

    I wouldn’t call a 3rd round semi successful qb a wasted pick. Definitely not starting material, but not a wasted pick.

  94. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    If our local QB expert had his way, we would be cutting Jonny Football in a few weeks, and JW would be a TITAN right now! 😉

  95. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Every day counts and every day is a new opportunity to accomplish something great. Never settle!

    Truer words were never spoken. I survived a plane crash back in my broadcasting days. You can google 1984 East Tennessee State plane crash for the story. It changed my life perspective just like your health issue.

    I remember chatting in the Bristol infield during a practice session with the great Bobby Allison. We were talking about the crash and I said, “It was like God was trying to get our attention”. Bobby immediately quipped back..”Well did he?”.

  96. satchseven Says:

    DE (2 – 1 experienced and 1 draft pick
    Safety (at least 1)
    CB (2 )
    LB (lansanah needs replacing)
    LG (with or without Mankins who is not getting any younger)
    WR (At least 2 even if vjax plays he is not getting any younger and his replacement is needed not to mention upgrades for murphy, dye and humphries would be nice)

    this was your problem last yr in a nut shell but lovie was the worst coach ever with massive holes on a roster that needs another two good drafts

  97. orlbucfan Says:

    Re:tmax: hope you are back to full health now. We’ve got a big season cranking up this September. Health is the most important thing in life. Plus, we’ll need all Buc fans on deck. 🙂

    Anyone who has read my comments knows I am a Glennon fan. But, I’m Bucs fan first! Licht and Koetter would be beyond stupid to let Glennon go. If Famous (wild man) Jameis gets hurt this season, we have got to have a known quality player to step in. MG8 is that player. He knows the playbook. He’s survived the HC merry-go-round. He’s a quality person (my big beef) and a team player. He could easily start for several teams. I hope that for him. He will be here for the 2016 season. Koetter backed him and backed Lovie off. We need defensive help and depth. Leave the QB lineup as is. BTW–Kurt Warner started his career with the Iowa Barnstormers in Arena Football. I watched him play against the Predators in the old O-ville Arena. Go Bucs!!