“Very, Very Smart”

January 8th, 2016
CBS Sports Radio's Doug Gottlieb applauds Team Glazer.

CBS Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb applauds Team Glazer.

Joe is sensing a pattern.

Because Disney has done such a wonderful job brainwashing innocents into watching their BSPN content and reading their content alone, folks turned to BSPN by habit yesterday and found a steady stream of outrage that Lovie Smith was fired.

As Joe has been preaching since he first launching this site, BSPN is hardly the only place to get quality sports content.

Over at CBS Sports, the opposite Lovie reaction is coming forth from reasoned minds like Adam Schein, Jason La Canfora, prickly Pete Prisco and Doug Gottlieb.

(Pat Kirwan is the lone CBS voice that is beside himself with Lovie’s firing, but Kirwan, who Joe just loves, wouldn’t fire any coach. That’s just the way Kirwan is wired. He’s very consistent that way. Kirwan, a former NFL coach and Bucs front office staffer, believes firing coaches is an assault on his profession.)

Below is video of Gottlieb discussing the firing and Gottlieb gives a high-five to Team Glazer suggesting not only was the move smart, but Gottlieb believes Team Glazer had serious buyer’s remorse with Lovie, which is sort of what BSPN’s Chris Mortensen hinted at.

24 Responses to ““Very, Very Smart””

  1. Aristotle Says:

    Can we choose right one year??

  2. BucFan20 Says:

    Local TV is doing the same. The only Fans they put on air are the ones upset about Lovie being fired. Not the Fans that say he deserved it,

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    I had buyers remorse on opening day of 2014 when do-no-wrong Lovie Smith overpaid for a slew of lousy FAs while cutting/trading several decent players that were here. That was the moment the proverbial bloom popped off the Lovie rose. Sht show every since.

  4. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I still don’t think we should hire Koetter just to keep him paired with Winston. Winston is good enough, smart enough, and has the work ethic to learn a new offense. It’s better find the perfect fit for the team, than just hire Koetter for the sake of continuity. Unless Licht thinks dirk is the absolute best head coach candidate, we shouldn’t be forced to promote Koetter. If we hired Koetter and 2 years later proves he sucks at being a HC, then we fire him and Winston has to learn a new offense then too. The best bet is to go after who ever you think is the best. If it is Koetter then great. Go hire him. But don’t do it just to please continuity.

  5. The Buc Realist Says:


    For me it was the signing of McCown. I was against lovie after that!!!!

  6. ChanEpic Says:

    Personally, I would LOVE a Tom Coughlin hire. I know he just stepped down in NYC but I think he could do wonders with Mr. Winston at the helm and for the locker room due to his reputation as a disciplinarian who players love to play for. Basically, a Lovie/Schiano hybrid who is also a QB whisperer.

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    Hiring Koetter as Bucs HC will be a mistake we will regret for years to come. Keep him where he wants to stay..as OC. Ohhh and the reason people don’t like Lovie being fired is… You are impatient. You want Mr Instant winner. Might work for some franchises but not us. We are now in that repeat cycle. You know, like that Tom Cruise Sci Fi movie where the same disaster keeps happening over and over again. That’s us right now. I don’t like Lovie being fired. But I don’t feel sorry for him either. He’s got millions coming over the next 2 yrs as part of his contract. How many of us can sit on the Tampa Bay bridge and fish with Schiano who is being paid also, and laugh about big money still coming in. Nice huh? I just feel sorry for the real fans who want a championship. Cause it ain’t comin our way..no time soon. Let the next 2 yr cycle of losing begin! Its sad man..sad.

  8. Desanova Says:

    I agree with all the Glazer firings. The hirings are a different story.

  9. @FcukTheRefsBroy Says:

    I LOATHE Doug gottlieb but every word is correct except promoting out of fear. That ain’t happening or Koetter would be been promoted already (hence Raheem hired instantly) on ESPN: nobody knows why they fired him(WE WATCH THE GAMES WHILE YOU WATCH DALLAS SHUT UP). He was horrible. Hire the best man for the jobs and hope for a tomlin Arians or a bowles

  10. Howard Cosell Says:

    Disney owns espn?
    Wow. The plot thickens then, doesn’t it?

    The national media (and their local pawns) are convinced that they can drive public opinion in any direction that they want to. The truth is that they’re right, but only with stupid people.
    Maybe that’s why we see such an effort to lobotomize society in general. Stupid people make good pawns.

  11. Brent bull/buc Says:

    This is all well and good but these owners have to make a good hire. That’s their job.. Their 0-3.

  12. Cody Says:

    I was happy when we hired Lovie; that said, I’m not sad to see him go. I’ve been a Bucs fan my entire life and some of the worst beatings we ever took were under Lovie Smith. When you’re supposed to be an defensive guru you cant get carved up by garbage QB’s. Guys like Marcus Mariota, Ryan Mallett, Kirk Cousins, Matt Hasselback, Case Kenum, and Jay Cutler all had big days against Tampas defense; and Lovie was calling the defensive plays himself.

    Also, Lovies 8 wins in 2 years is less than Schianos 11 wins in his 2 years, and even Raheem Morris’ 13 wins in his first 2 years. The Bottom line is, billionaires aren’t very patient; when they throw money at something they expect results and Lovie didn’t deliver. The Glazers aren’t cheap either, they want to win and they’ll keep canning coaches until the get what they want. For Jameis Winstons sake, I hope Koetter is the next head coach.

  13. The Rockstar Says:

    Licht was a good hire. Winston was a good hire. We can start listing the good hire now or we can sit and biotch about things others do and the things we have no control over. Whatever floats your boat.

  14. Pick6 Says:

    everybody else in the world gets to reflect on what a gentleman Lovie Smith is. Only bucs fans had to live with that gentlemen’s results. Thanks for your opinion, world, but you’d feel differently if you tracked the personnel moves and team performances over the last 2 seasons. Particularly the areas of the team that Lovie carried the most responsibility for

  15. Greg Schiano Says:

    Stop giving all those media types the credit! I said to fire Lovie first!!!

    You heard it here first….time to run the Big Poodle out of town along with BSPN!!

    Time to start up JoeBucsFan Cable Network!!!! 24/7 coverage of the Bucs!!

  16. Supersam Says:

    Thank you Glazers for correcting the mistake Lovie Smith was, I just hope the damage isn’t to bad already, Revis, Zuttah, Penn, Goldson, Barron. All gone.

  17. passthebuc Says:

    There are those that wanted to give Lovie another year or two. Why? One thing i have learned in business is to admit your mistakes and cut your loses. The key to success is to take your inventory and make the most of it. Lovie insisted on sticking a square peg in a round hole. George Patton said “its not what you have or what you see, its what you do with what you have aand what you see”
    Face it Lovie was blind.
    I’m for one glad he is gone and hope that the Glazers can put an entertaining product on the field.

  18. 1sparkybuc Says:

    No rumors in Philly about Lovie and the fleagles. It scares me to death that the Bucs would even consider Chip Kelly. What a worm.

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    Buyers remorse kicked in early on Lovie’s tenure.

  20. Howard Cosell Says:

    I’m with you Greg schiano!
    Joe is a man of the people.

    We need JBFPN.

  21. lurker Says:

    nfl network had people slamming the bucs, too. where is the hate for them? joes just love to hate espn but wish they were espn.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Can we choose right one year??

    By any metric both Dungy and Gruden were excellent choices.

    Here’s the problem Aristotle…very few coaches win every year and many have to rebuild after their good teams just get too old. Then we can them.

    As far as judging coaches I said I had three on my radar who I considered good coaches but this year and their current jobs will determine whether they are good or really good or perhaps even great.

    Those three…Lovie…Reid…and Fisher. My feelings about them after this year….Lovie and Fisher…good not great careers…Reid…on the cusp of pulling of something that moves his rep up a notch!

    Think KC fans were clamoring to run Reid out of town after winning the opener against Houston and then losing five in a row!!! Wonder which of their fans hung in there expecting to run the table!!!

  23. D-money Says:

    I haven’t turned on ESPN once in well over a year and haven’t even thought twice about it.

    I don’t even watch MNF because I can’t stand the way they push their agendas down everyone’s throught.

    The difference in ESPN and other networks is, at the other networks you don’t get the feeling they’re being told to stick to any company line or talking points.

  24. Max Says:

    Support for the Glazers: Gottlieb and Schein