Lovie Nearly Launched In 2015?

January 8th, 2016
Nearly fired a year ago?.

Almost fired a year ago?

Interesting nuggets in a small column by well-respected Chris Mortensen of BSPN concerning the ousting of Bucs coach Lovie Smith Tuesday night.

Per Mortensen, who is as plugged in as they come, there were rumblings after the 2014 season that Team Glazer was so outraged by their 2-14 record, Lovie nearly didn’t make it to Year Two of his regime, which turned out to be his last.

Again, per Mortensen, the fact that then-offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford got sick and was gone from the team beginning in preseason was the mulligan Lovie needed, which sort of explains why some believed Lovie panicked and shoved defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier aside in training camp.

Apparently, Lovie knew the heat was on.

In fact, there were whispers after a 2-14 record in 2014 — Smith’s first season as coach — that the Glazers were upset with the team’s performance in light of liberal spending on the free-agent market that resulted in the NFL’s worst record. Yet Smith also faced challenges with an offensive coordinator, Jeff Tedford, who had a significant health issue that sidelined him for the season. That was a consideration when Smith returned and they were able to land Dirk Koetter this season after Koetter was let go from Mike Smith’s staff in Atlanta.

This is the element that has so many national types outraged at Lovie’s firing. They clearly were not paying close attention to the goings on with Lovie and the Bucs the past two years. They ignored them or are ignorant.

During the tenure of former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, Team Glazer didn’t have any problem spending money on players but there was a catch: They expected immediate results if there was a big payroll. If Dominik decided to build through the draft, which Team Glazer seemed to encourage, then Team Glazer would be patient.

Fast-forward to Lovie, who signed perhaps the all-time worst free agent crop of expensive players in the history of the Bucs. Joe thinks this burning of tens of millions of dollars of Team Glazer loot really bunched up ownership’s briefs in a major way. Understandable.

And when Lovie’s defense regressed weekly this season, along with his terrible player transactions the previous year (Darrelle Revis, Donald Penn, Jeremy Zuttah) and the colossal free agent mistakes, Team Glazer couldn’t stomach any more of it and lost total faith in Lovie.

32 Responses to “Lovie Nearly Launched In 2015?”

  1. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    They are so clueless.

  2. mach Says:

    I think I read somewhere that Love proposed bringing in an old bears coach as defensive consultant next year as well as not wanting to fire any if his defensive coaches which didn’t go down too well either with ownership. not sure of the credibility of that story though

  3. 74 bucs fan Says:

    Clueless is not being able to solve the massive national mystery know as a slat pass.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    In the final analysis, the Bucs are a business to the Glazers. With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, results matter. And Lovie’s results were 8-24 over 2 years, a poor product on the field and mega-millions burned through on non-performing FAs, plus poor attendance.

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    All of that really does make a lot of sense and it clarifies speculation that’s been happening among the fan base for years. Really enlightening article Joe. Thank you

  6. Vincente Says:

    It’s s almost shocking how little the media knows about what is going on in Tampa. I was listening to ESPN radio on Sirius xm and I had to change it back to late hits. The whole getting fired over the phone is not that big a deal especially after it was reported the meeting was scheduled the next day. Lovie just did t want to go but that’s old news now. And I just want to say if your the head coach and you throw money at players and get nothing in return ownership shouldn’t accept that. This just gets better and better as days go by. Another thing LVD should apologize for his tweets. That was way out of line.

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    I think..had Lovie made or suggested changes to his Defensive staff in his meeting with the Glazers this week, he would have retained his job. Rumors are..he did not offer changes. He only said he would bring in a consultant from Chicago. I like Lovie. But its hard to feel sorry for a man who still is owed 10 million dollars on another 2 yrs. Not sure how much of that money he will get, But you can be sure..It will be more than what we will Ever get. Think about how nice it would be to be..fishing off of the Tampa Bay bridge with Schiano, sucking down a cold one, trading war stories, and still be getting paid millions. Some life huh? So Don’t be sorry for Lovie. He was on the right track. And was building a winner. Be sorry for the poor Buc fans who will have to endure more losing seasons because ownership, Tampa Bay media, and a few disgruntled fans want..instant success. Well I got news for yas, Be careful what you wish for. The Bucs and fans will Push Koetter into a HC job then push him right out 2 yrs after. Mark my words. And the cycle will start all over again. Poor Tampa Bay Bucs..the laughing stock of the NFL..along with Cleveland

  8. firethecannons Says:

    You know what–I’m glad he is gone. Next season is serious competition and we did not stand a chance with Lovie and his tolerant attitude. The most penalties in the NFL-Mike Evans and his prima donna attitude, stupid penalties that no one held accountable for ever–touchdowns called back over and over. I am glad his ass is out of here, choices like jennings and jenkins–no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The Buc Realist Says:

    If this report is true, Then I am stunned how close some of the thinking was to the “real” Buc fans!! We wondered out loud last offseason how this coach was getting a pass when he was twice as worst as the previous year, then finished with the #1 overall pick, meaning that they were THE worst team!!! We pulled up records that most coaches and GM’s almost always were fired for that!!!

    My confidence in the Glazers are growing each day!!!!

    And we do not expect instant success. We just do not want to see the sloppiest football team fielded each week!!!!

  10. Sapp, STFU Says:

    It dawned on my last night, could you imagine Gruden’s GM patsy Bruce Allen firing Gruden 2 years after getting together?

    Much respect for Jason Licht now.

  11. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    I give team Glazier credit for making the move. They saw what we all saw. A coach, who was stubborn and married to his “system” that did not work. He let go talented and pro bowl caliber players go to bring in people like Collins( who still does not have a job) Jenkins, and McCown. Lovie was one bad decision after another. Now they have a GM who knows talent, and has connections to winning franchises. He has a network of people to make a well informed choice on the new HC. Help us Jason Licht, you’re our only hope!

  12. tdtb2015 Says:

    hopefully Licht and the personnel team learn from the past and continues acquiring good players. We don’t want him to become a GM like Dominick.

    Now is all on him.

  13. The Buc Realist Says:

    “Help us Jason Licht, you’re our only hope!”

    you think he’s talking about old coughlin kenobi!!!

  14. MadMax Says:

    Thank you Glazers for pulling the plug. It had to be done.

    Now its time to get some level headed talent evals on the D and a scheme to fit it. Im not too crazy about Coughlin and sure as heck not Chip, but someone like McDermott would be my candidate. Again, Thank you Glazers.

  15. CC Says:

    When guru Lovie mocked 2013 Bucs team doe being 4-12. And then blows that team ul and replaces players that are no longer in the league and goes 2-14. Thats made Lovie look like a complete fool to to the fans. This also made the owners look like fools for hiring him.

  16. MTM Says:

    The fact that Licht is in charge of the coaching search leads me to believe the Glazers know there is something better out there than Lovie. I’ll try not to tear up for Lovie when he is sitting without a job and 10 millions dollars of go away money.

  17. DallasBuc Says:

    Yep. He should have been ejected after 2-14.

  18. Eric Says:

    Yeah the team did not look well coached, especially on defense,

    But I think Lovie leaves behind a better football team than he inherited. Mostly because of Jameis.

    Hopefully we got a Sam Wyche type situation and the next guy can bring us out of the abyss like Dungy did.

    Some damn good young pieces of the puzzle are in the box. For that I say thank you Lovie Smith.

  19. AceofAerospace Says:

    I’m vindicated.

  20. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    I’ve held fast to my claim that Lovie was brought in to create a buzz about the team to sell the new uniform merchandise. The media painted Schiano poorly and many fans blindly bought in, so firing him early was a fairly painless move for the Glazer’s (they probably had enough of Dominick so when the opportunity to grab a HC off the scrap heap who had ties to the Bucs glory years as well as a Super Bowl appearance (ass whoopin’…but it was an appearance) they probably thought “we’ve got one of the best DT’s in the game, a star in the making young LB, a shutdown CB, two talented (but underperforming) safeties along with VJax, Glennon (who had many people interested after a solid rookie season), a RB one year removed from a stellar rookie season…the cupboard was NOT bare as some tools here like to try to spin. It must have really stung the Glazer’s watching their sure fire plan blow up in their faces as Lovie ran guys out not because of character issues but because he felt his ex-Bears cast offs were better in his scheme…oops

  21. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    Me as a Bucs fan since 1976 I am not happy with Lovies 2 years at Tampa . But also not happy with the way the Glazers do business either.. if u gonna fire him fire him don’t wait two weeks I do understand that s… happens. Let’s admitted it I like Lovie but he didn’t do a good job over 2 years. Nonetheless, I hope the Glazers bring in a good coach and let him built a bond with players….I mean it’s they’re millions they do what they want…all I want for xmas is the Glazers to stop the musical H.Cs. when was the last time we had H.C the made 5 years here

  22. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Truth be told I have respect for the Glazer’s…the firing of Lovie was probably very difficult…the money, the outrage from the media, cries of racism, all sorts of heat. I’m sure Lovie is a good man and held fast in his belief in himself, his coaches, and his players…bottom line 8-24 will usually get you fired in a sport that has become all about selling an entertainment package to the masses. Good luck to you Coach Smith, but I for one believe you absolutely failed at cashing the checks your mouth had made to the fans as well as the owners.

  23. Tampa Tony Says:

    I would’ve fired him after 2-14 and brought in Bowles or Harbaugh

  24. Drew Says:

    Telling the glazer family he wanted to bring in a consultant to fix the defense was his undoing.

  25. The Buc Realist Says:


    Actually it was naming Old Man McCown as a starting QB!!!!!!!!!

  26. Pierce Says:

    Colossus free agent mistakes – but there wasn’t one ‘expert’ that said they made huge mistakes at the time. We got an A grade that year for our free agent acquisitions

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    This is just common sense. I said during the season there was absolutely no way Glazers hired this guy expecting to only win 2 games and that they must of be absolutely shocked at they ineptness

  28. JAB83 Says:

    Only issue I have with this is that a solid coaching candidate will never take this job.

    Think about it like this. If your a contractor like they all are. Are you going to take a job knowing that your contract is likely not gonna be fulfilled, if you don’t come in right away and produce. Never mind the rest of your contract, your fired, here is some money now get lost.

    The answer is always a NO. Some of you will say, for the money you would do anything. Or yeah if you don’t produce you should be fired. However that is exactly the point. No decent contractor is going to take that risk. Production and money are all dependent upon other people doing their jobs correctly as well.

    The main reason is because it goes on your resume. If I know a job will can me because the results they are looking for are unrealistic and I likely wont be able to finish my contract. I aint taking it. Why not just sign coaches to 1 year deals or even two??? BECAUSE IT TAKES TIME…


    Truth be told, the best thing that could of happened for EVERYONE, is to of let Lovie finish his contract. Regardless of what you think. A good product is delivered via good business practices.

    I supported Lovie just like I have any coach or player while they have been on my team….. Now that he is gone I am free to say…. HE WAS SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT OVER ALL…. However he was sound in his methods and processes. He created problems for himself but he also resolved some problems he inherited.


    Let him finish his contract so that the bigger fish start swimming around looking for that Super Bowl…

    Pittsburgh (as well as a few others) will always have the pick of the litter for this reason alone….

    STOP FIRING COACHES “TEAM GLAZER” just stop!!!!!!!! Sign them to a two year deal or something BUT STOP FIRING THEM…

  29. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The Buc Realist

    ”If this report is true, Then I am stunned how close some of the thinking was to the “real” Buc fans!!

    Lol, don’t remind them.

  30. Buccfan37 Says:

    Go haunt some other teams fanbase Lovie.

  31. JabooBuc Says:

    Just a random thought but I’m wondering if Tedford and Licht, after spending some time working with Lovie, saw the writing on the wall and decided to fend for themselves. In Tedfords case, it was using his health condition to get the hell out. With Licht, it may have been advising the Glazers that something had to change. I saw his face on the sideline at the Carolina game and he looked thoroughly pissed. Maybe they knew this ship was sinking a long time ago under Lovies control.

  32. TomH Says:

    I hope the Bucs get a new receivers’ coach. Too many penalties, drops, and alligator arms.