The Scene Last Night At One Buc

January 7th, 2016
Setting the scene at One Buc Palace yesterday.

Setting the scene at One Buc Palace yesterday.

No one knows what truly happened last night behind closed doors at One Buc Palace. And neither Team Glazer or Lovie Smith is likely to describe in a public forum what happened, if anything happened.

From the sounds of it, Lovie could have received a text from Team Glazer to say, “We will clean out your desk for you, where do we send your stuff?”

Josina Anderson of ESPN spoke with Bucs assistants and got a feel for how the day transpired up to and including the Bucs announcing they have moved on from Lovie.

61 Responses to “The Scene Last Night At One Buc”

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    That’s unsettling news if true.

  2. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Stephen A Smith is going OFF on the Buccaneers right now. Pulling the race card.

  3. Luther Says:

    Stephen A should shutup. The Bucs have hired 3 black coaches when there are teams that have never hired 1. This is about Winston and I am actually relieved if Koetter is indeed the choice.

  4. Supersam Says:

    I can’t stand Stephen A Smith. First card he always pulls is the race card. Never mind the fact that Lovie was the second worst head coach in Bucs history!!! No it’s cuz he’s black!! Get outta here

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    STFU Stephen A Smith.

  6. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Stephen A is a real life troll

  7. AceofAerospace Says:

    When you have no other argument, pull the race card. All you do is make people deaf to your claims. As much as I have criticized the Glazers, charges of racism is absurd.

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    Come on, we all envy Stephen A and Skip Bayless. They get paid to be professional trolls. We all come on here and troll for free.

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    How are guys like Stephen A Smith allowed to say what he says and remain employed? Oh that’s right. He’s the voice of black America. Keep trotting guys like him out there and you keep setting the country back to the 60’s. Libs must LOVE this guy. Whoa is me…

  10. tb Says:

    Lovie was fired after the panthers game.

  11. DallasBuc Says:

    I think Stephen A has been posting on JBF the last 18 months under a few different names calling me a racist!
    I guess 2-14 is only considered competent for some people.

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    The Bucs have had more black coaches since 2009 than most franchises in history. Laughable for Stephen A Tard to play the race card.

  13. lightningbuc Says:

    This reminds me of the time Sabby the Goat was told he was no longer a starter via a text from Raheem.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Stephen A…it must have been unbearable for the Glazers to keep that black Raheem Morris for 3 seasons given the color of skin. Oh and Dungy as well. SMH

    Wanna know why racism still exists? Look no further than ESPN and the lib media.

  15. Clodhopper Says:


    Actually I think Steven A is a conservative. He’s on Hannity all the time and they get along splendidly.

  16. The Real Drew Says:

    So they panic because they think Dirk Koetter might get a head coach job, then they fire a second head coach over the phone. Who wants the job here. Even Koetter has to be thinking what the hell? I don’t see this working out well. Koetter is a good OC, but its hard to call an offense and be a head coach. Lovie wasn’t going to make it anyway if he didn’t make changes to his approach. But, I just see this ending again in a couple years. Hope I’m wrong.

  17. lurker Says:

    87, you say some attrocious, ignorant stuff, then cry liberals…smh

  18. lurker Says:

    head coaches have been known to call a play or 2, either for the offense or defense.

  19. Patrickbucs Says:

    Funny @bucrightoff and true @1987

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    lurker…not the place to dispute it, but everyone but you knows I’m right.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Clodhopper…I know that from my days of listening to Hannity on the radio. No he’s not a conservative by far. He’s Hannity’s dissenting side. That’s why he brings him on.

    lurker….why does it hurt you? I thought liberalism was dead it’s called “progressives” these days. smh

  22. D-Rome Says:

    No one knows what truly happened last night behind closed doors at One Buc Palace

    The Glazers did not fire Lovie in a face to face meeting. Not only are they terrible owners but they are gutless cowards too.

  23. ChanEpic Says:

    1987(aka 1930 Germany) I can dispute it, I’m a black person and Stephen A Smith speaks for me as much as David Duke and Ted Nugent speaks for you…..Oops bad analogy, let me rephrase. A. Smith speaks for me as much as Stephen Hawking speaks for you. Which would be 0. Now, get back to your double wide and let the decent people talk. Freaking clown.

  24. ChanEpic Says:

    Bucs1987 watches Hannity, that explains A LOT. Cliven Bundy lover… HA! Shouldn’t you be in Oregon fighting the gubermint, for our jeeerrrbbbs?

  25. Lord Cornelius Says:

    DallasBuc aren’t you the guy who kept calling Light a lapdog GM & talked all sorts of sh1t about him? The guy who probably had some of the best drafts in the history of the franchise?

    I am OK with this firing as long as we hire an adequate DC & HC.

    It doesn’t change the fact that a lot of posters here are as5holes that just spew random hatred filled bullsh1t

  26. ruggyup Says:

    Just one more episode in the Glazer book of clumsy, uninspired and classless mismanagement. Before it’s all over I hope you all understand that Lovie is still a man of high character which is practically unknown in today’s football world.

  27. ChanEpic Says:

    Lord Cornelius – Well said.

  28. Tampatony Says:

    Three bad hires in a row.

    At least they have a good GM in place

  29. DallasBuc Says:

    LordCornhole- yeah I am the guy that originally and mercilessly dubbed him lapdog Licht. You can read comments about all of that in the Licht thread a few articles back.

  30. DallasBuc Says:

    ChanEpic is one of the many race baiters around here trying to deflect from the rank incompetence that 2-14 Lovie Smith wrought on this franchise and fanbase. You just keep perpetuating the disintegrating race relations in this country. You must be proud.

  31. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    Hardy har har har! I know dallasBuc is talking about me because his personal rants and attacks against Lovie had to be color based and I will call out anybidy like that. I disagreed a lot with Realist and even ’87 but those guys at least came with intelligence and fact. The aforementioned trailer park clown only spewed hate and malcontent.

    Now as for S.A.S. he is a loud obnoxious mouthpiece who acts like he knows it all and yes he loves to pull out the race card. If it’s appropriate it’s cool but I have never heard him pull it out against his own kind and they are just as racist and bigoted on the field and court as those he tries to call out.

  32. DallasBuc Says:

    DavidbigRacePimp back at it again making sht up to justify calling me a racist. You lower the standards.

  33. White Tiger Says:

    Sounds a LOT like the way Gruden got it – after leaving and thinking all was ok – he gets a call and is told “you’re done”…because Raheem Morris was leveraging them with his Denver interview…

    …sounds like Koetter may have been leveraging them with a couple “opportunities” ..and either Frick or Frack Glazer panicked…again (I seem to recall that Frick was negotiating with über-coach; Ralph-freakin-Freidgen, while Frack was negotiating with Steve-MOOCH-Mariucci, meanwhile it was Daddy WarBuc who was on the phone with Al Davis doing the trade for Jon Gruden…

    Then again, maybe Jason Licht had this all planned out when he hired Koetter and Bajakian…

  34. DallasBuc Says:

    Ahh, now we are hearing that the Glazers called Lovie Smith in for a meeting in person this morning. Apparently incompetent Lovie Smith figured out he was going to get fired so it just ended up happening on the call. Got no issue with that.

  35. Dave Says:

    Herm Edwards about to go off on ESPN

  36. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    dallasBuc people like you are the one’s who caused the race problem in this country and now you want to call people race baiters. Lovie Smith is a man of high moral fiber something you know nothing about and full of class of which you have none. He has never shown himself to be an incompetent man even his career proves that. Your personal attacks reduce your rants to about one obvious thing. …..his color.

  37. Chris Says:

    Not surprising that all of Lovie’s friends are freaking-out. He’s well connected in the NFL. Players are upset too. Same thing happened in Chicago when he was fired. Lovie is a good man, and definitely a players coach. But he just wasn’t getting it done. Right move for the franchise.

  38. Dave Says:

    Good point brought up-
    Done assistant coach had forecast come out and said he would not want to go to Tampa because they have no credibility left – 5 coaches in 7 years.

    People want a fair shot. 2 years is not that

  39. Dave Says:

    Just what I’ve been saying – it’s become a laughingstock.

    Fired over the phone. That’s pudding people off too.

  40. BuccoDav Says:

    More than likely, the Glazers met with Lovie to get a feel for the direction he wanted to take the team and the changes he was planning to make to get better. They probably talked after Lovie left and decided it wasn’t the direction they wanted to go.Instead of giving rumors a chance to fester, and Lovie finding out through social media, they called him with their decision. I don’t have a problem with that.
    This is the NFL, not Winn Dixie. If the Glazers had called Lovie back, or waited a day, and wouldn’t grant other teams the chance to interview Koetter, the rumor mill would have blown up.

  41. Dave Says:

    One more point – if they want Dirk they just put him in a real bad situation. The locker like Lovie. Now they may look at Dirk and wonder if he had something to do with it all

    The whole thing is bad

  42. bucrightoff Says:

    Dave Says:
    January 7th, 2016 at 11:44 am
    Just what I’ve been saying – it’s become a laughingstock.

    Fired over the phone. That’s pudding people off too.

    Did you read why it was over the phone? Because they were calling him in to fire him in person, but he figured it out. He couldn’t figure out how to stop slants, but he could figure out he was getting canned. Lol.

  43. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    Dull as buck you’re a mental midget and to say someone lowered the standards well those are the only standards you can understand. If you stopped looking thru those eye cut outs in your pointy little white hood you might have a different perspective on life but I doubt it because as Forrest Gumps mama said ” Stupid Is As Stupid does”

  44. Warfield42 Says:

    DavidbigBucsFan Says:
    January 7th, 2016 at 11:40 am
    dallasBuc people like you are the one’s who caused the race problem in this country and now you want to call people race baiters. Lovie Smith is a man of high moral fiber something you know nothing about and full of class of which you have none. He has never shown himself to be an incompetent man even his career proves that. Your personal attacks reduce your rants to about one obvious thing. …..his color.
    You nailed it. The term “race card” was invented for the sole purpose of avoiding any meaningful discussion about race, even when a situation is clearly about race. It sends a red flag to me (and should to most intelligent people) that when the term “race card” is used, because it’s done to discredit or dismiss the possibility that race is a factor. You can agree or disagree with someone on the merit of their argument alone. Using the term “race card” just means you don’t want to hear what someone else has to say…be honest. That is why racism still exists. We don’t even want to discuss it in any capacity.

  45. ChanEpic Says:

    DallasBuc – I’m a race baiter? You’re the new face of the loser mentality that is infecting the “Right” in this country, where calling out racists for being racists is the new racism. I’ve said nothing about ANYONE’s race other than refuting the bald face lie that 1987 vomited out of his keyboard “Stephen A Smith speaks for the African American community” I responded that he doesn’t speak for me, just like Stephen Hawking doesn’t speak for you or 1987. How is that ME being the race baiter? Joe, and any other decent Buc fan should be embarrassed by people like you and 1987.

  46. DallasBuc Says:

    DavidbigRacePimp- you do realize that accusing someone (you don’t actually know) of being a racist over and over again doesn’t actually make them a racist, right? Kinda in the same way me calling Lovie Smith incompetent all the time didn’t alone make him incompetent. 2-14 did tho!

  47. Chris Says:

    I’m sorry, but if you are getting paid 5 million per year to do ANYTHING, you better do a really good job lol. Otherwise, there are plenty of qualified people who are willing to take your place. That’s life.

  48. David Says:

    Yo…I’m black and I’m offended by the constant race baiting. Some stuff is iffy….(supersam)…lol. But I’m also offended that every claim is put off as sumthin else by sum of u who act like racism is dead. Probably the same ones who label all black people instead of individuals. Just saying.

  49. bucnation(ak) Says:

    STFU stephen A. for a dumbass that want equality u complain a lot….everytime something happen lets pull out the race card.u want to be equal accept the fact like everybody regardless of color or race,then u can talk about equality

  50. Ray Rice Says:

    Stephen A. LMFAO what a FUKN dumba$$! This is the same person who has been in some sexist controversies on national television but wants to claim racism. Bottom line Stephen A. your boy Lovie sucked. Get over it. You FUKN suck at your job too. ESPN is too scared to fire your a$$ because of your bull$hit race card.

  51. Chris Says:

    To me, the NFL treated a black coach and a white coach the same: Look at Wisenhunt in Tenn. Same scenario – second year coach, first year with 1st round QB, fired for not getting it done. Where’s the outrage over Wisenhunt’s firing? The big difference is: Wisenhunt TORCHED Lovie’s D when they played each other. This with a rookie QB starting his first game. Also, Lovie at least got to finish out the season.

  52. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    dullasbuck the history of your work on here is all the proof I need. Others use more constructive and fact base arguments to back up their reasons ewe on the other hand spew hatred and mindless banter nothing ewe say backs up making such a personal attack against an upstanding man. Conventional wisdom means nothing to ewe all ewe do is rant and rage.

    Besides I don’t need to know you to know your type. I mean what did black kids beat ewe up as a kid growing up or maybe Lovie didn’t interview you for the water boy opening last year???

    Oh yeah even though I don’t recollect ever calling ewe a racist, but just because I don’t doesn’t make ewe NOT one! Guilty conscience eating at ewe maybe?

  53. OnlyGodnoles Says:

    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water I have issues with some of Stephen A’s opinions but just because some people may not like him as a person does not mean he is not capable of coming up with legitimate concerns.

    I wrote previously in one of Joe’s article that Koetter is been giving too much credit for JW’s talent, for just one moment let’s superimpose a rookie Peyton for JW would a white/black OC be given credit for the rookie Peyton’s talent? Heck we are told peyton is one man QB, HC, OC by the talking heads. Most people agree that the ingredient is now place for major success in tampa the gut punch is the person responsible for laying the foundation will not be around to enjoy the success.

    Am no race bait advocate trust me am far from it but the move that tampa just made doesn’t look good for minority coaches, andrew luck sucks in Indy and the black OC get’s the blame JW progresses in tampa and Dirk get’s the credit the visual just doesn’t look good.

    Am no lovie supporter am of the believe that Lovie’s defensive scheme is outdated and too stubborn to adjust but he deserves one more year to show he can do the job.

  54. Bobby Says:

    Anybody with an ounce of sense knows this wasn’t about race. If that were true we’d have taken Mariotta over Winston in the draft. Some of the comments by commentators are outrageous and some of the comments by posters on here are just as inflammatory. Calling out anyone who watches Hannity as being in league with Cliven Bundy and accusing 1987 of being a Nazi is about as racist as someone saying anyone who voted for Obama is a brainwashed, uninformed idiot. Tolerance only seems to apply if the person you’re tolerating happens to agree with you. This board gets out of hand because dissenting opinions are attacked personally. It’s a forum for discussion about football and the Bucs. Calling someone’s opinion foolish is one thing, but calling someone a racist or a nazi is a whole different level. No doubt racism still exists but there’s plenty to go around on both sides, both black and white. Just as much black racism as white racism.

  55. Chris Says:

    We’ll never have a truly equal society as long as you can’t fire a black coach without people assuming it’s racism. Ridiculous. I already mentioned the parallel with Wisenhunt, yet nobody assumed it was due to his race. Look at the team’s HC record, out of the past 5 head coaches, 3 of them have been black. How many teams can say that?

  56. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    Hey I like Lovie as a coach and as a person but in the end I believe his body of work deserved termination. If they would have kept him I woulda been cool with it as well just to see what he would do with a defensive draft. But hey I won’t cry over spilt chocolate milk. On to the next (un)lucky candidate.

    This isn’t about color because he never would have been hired nor Raheem Morris who was given three years! I call people out when it’s clear to me when there’s a racial slant to what they write. Outside if them outright calling someone a slur I don’t call people racist unless it’s well deserved but if course we know they never will. Unlike dullasbuck I know the meaning of words and know how to apply them appropriately. Race is American as apple pie football and Chevrolet.

  57. DallasBuc Says:

    DavidbigRacePimp- Lovie Smith is professionally incompetent as the Bucs HC. That is not an attack on the man personally because I don’t know him personally. But professionally it was incompetent from a record standpoint and the eyeball test. That was a bad football team and terrible defense. Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks so. Most people here agree with me, including the owners. Unless you think they are racists too the way StephenA does?
    You make stuff up about me in order to support your charge of racism. That is underhanded and you know it.

  58. lurker Says:

    according to ESPN article:

    “A source had earlier told ESPN’s Vaughn McClure that Smith found out about his firing over the phone, but the situation appears to have been more complex. In conversations over the phone with Licht, Smith could tell something was not right, and the general manager did not want to leave him twisting overnight, sources told Schefter.

    So Licht informed Smith that he didn’t think the conversations with the owners on Thursday would be good. Smith told Licht to tell the owners not to come to Tampa on Thursday, that there was no need. Bucs owners insisted they fly there, but Smith was more insistent and went to clean out his office.”

  59. Chris Says:

    No, Lovie didn’t develop Jameis. In fact, he’s fostered a culture of nonchalance and comfort that is actively hurting Jameis.

    And 4 straight bad losses is not the team headed in the right direction.

  60. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    dullasbuck not once have ewe ever talked about professional incompetence. The way ewe used that word the whole time I’ve been up here shows me there was a certain slant to your hatred of Lovie Smith. The vileness of ALL OF YOUR POSTS reeked of hate I don’t care what other people did or did not pick up on. You have been the worst of the haters up here.

    You say you don’t know Lovie to hate him? A nation of hundreds of millions over the last 130 years hated his kind without knowing them. I grew up in Florida listening to people like you who didn’t know me but called me every vile name made up because of my Korean heritage didn’t matter I was a nice kid. Black people hate me because I’m not black so I might as well be white so that little so called point you thought you were making is moot. You don’t have to know someone personally. I took your vileness towards Lovie personal. The fact you stuck to your hate guns for the man is why I took bias in your posts. It didn’t matter who you offended. So I post towards you the way I do. It’s not underhanded because your actions caused it. It”s not like one day I picked you to drop the color bomb on. You say I called you a racist? Show me where but I do know I straight out said your hatred of him had to be cause of his color. But you know what he is gone now and time to turn the page.

    I will say this if it bothers you that much to be “erroneously ” inferred as being racist I’ll leave you alone no more posts towards you. Not like I’m trying to do you a favor or what not

  61. lurker Says:

    where are all the comments?