“Pay Attention!”

January 8th, 2016

“They nailed it.”

Don’t let the Lovie Smith apologists and sycophants cloud your judgement, says popular sports radio and television personality Adam Schein. Just look at the facts.

Schein, no fan of Lovie, took to his CBS Sports network weeknight show “Time to Schein” to explain how Team Glazer’s dismissal of Lovie was a no-brainer. In fact, Schein said Team Glazer “Nailed it. They absolutely nailed it.”

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to watch Schein’s take.

39 Responses to ““Pay Attention!””

  1. Pick6 Says:

    that felt good to watch. glad somebody has been paying attention going back to the promises of instant success 2 years ago

  2. Ray Rice Says:

    Schein is a FUKN beast. LMFAO. Gotta give him credit. He called that $hit in October. As much as I hated his prediction for the YUCS this past season he was right.

  3. Clodhopper Says:

    That’s the best part about SiriusXM. These guys pay attention to EVERY team. They talk about every team. You want to know how Romo’s clavicle is doing, you can find out on ESPN and NFL network. You want to know how great Russel Wilson or Tom Terrific is you can go there too. But if you want to know about every team, they are the last place to go. They only have time to talk about 4 teams and sprinkle in some of 10 more teams and the rest are on their own.

  4. tdtb2015 Says:

    With Koetter looking at other opportunities and the next draft aimed at defensive players firing Lovie makes sense.

    Now until we sign Koetter to more money or HC job we are in walking in a tight rope with no net to fall on.

    Will Koetter agree to stay in Tampa? After Lovie being fired how does Koetter feel about the Glazers? Does he want to stay in Tampa? Things that make you go HMMMMMMM??????

    Will Licht save the day? Or is Joe having to feed angry piranhas the rest of the off season? Either way Joe is in HEAVEN!!!!

    Very, very entertaining!

  5. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    You know I love how these right wing extremists like to call people names just because they don’t prescribe to their way of thinking but if you infer they’re racist or say anything derogatory about their people then they get all butt hurt and chaffed. For instance this Mr. Scheinberg shouldn’t be calling anyone names. What am I anti Semetic now? I by no means make any apologies for Lovie because when the smoke settles his body of work for the Bucs speaks for itself. Sycophants??? I had to look that one up. I kiss no one’s butt to make them feel better or more important. I’m not a yes man. I do agree with his firing but I did want to see what could he could do with an all defensive draft this season but hey not gonna happen now and I’m not unhappy he’s gone. Just hope Licht can set us up right.

    I can tell which Joe posted this blog that’s for sure. I just wish everyone would let it go and talk about something new.

  6. tdtb2015 Says:

    I’m with you David!

    But this is Joe’s job. Sometimes we forget that. He is working. The more opinionated people get the more hits the website gets. Advertising companies are happy to be part of Joebucsfan.com. Its a business that entertain us!

    Joe will allow this nonsense. But Joe posted this (and everything else on the site) because it was on Joe’s mind, was interesting, and Joe found it relevant to the Bucs’ landscape. That’s Joe’s only model for this site, the same model since Joe started in 2008. Joe’s opinion rants like this with pictures of Adam Schein are way below average when it comes to what’s read on this site. So you’re way off base. –Joe

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    David….you love it huh? How about your side stop dropping the race card nearly every…single…time someone says something critical about a black man. It’s sets the country back to the 60’s where of course most of your side wants it.

    Take this for instance. I have NO idea WHY you are bringing up politics and “right-wing extremists” whatever the definition of that is.

    How exactly foes one watch this video and then make a post such as that?

    Ya see that’s WHY your side is major problem in this country. You look for things that aren’t there. Example : Whites are 10 times more likely to be shot by a cop than blacks….but let’s take to the streets and burn our city down to the ground.

    Good day sir. Not the place to debate it even though this place is crawling with people that like to censor you.

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    No one likes to be called a racist when they are not being one. No one on both sides of the aisle. It’s a cop out and I’ve seen the race card dropped numerous times on this site without warrant. Not even THIS site, but all over the net. Welcome to Obama’s America. He set race relations back 40 years and he had chance to do soooo much more.

  9. salish_seamonster Says:

    Love this take by Schein. And I don’t usually like him.

  10. Justin Sheehan Says:

    He could have used a little more help on defense is all I’m saying. There were signs of a turnaround. Rebuilding takes time and time just started over.

  11. tdtb2015 Says:

    Can’t we just get along???? We are humans!!! Color does not matter. Let it go! Move on.

    Choices are the solution within us all. Let it go! That is so 60’s….

    2016 my brother. We are humans. Let it go! Color is not the problem. Hate is!

  12. Raymond Jameis Stadium Says:

    Lovie was a loser. Simple as that.

  13. Elle Says:

    Adam Schein is one of the few national media types I’m liking these days. The other one would be Jason La Canfora. Screw the rest, especially ex Bucs coaches turned analysts such as Herm Edwards and his drama queen attitude about Lovie’s firing.

  14. Elle Says:

    Oh and I forgot… a short while ago on the NFL Network, I heard that blonde chick stating that she feels lucky she doesn’t work for the Bucs. Only a little joke, sure, but it makes me outraged all the same. Someone ought to make a few calls and make this bulls*** stop.

  15. Joe Says:

    that blonde chick

    They have a few. Name helps.

  16. James Walker Says:

    I guess this guy actually watched the games. I was pro-Lovie, but I can admit when I was wrong. I wanted to believe in Lovie, I wanted that mojo of old coming back here. But, reality has slapped me in the face.

  17. Elle Says:

    I think her name is Colleen Wolfe, she co-hosts NFL Now. The NFL Network has been bashing the Bucs quite a lot, it’s so very annoying. I think I’ll just avoid watching for now.

  18. James Walker Says:

    As for the race card crap. Since 1992 the Bucs have alternated between white coaches and minority coaches. That is 23 years of history in diversity. The Bucs have always been a leader in that category.

  19. Joe Says:

    Colleen Wolfe

    You won’t get Joe to say anything bad about her. 🙂

  20. lurker Says:

    “I have NO idea WHY you are bringing up politics…”
    c’mon man. i have seen you sling politics more and more. also, your political statements are generally false.

  21. Elle Says:

    Hahaha, fair enough, Joe. It was only a joke anyway, but still… hearing so many negative reactions from people who don’t really cover the Bucs is turning out to be very frustrating. Here’s hoping that the next HC will shut up these national media types.

  22. unbelievable Says:

    Why 87 or David feel the need to bring their tired-a$$, repetitive, not-even-remotely-factual, non-sense political talking points into a Bucs blog is beyond me.

    Anyways, it’s so refreshing to hear a national analyst who actually knows what the f@ck he is talking about with regards to the Bucs. All the outcry from the media is people who just like Lovie as a person and/or have no clue what was actually going on with the Bucs these past to years.

    I could almost give Lovie a partial pass for the offense his first year, but the fact that the defense could t stop a quick slant for 2 years is unacceptable. Especially from a “defensive” head coach.

  23. TimmyLexus Says:

    Am I the only person that thinks it was a fantastic move to hire Lovie two years ago? Hire Lovie, knowing he would drive the team straight into the ground. This gets the Buccaneers Jameis. Stick it out for one more year because the Bucs weren’t a contender anyways, then fire him. Thanks for trashing the team and getting us Jameis, Lovie!

  24. I Got What I Wanted Says:


    “I have NO idea WHY you are bringing up politics…”

    How can you post this and then immediately write a second post blaming the president for setting race relations back 40 years?

    Hell son, that don’t make no sense.

    How bout we keep it all things Bucs?

  25. Willy D Buc Says:

    Yep, nailed it.

  26. ManzielMadness Says:

    Agree about ESPN being crap nowadays, yesterday someone on there said Lovie shouldn’t be fired because the Bucs were competitive in every game last season… I had to switch it off after that

  27. mac Says:

    Finally, the voice of reason speaks… Bottom line – Lovie Smith was not was not doing a good enough job. The defense was getting worse…

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    LMAO everything this guy says is on point. Lovie did some ridiculously stupid things. How anyone could want this guy back for a 3rd season is beyond me. Thankfully the Glazers feel the same.

  29. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    87 I brought the political thing up because the conservative/republican/tea party types up here like to call people names just because they don’t agree with their way of thinking. They are the Donald Trumps of this board. Plus from time to time they do bring their political mind up here and sling liberals and sheep and what not. Even ine of the Joes posts his conservative rhetoric up here from time to time. Why can’t people have respect for others ideas without calling names.

    As with the racial thing I’ve done already explained myself why I did it. One individuals attacks on Lovie Smith were personal and eventually I called what I saw. If there was football proof that Lovie is incompetent it was never posted simply hate spewed. It’s not like I called each and every poster up here who said derogatory things about Lovie a racist, matter of fact I never called anyone a racist so you guys need to get your facts straight. I said that this dudes hate had to be because of Lovies color because the vile nonsense that he posted made no sense.

    You guys act like racism has been destroyed in America and get upset when race is brought up . I only bring it up when I deem it necessary. You guys drop your political rhetoric anytime you feel like it. You tote your right to bear arms well we also have this right called freedom of speech.

  30. White Tiger Says:

    C’mon – I didn’t want Lovie – but many of you are the SAME folks professing what GREAT MOVE it was for the Glazers to HIRE Lovie Smith…

    Lovie was in Tampa for 2 years – the previous coach ran off ALL the edge rushers and Lovie spent primo money & pick on Mike Evans in year one, and a QB, OT, and OG in year two – there wan’t much tread in the repo market (AKA FA) on edge rushers – so he had to settle on replying 4 DT’s on the d-line. He kind of made that work, as the defense definitely showed signs of improving.

    Tampa’s history shows that whenever you fire your head coach in order to save your coordinator, BAD things happen…

    Meanwhile what I AM paying attention to is the stunning L-O-N-G tradition of success in places where they do a good job building a great organization, and when THEY make a commitment to a coach, they make a COMMITMENT to a coach. Places like New England, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Green Bay and St Louis…let a good coach take advantage of an established coaching staff & organization.

    take a look at this list:


    Tell me the ONE difference between the teams at the top, and the teams at the bottom (where Tampa was in 2014 and is again in 2016).

    As they say: ’nuff said.

    Tell me how many teams Adam Schein has built, I’ll tell you whether he knows what he’s talking about or not…

    …oh wait, don’t bother…he’s built NOTHING, he only talks about for a living.

    When he’s wrong, he just ignores it and laughs at you chumps in Tampa – while he stands in line to pick up his New York Giants tickets every year (where they haven’t had a coaching move in 12 years)…

    ..there is a reason we’ve sucked for 9 years…and it ain’t always coaching.

    see what I mean?

    ’nuff said.

  31. lurker Says:

    lovie freaking sucked on his own! he had the time, money, power…he wasted it all. he was brought in to win, he did not. he was probably asked to make changes and relinquish some control and refused.

    mistake made, noted, and corrected.

  32. lurker Says:

    ps i never wanted retread lovie. i wanted an offensive-minded candidate.

  33. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    I was cool with the Lovie hire and cool with the Lovie firing. He had his plan it got changed once Tedford left and raced us to Jameis. I can’t blame him completely for the free agents because they were the best he could get at that time and it makes sense to get people familiar with your system, but he did choose them. Then as has been stated the lack of in game adjustments while everyone else adjusted to us then his bromances and lack of discipline. If it’s broke and you cant fix it then gotta give someone else a shot.

    I was fine with Schiano Raheem and Gruden though he was my favorite. The only one that really bothered me was Dungy took me a little while to get over that one

  34. Stanglassman Says:

    ‘Tis it better to have Lovie and lost . . .

  35. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Black white or purple,Lovie stunk it up with the defense. The D regressed and he alone was responsible. Great human being. Two decades behind the rest of the league.

  36. White Tiger Says:

    @DavidBigBucsFan – your hipocrisy is hilarious. You can’t stand being labeled and having to defend your shallow political stances – so what do you do to all those you THINK don’t agree with YOU? You call them “tea partiers” and “Donald Trumps”!?

    …and you’re NOT racist one tiny bit, you ONLY scream racism when YOU deem it “necessary”…? Kind of a weird standard. Seems like anytime you think injustice has been done, and the person happens to be a person of color, then MUST be necessary to pull the race card.

    Get a life. Get real. Seek help, ‘cuz when you’re the only one talking about the unfairness of racism in a performance based assessment, then you’re the racist in the discussion.

    I didn’t want Lovie BECAUSE that his defense-first philosophy was probably going to dictate a very pedestrian offense…and I was wrong. However, it didn’t mean that I didn’t have a LOT of respect for Lovie…also BECAUSE of his prior performance. I thought he was adding players to meet his defensive philosophy – and showed signs of improvement. The owners didn’t think it was ENOUGH improvement.

    Their team, their rules.

  37. satchseven Says:

    the bucs are one of the least talented team in the nfl. firing love still does not change the fact you need two yrs to make that team a contender

    the race card? get real there are a ton of racist whites in America every black man in America can tell you real factual racist crap. bottom line a lot of white males will quit jobs or transfer out rather than work for a brother. I have worked with whites for yrs who did not have the human decency to say hello and you saw them every day.

    I have seen white folks get fired at major corp for writing racist crap on bathroom walls

  38. Mike10 Says:

    Ya stop with race talk here. Please stop. I don’t care. Go to Facebook for that.

    Love Sheins take here. I’m in TX and all my colleagues are bashing the firing. I’ve sat down w each one, listened to their “national” opinion, broke down the actual reasons he was fired while clearing up all their false facts (such as JW only liked Mike B the QB coach, and him and Koetter had a falling out – first I heard that one). And each person was left in agreement. As Schein put it, he could be there for a while!

  39. ed Says:

    please stop”no talent” excuse.

    How about the “we can’t develop and can’t keep them out of trouble” reality. How about-

    Michael Bennett- Seahawks DL that has taken over some big games
    Aqib Talib- New England-Denver top cover corner
    Revis- all world
    Mark Barron- Rams best tackler
    Blount- great running back with Patriots

    Probably a few more I missed but all these players didn’t fit Shiano and Smith’s schemes and turned out they can play at All Pro or close to it level with teams that are well coached. Smith’s ex players that were with Bears sacked under this scheme.