Lovie Firing Was News To Dirk Koetter

January 6th, 2016

Bucs OC Dirk Koetter

Yes, there is loads of speculation that offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter will be the next Buccaneers head coach after Lovie Smith’s firing tonight. But Joe has learned that Koetter, along with other assistant coaches, learned of Lovie’s firing like fans did — via traditional media or social media.

Things can change in a second, but that fact sure makes it sound like Koetter may not be Team Glazer’s first choice to be the new Bucs head coach.

47 Responses to “Lovie Firing Was News To Dirk Koetter”

  1. JayBucsBoi Says:

    Politics. He has to play the politics.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    Going to be a very interesting 24 hours.

  3. jack Says:

    I sure hope it’s not chip kelly or tom coughlin. If it is them and not dirk koetter I am going to cancel my season tickets. Not.in the mood to watch chip kelly do to the bucs what he did to the eagles. I thought Lovie would get another year. I’m disappointed in the bucs right now.

  4. NJBucsFan Says:

    Maybe a Dirk and Mike Smith reunion

  5. Mark Says:

    Please, what’s he supposed to say???

  6. Bucfan951 Says:

    When a guy like Kirk cousins trademarks a slogan “you like that” against your defense, it’s perhaps time for you to move on.

  7. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    I was thinking of Mike Smith at DC.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It could certainly still be Koetter…..what…do you think he would turn down the job?

    You fire first….you promote next……you don’t call Koetter in and say…hey…we’re firing Lovie later tonight….do you want his job?

    Give me a break.

    And…if it’s someone other than Koetter…they would have to be OK with each other.

    I think it’s Koetter….mainly because Licht is staying….Licht would probably like him….then all we need is a strong DC….

  9. Sick of Lovie Says:

    This is actually a shock to me. I thought they would give Lovie another season to bring it together. He just couldn’t do it. Too many embarrassing losses and defensive disasters for a defensive “guru” to over come. The Glazers are trying to put fans in the stands but nobody wants to sit out there and watch your team get man handled by subpar talent week in and week out. I swear, it wasn’t the losing as much as it was the way they were losing.

  10. Rojas Says:

    Anyone but Kelly.. He may he get rid of Winston for Bradford or Mariota so no thank you. I’ll take Kortter please, also Schwartz as DC. I also read possible Todd Haley or Josh Mcdaniels so they have close ties with Licht. An Jimbl fisher. I rather promote Koetter.

  11. Brad Says:

    Like I said earlier this week here, Glaziers are making a power play for Saban. We have the QB he needs to come back to the league.

  12. Dave Says:

    Thank you glaziers
    You have made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a laughingstock again. The entire football world saw what Lovie and Licht we’re building. For the first time in seven years they had a foundation where one good off-season and they were a perennial playoff team.
    Instead you have the fourth coach and seven years, the only teams that do that are laughing stocks. It is a joke. You have now pissed off your franchise quarterback, LVD and Kwon, GMC, most the team basically and probably made it impossible to re-sign your franchise running back.

    If this was to keep Dirk around, they should have talk to him and Lovie, paid Dirk tremendously, with the expectation of taking over after a couple of years of something they know nothing about – – – stability.

    They just set the team back another two years. It’s F@@king ridiculous. Dungy was because of their father, and Gruden was kind of lucky and also because of their father I believe.

    It’s a joke.

    I hope Dirk takes the job and they bring on a great DC, because of not they are going nowhere for another decade and are about to ruin Winstons promising career.

  13. Trubucfan22 Says:

    This is in no way surprising news. Yet I’m still surprised Lovie is fired. Good luck in the basement coach. I wonder what is next for Lovie. If a another team would give him a shot at head coach. I honestly doubt someone would fire him to be their DC… Maybe the Cowboys could use a new linebacker coach?

  14. DraftJameis Says:

    Koetter was going to get a HC job somewhere else. The Bucs had to either start over from scratch on offense, or start over from scratch on defense. They chose defense and rightfully so.

    “It’s as simple as that.”

  15. youngjameis Says:

    The bucs are like a single mother who brings men in and out of their children lives, it sad lovie was fired at least 3 of those losses were strictly on the players, fumbling all over the place bears, rams etc, key drops galore by the bucs receivers,missed field goals texans game, defense imploded against the redskins plus the offside kick. Players do their job bucs win atleast 9 games, where is the continuity, what was the expectation with a rookie qb at helm, this is outright disgusting.

  16. Lefty Says:

    @ Dave, no offense but you’re a dope. Have you even watched any of the previous 2 Buccaneer seasons?

  17. Stanglassman Says:

    One thing that concerns me about firing Lovie is there is no guarantee that this team keeps Koetter or Jameis now. All HCs like to bring in their own guys as Coordinators, QBs etc. This whole thing can be blown up again.
    I just hope for as much continuity as possiable that’s why I’m on the Mike Smith/Koetter bandwagon.

  18. Jason Says:

    Capricious and splashy — the Glazer Way.
    Outsmarting no one but themselves since taking the helm.
    Coughlin is my bet.

  19. martinii Says:

    I hope its Koetter. It would be less of a transition for the offense that under him made progress this year. Jameis talks to Kotter Not Lovie. The defense on the other hand might be in for a real transition. David has already posted on PFT that he is unhappy. I agree with those who hope we get a strong DC to help right the ship. In some respects i liked Lovie, he was a nice man, but I did not feel a sense of urgency or energy in his pressers or on the sidelines. I wish him well. I think this offseason is going to be far more entertaining than the 2015 regular season. Good Luck Bucs.

  20. Yugenaugur Says:

    For everyone complaining about the Lovie firing, he makes more money NOT to work than you and your entire family will make in their lifetime (most of you).


  21. Gengar Says:

    Isn’t there a rule that you have to interview a minority coach before making a hire? I’m sure Koetter is the choice, they just have to follow procedure.

  22. Nuc if u Buc Says:

    Coughlin too old, it has to be Dirk, or atleast the Glazers wanted to get him before philly did. Anything else will be bad for Winstons development

  23. Jason Says:

    Beware of most non-self-made rich folks/heirs to a fortune. They are often hyper-impatient, out-of-touch, and tend to not value or respect other people.
    Someone should study the correlation between sports owner wealth origins, coaching continuity, and success.

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Remember how TBBF and Hawaiian cautioned us about jumping to conclusions about the so called rift between #3 and GMC as reported by Stroud.

    Speculation is fun as long as we realize thats all we’re doing. OK here’s my two cent explantion.

    The timing of this firing is weird…the fact that Koetter and the players were all shocked and some peoed…makes me believe the Glazers called Lovie onto the carpet for a ‘come to Jesus” meeting. He was read the riot act and then offered another year but under conditions that were too onerous for Lovie’s pride.
    IE they told him to fire himself and Frazier as DC’s and hire a new one. He perhaps got angry…they let him walk. That makes sense.

    The only other two plausible explanations…Koetter knows and is next in line and was just lying or as they say in politics spinning.

    Or as Joe has suggested the Bucs already have somebody lined up.

    IF they don’t have somebody lined up Koetter better be the guy. Anybody else who would take the job would be some kind of damaged product or an up and coming young guy taking his first gig. NO decent NFL coach will want to come to Tampa and work for the Glazers after a coach every two years for the past 8.

    Koetter would also be our only chance at continuity. I don’t really see any other choice right now unless some off the wall candidate like Chucky is so enamored with Jameis they can’t pass up the opportunity.

    The ONLY thing this franchise has going for it right now in terms of attracting a new coach is our QB. The owners suck…the defense sucks and the culture has sucked since the SB and for most of the franchise history.

  25. Ed Kerber Says:

    I would like to see Koetter as assistant Hc/oc with Tom Coughlin to bring in some discipline as HC. I see a major overhaul on the D and Special Teams. If it is Chip Kelly I will seriously consider a new team.

  26. Dave Says:

    Yes. All of it.
    They have RBs, TEs, some WRs, a franchise QB, a lot of OLine, good DTs, and a core group of young LBs.
    they need DEs and DBs. Could have been done this offseason.
    This is a team that has a foundation to be very good for a long time.
    It is The first time in a decade that the Bucs are trending upwards.

    The glaziers are a joke. They are constantly changing for the sake of of it and ruining careers in the process.

    Meanwhile, look online and see what the players are saying– they are depressed and pissed. The defense sucked because they haven’t addressed the DB and DE lack of talent yet. it was not due to LOvie, it was talent at positions that had not been addressed yet. They made great strides at the positions that were addressed.
    The whole thing is a joke.
    If Dirk leaves, JW will be set back 2 years and a lo of the other players that are worth a damn will want out.
    I’m disgusted.

    Realize, if they didn’t go at least 9-7 with significant improvement on defense, then he should have been fired.
    But this joke of giving coaches 2 years and then changing everything up — again — is fricking stupid and is making the team completely irrelevant.

  27. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Oh I did leave out another thing that MIGHT attract a new coach with decent credentials…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  28. Dave Says:

    St Pete —
    I agree. It’s Dirk or they have someone in line.
    If it is NOT Dirk, they just set the franchise back another 2 years.

    At least Licht is staying

  29. Dave Says:

    If they hire Chip Kelly I’m done.
    He’s a joke and control freak and wants an offense that JW will not work in.

  30. Ufcguy32 Says:

    I disagree. 3 yrs of losing with losers who quit is not continuity. Its actually about to get worse if changes are made. If you can name one game that this coach actually had a great call or game plan…..i promise you cant name one. Not one. We had in wins in spite ourselves and our offense absolutely kept us in or won those games. Lvd can honestly just stfu. Guess what you sir are the same guy who kept saying the defense came out flat! Now you reap the consequences of not preparing or getting your teammates prepared to win and battle. I place blame on every dlineman corner safety on this team. You are soft! There is going to be change here one way or another

  31. unbelievable Says:

    Don’t think it’s coughlin. He’s too old.

  32. Dave Says:

    If they don’t have a plan
    I.e. Dirk ready or some one else lined up, prepare to be a joke for another few years.
    They were on the verge of being really good with some DBs and DEs.
    Glaziers suck.

    Everyone keeps pointing to coaches – starts from the top. The organization sucks. They are clueless on how to run an organization.

  33. THETRUTH Says:

    dave!!! (lovies cousin)
    c’mon lovie brought in all these CB and safety help. Even Dline FA and none panned out. So he got personal he wanted.

    most penalized team (when schiano was here thy called it lack of control and discipline)

    ANY QB was having career numbers on this scheme.

    Lb David, mccoy our best players numbers went down cause scheme, I guarantee i could stand at the line and hit the open receiver. Lovie himself said he “we played bad” “weren’t prepared” thats on him.

    his best CB Banks last year(look at stats) didn’t even play cause mike freakin jenkins, and would insert jenkins all the time just to watch him get toasted or pull a player down after getting beat even after cover 15 yards off the line.

    there is no drop off with him gone and his supports are x-players, remember tampa 2 back in day had about 7-8 pro bowlers on it and it takes that level of players to run perfectly..7-8 potiential HOF candidates . the scheme is figured out by all offensive cordinators (short cross in patterns, slants or skinny post) go back and read the names of QB that killed us and their stats.

    again i ask how does love gone hurt us? it doesn’t !!!

  34. Dave Says:

    The truth

    Because 4 coaches in 7 years.
    Tell me when and where a winning franchise EVER operates like that? They don’t. Not in sports or business.
    It is a joke.
    The defense just needed a couple DBs and DEs. That’s it.
    1 offseason.
    Should not be too much to ask to give a coach 3 years.
    2 and done 3 coaches in a row.

    Laughingstock because of THE GLAZIERS.

    Players are pissed. Read Twitter.

    Hope you didn’t want Doug Martin back, good chance he says – SEE YA

  35. Couch Fan Says:

    1 more year is asking to much when you’re 8-24. Funny how the same people who were telling us no way Lovie gets fired now are the same ones crying like babies. LMAO GO BUCS!!!

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Couchfan that comment was beyond lame and ignorant. Because of your limited reading comprehension and lack of nuance you come up with this gem?

    Funny how the same people who were telling us no way Lovie gets fired now are the same ones crying like babies.

    I do not recall reading people who thought Lovie should get another year as saying us there is NO WAY Lovie gets fired now. Many of us understand the move but don’t think it was absolutely necessary. That’s not crying like a baby!!!!

    I think Dave is perhaps the most upset but his point is about continuity and I do not recall him posting Lovie will never get fired. Joe and all of us…including EVERYBODY else in the NFL thought once black Monday has passed Lovie was safe. And indeed this was a strange and quite frankly classless cowardly firing UNLESS the Glazers already have somebody or Licht has a plan in place.
    Why fire somebody at 10:20 on a Wednesday evening?

  37. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW Couch fan and other Lovie haters the google is your friend.

    Try googling…’reaction to tampa bay’s firing of Lovie Smith…

    See how the REST of the nation and other NFL “experts” view this move.

    Again though so as to not confuse you. I’m simply trying to bring a little objectivity to this discussion. There are two sides to every story but I have no problem with replacing Lovie if there was a PLAN behind it.

    For all we know..Licht has bonded with the Glazers…Licht and Koetter have a good relationship and Licht as just staged a successful palace coup. I got no problem with that if that’s how it went down.

  38. Gus Says:

    Those same people thought the Bucs would be a playoff team when Lovie was hired……….

  39. Dave Says:

    5 coaches in 9 years now.

    That’s why I’m upset. It starts with good ownership. The glazier kids have proven to be incompetent.
    Zero stability.
    The team was trending up with a good foundation and team leaders emerging (Winston and Kwon).
    They all liked Lovie and played for him. The attitude in the locker room was turning into a winning one because of Winston AND Lovie – if you believe the players themselves.
    Basically, he deserved 1 more year.

    I know that is hard for many to fathom when you look at nothing but the won lost record, but this team is well on their way. More talent on the roster than the last 8 years combined. MOST Pieces in place for playoff run starting next year.

    I just hope licht and dirk stay. It’s their only hope for not being irrelevant another couple years.

  40. BUC IT Says:

    Dirk Koetter better be the next Buccaneer coach! The only way I would understand this move is if that happens. Anything else and I will be absolutely furious with this organization!

  41. Couch Fan Says:

    “I do not recall reading people who thought Lovie should get another year as saying us there is NO WAY Lovie gets fired now. Many of us understand the move but don’t think it was absolutely necessary. That’s not crying like a baby!!!!”

    Then you have not beeing paying attention!!!
    “See how the REST of the nation and other NFL “experts” view this move.”

    Most of them dont even watch the Bucs! Why should I care what they think? I have my own brain.

    Btw, you seem offended. I must of struck a nerve. Oh well. Go BUCS!!!

  42. Fsuking Says:

    Thank you for that! I’m gonna steal that from you for the next few days.

  43. Discoyak Says:

    I didnt wantthis to happen but Im not against it. Lovie pushed for too much when the Bucs were desperate and needed a coach and he didnt deliver. If he didnt have the personel control clause it might not have gone down this way in my opinion.

  44. White Tiger Says:

    Koetter has never been a head coach and would be a high-risk candidate, especially in THIS market. I have no doubt he’ll be interviewed, may even be the first interview… smart money has the Glazers feeling like they HAVE to get it right this time…

    …which probably means Frick Glazer is out there begging Bill Parcels to take one more trip on the Tampa Bay merry-go-round, while Frack Glazers in camping out at Tony Dungy’s house…

    Although, now they have the added problem of NOT offending the best offensive coordinator Tampa’s had since Chucky prowled the halls of OBP…

    …hey, wait a minute…THAT’s where the 3rd (and least mentioned) Glazer-kind is this very moment. Hiding in the Bushes to nab Chucky as he heads into the FFCA studios in the next few minutes…

  45. jpim Says:

    @Dave – “The defense sucked because they haven’t addressed the DB and DE lack of talent yet.”

    That’s one of my biggest problems with Lovie – ambivalence. How do you not address something so glaringly obvious? It started before he ever coached a game for the Bucs. Year 1 – He loses his OC before the season starts and doesn’t do a SINGLE THING to replace him??!??!!! “eh, maybe next year. Let the Microsoft Surface call the plays.” Year 2 – no one at DE is panning out, “eh, maybe next year. Did you see that hail mary pass though?”

    This is different than the last two HC firings, because now the Bucs are set up to be a really attractive coaching situation. The offense has their core young stars, an identity, the OL is fairly stable. They are insanely under the salary cap and desperately want to start winning. Lovie and the defense didn’t seem to care too much one way or the other – sayonara.


  46. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Because of NFL rules, you have to at least interview a certain number of candidates….including minority candidates, before hiring a head coach. I believe Koetter WILL be the next HC, and that once the interviews are done, Dirk Koetter IS our next Head Coach!

    Congrats to the Glazer’s. This was the right move for the team and the fans!

  47. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Five coaches in nine years, let that sink in. That’s only one less than the Cleveland Browns! To put that into perspective:

    * There are five teams that still have the same head coach they had when Jon Gruden was roaming the sidelines here in Tampa in 2007. (Bengals, Packers, Patriots, Saints, Steelers)
    * There are four more teams that have had the same head coach for five full seasons. (Ravens, Panthers, Cowboys, Seahawks)
    * There are two more teams that have the same coach going into his fifth season. (Colts, Rams)

    That means eleven teams, a full one-third of the league, has had the same head coach going into at least his fifth full season in 2016.

    How many coaches are the Glazer boys going to have to fire before we start to realize that they are the problem?

    I’m interested to see how the Glazers’ plan works out. The Lovie Smith hire was pretty clean and it was well received, but three of the previous four coaching searches (Dungy, Gruden, and Schiano) were sloppy and they didn’t get their first choices.

    I’m going to be a very unhappy camper if Chip Kelly is the next Bucs head coach.