Koetter Camp Standing Firm

January 9th, 2016
Joe checks in with Dirk Koetter's camp.

Joe checks in with Dirk Koetter’s camp.

Two days ago, Joe wrote that Dirk Koetter’s camp is determined to stay classy and not run a PR campaign like other coordinators searching for a head coaching gig.

Heck, Koetter has no desire to lash out against the negative rumors swirling about him.

Joe’s heard countless high-profile buffoons referring to Koetter possibly being involved in some sort of palace coup with Jason Licht to overthrow Lovie Smith. That’s a gross, baseless attack on Koetter’s credibility and professionalism. But do you hear Koetter or his agent firing back? No, there is no interest in engaging in stupidity.

Then there’s the Yahoo! report that Koetter had hip surgery immediately after this season — just like Koetter did last year. Fox Sports has been all over the surgery claim, too.

Joe’s heard various local media claim there’s no way Koetter would have surgery when he was seeking a head coaching gig. But Joe talked to Koetter’s agent yesterday, and he would not offer any comment on Koetter’s health. Again, there’s no interest from Koetter to feed the media — even if it could help his negotiation position. Koetter is determined to stay out of the media speculation games.

One thing Joe can report with certainty: Koetter does want a head coaching job in 2016.

28 Responses to “Koetter Camp Standing Firm”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One thing Joe can report with certainty: Koetter does want a head coaching job in 2016.

    I haven’t seen any public quotes to this effect…..has Joe had a private “off the record” discussion with Koetter?

    Or, is this “with certainty” simply a well-educated guess….

    Why be an ass? Joe doesn’t write matters of fact without having clear knowledge. –Joe

  2. NewTampaChris Says:

    I’m totally supportive of continuity for Jameis. I am suspect, though, of the normal procedure of picking coordinators for the top job. Not sure if the skill set to be a great coordinator has anything to do with the skill set of a head coach.

    And remember all of those scenes of Jameis sitting with Koetter during the game and reviewing photos and information? That won’t be able to happen if Koetter is the HC – he’ll be standing on the sideline watching the defensive series.

  3. Supersam Says:

    I’m starting to wonder if maybe the Glazers and Keotter met privately last offseason and they told him there would be a good chance he could become our next head coach and that they were gonna give Lovie one more year, maybe that was part of the selling point for Keotter to come to Tampa in the first place.

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I had suspicion because of the weird timing of the announcement that perhaps Licht was consoldating power but I NEVER thought of Koetter.

    As soon as I saw how personally shaken Licht was at the presser I realized this was truly the Glazers.

    In fact I’m now left to wonder how fearful Licht had grown by the end that Lovie was going to drag his rep down the tubes and get him fired as well in Tampa.

    As the smoke settles…and especially if it’s Koetter…I will be ecstatic by this move and happy for realist,Dallas, Couch and the many Lovie haters here. And if it’s Koetter or perhaps Coughlin becoming available that precipitated the move that’s fine.

    I think Tom Jones said it best…even we who were defending Lovie’s right to a decent opportunity had a “feeling” that it wasn’t going right. Lovie’s presser were probably as damning as the horrible result on the field. He just seemed to be in denial. But I think most posters here like Jones had a “feeling” that Lovie wasn’t going to get the job done.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….how is that being an ass?…..I’m simply asking a question you would ask any source. Meant no disrespect….touchy, touchy this AM.

  6. Name Required Says:

    This package is a bit too tidy and neat for me. I wonder if they’re trying to angle for bigger fish here and Koetter is a bit of a large smokescreen while angling for the bigger fish. As the other jobs are seemingly falling into place, I haven’t heard of anyone really talking about a last-place team’s OC.

    If Saban gets his next championship on Monday, I think this would be a good proving ground. Not to mention he recruited Jameis heavily.

  7. Kevin Says:

    I am really worried that Koetter may not want to be a head coach for this team….not because of the roster…but because of the owners. I really hope this guy ends up being our the next head coach but for some odd reason ((sarcasm) I have a gut feeling that the Glaziers are going to screw this up.

    If it wasn’t Koetter I would like Tod Haley, but again my gut tells me nobody wants to be a head coach for this team anymore and that sucks if it’s how it turns out.

  8. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    I am like many other sports people and fans..what the hell is going on in Tampa Bay. I very well understand the silence we all know any little thing that’s said.the media transform it into what they want it to be. Iam concerned about firing sudden coaches keeping others how will this work if the guys that are kept decide they don’t want to stay weather it be loyalty or inconsistance from ownership then we are right back in the same mess of hiring assistant coaches and many times the ones we want or need have already been hired by other staff. I will take a wait and see approach here but, at this point it doesn’t look good.

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    What is with all the Saban talk? I’m a Saban admirer in the COLLEGE game.
    He is NOT an NFL coach. College and the NFL are totally different.

    In college you get to go out and recruit the best kids and if it’s Bama or OSU or FSU…and you get to recruit lots and lots of them and some are so desperate they will even walk on at your school in the HOPE of getting a scholarship.

    This means a mistaken selection in the recruiting process is immediately repaired by the next guy up…not so in the NFL..you get one shot if that…

    Saban’s first major decision at Miami proved to be his worst and ultimately his undoing….His first big choice…take Drew Brees..or Daunte Culpepper. He made the WRONG choice.

    Saban is NOT leaving Alabama. He’s getting too old…his wife and 3 generations of his family are rooted there..and why would he want to come back to the NFL. Money has NO bearing on this..he’s already filthy rich…it’s down now to his legacy.

    What happens to his legacy if he wins a couple more national titles at Bama?
    Best coach ever as viewed by many…he’s close now but not quite there.

    What does he have to gain if he goes to the NFL and succeeds? Proof that he can coach in the NFL as well as the NCAA. Which is more memorable?
    To win at both levels or to be remembered as the greatest college coach who ever lived.

    If the Glazers/Licht managed to get Saban to Tampa I wouldn’t then be surprised to see them walk across Tampa Bay..no boat or bridge needed…to announce that news here in St. Pete.

  10. Clodhopper Says:

    St Pete

    I dont disagree with you but from what I understand, a big reason Saban skipped town in Miami was because he wanted Brees but management/owners wouldn’t do it.

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for that insight. While I was aware of the horrid decision I didn’t realize Saban actually wanted Brees and not Culpepper.

    This would be another example then of why hot college coaches like Kelly demanded control over their personnel.

  12. Max Says:

    “One thing Joe can report with certainty: Koetter does want a head coaching job in 2016.”

    What is the source on this?

  13. Name Required Says:

    Why be aggravated at Saban talk? How do you know what he wants? I went to Alabama and I know damn well they have to shovel money in his pockets every year to keep him from bolting to Texas, Pro, etc. Same issue with Kelly. The college pull is strong, but the NFL is the ultimate prize.

    Has Dirk Koetter really won anything in College or Pro? The answer is no. Bottom line is his offenses sputter down the stretch and rely heavily on a strong ground game to be successful. No comeback victories.

    Besides, this is what the Glazers would do, not us. Remember the mega coaching search, smokescreen all over the place, ending up going after Chip Kelly and ending with Schiano?

    I just don’t buy the Koetter talk. I could be wrong, but the Glazers are not exactly known for predictability. They would have interviewed a no-name coach to satisfy the Rooney Rule and it would have been done by now. Now McDermott is in the mix. This is an active search while they’re feeling out big coaches in the background.

  14. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:



  15. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    When are we going to hear from Gruden, the suspense is killing me. I hope to God we the Bucs are bringing him back. Has anyone asked him if he’s interested?

  16. LargoBuc Says:

    Tbbf, I thought it a was a legit question.

  17. StopyankingWattsnuts Says:

    Why does he need to say anything when he already has the job that would be rubbing salt in the wound

  18. Eric Says:

    Teams are closing in on their hires. Not hiring him.

    His status as a prime head coach candidate is way over rated.

    We got Jameis; evans; and Martin and VJAX; ( if we want to pay them)

    Lots of guys can make that work.

    Wait a week and Koetter won’t have anywhere to go but here.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks a ton for that link. Interesting perspective and perhaps true…I’ve just been hearing a lot of the opposite side of that argument. But ONLY Saban knows for sure.


    The college pull is strong, but the NFL is the ultimate prize.

    To you but not necessarily everybody else. Would you rather be remembered as the greatest college coach who ever lived…something within Saban’s grip IF he stays at Bama…no Texas…no other program…he’s SET at Bama!!!

    And so he’s going to throw that possible legacy out the window to come to the Bucs or any other team.

    And as to the point made in Creamsickles link about Saban perhaps considering a return to the NFL if he had a franchise QB…perhaps…but again think of the consequences.

    First you have to realize that $$$$ are waaaay down the scale of motivators because Saban already has as much money as he could ever spend and if he stays in Bama he’s assured millions and millions for the next five years at least.

    So he can gamble his entire legacy for the pleasure of working with #3. What happens if #3 blows out a knee?

    $$$ are not a factor this is totally down to which game do you enjoy coaching and perhaps ego.

  20. Name Required Says:

    He already is the greatest college coach who ever lived if he wins Monday. National Championship teams with 2 schools and 4 with Bama. What’s next? Quiet retirement?

    Why did Carroll do it? He was set for life at USC. Had a chance before in the NFL, then went back. Why? Because it’s the biggest stage. That’s what winners do. Go for the bigger challenge.

    Why do billionaires run for governor and President? Sure, they have a set life, but the strive to succeed where others have failed is a tremendous pull for a perfectionist.

  21. Name Required Says:

    And let’s say he fails. No college will hire him again? Come on. He’s a legend.

  22. Dave Says:

    Its Dirk.

    It is very clear and was very clear in the Licht presser. The question is, who will be DC

  23. Buccfan37 Says:

    Why would any coach not want to come coach the Bucs? You work (I use that word lightly) two years and get paid for four. That is a desired job.

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Why did Carroll do it? He was set for life at USC.

    Actually he left under a cloud of controversy! He left five months before the sanctions came down for the Reggie Bush issue. But I won’t quibble…IF he had stayed he could have worked his way through that eventually. Still the Seahawks were clearly a better opportunity Carroll was a long way from being considered the greatest college coach of all time.

    But ultimately I think it came down to the fact that Carroll simply prefers the NFL to the NCAA. Different strokes for different folks.

    Again they’re totally different jobs! One you have to suck up to alumni..parents…educators…but you get to load your team with lopsided talent relative to your competition.

    The other…it’s all business…not much sucking up except to your franchise QB and maybe another star or two…the ONLY requirement…Just win baby!

  25. lurker Says:

    I thought Tom Jones said:

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    But when I see you hanging about with anyone
    It’s not unusual to see me cry
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  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    His agent is not permitted to reveal his health by law.

    I’m fine with the quiet attitude, but there is no quicker way to turn media against a head coach than by not giving them what they want. They weild their power like monsters.

  27. Mike Johnson Says:

    Just heard Koetter interviewed with the 49ers. It would serve all of you Lovie haters justice if he bolts ship and goes there. No secret he loves the west coast. Be careful what you wish for Buc fans. It could..blow up in your face. And it would serve Tampa Bay just right if their..golden boy turns on them.
    And Just…us..for all baby.

  28. White Tiger Says:

    Please, could we dispense with the myth that Koetter is “staying classy”?

    C’mon, we’re sold soap so many different ways in this society – please don’t insult my intelligence by associating “silence” with the concept of “class”.

    Koetter leveraged this deal, beginning to end…I’m just not sure WHEN it began. See, part of me thinks, that the day they interviewed Koetter – his acceptance came along with these conditions.

    As I’ve said, I also think that’s why Koetter hired Tennessee’s Offensive Coordinator…to be a quarterbacks coach…

    The reality: if you continue to try to sell the “Koetter-Stays-Classy” angle, even though the available information and logic say otherwise, then it will be kind of obvious when you suddenly become surprised that this was NOT an example of (shocka) Koetter being classy…but rather an example of rather adroit maneuvering…and calculation.