Commitment To “Clear The Outrageous”

January 26th, 2016

JameismugAmerica’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, is on record saying he will fight with everything he has to obliterate all losing mentalities in the Bucs’ locker room.

Yesterday, a lawyer employed by Jameis said he will bring the same approach to his defense in a pending civil trial.

Yes, Jameis’ legal team responded to Florida State University reaching a settlement of nearly $1 million yesterday with the woman who accuses Jameis of rape and the university of misconduct in handling her complaints.

Here’s their quote, via the New York Times.

“F.S.U.’s choice to settle in no way compromises our commitment to fight for Jameis Winston and to clear the outrageous — and false — allegations against him,” Mayanne Downs, a lawyer for Mr. Winston, said in a statement. “We very much look forward to asking Ms. Kinsman questions while she’s sworn to tell the truth.”

Joe sure hopes Jameis sticks to a hard line approach to his defense and resists a settlement, which might be awfully tempting as his bank account grows and the legal system drags on. Hopefully, Roger Goodell won’t get in his ear and tell him to make it go away early.

The truth, as much of it as will be revealed, is Jameis’ greatest ally in the arena of public opinion.

15 Responses to “Commitment To “Clear The Outrageous””

  1. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    As I said all along, she does NOT want to be deposed.

  2. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “Jameis Winston, is on record saying he will fight with everything he has to obliterate all losing mentalities in the Bucs’ locker room.”

    I love this about Winston!

    As to the chick and the lawsuit…I hope if he is guilty, she gets some form of justice. If he’s not…I hope HE gets some form of justice.

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    I won’t be dragged into this again today.


    I won’t be dragged into this again today.


    I won’t be dragged into this again today.


    I won’t be dragged into this again today.

  4. mike Says:

    I don’t know if he is guilty or innocent, but there is no way he is getting a fair trial in Manitowac County.

  5. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Did you see what Erica Kinsman’s lawyers got from FSU? $700,000 in fees! Jameis signed a nice rookie contract for about $25M with nearly $17M guaranteed, but is he willing to cough up that kind of dough (or more) to clear his name? That’s a lot of money to anyone…

  6. Trubucfan22 Says:

    FSU made a business decision. Winston has his reputation to uphold. He has much more on the line. Also if he doesnt settle, it would probably be the first time i’ve ever seen that a big civil suit like this doesnt settle out of court. Sure settling is in some parts a business decision and sometimes hides the truth.

    Regardless, i hope winstons doesnt cheap out. The cleatchaser out there will continue to smear athletes if no one is willing to fight against them. It makes no difference if the person is lying or not, if you pay them to go away, more will keep doing it. I dont know if these players are innocent or guilty. But settling means we will never know, and people can simply accuse you of something and get paid.

    If i was being accused of something and knew i was innocent. Regardless of the money, i would want to destroy the accuser. That means winning my case and making her pay her lawyers $700,000. Instead of me paying them.

  7. BucUToo Says:

    I hope Winston wins his civil suit and she has to pay him! What would be even better would be if he wins, and she pays, then he donates it all to victim charity. Which he probably would anyway. It’s just the kind of person he really seems to be.

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    FSU paid up because they were guilty of Title IX violations and knew it. They helped participate in what looked like a coverup.

    Now before all you Noles and Fameis lovers go nucking futs..this has nothing to do with #3’s innocence or guilt. It’s not the same as saying he did anything wrong at all. It’s simply saying that FSU botched the investigation along with the Tallahassee PD. In fact that botched coverup hurt #3 as much as his accuser.

    Because they messed around with the investigation and didn’t conduct it properly #3 never got the chance to clear his name. It looked bad from the outside and unfortunately added fuel to that fire.

    Now we are adding fuel to the fire. The court of public opinion has decided!!!
    #3 was not hurt…he was the #1 draft choice and makes millions and is on his way to a great career.

    PR 101 would dictate we all just leave this alone. #3 will NEVER be able to clear his rep with his detractors anymore than EK can clear hers with the majority of folks here. If she got a judgement would it really change your minds? If he beat her in court would it really change the haters minds?

    JUST LET IT GO!!! Move on and enjoy our franchise QB!

  9. Pick6 Says:

    @Buc1987, i was rattling off a similar mantra as i came across the ProFootballTalk articles on this topic: “i cannot correct every idiot on the internet, i cannot correct every idiot on the internet, i cannot correct every idiot on the internet….”

    it’s a shame for jameis because you never truly live that down. Jameis could have a Hall of Fame career, and 20 years from now at his induction, there would still be trolls that haven’t let this go and endorsers who will fear the backlash of affiliating their brand with him, all on the basis of what is a clear hatchet job by the accuser and the leeches (attorneys, filmmakers, “journalists”) who have sucked their own bit of fame and money out of the farce

  10. BUCSFAN68 Says:

    #3 was hurt as far as endorsements goes. Jameis was not in any of the Heisman House commercial or any other commercials. Mariotta has been in several Heisman House and other commercials.

  11. Fsuking Says:

    Jameis has lost millions because of this scumbag cleatchaser!

  12. tval Says:

    Nonsense, st pete. When the attorney/aunt prevents tpd from contacting erica, and turns around to use that to sway public opinion, after making outrageously racist comments, this case should have and could have been ignored bu anyone, considering the absence of even a shred of evidence. Zilch, nada, squat, buddy. You fell for the common prosecutorial tactic, nothing more.

  13. tval Says:

    Who cares about endorsements? Hes about to sign a $120 million + extension..tannehill? mariotas gonna need them when hes selling acuras in eugene

  14. HolyBuc Says:

    Cover up…my rear. In what world does letting a 19 year old eye witness Chris Casher go to the police and make a statement to police without a lawyer make for a cover up. Casher stated he wanted to go because he wanted to make sure the truth of that night was on the record.

    Meggs didn’t charge Jameis out of the goodness of his heart. He didn’t charge because Jameis two witnesses. People keeping saying its he said vs. she said, if that was the case he would of been charged. It’s he and he and he said vs. she said.

  15. Dreambig Says:

    St Pete, now that you are off the Winston hate wagon have you gone out and actually read the police reports and actual case documents? It’s hard to make a case there was a cover up when the evidence was never there to begin with. Also FSU has players in trouble with the law every year with plenty of local media coverage, missed games due to suspensions, all with TPD doing their job and pursuing justice. Winston wasn’t even a starter when this happened why at that point in time would the city police and the university go all in with the corruption for a player who had never taken a snap for them? Does that make any sense?